Month: March 2009

The 4 Worlds of Now

The Hopi Shield

*The 4 Worlds of Now*

–To the indigenous spirit that lives in all of life–

Ancient blood prayers
sprawling on earth, crawling thru the sky waves
Let us drink of our eternal being
and sing the colors that we taste
For now is the portal
thru which to venture and receive
the gifted treasure
of the mystery unfolding
in the real time blossoming
Petals of intention manifesting
Destiny is only a matter of now
To be still is to be a pillar
Presence is the all-pervading answer
To the screaming mind
and its thorns of selfish delusion

Yet the Mother of Existence
abides in the relaxed embrace of spiralling acceptance

The garden of the new world
with every act and sensation of good will
the cosmos smiles and secures the journey
for each being’s path to ripen on its course

Synchronized by patterns of light
the cycles dawn within us

May all beings be blessed with the silence of their own Hearts
which is the Heart of the Heavens and the Heart of the Mother Earth
The Heart of the Eternal Conscious Flame
The Sacred Seed of Zero

Art by Patricia M. Bowers

Art by Patricia M. Bowers

*The title refers to the Hopi Prophecy of The World Age Cycles.
We are currently closing the Fourth World Age of Destruction,
anticipating the opening of the Fifth World Age of Peace*

Art by Patricia M Bowers