A new color revealing itself

festival1Photo by Tatiana Cardeal, The Brazilian Indigenous National Festival

“When we see colors we feel strong
because of the energy that the Sun and Mother Earth gave to us…”

-Tata Don Alejandro, Quiche Maya Grandfather

We are the ones to liberate our shared dream
We are the ones to transmute
The egoic technospheric materialist nightmare
Into a lotus of redemption

We are the ones to protect the Seeds

We are responsible to Earth as Earth
To Universal Intelligence as our Source
To the harmonic wisdom of our guides
Personal and collective
Archetypal illuminations

The pains that manifest physically and emotionally
Are the wounds seeking care and balance
The job of evolving is too big for our small minds

We must jump with sacred abandon
Into the eternal wellsprings of our Being
Aligning with our deepest self
That is the projector and instrument
Of this Quantum Adventure

The only way out is thru
There is no turning back
From the accelerated
Track of purification
We are on

Our task is to be the colors
We need to feel
Admist the greyness of mind
Painting our lives
With celebration of being alive
In this sacred pageantry
Of cosmic forces ~

As Bolivian shaman Chamalu
reminds us:
“Life is a Festival.”


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