A mission enacting poetic attraction

Art by Elvira Amrhein

Art by Elvira Amrhein

The garden of humility
unfolds the innocence
that brings the arms of safety
to one’s heart, a child of this pouring now
relaxing into the joy
of being
purifying our stance
as the oceans of pain and release
churn with the light ways
of quickening cauldron evolving
mindfulness – the tightrope of conscience
slow and subtle we enact eternity
blazing with the unswept breath of our ancestors
the stars walk in our dreams
the trees pray for the humans
I see
the universe
the billboards
of the mind
and their
for the
of the little me
boiling in ego’s prison
a bird with numb feathers
sidetracked by others delusions and quicksands of despair

yet in spring time re birth
when one is empowered
by nature
we all receive the invitation to Open
to our own power
for there is abundant autonomous inherent divine


every manifestation of creation is the song of source
each being is a mythic instrument of vertical and  horizontal
dimensions intersecting
we are life spiraling in concert with the pulse
of cosmic ordered chaos sacred ripening as a festive matrix
be the flower
of your own inner mandala
in the center of the thriving and turning garden of your heart’s being
witness the witnessing
dare to receive
the kiss of mystery and dive
the silence
between the sound
beneath the breath
before the thought
beyond the feeling
the dance in motion
erupting and emptying
we are one convergence of
consequence and presence
seeds targeting our own sacred growth
students of time’s passages
the heavens carving the phases of our souls

-written on Red Self-Existing Skywalker Day

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