1320 Days Until Solstice 2012!

Greetings Natural Time Family!

Today, Yellow Rhythmic Star, May 11, 2009 marks exactly 1320 days between now and the completion of the 5,125 year Great Cycle of the ancient Maya: December 21, 2012!

This is significant as 13:20 is the code ratio of Natural Time: 13 tones of creation, 20 solar tribes which are of course reflected in our bodies – 13 joints and 20 fingers and toes!

We who are leaving behind the artificial 12:60 time with its 12 month calendar and 60 minute clock are raising our frequency to 13:20, synchronizing with the harmonies of cosmic nature!

In 20 days from now, Yellow Cosmic Star, May 31, 2009 it will mark exactly 5 galactic spin cycles until the completion of this World Age Era. The Galactic Spin cycles are 260 days long, X 5 = 1300 days.

Considering this huge cycle started in 3113 BC and maps all of recorded history, we are definitely surfing the tail end of a process of evolution and transformation that has been culminating over this whole 5,000 year period. The only thing we can really be sure of is greater and greater acceleration. That is why some of the titles used to refer to this time of Living Prophecy that we are in is the QUICKENING!

There are infinite things that could be said on this topic, but for right now the important thing I wanted to communicate was a reminder to my global Natural Time Community that the cosmic schedule is moving right along and it has never been more essential for us to really show up for the opportunities to grow in our lives and to really cultivate our abilities to listen to our personal spiritual guidance.

There are no outside authorities on this topic of our collective journey through this prophecy; it truly is for us to decode, from the inside out, what are moves are to be to stabilize the steady stream of challenges we all face. One clue, which may be obvious, is that fear is the number one block to being able to tune in guidance, therefore although it may get a lot of air time in our minds, it is not our ally in this process. As the Shambhala warrior teachings remind us, the goal is to feel the fear but don’t let it stop us!

We must keep maturing spiritually so we can learn how to truly trust the Mystery, knowing it is our ultimate home. We must keep learning how to receive and apply our truest channels of wisdom. Indeed, there are many, many divine forces available to help us during these times and it is for us to drop the veils that block us, that we may continue opening and receiving their loving support to help us grow into our truest selves.

May the path become ever more clear…

In Lak’ech – I am Another Yourself,

Aryz Eden Sky, Red Self-Existing Skywalker

PS: You may have read the article I wrote when we were 6 galactic spins from the completion of the cycle – its content is still rather relevant – just realize now its just about 5 spins! http://13moon.com/6spins.htm


One comment

  1. The Arguelles/Roerich mission statement was pretty clear. Create !! The numbers are wonderful, the dances and songs need precision. When we pour ourselves into Art, we create a channel that can transcend words. Word are wonderful too !!

    13 Moons complete the year. 20 years complete Lunar precession. Jupiter catches Saturn every 20 years rocking the solar system. The Planets breathe in Galactic plasma, breathe out Solar Plasma. 400 years finishes a Ray cycle, a Baktun. 20 years is a generational pulsation. 260 generations genrate the long count, a Precesessional Reality that has brought us to 2012…

    How do we put these Ideas into motion ? Enact the Tzolkins, take the 9 Lunar Months and Feel the 260 count. It is a mighty one.

    En Lak’ech

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