Mantra of Compassion

Mantra of Compassion

This Sunday June 7, Blue Resonant Eagle is the most important full moon of the year on the Tibetan Calendar, it is called SAGA DAWA DUCHEN.
It is the day that honors Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and parinirvana. As a “multiplication day” it is said that our karma, good and bad,
is multiplied at least 10 million times this day!

“Think of it as the best time to plant your emotional, mental and spiritual intentions as seeds of growth for the most abundant harvest.”

The Recommended mantra is OM MANI PEME HUNG
(In Sanskrit this is: Om Mani Padme Hum)
which is said to contain all of the Buddha’s teachings in those 6 syllables!
More info can be found here

"Buddha" by Octavio Ocampo

"Buddha" by Octavio Ocampo



  1. Kiwi Allegiance Mission Statement;
    Kiwi Allegiance is a collective of people with a belief in universalism.
    Universalism is the theology that all mankind will be saved. People matter most. The time of measuring a man, by the measure of how much he owns, is over. As is the Gregorian calendar that has monopolized our minds, keeping our heads down and earth bound, chasing the dollar. Calendars of our earliest civilizations knew about our galactic universal connection to the moon, stars, sun and planets. By adopting a lunar calendar we take the first step, to tuning in to our destiny. How we perceive ourselves is paramount. My father (who had his Maori tongue beaten and shamed from his consciousness
    by an authoritarian state government education system) and my Grandfather who was a Maori Ratana Church Minister here in Aotearoa New Zealand, told me. God came over in a cloud and inside that cloud was a ball of fire, and he spoke to T.W. Ratana the prophet the same way he spoke to Noah. He said he had been to the four corners of the world and Aotearoa New Zealand was
    the Alpha Omega the beginning and end, the land of the rising sun, and it was up to the people of this land to show the world how to live in love peace and harmony. Kiwi Allegiance is acknowledging the law of time and the
    galactic research institute for all there efforts in spreading the global peace plan, one world, one people, and one peace under a calendar of synchronicity. Every time we use the incorrect labels for marking time, Mon,Tues…January, February…we as a collective for the masses invoke old bad karma, tapu and disrespect for our ancestors. Kiwi Allegiance is taking every possible means at hand to share its philosophy without pointing any fingers, remembering when you point the finger there is three pointing back at you, from your own hand. It’s about the honesty of the chemical alcohol and the dishonesty surrounding other chemicals. Over half of all violent crimes committed are through drug deals gone bad. If you are not allowed to be honest with all chemicals , then you can’t start the healing process. It
    will stay in the shadows where people can blame and justify, and not have to own it. We can all blame and justify, I stabbed my neighbour because I didn’t
    have my morning coffee”. The honesty of the chemical alcohol along with pornography has desensitized the human race “I slept with him/her I was drunk”. The belief system of money, owning stuff, power and greed is the
    learnt measure used to value honour and be respected, is taught in our schools, kindergartens businesses every area of our existence is being governed by a calendar designed to stress and frustrate the masses, while all global structure has been created using the cycles of time and space too be manipulated by those that have gained the knowledge. Cycles of time natures law of time
    synchronicity. Maybe they can’t see there own disorder because if you live in a world of insanity, then unless you are able to step back and be given another perspective you wont know or be able to comprehend. Time and
    planetary cycles, go hand in hand with our existence of being. The need to educate is paramount. Like helmet laws Kiwi Allegiance believes those that ride decide. I personally will teach my children too wear a full face
    helmet. The public are kept blind and passionate for Sports and Alcohol, which contributes to disconnecting us from ourselves. Elite sports, teams and the media border on in sighting riotous behaviour, with newspaper and
    television advertisements and quotes, “so and so said he was going to take so and so’s head off in the next game. A bums on seats “money matters most” policy fuelled with the honesty of the chemical alcohol. Our mission is to value every body. The bulk of this Power and money have been accumulated by a minority who’s daily life decisions, affect mankind negitivly. The people of this land Aotearoa New Zealand (KIWI‘S) share a spirit that has not been conquered, the great British Empire tried to conquer this land and failed. The spirit of this land was corrupted not conquered and its measure of being
    valued, honoured and respected was flipped, I call it the flipflop.The point in time, where the people of this land, and its measure of wealth and power, was flipped. The measure of a man was measured by grace of deeds and
    mannerism, commonsense, children come first. Our people of this time were the Maori people, they were proud and fearless, they were grateful with every utterance of each word that passed there lips, so is the way of the language. First landing of the European sailors was in the bay of islands, where they set up shop.Remembering these sailors weren’t respectable family men, they had practiced there first contact with the locals of other pacific islands before they arrived here. After seducing the men with alcohol, they then proceeded with there organized plan of trading.The measure of “people matter most” was flipped because of a need for the chemical alcohol and stuff, the sins of our fathers, is that we whored out our wives, sisters and daughters to fill the need of our induced addiction. Our women were revered throughout the world. The first people of contact with these sailors learnt quickly the ruthless ”money matters most” policy. They were a northern tribe called Ngapuhi.
    Kiwi Allegiance is here, please help this nation heal the world. Kiwi is what we locals call ourselves it doesn’t matter if your born here or not, white, black green yellow or blue if you have the kiwi spirit of Good Orderly Direction, fairness, commonsense stuff, “people matter most” then you are kiwi of this land. Trench warfare was another first to be invented here, the mathematical calculations and the magnitude of effort and knowledge needed, has been compared to the Egyptian pyramids and the knowledge of the stars was/are amazing. Our strength of spirit is being realigned with this collectiveness, the trenches of today are being embraced, and people are the glue. The Gregorian calendar and mans desire to
    own and control, have lead us to this point in time, where we re-evaluate our priorities. Kiwi Allegiance is about reconnecting with ourselves, the Moon, stars Sun and planets by following an ancient calendar of the Moons.
    Alpha Omega beginning and end Aotearoa New Zealand. The 13 moons Calendar can be viewed at 13 .-We also feel the labels for marking time, ie
    Mon,Tue, etc and Jan, Feb etc dishonour our ancestors and enforce the prison hologram of the Gregorian calendar, which was imposed in 1582 by Pope
    Gregory xiii. Imposed so the indigenous conquered people could pay rent, taxes on the 20th of every month.While the church of the day eliminated
    any and all vessels of knowledge, containg natures planetry time cycles.We need to expose those that have been accumalating from the planetary time cycle knowledge.So the collective of and for the masses will have a chance of an easier comprehension. Reprogramming generations of a faulty measure of
    man, mankind. We have been human cash cattle long enough. 13 lunar cycle and the cycles of time. They would have us believe they burnt all the books and records of, recorded measures of time. Yet back tracking events in time we see following the cycles that our Moon, stars, Sun, planets and time have followed parallel numerous earth bound events that have been of financial gains to the minority of the people of this time. For any further
    information about this collectiveness please email

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