Month: August 2009


Yin Yang by Jim Thompson

“The truth is that life is neither blessing you or punishing you.
It is working with you to help you
awaken to the truth of who you are.
Life is your teacher.”

-Paul Ferrini

On the 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar
within the Spiral of the Year,

Aug 23-Sept 19
always correlates to
Moon 2:
The Lunar Moon of Challenge

Code Words:  Polarize ~ Stabilize ~ Challenge

Our totem is the scorpion.
Our Tone of Creation is 2.
…From One, comes Two…

Polarity is counterbalance
Yin/Yang ~ Inner/Outer ~ Dark/Light ~ Contract/Expand…

Our invitation is to accept the dance of polarity –
to embrace that life is an unfolding play of forces
polarizing, challenging and stabilizing.

Let us use this time cycle to explore the other side of the coin –
How might we polarize some aspects of our usual modes, our habitual ways of showing up in our lives? How can we counterbalance energies to invoke a greater sense of wholeness?

In contemplating the code word Stabilize, what area of our life or our being are we drawn to focus this energy into?

The Lunar Tone Two always reminds us that from the miniscule to the vast, challenges are inherent in this journey. As sacred gifts from the Cosmic Architect that lives in our own evolving heart, challenges can guide us beyond our limitations and into our blossoming. As we voyage through this life, we can discover the path of acceptance in easing the inner and outer struggles, finding that as we accept the infinite challenges in our life as opportunities to grow, the Way opens.

Being conscious of the power of our creative perception is the key, for as we view the ongoing flow of challenges in our lives as our custom initiations, we can receive the love and benevolent intentions that the Universe is bathing us in. No matter how things may be appearing, if we are willing to look within the essence of life, we find that our growth is encoded into its natural design.

When we instead resist the challenges that come our way,  frustration breeds, and stress and strife set in our attitudes and perceptions. Resistance becomes an endless cycle that generates more unnecessary hardships and downward spirals. When we can continually accept the circumstances we find ourselves in, surrendering to the synchronicities inherent in our lessons, we can discover the ways to transform our problems into challenges and meet the possibilities with receptivity and gratitude.

One of the Divine challenges we are provided with is the faculty of creative perception. How we view and experience our Dream of life is a reflection of how we are navigating the spectrum of our consciousness. In my human experience, the ongoing opportunity is to question and become mindful in seeing what stories I am telling myself about Who I Am and what Life is? What beliefs am I investing in? Out of the realm of infinite potentiality, how is the mind solidifying and sculpting the dream field? To me, this is the ultimate challenge and opportunity – to root to the ecstatic essence of simply being alive.

Yin Yang by Moira Gil John

Yin Yang by Moira Gil John



Magnetic Moon 6 (Gregorian 7/31/09) Red Solar Moon Day; Traditional: 13 Imix

Greetings Family of Light!

On July 26, 2009 we entered the Natural Time New Year of The Yellow Self-Existing Seed!

This New Year date is celebrated around the world by people in over 90 countries who follow the 13-Moon Dreamspell cycles which were brought to us by Dr. Jose Arguelles and Lloydine Arguelles in 1992. This calendar system is also called the “Wizard’s Count.” This New year is based on the “reformulated” Maya Chilam Balam (The count of The Jaguar Priests) and it also correlates to the Heliacal rising of the Star Sirius.


This calendar system is meant as a sacred tool for modern people to re-connect with the harmonies of nature that govern and inform the microcosm of our lives and the macrocosm of the Universe. This system of measuring the solar year in terms of 13 months of 28 days, plus one extra day out of time, is based on the ancient, pre-historic logic that has been followed for over 5500 years by peoples all over the planet. This natural time system, delivered by the teachings of the Dreamspell, not only gives us a sacred template to relate to our journey around the Sun, but also gives us a “galactic signature” for each day that is based on the modern application of the ancient Mayan Tzolkin count of 260-days. This galactic matrix of 260 energies is a spiritual 4th dimensional cycle that guides us to attune to the Synchronic Order. This magical number of 260 is a fractal code – it corresponds to the unfolding of all of creation, from the human gestation period to the cycles of the heavenly bodies – As above, so below!

Living our lives aligned with The 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar guides us to unify the 3rd-dimensional, biological, physical journey of our bodies journeying through the year –  with the 4th-dimensional spiritual, mental cycle of our consciousness traveling in evolutionary insight. Together, these cycles combine so that every day within 52-years (or 18,980 days) has a distinct energy and intention in Natural Time.  This pattern repeats exactly every 52 years in an upward moving spiral of time, and comes directly from the Chilam Balam. Dr. Arguelles has been guided that it is precisely by working with this harmonic pattern, through the tool of the 13-Moon Calendar, that we the modern people can awaken out of the artificial timing frequency that has mis-guided us to dis-connect from nature, and can attune with our true nature as children of the cosmos whose destiny is to manifest Time as ART!

The codes of the Dreamspell tell us that we have now entered the New Year of The Yellow Self-Existing Seed. Each of the 260 energies has a Galactic Affirmation which is a 4th-dimensional code, communicating the galactic mathematics and vibrations of creation that are embodied in each energy. While the code language may seem elusive or difficult to relate to from the linear, logical mind – each affirmation is meant to be meditated upon, pondered, decoded and contemplated with the heart and the intuition. Each affirmation is meant to connect us to our 4th-dimensional, galactic knowing. The more attention one puts on the codes, the more they can reveal themselves to us, for they want to be understood by our deepest selves…

The Galactic Affirmation for this Year which spans July 26, 2009 – July 25 2010 is:



This means that we have completed the previous year of The Blue Electric Storm and are now entering the time of the Seed that Flowers! May we all open to the beauty and grace of the FLOWER as a symbol and reminder during this cycle – a living invitation and guide to unfold into our most divine potential. Wise teachers have said that Flowers themselves embody a sacred consciousness upon this Earth and they are anchoring, emanating, and sharing it to remind us to incarnate The Flowering of Human Consciousness. One cannot help but be struck by the perfect, effortless beauty of flowers – from the stunning, mathematical grace of their form, to the simply divine essence of their colors, fragrances and holy presence.


Indeed we are all Seeds of life whose destiny it is to Flower. We are planted here on this Earth to grow and incarnate the Garden of Compassion and Wisdom that fulfills the ancient Prophecies of the renewal and regeneration of our Planet Gaia as a Flower within this Celestial Garden. As each of us tend to the gardens our our own bodies, minds, souls and relationships, so the collective garden of human consciousness becomes more healthy, balanced and fruitful. It is our duty, especially during the cycle of this year, to be AWARE of what we personally need to shift and align so as to be the most beautiful, harmonious flower that our soul is encoded to be. For as a peoples, we are one in this physical journey of finding right alignment, and we are one in this spiritual journey of unfolding our missions of awakening. Our beauty, strength, health and innocent joy inspires and guides each-other.

I would like to share a direct message that I recently received in meditation:
“Flowers do not compete with each-other. They know that each-others’ diverse beauty is the Garden shining.”

Likewise, this Year of The Seed invites us to TARGET – to know what we want to grow and to consciously spread our seeds of intention and action. I feel this energy of the Seed guides us to participate in two ways: One invitation is to joyfully and abundantly cast our seeds to the winds of Spirit, and without any pre-conceived agendas, allow Great Mystery to carry them to their destinies where they will grow naturally. Simultaneously, I feel the other calling of this Year is for us to mindfully and conscientiously plant our seeds with precision and determination, and to stay present in caring for their development.

The Tone of this Year is Self-Existing which corresponds to Tone 4 – The Self-Existing Tone of Form. Like the Seed that Targets, this energy also calls us to DEFINE. Therefore, this solar cycle is heavily focused on getting clear; getting specific so that we can lay a conscious foundation upon which to grow. This is a time to get grounded, to establish, to create healthy structure, and to pay attention to FORM. This energy of 4 represents the wholeness of the 3rd dimension: the 4 directions; the 4 seasons; the 4 elements.

In the 13-Moon Calendar we are re-defining our sense of time and cycles and giving ourselves a New Paradigm way to relate to our Solar journey. In this system, each of the 13 Months corresponds to one of the 13-Tones of Creation, together creating a 13-Tone Spiral of the Year. Each 28-day month is given a name and 3 code words for that time cycle, giving us a sacred focus to infuse into our secular scheduling.


Now that we are in the New Year, we are in the first month of the year, always correlated to July 26 – Aug 22. This Moon One is called THE MAGNETIC MOON. Its codes are: UNIFY – ATTRACT – PURPOSE. The teaching of this Tone is that as we unify with our purpose we can naturally attract the resources to serve our purpose. True purpose always serves to The Oneness. May we commune with the energies of this moon and become more clear and  dedicated to embodying our purpose, moment by moment, day by day, year by year; lifetime by lifetime!

May we respect and support each-other in fulfilling our unique missions, knowing the truth of our interdependence; feeling the truth of our selves as mirrors and voices of the One Totality. In this Moon ONE – let us truly honor the One Spirit that lives through us all; the One intelligence that governs our unfolding; the One Cosmic Mystery that masquerades as all of our separate diverse forms. Let us know we are truly One with all of life – with all creatures, all dimensions, all times, all manifestations. From the miracles to the horrors, the blessings to the wars, the saints to the sinners…May we embrace all the arisings as our teachers, always guiding us back home to the timeless sanctuary of the One Heart…beyond thought, beyond judgement, beyond concept, beyond duality – may we feel the One Presence that Is; our True Being.




(written on Yellow Self-Existing Seed, New Year morning)

We are growing in this Garden of Light.
The Universal Love is pollinating.
The Web of Wholeness is remembering itself.
With the wings of our Heart
that is how
we will fly free of separation
out of the possessive cage of ego and its entrapments
and soar in self-less Being
whole and majestic
in simple, calm  presence.

A flower authentic
real and true
in the place where it grows…

That which lives our unfolding is the spiralling now-
the timeless dimension…
as eternity collides with impermanence,
each moment we embrace Love
we soar as a shimmering Celestial Flower
with wings of cosmic and earthly awareness,
galactic jewels shining in our heart light.

For Love is what animates the Flower’s beauty.
The Flower is a guide back to Love.
The Love that shines through the One Whole.
Hunab Ku.
Each of us autonomous, yet infinitely, intimately interconnected
woven of spirit’s thread; Great Mystery’s Omniscience
budding our displays of harmonic attunement –

We are the Art of the Universe
As a wise one once said: “We are the paint on the brush…”

Whether we manifest heaven or hell is a reflection of where we focus our attention.

How is the garden of the heart kept?
With vigilance, patience and gratitude.

A Ho Mitakuye Oysin
Om Mani Peme Hung


from Eden Sky, Red Self-Existing Skywalker

On July 25, 2009 Blue Electric Night, people all around the planet were gathered to celebrate the annual Day out of Time, International Peace Through Culture Day. We were in Hood River, Oregon in the Riversong Sanctuary with a large group of kin that came to learn from one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers – Maria Alice Campos Friere who travelled from Brazil. We had a powerful circle including invocations, forgiveness prayers, rainbow bridge meditations, toning, and offerings from many kin who spoke from their heart on the meaning of the Day out of Time and the meaning of this Time of Prophecy.

We closed with a Lakota prayer song from Red Electric Skywalker who is a Lakota Pipe Holder who sang a song that is about Standing For Our Mother Earth. During the long and glorious song that he sang loud as can be, we all stood together and marched the two step dance as humble humans together on this sacred Earth, surrounded by the natural beauty of Pachamama. It was a very moving experience to be gathered with so many people – many who I did not personally know but that already knew their Galactic Signatures. It was also very synchronic to be there as the owners of the land have followed the Dreamspell cycles for over a decade – infact we had one of our first Day Out of Time events there in 1998 and one of the original kin from that circle was also with us 11 years later!

It was a true honor and delight to hear from Grandmother Maria Alice that she follows the 13-Moon Calendar every day and she was very happy to be with us on the Day out of Time. Her presence in the circle was profound. She is a Blue Overtone Monkey and many people in the community she lives with in Brazil track the Dreamspell cycles everyday, including the school children invoking every day’s kin!

Likewise, we had the honor of our beloved sister Blue Electric Storm from Mexico share with us the messages from her close friend Tata Don Alejandro, the 13th Generation Quiche Maya Priest from Guatemala. She shared his teachings about these times we are living in and also invoked the traditional Maya calendar energy of the day which was 7 T’zikin – the day of the Bird-tribes. This was an important unification – showing that on the Day out of Time, as a Day of Peace Through Culture, we were able to hold space for the co-existence of the Dreamspell calendar and the Traditional Maya count and to honor both of them as having essential pieces to share with humanity in these critical evolutionary times. In this way we modeled the feminine principal which allows multiple points of view, not needing there to be a right or a wrong, but celebrating diversity! All in all, it felt like a victorious gathering and I felt blessed to be in the right place at the right time, consciously closing the Blue Electric Storm Year and preparing to enter the Yellow Self-Existing Seed Year!



To continue this magic, my family and I will be travelling to the Oregon Coast to attend the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers which is Magnetic 9 – Magnetic 13 (Aug 3-7). We will be there during the Full moon, Lunar Eclipse that is coming up on White Magnetic Wizard (Aug 5) which is also the Dalai Lama’s Galactic Birthday! I feel honored beyond words to be able to attend this gathering. I have known of them for years and have longed to have the chance to be in their presence as it feels they are absolutely fulfilling a prophecy in their efforts of unifying their lineages and their hearts.

I am thrilled that my beloved friend Lloydine Arguelles, co-author of the Dreamspell will be there as well – together we shall bring the presence of the 13 Moon Calendar to the gathering of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers! To me, this is a huge manifestation of my Moon of Purpose and of the Power of Unifying!

It is also very moving to me to know of all the SunDances and Ceremonies of all kinds that are going on simultaneously during these times…
There are so many, many people praying and doing the work to heal and manifest this New World…
May we all be shown our path clearly, that our life’s purpose may flower effortlessly, like a river flowing to the sea.

Oh Mother Source – The Unity of Mind and Nature  – Isn’t it Wonderful!

Eden Sky & Robert Sky with Grandmother Maria Alice

Eden Sky & Robert Sky with Grandmother Maria Alice