Yin Yang by Jim Thompson

“The truth is that life is neither blessing you or punishing you.
It is working with you to help you
awaken to the truth of who you are.
Life is your teacher.”

-Paul Ferrini

On the 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar
within the Spiral of the Year,

Aug 23-Sept 19
always correlates to
Moon 2:
The Lunar Moon of Challenge

Code Words:  Polarize ~ Stabilize ~ Challenge

Our totem is the scorpion.
Our Tone of Creation is 2.
…From One, comes Two…

Polarity is counterbalance
Yin/Yang ~ Inner/Outer ~ Dark/Light ~ Contract/Expand…

Our invitation is to accept the dance of polarity –
to embrace that life is an unfolding play of forces
polarizing, challenging and stabilizing.

Let us use this time cycle to explore the other side of the coin –
How might we polarize some aspects of our usual modes, our habitual ways of showing up in our lives? How can we counterbalance energies to invoke a greater sense of wholeness?

In contemplating the code word Stabilize, what area of our life or our being are we drawn to focus this energy into?

The Lunar Tone Two always reminds us that from the miniscule to the vast, challenges are inherent in this journey. As sacred gifts from the Cosmic Architect that lives in our own evolving heart, challenges can guide us beyond our limitations and into our blossoming. As we voyage through this life, we can discover the path of acceptance in easing the inner and outer struggles, finding that as we accept the infinite challenges in our life as opportunities to grow, the Way opens.

Being conscious of the power of our creative perception is the key, for as we view the ongoing flow of challenges in our lives as our custom initiations, we can receive the love and benevolent intentions that the Universe is bathing us in. No matter how things may be appearing, if we are willing to look within the essence of life, we find that our growth is encoded into its natural design.

When we instead resist the challenges that come our way,  frustration breeds, and stress and strife set in our attitudes and perceptions. Resistance becomes an endless cycle that generates more unnecessary hardships and downward spirals. When we can continually accept the circumstances we find ourselves in, surrendering to the synchronicities inherent in our lessons, we can discover the ways to transform our problems into challenges and meet the possibilities with receptivity and gratitude.

One of the Divine challenges we are provided with is the faculty of creative perception. How we view and experience our Dream of life is a reflection of how we are navigating the spectrum of our consciousness. In my human experience, the ongoing opportunity is to question and become mindful in seeing what stories I am telling myself about Who I Am and what Life is? What beliefs am I investing in? Out of the realm of infinite potentiality, how is the mind solidifying and sculpting the dream field? To me, this is the ultimate challenge and opportunity – to root to the ecstatic essence of simply being alive.

Yin Yang by Moira Gil John

Yin Yang by Moira Gil John



  1. amazing, thank you so much. i’m looking forward to this moon thanks to your excellent interpretation

  2. Thank you so much!
    Awesome post…excellent wisdom and direction.

    The LINK to this post has been Twittered at http://twitter.com/IQXS and shared with 1,690+ die-hard UFO Twit-thusiasts galaxy-wide. We track the latest in UFO/Alien Affairs News, Views, Pix and Vids. Come join the loop and be in the know. Tin foil hats, optional! 😉 ATT: We do not re-post videos or data, we only share the link to yours. Ciao!

  3. Very much appreciate the information and insights. I am finding it hard to find information about the moons and their meanings and always look forward to the moon postings.

  4. Thank you Eden. I am doing the inquiry Work of Byron Katie and find that your thoughts dovetail beautifully with this tool. I love natural time and am learning to live in it more and more, although I admit all the details of your system are too much for me, yet the overarching feeling of your work and the 13 moon calendar resonante deeply in my being. Bless you,

  5. dancing at the crossroads
    change the tune
    familiarity breed contempt
    ease brings death all too soon
    when challenged the seeds buds
    soon flowers bloom
    it takes a little effort for new shoots
    to reach the sun
    out of the dark earthen womb

  6. Aloha Aryz. . .Love the new look, but print very small and difficult to read on black backgroung, so prhaps bold with light blue or purple background. Blissing to you in bringing your light and wisdom to all! Mahalo Nui Loa!

    1. Greetings Friend – In looking at all the different blog options on wordpress, this one seemed the most ideal, however, unfortunately I don’t have options of size and color – so I am working with what is available! Thanks for your understanding as I do my best! Many Blessings, Aryz

  7. Dear Aryz Eden Sky, I enjoyed reading about the Natural Time Updates. I am having trouble finding my actual birth date on this calendar. Could you help me? In Gregorian I was born 3-10-44; I find that date way into the calendar and I do not know where I should begin. I have really been trying to understand it all and at the moment feel stuck.

    1. Greetings Friend! If your birthdate is March 10 then on The 13-Moon Calendar, it will always correlate to the 4th day of the 9th moon. So if you go to the 9th Moon, the Solar Moon, you will find that it spans March 7 – April 3. That is where your Solar Birthday is located. Your galactic signature is Red Solar Dragon – that is your personal Tone of Creation (Solar 9) and your Tribe: Red Dragon. Already you can see that your solar birthday is in moon 9 and your galactic energy of your life is also 9!

      However, the real thing to focus on is not about where your birthday is necessarily, but rather on tracking the different energies of each day.

      Each day embodies one of the 13 tones of Creation and one of the 20 glyphs, together creating the galactic signature for each day. For example, today is Red Spectral Earth. Tomorrow is White Crystal Mirror. In the back of the calendar you can read the 3 code words associated with Spectral or Crystal and then the 3 code words associated with Red Earth or White Mirror. If you have a copy of the 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar that we produce then you can also read the paragraphs associated with each.

      The idea is to have fun with it, follow what resonates with you, use your intuition. Less is more. The energies will speak to you if you put your attention on them and open up!
      Best Wishes, Aryz

  8. since i’ve been following the 13moon calendar i have very much noticed the way events in my life have flowed with the energies of the days/moons. i couldn’t be more happier in my life; feeling the synchronicities is comforting. its amazing how knowing that the challenges in my life are little lessons that once overcome, make me better, wiser and more full of love and light than ever before. i have awaken a little more each day to the pure true beauty of life in all beings. its so amazing =) thank you so much for sharing your love and light with the rest of us, so that we all make this journey together! i am eternally grateful!
    may you continue to grow in love and light,

  9. You light up my life….thanks so much for framing things in such a poetic, clear visionary voice. We dance with that energy here in the Rocky Mountains! Namaste, R

  10. I feel the Arguelles-Roerich invocation in this website. Theatre and music, paintings and poems and dances, yes, above all we want to be dancing in these Tzolkin countdown days. So many different interpretations, but in the end, aren’t we looking at Dec. 21st, 2012 ?…and there are so many ways to count time, why would we look in just one of about , oh , say…17 ? Venus inner, Mars outward, and Earth balances between the laft and right hemispheres, attune the male and female psyches, in a beautiful Triadal correspondence. 9 lunar months, and the child is born, just like the Earth and Sun were, in their gestation cycles born.

    Peace to all who walk in the light of Zuvuya, to find the footprints of Pacal in the galactic Sun, Hunab Ku, where it is true we find,
    En lac’ech,

    Sergio Togliatti

    1. Sergio,
      Thank you for this wonderful connection to such an expansive and inner view. Its amazing to me how this posting can spiral the original text and bring home an even deeper experience.
      Please continue writing.

  11. very beautifully written. much to consider. thank u for sharing your gifts & insights. a lot of love there…
    ~dawn~ red resonant moon

  12. thank you,again, for this re-confirmation of my life’s path I travel. While reading, my tears have given me the so needed elixer not to give up…..never.
    Love and Light to All….for that is in who we are ……ONE

  13. Thank you…this past month has been the most challenging and polarizing of my life, a lot of lessons have been learned.

    Is there a way of interpreting the moons and days from the perspective of what kin that you are, as in astrology?

    Tanya, white solar dog

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