Greetings Planetary Kin!

Today is 9/7/09 on the Gregorian Calendar. On the 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar, we are still travelling through The Moon of Challenge. Today is the Blue Galactic Hand within the Yellow Sun Wavespell of Enlightening Life. This day’s focus is about Harmonizing, Modeling, Integrity, Knowing, Accomplishing and Healing.

I know we all understand the value of living aligned with Cosmic Harmonies and the necessity to collaborate in creating a New Paradigm Culture. I know we are all doing our personal and collective work, integrating our intentions and our actions that we may positively meet the opportunities that are being ushered in by the 2012 Prophecy!

In synchronizing with these energies of today, I wanted to share with you an article I just encountered that I feel is worthwhile. It is published in a local Portland, Oregon newspaper and is called “The Global Shift Has Begun.”

This article ties together 2012 and the Global Coherency Initiative whose intention is to manifest “Millions of people in heart-focused care and intention to shift global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace… The central hypothesis of GCI is that the magnetic fields of the Earth are impacted by mass human emotion, both positive and negative…”

I have been aware of this type of work for a very long time – over a decade – (for example Drunvalo Melchizadek and Dan Winter’s work) and I feel that this type of project that unifies science and spirituality is definitely an essential part of the New Paradigm that is emerging!

Personally, something I have felt for a long time is that human emotions are impacting the earth’s biosphere and weather patterns, and that we need to keep learning how to work with the spectrum of our internal energies and how they are reflected externally in our collective world.

I feel this GCI is totally aligned with the Global Movement of Natural Time Trackers, and that is why I am sharing this with you! Part of what we have already been focusing on for so long has to do with understanding the difference between living in Artificial Time and living in Natural Time, and registering how the two paradigms impact our nervous systems and our emotional well being.

In other words, part of the essential message of the Natural Time Calendar is to realize that the artificial timing frequency not only disconnects us from harmony with nature and ourselves, but actually is responsible for generating ongoing STRESS, anxiety, feelings of overwhelm and incoherence. Overall, living in the artificial timing frequency contributes to the GLOBAL STRESS level that affects all of us and our Earth.



These scientists are inviting us to understand the huge significance of our personal energies, and also how to unite with others around the globe to make a larger impact on the whole field.

Again, I feel this is totally aligned with the 13 Moon Calendar Movement, because we have also been dedicated to ripening our telepathic abilities, synchronizing our intentions as a global family, and opening up to the emergence of the Noosphere – the One Mind of the Earth.

As the article also shares: “The greatest challenges that human civilizations have ever faced are converging on a single generation.” This is how things feel to me at this time, and this feels like an important quotation to pulse out during this Moon of Challenge. As the teaching goes – the challenges are here to strengthen us, so the opportunities to transform and grow as a global family are surely vast!

I invite you to please check out the article, and if you resonate with it, please go further and check out The Global Coherence Initiative and see if you feel called to join forces.

Here is a great link to a newsletter from the HeartMath Institute that really summarizes the basic ideas.

And here is the link to the Global Coherency site that has some great intro videos and all the information of how to participate.

Please feel free to post comments and share your thoughts and feelings!

Thank you for reading this, and thank you for being here in this Sacred Dreaming process together as we all humbly find our way to Navigate these precious times.

In Lak’ech – I am Another Yourself,
Aryz, Red Self-Existing Skywalker


  1. PLease let me know what I can do to help in meditation or whatever. I can’t afford to buy books but I can connect with others and meditate at the same times for the same purposes. Please let me know if you have a certian time you do this or just keep doing what I do. I just KNOW things and I know we are all headed for trouble if we don’t change. I’m willing to help so please get back to me. I appreciate your time and thanks very much. Ev

  2. great to have heartmath here too; i was working with them for over a year and it is still resonating my (co-)creative impulses with this planet and its tribes 😉

    i sense this a great opportunity to partake in this alliance …

    when it suits i add a new dispensaton to the coherency formulae which most clear must be based on the 3 trinities and the ever popping up +1 (i/you/him/her): 3x(3×3)+1 : indeed 28 , number of daya a kweek …

    in lak’ech ala kin! s’ace ~ DS bolon ik & LC crystal sun

  3. I’ve been waiting all my physical life for a unifying force. I had a continuous dream as a child, of me standing in my front yard at night. I am looking at the stars as they all begin falling and landing. Much to my amazement, I have no fear. I am in awe of their beauty. It was such a feeling of peace!

  4. Dear Eden, thanks for your work! I am following your loving activities since long time ( as well as Drunvalo, Dan Winter, Greg Braden, Bruce Lipton etc.)! My mission is to work with the CHILDREN “Here and Now” and to keep them connected with NATURAL TIME and BEINGNESS…since they are naturally in synchronisity we work on that they stay CONNECTED.. we are with ALL of you! Our experiences you can download in natural time from the Telephatic NET…. for the Evolution – for the Children on this planet -for the Here and Now – keep it SIMPLE with LOVE Dariya K. Avantario

  5. Hello I am a healer of many arts and find your synchronization of this calendar very helpful in my everyday adventure. I am developing a new technique of harmony dealing with high vibrational vocals and clearing out the auric field of debris. Clearing any inharmonious vibrations from the client. It is a Lemurian technique that I have channeled from my own use of it in a past life. Thanks to my Crystal Surgeon Melissa Mogan for performing my second surgery about 3 months ago that helped open up this technique to me once again in this life. I am here to help bridge the realms by healing others to full potential. Each chakra is a color of the rainbow & if aligned and shimmering at it’s full potential as a collective then this rainbow bridge can be created. I am here for the collective. I am here to to help our reality … to bring heaven and Earth to one consciousness.

    Ryan West “Red Magnetic Dragon”

    Melissa Mogan
    “Your Crystal Connection”
    109 Walton Ferry Road
    Hendersonville, TN 37075

  6. Dear 13 Moon Kin,

    2012 is already here !! In cosmic terms, the alignment of the Solstice Sun with the galactic core is taking place. We are stageing.

    The heart research, the vibrational research, the melting ice data are wonderful Left brain signifiers that we can all attest to. So as we attune the heart and the mind, we attune the Left and the Right sides of the brain.

    I think we are trying, then, to “trigger” spontaneous events of awakening. Mass Dancing, global Singing, huge Murals on the sides of concrete urnan structures, Green Festivals, Solar and Wind driven concerts…

    Your brother, Men 155, Crystal Blue Eagle

  7. The timing of all of this is curious, as I had just begun to naturally disengage from the disharmonious, to reclaim my instinct, my deeper knowings. The weight of negativity was so palpable, it seemed the only thing TO DO. Thank you, Eden, for not only being on a synchronous wave of thinking & feeling — also for communicating it just when I happen to need an anchor, a mirror, a light.

  8. These types of dialogues are step toward deeper Planetary Culture. We are discussing Galactic Culture, the movement of Zuvuya. It is a great opportunity to be so close to finding one another, as we count these Tzolkin Fractal Time Matrixes.

    En La’kech,

    Blue Crystal Eagle

  9. love to join.ive been following the mayan calendar for a few years.its so beautiful&correct.i live in newzealand.have a great day

  10. hi thanks for the invite..i have always found the source of many together .. will change the course of humanity, your work our work, is very very important to me. i can say the red thread that binds never broken. thank you & many blessings and future blessings.

  11. My soul unfolds with delight. This anchoring of the flower of life work and The heart coherence project with natural time is the most logical and beautiful progression of this energy.
    Thank you Sweet Soul Sister for grounding your vision with purity and power. Let’s all set some times to pray together!

  12. Dear Ah Kines,

    The following is from a group called the Tzolkin Sound Project.

    We are chanting the Mayan days in a Tribal Trance Ambient Jam Matrix based on the Tzolkin.

    En LaKe’ch

    Crystal Blue Eagle

  13. “hi’manotherhu”~salutations and all that good stuff. looks good and true, stepping thru…thankhues,pez ant luff

  14. support ye all in doing so, that is, bio feeding thru coherence. practicising bio & neural feedback to people around …. waves building up as in size, inviting white souls to acknowledge colour in their world …. greatings [ white resonant wind ]

  15. 2012 has greatness. 2013 is where we really start building Tzolkin Time.

    The gathering is on us, this web portal has a galactic signature.

    The Scholars bring it from the Noth. The Magicians from the West,
    The Healers from the East, the Nagual from the south., Dreamers and Couriers create balance…

    Quantum from the north, Zuvuya from the West, the Tao from the East, Galactic from the south. Spin the cauldren, mix the paint, reach for harmonics, just don’t wait !!!

    Your friend and brother,

    Crystal Blue Eagle

  16. Crystal Blue Eagle,
    I have printed the words of your directional compass & placed it in my calendar. It’s a great balancing tool, for which I am deeply appreciative.
    White Rhythmic Wizard

  17. Are there still things like this going on? I’ll still check out the website…but seeing this happened back in September I don’t know if it’s still an ongoing process or not.

    As I said in an earlier comment..I want to do what I can to awaken the world to this.

    Red Magnetic Serpent

      1. Fabulous. I see that now. This website is amazing. Thank you so much!

        Red Magnetic Serpent

  18. Greetings intrepid galactic zuvuya travelers. Watching these days march down for a Zero point is VERY…galactic !!!
    We are launching a series of “nano festivals” this year on the Nor. Cal. coast. Nano because it needs to be of Kuxaan Suum, the quantum is the reciever of Hunab Ku emanations. If it IS of Hunab Ku, it only needs a very little !!!
    The alignment of the Solstice sun with the galactic center is creating a shift. Let’s find ways to ride these waves together !!!
    En Lak’ech,
    Crystal Blue Eagle, kin 155

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