An Angel's Home from

To Serve is to Shine as the Flowering Mystery
and Act in Ways Vast and Subtle,
Guided by Wisdom and Compassion,
Moved as the Winds of Spirit Propel Your Being.

On the 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar
within the 13-Tone Spiral of the Year,

Sept 20 – Oct 17
always correlates to
Moon 3
The Electric Moon of Service

Code Words: Activate ~ Bond ~ Service

Our totem is the deer.
Our Tone of Creation is 3.

3 brings the sacred trinity,
the possibility of movement, exchange and rhythm
beyond the polarity of 2.

Service is Love Made Visible

When we understand our interdependence,
with each other and with the living universe,
we sense ourselves as a vital link in our web of relationships;
we recognize the ongoing exchange of giving and receiving.

Each moment offers us an opportunity to show up and interact constructively,
to serve in the actualization of its potential; to ACTIVATE IT!

Service can refer to both one’s lifetime mission,
as well as the moment to moment invitation to support life
as it is occurring right in front of our eyes.

The more we keep centering in our hearts
and sensitizing our awareness to the depths of what it means to be alive,
the more we perceive the callings from within,
and the more we understand the needs confronting us.
In this process, our bonds with life deepen
and we feel more and more held by the benevolence of the Whole.

The essence of service is that one feels passionately, gratefully alive
and wishes to consciously participate in the circulation of this loving gratitude –
humbly serving the Whole that upholds life –
being an agent of that benevolent presence in action.

The form one’s service can take can look like many things.
We can contemplate that there are
ong range and short range manifestations of service.
Our life’s expression reflects our balance of these two elements,
and how we are serving in uniting the spiritual and material realms.

Ultimately, Service is INTUITIVE.

How service manifests is relative to the person and to the intuition of the moment.

Is one’s attention being called to the mundane or to the mystical?
To the breadcrumb or to the sky?
To the inner or to the outer?
What if these paths and acts and feelings are all connected!
Our task is to follow our heart’s promptings,
because in the scheme of Totality, its all relevant and has its own timing.

From redefining our global economy to represent new paradigm values,
to helping a child peel an orange.
From discovering new sciences and energy
breakthroughs based on higher-dimensional mathematics,
to listening deeper than you’ve ever listened to the morning bird song.
From doing yogic breathing exercises to balance and activate both sides of your brain,
to working to re-structure the public health care system.
From serving your family’s needs,
to doing ceremony and prayers to align with your spiritual guides.
From protecting the bees from extinction,
to looking deeply and self-reflectively at your own shadow and unconscious,
integrating your wounds into your own heart.
From giving a speech to thousands,
to teaching a child how to ride a bike.
From expressing your artistic soul,
to genuinely telling someone how much you appreciate and value them.
From planting a tree,
to developing your telepathy by attuning to natural time!

Life is a journey providing limitless ways to serve.
As we open up to life’s intelligence inside of us, this becomes more clear.
The opportunities and callings for service change from one moment to the next
as the waves of life unfold over time.

While the authentic spirit of service is available to explore all
the ways and avenues to be of help,
it seems that when people are doing what they genuinely love,
they can’t help but be of service to the whole.
Each of us has unique gifts and abilities,
specific passions and inclinations that we can develop
and offer for the upliftment of our communities and our world!

As we live our lives in ways that inspire us to feel Electrically Alive,
our path of service naturally presents itself.
Therefore, let us continue to follow our spirits and liberate our passions,
knowing that as we feel truly alive,
our service will gracefully emerge and flower.
As we humbly bestow the world with our ray, our note,
we offer beauty to the collective dream.


  1. Hejj there

    it is uplifting words & sounds of the service ‘post’.its real shinny feeling to be in service of the whole,its like muzik,always moving,and when i have this moments of realization that all is connected,its all life sparks with light and biig smiles.
    its really intuitive.loved that alot!!

    Peace & let the vibezz flow..

    Alexxx Blue 8 eagle

  2. this touches my heart – am just beginning to get an inkling of natural time, and to respond from a deeper and more ‘natural’ place in myself to the myriad happenings and existences around. thank you so very much. finding a new beauty in the mundane….

  3. supreme love is all there is …suplove…as conciousness evolves we the have opportunity to embrace this omnipotent truth…letting go of fear ego selfishness and the fallacy of separation…
    much SUPLOVE to you…

    tatachai viracocha patchacutie pachacamac

  4. Thank you and bless you for reminding me of the vibrant excitement inherent in being of service to each other and ourselves. As planetary crises thicken, the answers are becoming clearer and more obvious. We all need to listen and respond to our global heart!
    In Lakech

  5. I Am Mystic Crystal artist, singer, toner, creationist ~ StarLight and SunBeing ~ a Child of the Universe ~ in harmony within the essence of my being and the essence of creative joy everywhere. I know I Am here honoring conscious evolution on Sacred Earth Gaia. love,light,peace,freedom ~ Crystarah Mystic Crystal

  6. thank you for the beautiful information…
    I live on a remote island so it is always joyful to find others living out a similar truth, keep up the good work!
    I think you might enjoy reading my posts,
    especially the forthcoming one to be posted on full moon-I write a blog called “Manuevering the Mayan Calendar End Days with Grace”
    Enjoy and blessings,

  7. Beauty Full! I hadn’t realized this comes through me so naturally. Tell me more about the telepathy part. This happens to other people sometimes? Thank you. xx/oo

    Beloved Aryz Eden Sky,
    This has been forwarded to these groups on the behalf of Cup of God, the Magenta Warrior responding to a Poem by Debby Bowles from Facebook as she requested friendship
    your devoted servant, white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother, elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter

    I am who I am
    Who else would I be
    I won’t change for you
    So why change for me
    I won’t waste my life
    Being someone I can not be
    Because I’m not a fake
    Unwilling to break
    Get used to what you see
    I’m going to be me

    by Debby Bowles

  9. Eden Sky,what a blessing you bring through your profound awareness and unique practical creativity that can express the unique all encompassing perspective in a lovingly graspable way.I’d love to do a human design chart on you if you’d like to send your birth info. I am dec 8 1948 white Cosmic wizard. It totally harmonizes with my human design,of course.We met in Ashland at padrhino alfredo.I had a sense of your power. Blessings of love and wellness ….Doug

  10. lovely ,thankyou.if you and family feel to come to world rainbow gathering here in new zealand,please let us know.blessings.cosmic dragon

  11. Eden Sky!*! Love~Love~Love how you’ve woven together the One~ness & depth our human adventures, so naturally portrayed! Galactically Gratefull!*! Celia~

  12. My understanding of service is that service comes from being in alignment with the opportunities presented by the universe that take us outside of our ego selves and back to our natural state of spirit. When one is in-spirit, time is universal and irrelevant, service then becomes an act of expansion both for the individual and the universe as a whole thsu creating beauty and love.

  13. Thank You,Eden I am always delighted to recieve a post from you as I know I will be filled with inspiration and insightful thoughts of the 13 moon year in all it’s glory. Thank you for all the hope and joy and enlightenment you posess and know and share. I am kin 121: red self existing dragon, and my birthday is in the electric moon of service, you remind me , what is my purpose. My bithday is the third moon in the third week on the third day of the week, and I look foreward to your next post.
    In love and Joy and Service,
    cyn d

  14. 2012 is a moment of compassionate awakening, we NEED to become more compassionate. Water will rise, and fire will fall, Earth will tremble and the winds will Call, but if we are growing more compassionate as a species, the doorways of Zuvuya will open for us.

    En LaKe’ch

    SILENCE and more Silence and more silence
    then PRAYER then FAITH
    then LOVE
    then >>>>SERVICE<<<<
    then finally PEACE.
    AMEN to Eden Sky LOVE in EL Paso TX
    Glory to God In The Highest and PEACE to his Children In the Universe

  16. Thank you, Eden! Namaste! What better way to start the day then reading this? Beautifully written!

    So Say We All!!!

    Yellow Cosmic Human

  17. Thank You, Thank You. Thank You! Loving hearts beat to the rythm of the Universe and always give unconditionally and spread the ripples of prosperity with every beat.

  18. aho sister of light
    beautifuly written
    love and light from a cosmic star in israel
    thanks for the information, inspiration and knowing that there are more cosmic beings in the world who remember to walk the path of the heart. in la kech

  19. this type of dialogue is the beginning of a telepathic era. we are at the cusp of a galactic age, we come from stars, literally, and so we are returning. hunab ku is aligning with the solstice sun, and it took 26,000 years to get to this spot again.

    En Lak’ech. actually we are all quantum oneness

  20. What we do not see is becoming clearer!
    Your words create those images, Thank you..
    It is so good to be part of a beautiful creatation that is evolving right in front of us. ~Christine in Oregon…AKA
    Red Crystal Earth

  21. Eden, I just had to share these lovely lyrics with you because the syncronicity was so intense. They are from an old Antonio Carlos Jobim song titled, Aqua de Beber.

    “Your love is rain
    my heart, the flower,
    I need your love or I will die.
    My very life is in your power,
    will I whither and fade or bloom to the sky?
    Give the flower water to drink.
    The rain can fall on distant deserts,
    the rain can fall upon the sea,
    the rain can fall upon the flower,
    since the rain’s gotta fall
    let it fall on me.”

    a red rhythmic serpent

  22. Thank you Sky, for giving us such a beautiful beginning to this Electric Moon.

    I featured it on my daily blog at

    Wishing you a Happy Galactic Return on Electric 9 🙂


    Galactic Mirror

  23. We are a family, a tribe of seekers. Each does their share of the meditation and research, and then, in some future, ,perhaps WE will build pyramids of consciousness.

    13 Tones echo from the sprialling galaxy, 13 day count resonates in the galactic quatum field we should refer to a Kuxaan Suum. 13 Moons spin as the Sun spins on it’s Solar Axis, and the harmonics are in place.

    Kin 155 , Blue Crystal Eagle, Tone 12

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