2012 UPDATE!

I am thrilled to announce that we just updated our LIVING PROPHECY page on our 13moon.com website! It was created to offer a holistic, accurate and inspiring take on the 2012 Synchronization – End of the Maya Long Count Calendar Cycle.

Please check it out and share the link with others:

This update has been a long time coming, and was definitely inspired by the recent 2012 disaster movie that was just released this November, Friday the 13th, on White Planetary Wizard day.

The 2012 movie is alerting hundreds of millions of people around the world about the Closing of the Cycle in 2012, but as can be expected, it is associating it with global cataclysm, fear, and the end of the world.

This is unfortunate, and as you will read on our new webpage, the Maya in Guatemala are very upset with all this distortion of the message of their ancient prophecy. They want the world to know the completion of their calendar cycle DOES NOT POINT TO THE END OF THE WORLD, and they wish for people to NOT BE AFRAID. You can find links to Shift of the Ages off of our site, which has recent videos from Maya Grandfather Don Alejandro explaining this in his own words.

The essence of the 2012 prophecy is not about doom and gloom, it is about transformation, renewal and re-birth. It is about us waking up to our true human potential; it is about us coming into our power as planetary citizens, conscious of our interdependence, working together in respect for all of life. It is about us changing paradigms so that our global culture can find a way to live in Harmony, with ourselves, each other and all of Nature. It is about us living from our Hearts. It is a calling for us to expand our perceptions, sense of reality, and context we place ourselves in and awaken to ourselves as galactic beings…
I could say so much more, but truly its all on the website!


We are excited about our new webpage because it gives us the opportunity to promote other websites, messengers, and organizations that we feel are also providing accurate and inspiring 2012 information. So on our new page, you’ll find lots of links to sites we feel are worthwhile to explore and support. We will continue adding to these resources as time unfolds.


The 2012 Hollywood movie is just the beginning. As we get closer to 2012, there will be more and more mis-information and distortion of the essence of the Mayan Prophecy, and you can expect more and more fear-based websites. We truly care about the collective consciousness and we want to continue to help be part of the solution. On that note, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Essentially, because our website has been around since 2002, and since we are a content-rich site, we have had a really high Google ranking. For example, before the movie came out, if you did a search on 2012, our Living Prophecy webpage came up #13. However, since the 2012 disaster movie has come out, we are getting bumped down  – by all the movie promotion and also the “fake” websites which they’ve designed to promote their movie and the whole fear-based doomsday enchilada… As of today, on Google our site now comes up #20 which is the last slot on the 2nd page.

We want people doing 2012 searches to find our site because we feel it provides an accurate, thorough, positive take on 2012. We feel strongly that it is important that people can read for themselves what the Maya Elders are saying, and can hear from someone like myself who has been studying this material for 15 years.

So, if you check out our page and feel aligned with helping us in this mission, there are 2 things you can do:

A) Please send this link to your networks:


B) If you have a website (or a blog or facebook, etc)
PLEASE POST A LINK TO OUR NEW PAGE! This will DIRECTLY help our google numbers.

The best way to help is for the link to read: “THE MAYAN PROPHECY OF 2012” and to have those words linked to the url: http://www.13moon.com/prophecy%20page.htm    (Just like we have on this page).

Or maybe you have friends who run websites that you feel they might like to include a link to our Prophecy page. EVERY EXTERNAL LINK HELPS!!!

Thank you for reading this, and for being part of this important movement to influence our collective consciousness; to antidote the doom and panic with higher vision and inspiration. We know we are all related and that we directly influence each other with our thoughts, feelings, intentions, actions – our vibrations. The more we can help emanate positive energies, the more it helps uplift the whole!

Please feel free to post comments and share your feedback of our new 2012 update,  as it is always a delight to hear from YOU!

From my humble, ancient Heart
Aryz Eden Sky


  1. Kiwi Allegiance is about reconnecting with ourselves, the Moon, Sun and planets by following an ancient calendar of the Moons. Alpha Omega beginning and end Aotearoa New Zealand. The 13 moons Calendar can be viewed at 13 moons.com .-We also feel the the immediate need to stop using the incorrect labels for marking time, ie Mon,Tue, etc and Jan, Feb etc these lables dishonour our ancestors and enforce the prison hologram of the Gregorian calendar, which was imposed in 1582 by Pope Gregory xiii. Imposed so the indigenous conquered people could pay rent, taxes on the 20th of every month.While the church of the day eliminated any and all vessels of knowledge that contained natures planetry time cycles.We need to expose those that have been accumalating, from the time cycle knowledge.so the masses will be easilly reprogrammed, we have been human cash cattle long enough. 13 lunar cycle and the cycles of time. They would have us believe they burnt all the books and records of, recorded measures of time. 52 year cycles of time,the ability to devine future global trends and energies,has been miss used by those that know, shame on them. For any further information about this collectiveness please email Allegiance@kol.co.nz.

  2. Hello

    Firstly thank you for the insights your updates and newsletters bring. I have sent the following email to all on my contact list, and on facebook posted the link to my profile and also posted it on all spiritual based groups I have joined on facebook.

    Hi everyone

    Here is an informative website I would like to share with you and, ask that you forward this link on to everyone in your contact lists.


    This website was ranked 13 on googles first page when “2012” was searched… Following the release of hollywoods disaster movie 2012, it now appears last on the second page… and there is a whole lot of negative press before it, feeding peoples fear surrounding this date!

    We can help spread the real, positive message of what 2012 is all about – the opportunity of personal and collective growth and the promise of better times ahead – peace on earth! Just send this link to everyone on your contact list – let them decide if it is something that resonates with them or not. You might just be suprised.

    Love and Light

    Le Le xxx

    greatful to be sharing your positive message during times of uncertainty and fear – love is the key.

    Thank you


  3. triggered by some comments i came here visiting the crew, so to say.

    mike offered a suggestion regarding the labels we use for months that were offered in another time were people were in another phase considering the world they lived at their best intend.

    say we exercise this harmonic for over 22 years by now, can we by now imagine the 7 days a week were just a phony to cover 3 and 9 and 27?

    meaning we can have 3 weeks a moon + 1 daya out of moon experience (the fire & fusing element)

    think about 9 total different vibrations and a vast perspective from the 9 as a whole …

    avoid to see my own outcome …

    s’ace ~ bolon ik DS-wise

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