Astrology Report by Mark Dodich

2010 Predictions: The Year of Conscious Awareness

2012 Arrives Early

By Mark Dodich

“Get ready for an exciting year. Astrologers have been privately talking about 2010 at astrology conferences for several years, and now it’s time to bring our secrets into the world. If you have been impatiently waiting for 2012, then you will be happy to know that it is arriving two years early.

The heavy-duty outer planets that transform lives are all tied together in 2010 in a challenging pattern called a T-square. Imagine the tension you would feel if you were sitting on a three-legged chair that should have four legs. You can sit on it, but you need to pay conscious attention to your actions to maintain your stability.

The least little movement, like reaching for your cup of tea, requires you to rebalance on the fly. Add to that, explosive Uranus moves into impatient Aries this summer to blow up your comfort zone.

Before you rush to call your favorite astrologer, know that this motivating planetary alignment is a good thing. When planets line up in the early degrees of action signs (specifically Libra, Aries and Capricorn), there is an impatient rush to pioneer a new path.

In 2010, the universe reminds you that everything is connected. You must look several steps down the road when you make a decision, because your actions this year will reverberate throughout all areas of your life during the next two years.

The planetary energies of 2012 look calm compared to this summer. The year 2010 does the intense transforming work, so that you are prepared to peacefully meditate on creating a new galactic reality by 2012.

Because these expansive and explosive frequencies do not peak until summer, it is important to begin with relatively uncommon energies currently building toward a summer crescendo.

Warrior Mars, now passing through passionate Leo, begins the year in its rare retrograde cycle. Since Dec. 20, 2009 and through March 10, you have and will be reviewing your ambitions. Leo requires you to step into leadership, urging you to create your life based on your heart’s desire.

If you are trying to keep a relationship or job in motion, but your heart just isn’t in it, Mars retrograde stimulates you to quietly prepare your battle plan for action come spring. With Mars spending six months in Leo when its normal passage is six weeks, you are getting an aggressive push to align your worldly actions with a passionate, heart-centered path.

Before making excuses as to why you cannot have what your heart wants, remember that summer brings paradigm shifts in your life. Trust that your old beliefs and behaviors will fall away. Now is the time to do the behind-the-scenes preparation before announcing your plans to the world.

The energy of these changes picks up speed by August. Before you run off to a cave in Montana, know that the T-square has already been building since 2008.

Destructive Pluto moved into restructuring Capricorn to change aspects of the world that were sitting on faulty foundations (such as bad real estate loans and money games on Wall Street).

The second leg of the T-square started last October when integrity-focused Saturn entered the relationship sign of Libra. You are called to rebalance your relationships, beginning with your relationship to self. If you have been giving too much of yourself away, then you must reclaim healthy boundaries or risk burning out Libra-ruled adrenals.

On a global level, Saturn was in Libra in the early 1980s and early 1950s. The United Nations was in the news and the U.S. was actively changing relationships with the Russians through the reduction of weapons systems. As this energy was getting started in 2008, the installation of weapons systems near Russia’s border was cancelled by President Obama. The United Nations will go through a restructuring before Saturn leaves Libra in the fall of 2012.

Whether you are looking at global or personal relationships, they are all in the process of change. Good relationships have the opportunity to go to even better levels. Bad relationships must be torn apart to be restructured or released.

Whether this is the relationship of the U.S. with a country in change like Cuba, or in your love, family or work relationships, the key is the same. Libra urges diplomacy, grace and cooperation. Saturn requires long term, patient changes to create a solid foundation for the future.

There is a wild card to add to the mix. Expect-the-unexpected Uranus moves into independent Aries at the full moon on May 27.

Uranus revolutionizes your life and Aries wants it done yesterday. All of your neatly laid plans get hit by a thunderbolt. Uranus wants to sell it all and go on a walkabout. Aries wants to pioneer a completely new path. You must balance this freedom-seeking energy with the stabilizing energy of the other two legs of the T-square.

It is like putting a complex puzzle together while all the pieces are floating in zero gravity. The beauty is that you creatively combine different aspects of your life in a way that has never been done before. The challenge is that you must release old paradigm modes of thinking.

Although my intent is to not participate in doom-and-gloom mentality, it is important to look at the difficult side of this grinding planetary pattern. Personal relationships that have not been working are going to crash and burn. Let them go.

Many people will choose to vacate the planet rather than work with this new energy. A recent example of this is last July when changing emotional energy released Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett, Walter Cronkite and others who represented their generations.

Summer will be a busy fire season and earthquakes will be significant this year. Political and social revolutions will be in the news. The uncovering of corruption and hidden secrets continues to bring new surprises into the media. This same energy brings new inventions in diseases of the heart, natural energy and faster everything.

The phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” does not apply in 2010. Be willing to release old beliefs and behaviors and trust that you are being divinely guided to your highest good.”

Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980. Mark’s specialties include natal astrology, relocation astrology maps and seven ray spiritual purpose astrology. Visit



  1. Aryz, Very nice passage. Your devotion to our collective cause is inspiring and your words ring true. I am grateful, happy and hoping for the best. In Lak’esh…Thanks to your blog, I found another kin here in Montreal who is born on my birthday just to add some magic to the equation…Hoping to open a café dedicated to 13 moon and such. Please say a prayer for this. Thanks again. Love from White Crystal Mirror.

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