Code words to focus on during Moon 8:
Harmonize, Model, Integrity

Having just completed the previous cycle of Moon 7 – The Moon of Attunement, we have now entered Moon 8 – the 28-day cycle focused on Modeling Integrity. This time period reminds us that our Galactic Wholeness is found by learning how to Harmonize. These 3 specific code words are important to deeply contemplate, meditate upon, and internally investigate, as they are meant to trigger meaning and relevance for our personal lives, while also offering universal teachings of Nature’s core principles. As we follow these clues they guide us to encounter the powers held by this Tone 8 of Creation governing this Month of the Hawk!


The upcoming New Moon brings the Chinese and Tibetan New Year, celebrated on Feb 14; Galactic 8;  Blue Crystal Hand day. (Note: in the Pacific timezone, the actual new moon occurs at 6:51pm on Feb 13, but the Tibetan Calendars note Feb 14 as the start of their year cycle).

On Feb 14, 2010,
we will shift out of the previous year of The Earth Ox,
and we will be entering into the Year of the Iron Tiger!

While we refer to this year as 2010 on the Gregorian calendar, on the Chinese Calendar this will be the start of Year 4707, and on the Tibetan Calendar we will commence Year 2137.

I am excited! It feels like another level is opening up, just when we need it most… Invoking The Iron Tiger feels like it’s bringing fierce empowerment to assist us in transforming our deepest issues, making more space for our divine selves to emerge more fully that we may continue fulfilling our sacred roles!

On the Tibetan Calendar, New Year is called “Losar.”
According to Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal: “Each new year is an echo of the changing cycles and Losar reminds us of the true nature of impermanence. Everything that is born is bound to die. The old year is gone and will never exist again. The new year gives us the opportunity to come together and celebrate; to notice and appreciate each moment, in the moment, and to realize the blessings of the teachings.”

FEB 14 – FEB 28, 2010
100,000 TIMES!

According to the Tibetan Cycles, during the first 2 weeks of the New year, precisely from the New Moon to the Full Moon, our positive and negative karma is “multiplied” 100,000 times. It is important to note that the Dalai Lama clarifies the our INTENTION generates karma, rather than simply focusing on our actions. As Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal shares: “Down through the centuries, the first 15 days of the New Year have gained special significance – they are known as “the 15 days of awakening energy and ability to perform auspicious accomplishments.” Whatever good deeds one performs or merits one accumulates during this fortnight, those actions will be multiplied by 100,000.”

AS OF FEB 15, 2010,

OK, by now we all know that on December 21, 2012 at precisely 11:11 AM Universal Time, the Mayan Long Count Calendar Cycle returns to its Sacred Zero Point, – marking the completion of our 5,125 year journey through the Cycle of History (3114 BC  – AD 2012), and commencing the start of Post-History. Not only are we less than 3 years away from this Synchronization Point, we are now about to be exactly 4 Tzolkin cycles from this auspicious moment.

The Tzolkin/Galactic Spin cycle is 260 days long – it corresponds to the human gestation period, as well as serving as the common denominator of all cosmic cycles of nature. It is the central, multi-dimensional template of natural time that contains and transmits the living intelligence and harmonic ratios that underlie the Universe and its workings of divine unfolding. Every 260 days we progress through the same radial order of creation’s energies, each day imparting a unique focus and essence. One’s personal Galactic Signature determines your place within the sacred matrix and holds important keys to understanding your purpose in life.

When we think of a Galactic Spin cycle, it is analogous to the time it takes from conception to birth – a complete cycle of creation unfolding, a personal and universal measure.

As of Feb 15, 2010:
260 X 4= 1040 days
left in this current World Age Era.

Vast cycles are ending and renewing in our lifetimes. In the process of World eras shifting, the old world mentality founded in separation and greed is expiring and slowly but surely giving way to new collective perceptions and vibrations founded in lucid awareness of our interconnectedness. The chaos manifesting in all spheres of reality is a bursting reminder of the powers of our untapped human potential. In these times, our greatest fears and greatest light is being revealed. Our concepts about who we are, what the Universe is, and the essential consciousness of Beingness Itself is being questioned by our minds and explored with our hearts.

No one can say with any certainty what will, or will not, occur on Solstice 2012, nor how rapidly or gradually all the changes yet to come will unfold. This is not about a date in the future that will bring instant resolve to our far reaching global problems. The 2012 prophecy is meant to provide a sacred context, a grand perspective based in ancient Mayan time science, that alerts us that right now we are living in Landmark times in the history of the planet. Each one of us is directly contributing to the one planetary equation, by the qualities of our intentions and actions. This is the moment to bring our inspiration and empowerment to the fore.

One can find countless theories about what’s supposed to happen in 2012 – ranging from all out doom and gloom, to total enlightenment and ascension, to absolutely nothing. It is important to look beyond the hype, as many of the 2012 predictions now in circulation have no roots in the actual prophecies of the Maya, and are simply projections from the human psyche of our basic hopes and fears. That said, there are some worthwhile theories to look into, including the teachings of  John Major Jenkins, Dr. Jose Arguelles and the Maya Elders themselves. To learn more, please see our 2012 webpage.

The bottom line is that there are rumors from A-Z of what 2012 is signifying – from a new era of telepathic unification and the start of a new cycle which is guided by a sensitivity to our interdependence with all of nature, to a time of great cataclysms with vast flooding, volcanic eruptions, solar flare storms, pole shifting, etc. It seems these elements are part of the same story, as the forces of destruction and creation together dance our world into being. No one truly knows what is going to happen because it depends on how we all navigate from this here and now, and how our human affairs collaborate with the living intelligence of the Earth and Universe we are immersed within. All we have is this moment; this is the moment of power.


An important point made by Mayan Ajq’ij Carlos Barrios, is that in regards to the warnings from the ancients of possible catastrophies yet to come, it is critical we realize that it is within our power to change the outcome. He says it is within our power to prevent the worst case self-destruction scenarios from happening, and instead rise to a new level of evolution.

As Mr. Barrios shares: “This is the time people need to know what is the purpose of their own lives. This is a dangerous time because we can go to the next step, to the transition, to the fusion of the polarities, or it is a time when we can be destroyed. This materialistic way of life, all this business about economic and social position in the world, it needs to change and the people need to go inside themselves in order to know what they are and to find harmony with the mother earth, with human beings, with their brothers, with the animals, with the plants. It’s an important time because we are in the moment of the prophesies and humanity can be destroyed or we can be saved, all together.”

I have said it many times,
and I will continue to say
that we are living through a Great
Healing Crisis here on Earth,
and WE are the Medicine Warriors.

There are no outside saviors to look to, it is our privilege and challenge to keep rising to the tasks presented to us as we participate in this Great Turning, this Shifting of the Ages, this great work of internal and external re-balancing.

Solstice 2012 is a critical synchronization point; it is a call to Health. We have arrived at this 4 Tzolkin checkpoint in our journey of closing this vast cycle. We are now being summoned to embody a spiritual and physical Alignment that is in harmony with our living Biosphere, its laws and beautiful order, knowing ourselves also as reflections of Cosmic Laws and Universal Harmonies that our souls dance to. We must keep learning how to embody our true nature and purpose in service to the Beautification of Life. Love is our fuel.


We are all artists of the Divine Spark.
Through the shine of our simple smile
or the symphony of our speech,
our actions are prayers in motion;
our intentions cast seeds.
Worlds are built with our minds,
built with our hands and feet.
And songs of stars are strung
with the whispers of our hearts.
We are all children of the Cosmos,
reborn endlessly to life’s loving arms.

The Redemption of the New World Cycle, foretold to come in 2013 and beyond, is a flower that is blossoming inside our hearts, now. Do not wait for anything; do the work of your life’s awakening that is blatantly in front of you. The Divine Descent, the Terrestrial forces rising, the Human Soul resurrecting its remembrance of its sacred place in the One Web of Creation is a process that is already underway and will only deepen as time unfolds. The new energies that are prophesied to come and positively influence our collective consciousness towards wisdom and compassion are landing inside of us. Our opportunity is to continue clearing space for higher vibrations to root and dwell within us that they may inform our journey. The ground of transformation is our internal being, therefore our quest is to align our bodies and hearts together, with our highest potential, to be of ultimate service to the family of life.

As we soften our selves, receptive to the One Heart, so our physical and spiritual selves integrate and fortify one another. We become more equipped to serve our life’s destiny by tending to our responsibilities with much mindfulness, always humbling ourselves by recognizing the endless depths of which to learn.

A new world age dawning is not necessarily a supernatural event, but rather a time-released return, a simple, collective deepening awareness of our interconnectedness, remembering something essential we have long forgotten.

We are the beings who are so blessed to be alive in these times, enduring the initiations of this chapter in the Mystery School’s curriculum! Our pains, wounds, and sufferings are precious thorns on the growing roses within our Divine Garden.

As 13th Generation Quiche Maya Priest Don Alejandro said to us in Guatemala last winter: “Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. The Children of the Sun will survive.” We shall prevail, but make no mistake – the tests shall continue as all of us on earth in these times are inside of The Great Purification as the Hopi call this cycle. Everything is being cleansed and re-aligned. In this time of great turbulence and unknown, it is essential we pay attention and listen ever more deeply to our own intuitive guidance. We must question the things that invoke fear in us, but let them guide us to cultivate deeper wisdom, courage and attunement to our path as a Warrior of Light. As we sincerely continue to open to the opportunities given to us in the form of our custom challenges, we can let go of past concepts, beliefs, attitudes, lifestyle habits and old blockages so that we can embody our truest nature and fulfill our unique missions in this lifetime.  Our quest is to ALIGN with our True Beingness, not the voices in the mind or the emotional egoic reactions, but the Self within that is One with All.

May we ever more skillfully learn to wield our Divine Spark in harmonious collaboration with the One Art of Life. May we open to the possibilities of the new to emerge, benefiting and elevating the whole, for our light shines brighter when we are humbly willing do our sacred part, in service to All our Relations.

Fear not what you do not know;
face directly towards the depths of your own heart.



For those in the Portland, Oregon area,
please join me for my talk at New Renaissance Bookstore:

2012 – The Mystery of The Maya

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Double sided, transparent, UV protected,
high quality round stickers (4.5 inch diameter)

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Please note:
These daybooks are for the Yellow Self-Existing Seed Year
(July 26, 2009 – July 25, 2010)

We are privileged every year to receive these precious daybooks from Japan, and offer them to our Natural Time Community. Half of the proceeds go directly to LLoydine Arguelles, co-author of the Dreamspell, as a way of honoring her essential role in bringing the codes of the Synchronic Order to our daily lives.

To order a daybook please go here


“The development of extra sensitivity,
which is common skills for the new race,
can be achieved only with personal will growth
and not by use of technologies.”


In Lak’ech – I am Another Yourself,
Eden Skywalker and family

PS: Here is the Inspirational Message for the Galactic Hawk Moon:
“You are a Jewel in the Crown of the New World.”


  1. most eloquent and beautiful as the sweet soul you are dearest Eden Skywalker…much suplove(supreme love)to you and yours and all…
    in lak’ech,

  2. These perspectives and research provide me with a positive, bright, and proactive outlook. Thank you so much for sharing your energy like this. For helping our world. I respect YOUR core!

  3. In- Le Kech Ala-kin Eden Sky! Thank you for the clarity of your wisdom and the LOve in your words. I am deeply inspired to mirror your words in the World!
    The energy is shifting soooo strongly now that sleep and energy are affected for many . Finding meaning and understanding and being reminded of our purpose
    NOW is important! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awesome thoughts which provoke and inspire! I am moving the Sophia Center to Portland in June. It will be good to be closer in for easier connection as we draw close to this moment of a new awakening. Thank You!

  5. Syncronicities in place, 4 Tzolkins to go, the last one in 2012 feels thunderous, like the summer of love only more so and more coherant.

    Meditation is really important these days, because there is SO MUCH happening which cognitive minds cannot understand. It’s Galactic and it’s Quantum !! At the Same Time !! That’s the beginning of Zuvuya ( to me ).

    4 Tzolkins to go, the final steps up the great cosmic pyramid of Space-Time. Then 2013, the shrine on top of the pyramid. What happens there and then ? Words fall short, where song and rhythm and art and dance can build bridges towards our next sets of cosmic incarnationing…

    En Lak’ech,
    Crystal Blue Eagle, Kin 155, Tone 11

  6. As always, I feel a sense of peace and order as I read and absorb what you share, Eden. In these times of much change, the value of peace is immeasurable. Thanks for all that you create! Liz

  7. the universal ligh brigts for us,thanks for reopening my eyes, long time sleeping on the material world, I feel it like… JUST AT TIME! In Lak’ech.

  8. this age is uncertain because this world´s outcome is uncertain… it´s fate still teeter toters in the balance that our actions & intentions make each day… either outcome is still possible which makes me grateful for these eloquent poetic words that bless me with peace & yet a sense of urgency still lingers… when the end is in sight, when the goal is near, that is exactly when twice as much effort, intention, & drive is required to prevail… our entire fate as a civilization may rest on a single act of kindness or cruelty by one human being… our fate may be to influence that person to love & accept themselves as they are, & since we treat others the way we treat ourselves… we might tip the balance in the favor of Life… that we may all survive… i don´t know why sometimes when i see the sunrise these days i cry… maybe because i realize how precious & fragile life really is… or maybe because i am so sincerely grateful that we have just one more day… one more day to change… one more day of hope… & the last thing that dies is hope…
    in lak’ech brothers & sisters, may these days bring us closer to our true destiny & beingness… our fight is the good fight… may our lights burn brighter now because the night gets darkest right before dawn… love, wisdom & blessings… carpe diem

  9. How do I overcome my disappointment in others,as they–wonderful, beautiful, magical souls–choose to descend rather than ascend…There are no Gurus left for me. There is no one to look up to. We are all so frAil, human, cast upon this storm, enduring, purifying, transcending. How do I help my brothers and sisters, who have fallen to their addictions and dis-ease, without falling into the maelstrom with them. I love them so. I miss them. I ache for them to join us. What can I do.


  11. Beautiful blog, Eden. I have a couple questions about the day planner. Is it all written in Japanese (as it appears in the link above), and how do we go about ordering a planner for the coming year (starting July 26th 2010)?

    1. Hi Friend. The daybook is in Japanese and English. The upcoming daybooks will be available in many moons from now – we’ll announce them once we have them in stock. Thanks for being part of our fabulous global Natural Time Community!

  12. Good intentions, LOVE. We must have powerful focus until the end of the month in order to create a beautiful loving karma for our world. You are the oracle, telling me exactly what I need to hear. It’s time to celebrate New Year’s again. Whoo-hoo! Thanks Eden. Love from GreenJenny

  13. Dear Eden,
    Thank you for spreading these messages. Your insights move something very deep within me and bring about both hope and willingness to continue on my path of development. Just what I need at this particular moment.
    Love and light,

  14. Bless you for your gift of giving! Your words awaken my mind and always come at the right ‘time’…
    In your own specific way, you are a key that unlocks consciousness in me (and others)- opening our portals of divine awareness!

  15. Dear Eden,
    I feel I have to rectify something the human gestation period from conception to birth is closer to 40 weeks 280 days I have had 6 children. Unless by the gestation period you are counting at a later stage than conception?
    Kind regards Sylvia Fullalove

    1. Hi Friend. Yes I appreciate your comment. Personally, my son was born 264 days after conception. The Maya themselves say the 260-day Tzolkin cycle corresponds to our human gestation cycle, so I think it is accurate in a general sense. Best Wishes!

    2. If you’re interested in mainstream medical definitions, look into the pregnancy calendars. The completion of 37 weeks from conception is the standard definition of a full developmental term. Thirty-seven weeks is exactly 259 days (7×37). So even from a completely empirical point of view, the 260th day really does represent the full embodyment of a new human. Even if they aren’t yet born, the chance of prematurity is past.

  16. Hi Eden – I think I’ve entered a “first doorway” of your teaching and I would like to learn more. I would like to learn more about the “Time Is Art” construct. My question is: If time is art, then how can I be informed by the natural influences of the moment(DreamSpell Calender?) to further that art?

    Can you please recommend a course of study? While I don’t have an excess amount of time or money, I can and will direct my energies into that which is my path.
    Appreciation & Love,

    1. Hi Friend – Do you follow the Dreamspell calendar every day?
      Do you take a moment in the morning and really focus on the Galactic Signature of the day – for example by making the Galactic Affirmation that it is associated with?

      I believe the greatest course of study is our own lives.
      The idea is to find ways that work for you to integrate the rhythms of the calendar into your life.

      As a small example, I like to wear the color the day to help me keep its energy as my focus! In my experience, the calendar comes to life based on the amount of focus and attention I give it…

      I do also think a great book to help one open more to the energies is The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury which is available on our website

      Best Wishes, Eden Sky

  17. Thank you from the true Heart for this inspireing synchronicity of Information and Tradition to guide us through the last four cycles – FreeDOM has provided a german translation for our mail-list.
    Be Blessed for your loving Presence
    Mladen Sun Circle

  18. Inspired by the current moon, I now know what to do. I have listened to my heart and reconstructed what happened in my life since 23 October 2009. There was a lot of non-materialistic winning and loosing and there has not been a status quo since. I have accepted all this and now feel empowered to contimue giving energy to my purpose on earth.

    Bolon Ix

  19. Thank you for bringin the wisdom. It is allways good for my soul to read your words. Bless you. Bless you. Bless you.

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