Prayer of The EarthBirdSkySong

I am the bead on her wrist
that prays
to the mountain
that sings to the Sky
arcing above every morning
like an Angel’s
paradise messenger

I am the bird
you have all been waiting for
I mark return
I mark the closing of cycles
the preparation for crossing
world-bridging      dimensions

I am the bird that flies in all 7 directions,
its wings igniting your heart
to remember      Why you are here –

I am the bird that calls you to ask Who you are?
Do you remember your ancestors the stars?
Do you know your true face of light?

I am the bird   siren of stars
seer of planetary cycles
I am the moonsunbird,      the bird of spiral flight
artist of synchronicity

I am the bird who weaves dreams
woven    ~    we dream ourselves   ~   wounded or whole

I am the bird flying the banner of redemption
I dissolve thorns of pain with the light of forgiveness
I dry your tears with feathered shawls

I am the bead
on the wrist
of her hand
that prays
to the mystery of night
dark sky dreamtime
mudra of surrender

On her hands that pray
to the self-illuminating flower
opening inside
the cave of the soul

On her hand that prays for the courage to be
What is asked of us to be?
Are her hands really there?
Are they just the dream of the bead?

For if in this dream,
the only true ground is emptiness
let us pave life with laughter
born of invincible trust in the divine love
that vigilantly accompanies us
through this world of illusion

let us know that the trees are praying for us
let us close our eyes and see the comets dancing

I am the bird that cries out waterfalls and volcanoes
flowing and erupting,
screeching to purify
shattering the weak foundations of pretense

I am the bird that is calling you
to keep raising your sails
to catch the winds      of Great Spirit

I am the bird carrying omens,      carrying roses,
carrying signals,      carrying comfort,
carrying justice through fire
peace through water

I am the bird who brings swords
I am the bird who brings scrolls
I am the bird who brings smoke
I am the Da~ki~ni bird
who brings the mandala of space
and all timeless time

I speak wind, I speak fire
I speak water, I speak earth
I speak ether
I am pure

I am the bead on the hand that prays
to the bird in her heart’s eye
that soars to the song of the mountain’s tears,
cascading winds blowing in the space of her soul

I am the bird that dances to the naked, raw
immaculate law of life
as it is

I am the bird who announces the
Rainbow Protection Belt around the World
holding hands with the Generations to come

I am the bird sitting on the highest branch
of the tree of living prophecy
I am the snake, I am the fruit

I am the feathered-star
I am the bird singing Return
I am the EarthBirdSkySong

I am here * now * as the bead on your hand
that prays
to the one beating heart of life
whose golden flowers
breathe inside of us.



  1. This teaching/poem/prayer resonates throughout my body, mind and into all that I can only begin to understand as Spirit. May I offer this (and credit you) on the website I am developing: It will launch later this year. Many blessings. Namaste

  2. What is this website about. It looks super interesting. Is this only for you or do you have members. Do we write comments on what we read or can we share our own personal thoughts. Can everyone read every bodies comments or only you can read them. I write from the heart with PURE INTENT I do not believe in individuals but only in ‘family’. Tlamatini-vicente

  3. *~sighs~* so beauteous Eden, thank you, as always! I have an earring in my store in silver that looks just like the Nazca hummingbird shown there; maybe you should have them and we can trade for some calendars for my store?! (Just a thought…no pressure!)

  4. Thank you! That is beautiful and uplifting. Thank you for sharing and right when I needed something strong and positive to help me refocus. :~) Blessings ~

  5. A beautiful prayer from a beautiful spirit, one that touches many aspects of the human experience. “born of invincible trust in the divine love that vigilantly accompanies us through this world of illusion” How often I lose sight of this and fill up with pain which I do not mind carrying until such as you helps me with the blinders that for a time are my reality. I look forward to reading more of your spontaneous spirit writing. Thanx for the encouraging words, g

  6. Time is Art and you Eden Sky, red self existing skywalker, are a living holon of this truth, embodied and radiating the message…thank you for all that you have shared and gratitude from all that you have touched.

  7. Beautiful uplifting throughts that help us resonate to a higher frequency and unify with are ture nature and with each other in spirit.
    Thank You
    red crystal skywalker

  8. Wow! UBUNTU! I Am another you and also resonate totally with your exquisite poem. Great artistic enhancement too!
    Infinite Light, Boundless Love and Endless Peace in the Spirit of Oneness, SharOn Sophia Golden Eagle

  9. Bright Blessings & A Huge Thank You ~*~ for the expansive, imo, writing & sharing of art. I was fortunate to have walked last year in the 2 formations you have shared. They were powerful & wonderous for me. I honor you for the gift of your energies you bring forth.
    With the Light of Love, ZuVuYah/Yellow Spectral Sun

  10. Aryz! Thank you, thank you, thank you for not forgetting us . . . instead you send a Prayer so Beautiful, so MeaningFull, so Inspired and so Inspiring . . . i am Happy to join you in prayer . . .

  11. Thank you Beloved One of the Light for sharing these beautiful, uplifting words of Light with us all.
    This is what is required to transform all that is not of the light, this being the Light of God that never fails.
    Blessings, Dear One!
    Iysanne Crystaline Light……

  12. This being, this bird, this woman, this Mother and sister and friend, arrived and appeared in the perfect moment. She was present in my time of need. She elevated my thinking, she calmed my distressed mind, she blessed me with her wise and clear and fierce attention. She, this Woman, this Mother, this Sister, this friend. This medicine woman lifted me from despair and carried me firmly and with compassion and grace into the higher reaches of my own true self. She held me until I balanced and settled in the heights of my self. She held me with her eyes, with her prayer, with her intention and her love.

    I see the world anew from where I stand now, and this poem, these words, are my hearts song of gratitude to her.

  13. Very nice. I am the bird seeing the whole from above. soaring high and dipping low. Feeling the spirit beneath my wings. Formulating my plan. With great vision I conquer my inner dimensions in order to transmit the true teaching. I am bird man. woman. child. spirit. Hear my song and sing along. (spontaneaous poetry by me) Thanks for the heart share!

  14. Awww, inspiring. I will remember the poem as I dance my Green Tara Goddess dance this week. Om Tara!

  15. Wow! I closed my eyes after reading this and I saw on my innerscape an endless horizon of sacred peace, the most beautiful space this poem gave me entry to. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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