Dreaming Awake; Riding The Spiral of Time’s Unfolding Prophecies

Electric Deer Moon of Service, Day 21
Red Electric Serpent, Traditional: 7 Caban
Gregorian: 10-10-10


"PachaMama" ~ artist unknown


The New World that is prophesied to come after the completion of the Grand Cycle on December 21, 2012, requires our conscious participation in our evolutionary process. In these precarious times, it is necessary we take seriously the task of directly attuning to the Earth Force ~ the living, vital consciousness, energy, and intelligence that sustains our physical form and feeds our ancient hearts. We each, personally, need to take seriously the task of aligning ourselves with Nature’s harmonies of sacred law and order that govern our human form and guide our unfolding potential. We need to seek guidance, from the deepest intuitive wells of knowing and sensing, where to physically reside and be on the Earth, at all times – to be sensitive and alert to when a tide turns and the energies are inspiring movement or transition of all kinds. We must not resist change in any form. Metamorphosis is occurring on all levels, touching all life everywhere.


"Metamorphosis" By Helen Hardin, http://www.firstpeople.us/


We are collectively being liberated from a 5,000 year patriarchal spell of History that is founded in primal separation from the Feminine Principle. To be on the brink of Closing the Cycle, in the death throes of a dying world mentality, withstanding the transformation of pain and wounded ignorance into compassion and wisdom, is to be participating in a Grand Awakening. This is a collective event, for being under the spell has been a collective unconscious event, perpetuated by forces of cosmic cycles which govern our development and time our evolutionary processes. This “spell,” this forgetting, this sleep is simply a dense vibrational pattern that we are awakening out of as we continue to choose love over fear.


"Winged Metamorphosis" by Lucy Arnold


This shifting of cycles is asking us to inquire: How do we literally and spiritually orient ourselves within this vast living Universe? What are our reference points? How do we navigate our lives? From the small to the large, the subtleties to the influential lifestyle choices, the key question pointed to us as the human vehicles that we are for this Transitional Time into the new world of Remembrance is: What energies and forces are we aligning ourselves with and how are we conducting ourselves? Are we plugged into the fear grid or the love grid? As we more and more learn to stay aligned in positive vibrations we experience their harmony and protection. Each time we come out of alignment and into states of fear, separation, resistance, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, scarcity, judgment, anger, etc – we have deep opportunities to keep studying and learning about our own vibrational signature and what energies feed it and how our environments affect it. This process of refinement also involves healing and giving love to those wounded parts of us which have felt undeserving of love. This is our ongoing work.

Let it be known that the prophecies of all the worlds peoples are pointing to now, to these times. These prophecies are written to us ~ for us ~ by ancient reflections of the same dreaming consciousness of which this life we are is a radiant emanation of and the future shall be threads of. The prophecies are warnings signalling us to take stock of every implication of our existence, and to wake up to the vastness of our being. This truly requires our whole attention. Let us surrender to the script of time we find ourselves in and both take responsibility and receive the support that the loving force of evolution itself is extending to us. Right now, even amidst the journeys through harrowing dark corridors of hells filled with tortured screams, the center of the Flowering Mandala of Being is Remembering Itself. This Flower is the new world descending into our hearts and thereby our human affairs.

All of the people’s prophecies point to a triumphant, regenerated wholeness that is on the other side of this Fourth World Age of Destruction as the Hopi call it. But there is no guarantee of how the story unfolds and what our roles are. How do we get there? What is the Path to put out feet and our hearts on? Every day? Every moment? We must sincerely be alert and inquire into what is being asked of us in our lives to serve the Whole in these times. How much humility and influence can we have at the same time? How much mindfulness and integrity can we manifest?

This planetary and personal purification process we are in at this critical moment on Earth is a grueling one. Our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical toxins and imbalances are being cleansed and exposed. As much responsibility as we have to take right now for our human journey, we have even more support flowing to us from our True Nature reaching to illuminate us. Just imagine all the groups around the world who are embodying the blueprint of the new era; the new octave of compassion. Imagine all the ways people revere, celebrate, worship and channel the divine forces. So much light is being poured onto this planet, right now! The flower of self-love is coming to greet us. We are being cleansed, by fire and by water. The seed of light that births all life is singing open the petals of our hearts. Let us listen. Let us expand, grow and become. Let us be…


"Let Nature Sing" ~ artist unknown




As inspired by the sacred time science of the Ancient Maya,
the Galactic Natural Time Calendar maps the flow of time as 13-day Waves.
13 represents the Spiral of the Galaxy; the 13 Tones of Creation reflect the unfolding of Nature’s Creative Process.

By tracking our time in relation to these 13-day patterns, we re-align ourselves with the power of Nature’s Spiral, always circulating, enduring, transcending to new levels of unfolding. To the Maya, 13 was the most sacred number of Universal Movement representing the one ever-circulating, omnipresent, ever-changing galactic symphony of life in which all is coordinated and synchronized in higher dimensional order. On the Galactic Calendar that Dr. Arguelles has delivered for modern humanity, 13 is known as The Cosmic Tone of Presence.

On the sacred calendar, each 13-day cycle brings a distinct character and guiding focus for that time period, known as the 20 different Wavespells, one for each of the 20 Glyphs of Time.

Each Wavespell brings 3 code-words that beckon us to travel into the unique dimension of being and understanding that is held by the Glyph that governs each Wavespell.

For example, As of Oct 8, 2010, Blue Magnetic Night, we entered the Blue Night Wavespell. This 13-day cycle of the Blue Night is focused on the powers of ~ Dreaming ~ Intuition ~ Abundance ~

While these cycles do pertain to the specific 13-day time period, they also exist beyond linear time in that the 20 unique Glyphs embody archetypal, universal teachings that apply at any time.

Therefore, each of the 20 Glyphs that govern the 20 different Wavespells invite us, in our own time, to journey into them by contemplating and meditating upon their meanings and significance within our lives. The 3 code-words of each Glyph are focal points which serve as universal keys to assist our continual learning and awakening process here, together, in this Earth School. Unified in Natural Time, people in 90 countries are joined in this connection. As we surf these 13-day waves and ride the Spirals, we are evolving in time, exploring and awakening together!


Oct 9 – Oct 20: Blue Night Wavespell:
Dreams, Intuition, Abundance


Oct 21 – Nov 2: Yellow Warrior Wavespell:
Questions, Intelligence, Fearlessness


Nov 3 – Nov 15: Red Moon Wavespell:
Purifies, Flow, Universal Water


Nov 16 – Nov 28: White Wind Wavespell:
Communicates, Breath, Spirit


Nov 29 – Dec 11: Blue Eagle Wavespell:
Creates, Mind, Vision


Dec 12 – Dec 24: Yellow Star Wavespell:
Beautifies, Art, Elegance


Dec 25, 2010:  Start of New 260-Day Galactic Spin!
Red Dragon Wavespell: Nurtures, Birth, Being



(artist unknown)



As of Nov 2, 2010,
Yellow Cosmic Star, Traditional Count: 4 Ahau,
we will have exactly 3 Galactic Spin cycles until Solstice 2012,
the end of the 5,125 year World Age.
That is 3 x 260 = 780 days.

This is a VERY important day to do ceremony and attune yourself to these accelerated and shifting times. We must make direct connection to the Earth, to the Cosmic realms, and to our own Spiritual Guides that live within our hearts… Every day counts!


"Grandmother Moon" by Debra Colburn


Also, start planning your December 21, 2010 Ceremonies Now!
This 2-year Solstice Synchronization with the Closing of the Grand Cycle occurs on Red Planetary Earth Day, 1 Muluc on the Traditional Count, and is also a Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse will be entirely visible in North America, western South America, and East Asia, and partially visible in Australia and Europe.

It is essential we create gatherings for Peace and sincere attunement on this auspicious occasion. Especially as we know that each Solstice and Equinox brings an up-leveling of our prophetic process, bringing new challenges and new keys to unlock our potential.



"La Vida" (Life) By Lisa Rivas


Let us now journey into the realm of Blue Night
and its key words…


Akbal is the Yucatec Mayan Name for the Blue Night Glyph



Life is a Dream, and indeed we are row row rowing our boats…
But are we flowing merrily down the stream?
The waters seem to be moving ever faster all around us…

As Drunvalo Melchizedek wrote in “Return of the Serpent of Light”:
“…The portal to the Fourth dimension will begin to open wide… We are out of time… we must really take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and emotions now for each one of us is the Dreamer. And what we dream will become real in this world. This is the Mayan belief: that as we move closer to December 21, 2012, and Feb 19, 2013, the power of the Dreamer becomes stronger and stronger…The Inner Worlds and the Outer World will begin to merge into one. This is the belief not only of the Maya, but many other indigenous groups and prophets as well…”

As we remember to remember the dreamlike nature of life, and awaken to our creative powers in the art of being alive, we are illuminated by seeing the influence our inner landscape has upon our outer environments.

“Buddha” translates as “Awakened One.”
Within this Divine Dream, let us connect to our Inner Buddha Nature.

We are continuing to awaken as we examine the powers of our own conscious and unconscious beliefs, attitudes, concepts, conditioning and stored emotions ~ thus we are becoming empowered and lucid within this dreaming process called Life.

As Intiana of Awake2012 says:
“Enlightenment is simply looking through the eyes of Divinity
and not the conditioned mind.”

To awaken, we have to investigate our conditioning,
and find the truth of who we are.
Our true nature lives beyond the mind,
it is sourced in the Heart.

This prophecy of 2012 is precisely highlighting the need for us to shed layers of our limiting conditioning so that we can awaken out of density and fear and actualize our human potential.  *For assistance with this process, we recommend connecting with Intiana at Awake2012.com and exploring her services of assisting in the Spiritual Emergence underway.*

The New World Age, that we all speak of to come on the other side of this cycle,  requires our earnest willingness to grow beyond the known, opening to the majesty of who we are beyond the small self, letting the true Self sit at the throne in our hearts and navigate how we conduct ourselves.


In this planetary moment, we share in quite a collective dream. Each one of us in every moment is contributing to our shared experience, the dream in our hearts wanting to flower, and the fears in the shadows seeking light. Our awakening process will continue as our humanity continues to be tested and purified, facing the realities of our own mentalities and the wake-up calls of the Earth itself.

This is the chapter we are in, in the Book of Time.
It is a sacred moment.
Like a dream, how are we prioritizing the pages of our lives?

How clearly are we as a species receiving the ongoing revelation that the prophecies of all the worlds peoples left ancient records addressed to
to awaken us
to the importance of THIS dreaming moment we are in?
…this now crossroads?
…this surreal step on the journey
born of the bittersweet mysterious dance
of impermanence and eternity,
death and birth unfolding the path before us, the path after us… ?

Earth and Sky by Willow Arleana http://www.designsbywillow.com

The opportunity that calls to us is awakening to the Art of collaboration within, or as, the Dream. Recognizing the creative potency of our being, our responses, our judgments, our inspirations, our compassion, our sincerity…
We are emanations of the creative life force of the Universe.
Beauty is our Nature. We must attune to our Nature
and awaken out of  “The world of illusion.”

December 21, 2012 is a cosmic alarm clock set to alert us of the changing of world cycles, the transitioning out of the 5, 125 year Cycle of Recorded History, into the The Fifth World of Ether, The Fifth World of Peace, The Sixth Sun of Consciousness, as the Maya, Hopi and Aztec refer to it respectively. Knowing where we are at, amidst these grand cycles, we must awaken out of the sleep of fear and lift our senses to perceive, receive and transmit the energies and intelligence of the love-based Cosmos which is the context for this journey we are on; the Source of this Stage.

To all who share in this moment, let us know that we are not victims, we are sentient participants in the ongoing experiment of Being. We are privileged to be cast in the roles we have, as there are so many opportunities to serve, to learn, to grow and to give. So much healing and beauty to unfold. Especially as we can surrender to the journey and breathe deeply through all the twists and turns in the adventures, never knowing quite where the cosmic script might take us…

But we do know from our processes of dreaming at night while sleeping,  that wherever the mind is focused generates images and experiences, directing the flow. Therefore, in these times of Living Prophecy, let us keep learning to meet the Dream and the power within us that generates the dreams, and really inquire and see what is beyond the veils of projections.

Can we realize we’re dreaming and decide to fly? The occasions I have managed to consciously fly in my dreams stand as dreaming triumphs I will always remember and aspire to, knowing it reflects my potential. Congrats to all of you who lucidly fly often – I know you’re out there!

The Buddhists teach that the extent that we are conscious (lucid) in our night dreams reflects how conscious we can hope to be in the Bardo state we enter after the death of the physical body. According to Buddhist cosmology, the consciousness travels in a pure mind realm for up to 49-days before reincarnation. It is said that while in this pure mind body, we become capable of generating great horrors or splendors. This mental capacity of projection that we possess is reflected in the “waking” state we find ourselves in during our days.

Are we the Dreamer or the Dreamed? Who are the other characters? You are all characters in my dream, and yet so to am I but a character in your psyche. But wait, the whole veil of separation is but a spell in the dream, not the True Nature.

From a higher perspective inspired by the teachings of “Awakening In the Dream,” we are each reciprocal characters in each others dreams – bringing pieces of our own unconscious processes directly to each other in embodied form, so as to activate the synchronistic karmic lessons that are divinely timed for each one of us, individual and yet forming an inter-related dreaming Whole.

So while it appears we each have our own dream, and our own mind-body psyche, there is in fact a collective psyche which has aspects that are conscious and those that are becoming conscious, emerging out of the depths of darkness. Much of what is playing out in the intensity of these times is precisely that process of the collective unconscious becoming conscious. It is painful yet necessary for our evolution and maturation beyond this World Age that has dominated for over 5,000 years.

The Soul of The World’s Dream is Shifting in a large sense, yet right now we are still in the scene entitled: “Closing of the Cycle.” That is the current dream that unifies us. It is here we must take our places and fulfill our duties.


Tara Willow by Willow Arleana http://www.designsbywillow.com


On a microcosmic level, Blue Night also dares us to contemplate our own personal dreams ~ our aspirations, our callings, the things our soul longs to experience or achieve. This is a good time to commune with our dreams and commit to moving energy towards actualizing them!

Speaking our dreams, and putting them out to the field, is a powerful way to help them to manifest. On that note, I would like to share one of my personal life’s dreams: I have always felt called to travel to Nepal. I recently learned that the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Council will be hosting a gathering in Nepal in Nov 2012. Upon hearing this news, it is now at the top of my Dream list to travel to the Himalayas with my husband and son, Robert and Merlin Asher! In fact, I also feel deeply called to travel to Brazil for the 13 Grandmothers’ Council in Oct 2011. After having the unspeakable honor of partaking in a week of ceremony and teachings with The Grandmothers last Summer in Oregon, I am permanently inspired by the healing and empowerment of being in their presence and joining in their alliance.


The Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers


On a smaller scale, one of my more immediate visions I intend to dream up is to manifest a video-camera and start recording Natural Time updates and messages on video rather than writing. We shall see how the timing of this dream synchronistically ripens! If you would like to personally contribute to these dreams becoming actualized please see our Opening to Support page.

The Blue Night calls us to find our INTUITION.

Look within. See within. With closed eyes, know from within.
Inside, find the source of that which we see and seek outside.
Create from within. Receive clear guidance from within.

The Blue Night inspires us to remember ABUNDANCE
One of Blue Night’s roles is to redeem materialism and scarcity by being attuned to the natural state of universal plenitude. Part of this awakening process is realizing Time is not money, Time is Art! Abundance and prosperity are a state of mind. Our time is our wealth.


Abundance by Willow Arleana http://www.designsbywillow.com


The currency of the emerging new world is Gratitude and Generosity. Let us all be more courageous in giving of ourselves, our time, our resources. These are the most important times to support and share with one another. With courage and integrity, may we all manifest the financial resources we need to sustain our lives and fuel our missions in these times. Indeed, the Universe is calling and supporting each one of us to find our right livelihood; finding ways to support ourselves that are in alignment with our spiritual values.

There is no time left for business as usual,
these are the moments to cultivate our gifts
and activate them
on behalf of the Whole!
In this way, we ourselves are
expressions of Nature’s Abundance!



"The Rainbow Bird" by Lauren Tregenza


In Lak’ech ~ I am Another Yourself,

Aryz Eden Sky


  1. I absuletly love your work and try hard to follow but I get confused. I am a blue magnetic night? born on 7-25. I really appreciate your words and emails, it grounds me when I am about to take off which seems to happen easily. Thank you again and keep the emails coming!

  2. This is an excellent post 🙂 I love the galactic awareness that is with us now. Exciting and yes, very exciting times ahead. Love to feel your depth in your posts. Nature is Nature. 😉 Abundant as she grows.

  3. Aotearoa New Zealand first to see the light, first to adopt 13 moon calendar of synchronic universal galactic clock following quartermoon, fullmoon, threequarter and the nomoon called a newmoon, writers like Raoul Dahl write “under the light of the newmoon” there is nomoon in new moon cycle, yet another heart bio-rhythm disconnector. i am another yourself.

  4. fav quote: ‘there is no time left for business as usual, these are the moments to cultivate our gifts and activate them on behalf of the Whole! In this way, we ourselves are expressions of Nature’s Abundance!’ Thanks Eden Sky!
    ~Sarah B

  5. Hello Eden Sky….been meaning to come and say hi for a while.Are you coming to Japan to meet the Grandmothers?

    I am…here’s my blog about it – http://fayepatton.wordpress.com

    Love your posts, which I get straight into my inbox.

    I too try to be an ‘agent of calm.’ And I am a fellow lucid dreamer. Our blogs our in sympathy…

    Keep doing your very much needed thing – you’re brilliant.

    Take care, Faye…x

  6. I was very busy today.. Monday and all… but I stopped to read your entire message and thank you for your mission. I am learning to be more in synch with the rhythms of time as I continue to study the 13-moon calendar cycles and days and relate them to the flow of my life. Many blessings to you.

  7. Thank you very much for the wonderful text. I was very much inspired by your words. I am full of gratitude for all that you are doing for this planet. Please continue to to help people connect with the environment in which they live. We are all expressions of the Mystic Law of the universe and there is no longer anytime to be out of rhythm with this law. Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.

  8. Hi Eden,
    White Crystal Mirror(Richard) from Montreal. I have had a dream of a 13 Moon cafe here for some years now. A healing artistic place where people can be in a sacred space, and learn more about our 13 moon peace movement(and many other related art forms)…I hope i will be able to attend one of those upcoming grandmother conferences too. Intending from within and connecting with your inspirational attitude, which has helped guide me to this lovely place inside. Thank you so much!

  9. I’ve always been interested in studying the occult. Your posts are very deep and confusing. Do you have suggestions where to start? I want to enhance my creativity and imagination.

  10. Thank you so much for this beautiful message of wonderful possiblities and times of change….sharing the message will all my wonderful family and friends here..♥❤(◠‿◠)❤♥•

  11. What a wonderful web-site, the art is so inspiring. I Daywaui work with the Birds and the Cetacean Nation.
    Love, Light and Oneness
    Daywaui MorningStar

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