Accelerated Times On Planet Earth Call For Sharper Focus On The Light Within

Accelerated Times On Planet Earth Call For Sharper Focus On The Light Within

The 2012 Prophecy is “The Convergence of All Prophecies”
This is now “The Time of Resolving”
“The Time of Adjustment”
The Time of The Great Cleansing is Upon Us…

On all levels, within ourselves,
we must Illuminate
that which keeps us in bondage
and suppresses our experience of Wholeness
keeping us enslaved to dysfunctional habits
and out of sync with Nature’s way of balance.

In these times of testing, to come into our power, we must dismantle the old rigid ways of our ingrained personalities that distract us from the new dawning opportunities of the new evolutionary energies waiting to meet us and fill us with a deeper experience of our True Self. We must liberate the self-defeating identities we have been infatuated with and invested in, and drop the suffering baggage held in stories of moments passed…
As a Beautiful Sage Intiana of the SpiritFlowers did once declare:
“In these Times must must travel Light.”
We must make space to hear how to be in Harmony with our Nature.

Let us also be aware that our ancestors walk in our daily lives…
the vibrational tendencies we’ve inherited and carried in our family lines
are strongly being called forth for Purification and Alignment, as this is the Convergence of all times, inbetween and bridging of The Worlds…

The Grand World Age we are now closing, has been a cycle dominated by a veiled mentality of separation and disconnection, a systemic forgetting of the Sacred thread that weaves All Life. As the Hopi say we have been long traveling in The Fourth World Age of Destruction. This ignorance has brought much desecration to Earth and to our own self-knowledge and worth of who we are residents of this Universe. In the unfolding of Time’s transforming power, the Prophecies say this World Age  shall be replaced by The Fifth World Age of Peace, bringing a re-cognition of inherent Wholeness, rekindling our intuitive sense of how to respect all life and live in balance… Indeed, in the collective psyche and ancient heart of humanity this process of remembrance and metamorphosis has begun and will continue accelerating… But make no mistake, this New Era to come will be a direct reflection of how sincere and true we have been in doing this work of respecting Life and seeking how to Live in a conscious way, for we are the Channels the New Cycle is to descend through ~it is up to our clarity and willingness to sacrifice illusion and “convenience” for true health. Let us not delay our receptivity to Earth’s calls for respect and sanity. There is no time to spare.

Let us comprehend this new vibration we are remembering, Wholeness,
does not house fear, scarcity, greed, competition, envy, hatred,
destruction, selfishness or war…
Wholeness is pure creativity, a gift that keeps giving, a flower in bloom, nourished by self-love, humble in its magnificence, centered in natural plenitude, shining the colors of the rainbow unique to its Soul’s design, grateful and honoring of the equal shine reflected in the expressions of our many Relations;  a compassionate mirror, a conduit of peace, a giving heart…

Indeed these times call us arise as “Warriors”
within this sacred battle for Truth, to defend justice and guard our Earth and its children. As the Guide White Eagle shared, Warriors can also be understood as:
“Servants of the Light~Servants of the Light of our own Hearts…”

As these Servants, let us find our way to evolve beyond the “fight against,” mentality, that we may be shown how to truly prevail ~
With the sword of love and the shield of silence,
with a strategy of forgiveness and courage;
with the trees in our minds and the stars in our breath,
our feet on the path, steady and calm
armed with the Truth of our being, in Service to Nature,
we can do no wrong.

The One Heart is calling us to Radiate its simple, pure power that Unifies all pieces. This call beckons us to reclaim our own personal, direct connection to the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the multitude of Stars, the Galaxy, the Universe, The Cosmic Order. Our Heart contains all of these elements living inside its spiritual chambers. There are celestial vibrations now descending upon us, reaching directly to purify and invigorate our hearts, to help elevate us as we steadfastly close this World Age and steadily prepare to enter a New Cycle.

The vibrations that align us with these currents of upliftment are:  Firm dedication to loving and sheparding our Earth, Faith in the divine unfolding, Sincere Willingness to shed,  evolve, and refine our walk,  Humility, Courage, Calmness, Compassion, Charity and Generosity, Creativity, Innovation, Cooperation, Harmony, and learning how to “Move as One Being” in Conscious Interdependence, aware of the subtleties of Totality orchestrating the living Poem of Life.

Why are flowers beautiful?
Why is laughter healing?
Why do tears and water transform?
Divine is beauty; we are that Beauty.

The New Era to come is calling us NOW
to Align with these positive, life-supporting vibrations.
These vibrations give us strength, guidance, and peace in our hearts.
Our heart is the only place to look to see beyond fear and confusion.
Our heart is our surest compass;
Our sacred ally on the path of The Great Unknown.

To determine if we are serving the Light, we need only check the quality of our attunement to our spiritual hearts. If we are veiled, stressed, afraid, judgmental, angry, reactionary, resistant, victimized, confused, suffering, then we are not in the wholeness of our mission and our True Nature. We are instead identifying with the passing clouds and forgetting the ever-present Sun.  So too, those veiled moments can serve as potent reminders to come back to our True Selves ~ to take our place once again as a Servant of Light, an emissary of compassion, a beacon of wisdom and loving-kindness, especially towards our own human journey.

We are the ones to Redeem;
to remove the veils covering the hidden;
we are the ones who are here to transmute the poisons into medicine;
to illuminate the lies and distortions; to antidote the confusion and amnesia;
to journey beyond the wounds into a new liberation…

With awareness of the intrinsic sacredness of Being, we cultivate our dormant capacities and awaken out of the the sleeping world of illusion. Contraction into darkness is no longer an option for those who are here for Victory.

Do not underestimate the power of yourself, each one of you, as an “individual” to be in your own innocent heart ~  to smile, to care, to help, to sing, to cry, to pray, to create, to plant, to build, to weave relations, to forgive, to surrender to the Light, to honor the living Earth and Universe, to Serve the path as it presents itself, moment by moment.

For as each one of us consciously takes our place in the One Heart,
so the New World Age is secured for future generations.

Let us not get overwhelmed by the seeming immensity of the task at hand;
let us simply keep vigilantly and lovingly doing the work that is clearly ours to do, that is put in front of us, honoring our relations and responsibilities, expanding wherever we can, yet being discerning of just how much of the collective karma we bite off and chew. Taking on too much generates a vibration of overwhelm which can lead to burn out, shutting down, and despair. Instead, in the One Heart and our one evolutionary acceleration, let us share in the bountiful work of transformation that none need be unnecessarily burdened by too much; taking turns giving and receiving strength from one another in this shared Quest of  World Shifting…

Let us allow faith to fuel our human walk.
Faith in the purity and wisdom of our own spiritual hearts.
Faith in love itself.
Faith in the Earth’s direct, living guidance speaking to our hearts,
Faith in the fortitude of Celestial Intelligence communicating the ancient and new ways to be in harmony in this one Equation of Creation.

Let us empower and cleanse ourselves by having true compassion and forgiveness for the lost and confused beings in fear that perpetuate separation and destruction. Let us forgive ourselves when we momentarily align with these shadow paths.

Let us uplift the whole with our certainty in Love
as our one and only True Nature.
Let us raise the banner of Love’s joy and redemption high
for all to see in our eyes and feel in our being.

For We are the Ones Holding this Mission ~ This is Our Time.

This moment is precious, sacred. We must listen with the depths of our being to what is TRULY be asked of us in this planetary moment, knowing what’s at stake, and refine our ability to respond with great love to our sacred duties.

In order to accomplish the planetary, celestial redemption taking place inside of our own human existence, we must consciously and willingly participate in this Grand Work of Resolving over 5,000 years of Earth’s and Humankind’s shared karma. All of our own personal karma is being greatly magnified and amplified in this purification process… As has been said, there is nowhere to escape to; no way to evade this great reconciliation process; the only way out out is through. May the shadows be exposed to the light; May the distortions of dominance, oppression and desecration be delivered to a new dawning day of Justice burning bright. May the fears be liberated and transcended… may the pains be grieved and released into the arms of healing;  may the old wounds of body, mind and soul be composted and transmuted to nourish the growth of the new blooming worlds.

As we confront our own karmic storehouses, releasing old contracts, blockages and obscurations to our HeartSelf, we are helping cleanse the collective karma, directly manifesting The Fulfillment of Prophecy.

We are now working for The Whole;
The Whole Web; The Whole Heart.

There is no other choice; there is no other Way… Every minute detail of every encounter in every moment with life, must be scrutinized…
How are we conducting ourselves?
To what energies and intentions are we Aligned?

This work is very serious, and calls us to the task of learning how to wield
authentic wisdom and compassion. Mirror-like, non-dual, all-embracing, perceiving all-ways The Whole at work…The web weaving its Self… A pure heart that sees pure Equality, and one that perceives the Perfection in All, simply As It Is.

What is required for us to survive and thrive is for us to be our True Self, our consciously embodied Nature At One with Totality… ever-spiraling in chaotic order, ever living a prayer of light for those who’ve since passed and those yet unborn…. We are the holy intersection, now, here. Let us remind ourselves and repeat this clarity until we know it to be, our gift and responsibility…

We are the Light of the New World Age
here to blaze in these challenging and dark, dying times.

The schedule of this Purification

is nearing the official 2-year synchronization:
Our collective date with destiny has been foretold as December 21, 2012,
when the Ancient Maya have said, according to the Great Map of Vast Time,
We Shall Return to a Zero-Point. A new equation; a new configuration
of terrestrial, celestial and human forces aligned…

Let us take heart as we surf the turbulent waves
of this mysterious chapter in our shared Time in this world cycle.

Let us ground ourselves in our Breath
and find strength, grace, and clarity to
avert the suffering that we no longer need to incarnate…
Let us bring the peace of heart to mend the Times we walk together in.

Let our commune direct with the Earth’s orders, let our creativity soar to the heights, let us express our light, dance our faith, sing our stars, breathe in forgiveness…pray and play… Let us be the Water; let us be the Flame.
Let us quench our own soul’s longing thirst
by meeting the beauty of own own silent Wholeness.

The Fulfillment is Within.
The birds with rainbow plumes fly in our minds’ eye
The snakes who see without eyes crawl in our primal veins
The ancient, timeless light radiates through our hearts…

Our guides are inside us to show us the way through this dark passage ~
We must only seek Them.
Ask and it shall be given.
Sincerity is our protection
and our ongoing opportunity to meditate, reflect and Serve.

Let us Unite
and do this Sacred Work Together, with hands and hearts,
That we may Heal
That we may Shine
That we may Rejoice
in the eventual completion of our Mission

while simultaneously attuning and opening to the New Instructions
For a New Age; For a New Us; For a *Noosphere dawning bright.

Let us each Aryz, and be the Antennaes
for Telepathic Receptivity
In Service to the One Holy Web of Being.
Let us receive and honor the One Heart. Here, Now.

Lift up, lift up, the the Holy Light
Ask to be nourished,
Ask to be
Made Bright

Amen. A Ho Mitakuye Oysin. Namaste. Jai Guru Dev. In Lak’ech
From my Heart,

(written on Red Resonant Dragon, New Moon, 11Ben, Dec 5, 2010)


*Noosphere: Unified Mind of the Earth; new evolutionary, post-historical stage where we think and act as a single planetary organism




  1. Edan Sky,

    Just wanted to Thank you much for all the positive energy and the need to stay focused as events unfold. It is so critical now to stay balanced . To reflect who we truly are of divine nature and stay grounded in the earth. The presentation was very beautiful and through provoking , food at the proper time.

    love and light

  2. Greetings!!! I am left speechless about what I have just read, This has been my truth for some time ow but could not put it inot words. I would like to share this with your permittion. I have walked alone physically on the path of waking up!!! Now my 3 fold flame is stirring..I will always be in touch with yur site and will pass it on with your permittion..Many Blessings of Love and Light Patricia Ann Melstrom

  3. Thank you for sharing this message; the second half really inspires me with great spritual nourishment and hope. My life seems to be completely falling apart within the systems of society’s rigidly structured demands. I copied and pasted the 2nd part to reread for support in these rapidly changing times and to assist me to be in my Light and connected with the Light of All and to trust therein that all of my needs are taken care of even when it appears the opposite. Complete surrender. Thank you for doing your wonderful part. I will do my best to do mine as well even when the shadows are grasping, clinging, ripping at the walls of my heart, body and mind, I will shine and stand in my Light the best that I can. ~ Namaste ~

  4. Hi Eden Sky
    I always enjoy your insights
    Tonite I have read exactly what has been on my lips for the last two or three months I never put it into writing
    You have inspired me to continue spreading the word and I will send out your message along with mine to all those that will hear it
    in love and light peace and joy
    Catherine Rose BearHeartWoman

  5. Aloha aryz: eden sky,

    From the bottom of my heart I would like to send a warm thank you very much. Your transmissions are much appreciated. I am very grateful to be receiving such wonderful messages of hope and peace through your periodic, insightful, poetic, truthful and bold endeavors to be a guiding light of love and light for all of humanity.


    Tyler Alexander Cook

  6. Bless you Sistar for sharing so much Love, Light, Hope, Faith, Beauty, Purpose and Truth. So healing to read you and absorb the divinity within the images! That is the loving embrace I needed to keep on the Path, to stay in the Heart during these challenging times…Thank you ❤

  7. ~*~Dear sister, your words emanate with the eternal vibrations of soul love. I honor your passage of these words from Source through your Being, and what a radiant and humble vessel you have flowered into Being. Om nama shivaya OM, shanti to all ~*~*~ Inspiration flows deeply around us all, celebrating our awakening in every step. Creativity births our vessels of consciousness. You are a Light shining in this network of Earth connection. Namaste Aryz. ~*~

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