This coming Solstice brings the exact, 2-year Synchronization with the Closing of the Mayan Grand Cycle on December 21, 2012 which is heralded as the return to Zero; Completing this World Age, and the 5,125 year cycle of recorded History…

The Solstice on December 21, 2010 (exact @ 3:38PM, PST) brings a powerful alignment of a Full Moon and Total Lunar *Eclipse! On the Natural Time Calendar, this day is “Red Planetary Earth,” and “1 Muluc” on the Traditional Count.

It is ESSENTIAL we create gatherings for Peace and sincere attunement on this auspicious occasion; attuning direct to the living Earth-Force and to the Celestial vibrations. Let us rise to a new level of courage and clarity on our path to be who we truly are and do what we are truly here to do,  on behalf of the Whole of Life. There is no time to spare. Each Solstice and Equinox brings an up-leveling of our prophetic process, bringing new challenges and new keys to unlock our potential.

In whatever way you are called, please make a point to honor this day and align with its empowerment. Whether you meditate, pray, do ritual, sit in silence, sit in nature, gather with others, or gather alone with your spiritual heart,  please connect with the Web of Relations that are focusing on this day.  This is an extremely important point in our shared journey and it offers us much strength and enlightenment!

May we Synchronize with our highest path…See you in the One Heart!

*The eclipse will be entirely visible in North America, western South America, and East Asia, and partially visible in Australia and Europe. The Eclipse will begin the day before, on Dec 20, at 10:32 PM, PST. The greatest eclipse will be at 12:18 AM, PST on Dec 21. The eclipse will be over by 2:01 AM, PST Dec 21.



  1. I very much enjoyed and agree with the winter solstice piece. Seems to me, many people are feeling a sense of urgency about something that is hard to pinpoint. Unfortunately, this is being expressed as stress in its many forms. Your idea about meditation and prayer with others is the best I’ve heard. Thank you
    Was your mother’s name also Sky? If this is too private, I certainly understand.

  2. Very good reminder, Eden Sky. Beautiful blog. I’m posting a link to it on our Facebook page. We meet regularly for Gaia Minute meditations on Monday, and this week we are dedicating to the energy of the solstice.

  3. What wondrous and exciting times we live in!
    How blessed and courageous are we all to be part of this wonder-filled expansion of the human/earth experience of great changes. Thank You Eden Sky ! It is always a Joy to receive and read your inspirational updates.

  4. thank You Eden Sky
    for these updates,
    and the grace of our shared visions expressed, now and in the ddreamtime past, so much is revealing it Self, my hope is for graceful transmutation of all false ideas in my consciousness,
    not believed but intuited or felt through my hyper sensitive nervous system in the constructs of the present reality of worlds i am visiting. I pray for incresed strength and clarity of Being for my self and all my relations, on all levels of Being. May all Beings be blessed with the realization of their true (ly) harmonized and balanced Self and may this peace transcend all apparent dissonace
    and resitance.
    Om Ri Ah

  5. THANK YOU , EDEN SKY . i’m in a holy power place called Mt. Arunachala , in South India i celebrated the day by doing circumbulation of the mountain , which is what most people do here every Full Moon . it was amazing . BLESSINGS

  6. THANK YOU , EDEN SKY . i’m in a holy power place called Mt. Arunachala , in South India . i celebrated the day by doing circumbulation of the holy mountain , which is what most people do here every Full Moon . it was amazing . BLESSINGS

  7. Thank you for the reflections everyone
    … blessings of unity and peace to all!

    i would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to attend and participate in a most magnificent gathering and ceremony of elders and medicine peoples of all cultures, artists, galactic citizens afar …

    Dec 19, 20, 21, 22 & 23 … a 5 day synchronization and celebration of peace and balance in Teotihuacan, Mexico… an opportunity to bring in the new era and cycle through art, ritual, ceremony, dance and theater

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