We Are Traveling Beyond The Veils Of Illusion – Life Unites Birth + Death As One Whole Continuum…

MWC 922: The Red Square Nebula

Today is Blue Lunar Storm, April 22, 2011, Earth Day & Good Friday.
Last Blue Lunar Storm, 260 days previously, was the last time I saw my Beloved Teacher Jose Arguelles in person, as he has now passed beyond this dimension as of Red Spectral Moon, March 23, 2011.

The following message came to me on Blue Overtone Night, March 17, 2011, and I am just now sharing it… On the actual day he passed, within an hour or so of his departure, although I did not consciously “know” of it at that time, I was outside in the Sun, reading over this message and contemplating Death…

This message was my spiritual response to the Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Nuclear Crises in Japan – that are now affecting the planet as a whole, now understood to be even more severe than the Nuclear Crisis of Chernobyl… I find it significant that Jose Arguelles passed 13 days after the 9.0 Earthquake in Japan that started this recent, accelerated chapter in our planetary history, as we continue spiraling together on this Road of Living Prophecy…


Let us be clear of these times we are in. A World Out of Balance. Unstable, unpredictable, unprecedented events escalating by the day… We are in the Times of The Great Purification, no question, no doubt. We do not know how this Journey will unfold… Moment by moment, day by day, moon by moon, year by year, generation by generation… All we have, and all we are, is Now.

How can we personally evolve in these times of crisis? How can we planetarily evolve? Are these disasters natural? Is the Earth speaking to us? Are these disasters man-made by our accelerating levels of disharmony with Nature? Is not man a part of Nature? What is the message? Many depths… many layers… many choices… many wounds to mend…

Surely Humility is Key – placing our humanity in proper context within not only the Supreme Matrix of Nature, but also within the impeccable interconnectedness of the One Web of Life… Let us honor and acknowledge all the tiny and large human interactions and intentions that together weave this Karmic Dance we are in with the Divine Order.

Continuing this contemplation, we naturally arrive at a deeper, renewed dimension of humility when realizing our inevitable human mortality, death of our bodies, whether in a disaster, of old age, etc. The skyrocketing numbers of humans crossing over to the other side is a sobering reminder of both the fragility of our form-body, and of the precious impermanence of each of our life-times.

The ever-present reminder of the reality of the body’s death is an invitation – and call – to be present, here and now – to the gift of being alive, in this gracious, challenging world. Humbling also, when we must then face our limited ideas and experiences of what is the Other Side? Other Side of what? After the body dies, then what? A question we are highly served in contemplating now, before that journey is made.  For our investigation into death, birth, and the circuit of life that connects them has an infinite light to help inspire our earth walk, now… Helping us integrate, grow, evolve, find deeper soul and heart capacities.

Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche

As long as we fear, and live in denial of, the force, presence, and reality of Death, we are only partially alive. As my Tibetan Teacher Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche (who passed on June 19, 2010) said: Death is Natural. Day and Night are two parts of the Whole. Why do you fear the Night? Death is Natural. Why do you fear what is Natural?

Is not death fear underlying so many of our cultural dysfunctions? We seem to be very immature in this fundamental issue of reconciling with this Law of the Universe. This seems to be a mirror ~ showing our ignorant games in the form of reckless, arrogant, materialistic, escapist consumer mentalities and consequent life styles, and our collective (unconscious) self-destructive tendencies. Also, I feel this denial is deeply at the heart of our collective obsession with, and fear of, “The end of the world.” Are we not simply terrified of our own ego’s annihilation? For indeed, while we may try to do anything to distract ourselves from our mortality as our ever-present companion, death will be the end of our world when it comes.

This death fear thrives on our erroneous identification with the body/personality as our Self; a misguided, confused, and mistaken sense of the totality of who we are.  Therefore, until  we embrace Death as our Teacher, Guide, Friend and Destiny, we cannot known our own Wholeness; we cannot know our True Self. Also, we can never really feel safe upon this Earth, living in the ever-present unconscious fear of dying, which is also reflected in our dysfunctional relationship to aging and to navigating the health and unfolding journeys of our human bodies. I have found a powerful orientation by reminding myself everyday that the word for “body” in the Tibetan language  translates as “that which I will leave behind.”

I am not necessarily advocating any certain (religious) reference point for a doctrine on Death, nor one for comprehending the possibilities that may lie on the “Other Side.”  Rather, I am highlighting that this is one of the single most important archetypal human issues we must face and integrate, especially in this collective moment we are all in. I feel we must educate, mature, and elevate our comprehension of the Force of Death, as “The Great Equalizer,” and come to hold this moment in the world from an expanded view, and in a new light. This illumination process must come from inside of the deepest part of ourselves, as that is how it has the power to transform us, from the inside, out.

Therefore, I am advising you to research this great matter for yourself, applying your mind and heart. Let us all inquire  into the universal mystery – what happens after the body dies? I have found much revelation in studying accounts of those who have had near death experiences. Always they point to the key message being about LOVE. Personally, I have come to include the reality of my body’s death as a daily backdrop of my prayers, and an ever-deepening guide of refining my daily adventures in this human form.

The Seer By Autumn Skye Morrison

I have learned and experienced unspeakable revelations and heart transformations through losing many people in my life, especially over the course of a bit more than one year, beginning in Feb 23, 2010, Yellow Galactic Warrior. Since that date, I have experienced a full spectrum of the faces of Death: From a treasured friend and fixture in my life dying unexpectedly from a genetic disorder at 43, to a beautiful 21 year-old mother dying in a horrific accident as a pedestrian run over by a Max Train, to my Venerable Buddhist Teacher who I took Refuge with crossing over in his late 60’s, to a cherished brother in the community committing suicide by jumping off of a building, to a man accidentally drowning in a river where we were praying on Galactic New Year July 26, 2010 Red Overtone Moon, to my paternal Grandmother’s passing who I felt deeply sad I did not know better, to a revered Brazilian Elder of mine being murdered by a patient of his who was mentally ill, to my Beloved maternal Grandmother who was one of my most precious best friends in existence departing Earth a month before her 89th birthday, to my Great Aunt “Queen of Hugs” dropping her body at age 94, to a precious old friend passing of cancer who was famous for a book he wrote (Phaselock Code) after falling off of Mt. Everest in 1962 on the first ever American expedition… And now the Great Galactic Guide Jose Arguelles joins the ranks of those who have gone Beyond… This is just in my tiny world. I mention all of these to share that living through these huge losses has also given me so much in the spirit… An Expansion…

For many years, I have felt that one of the most important components in comprehending and awakening to the opportunities of these Times of Living Prophecy is to really meet the force and presence of Death, as an Ally; a Sacred Truth; an Unavoidable Universal Pathway that calls us by name, according to its own natural timing; a schedule beyond our control.

So as we meditate on what is taking place in this unstable world, let us elevate our consciousness around all the deaths taking place. Let us recognize this force of Transformation; changing states. Let us seek to know ever-more what that might truly mean… Let us question Death now, humbling ourselves with receptivity to its invincible power. For people (and creatures) do not die as punishment, or as a failure. In my heart, I feel they are called back to Source, Returning to Origin…in their perfect time…

Art by Mara Friedman New Moon Visions

Surely there are no words to convey the Grief of losing a loved one, and in no way am I de-emphasizing the excrutiating heartbreak and despair of someone’s precious presence no longer being there as you are so used to. Yet even and especially, that grief is Natural; it comes to cleanse us, tear us apart and carve out a greater space in our heart to feel, to appreciate, to love and to live. Grief is a sacred Ally.  (One of the most amazing teachings I have ever heard is from Martin Prechtel, a trained Mayan Shaman, called “Grief and Praise.” It changed my life and I highly recommend it: http://www.floweringmountain.com/CATALOG.html  )

Overall, in this modern world, I feel that we fill our moments and ourselves up with so many distractions (and addictions), because we don’t have the courage to really face the death and dying process that we are collectively going through on this planet. Its as though we can intuit that we don’t yet have the capacity to genuinely grieve and transmute all the pain, so we tend to massively numb ourselves out. In this age of information-overload, we are so bombarded from all avenues, that each time we are reminded we are right now living through the “Second Mass Extinction” since the Dinosaurs,  generally speaking we just nod knowingly – too paralyzed to even really let it in, let alone help each other process in any cathartic way…

The magic of grief though, is it is so alive, it comes in waves, and it is hand in hand with surrender, acceptance, resilience, letting go, faith, spiritual expansion, and fearlessness…  Un-met grief is very stagnant, and potentially very (self) destructive, whereas grief in process is active, clearing the old, pouring light into the wounds, sacred tears opening hearts…

Therefore, the more courageous we can become in letting ourselves MEET this collective wounded moment on Planet Earth that we are sharing in, we can find more and more capacity to integrate the greater depths and pieces of our true wholeness. For unlocking our natural grief also unlocks our natural gratitude and Joy for the Mysterious Journey…

So yes ~ we have, and will continue to witness much death ~ whether brothers and sisters lost in earthly and man-made disasters; loved ones dying in wars; human family perishing from lack of equitable, humane conditions; animals, birds, fish and insects crossing over from the ongoing genocide against the biosphere; our own loved ones passing as they are called by their own internal life clock; and one day our own sacred ending will arrive, and our own journey beyond the body will commence. So let us open to this Teacher and Teaching. There is no way around this Lesson – in fact, it is a graduation out of this dimension of Earth School. Yet who knows how vast the University truly is?!

Ultimately, we are living through a tender moment on this Earth, and within our collective human psyche. From my perspective, one of the most constructive things we can do in these times to balance out the extreme energies we are enduring is to personally explore how we can reclaim a sacred connection to Death; to ending; to transformation; to shedding skins and identities… making peace with the Day and the Night. In this Universe we are all together Wakefully Dreaming within, let us all explore how we might be able to do our personal part within our own minds, hearts and cultural human expression, to help elevate our collective mentality out of the nightmare-self-fulfilling-prophecy-vibrations which are resonating, dreaming up, and invoking the “end of the world” as a shadow-projected fear of one’s own ego’s termination. Let us know for real that we are closing an epic cycle of History, right now, and we must go through the passage of this cycle changing, whatever it may continue to bring. With the resources of our spiritual guidance, and ever dawning creativity, it is in our hands to navigate these increasing challenges… These are sacred times of testing. Let us bring our most willing, courageous heart to this task of finding a sacred way for humanity to live on Planet Earth. Let us invest our creative attention in death-embracing, and life-affirming, LOVE. Let us Surrender to the Journey. Let us let our human smiles redeem the toxicity of this radio-active moment… In the Name of Wholeness, let us unite matter and spirit; form and formless!

“…More and more doorways beyond the veil of physical duality are presenting themselves and opening as wide resources, the nearer we venture in this closing World Era process. Again, the only way to enter through the doorway is WILLINGNESS. That is all that is required for us to confront, transmute, and metamorphasize our human potential…There is no other time to do our life’s healing work than NOW, this exact moment; this ongoing, ever-changing, morphing moment that keeps recirculating the possibilities of being for us to co-create with and respond to… Death is not an escape from consciousness, it is but a shedding and transcendence of physical form. Even and especially upon death, we still must do our work navigating our consciousness...” – from A Call To All


~To the One, Precious Awakening Heart,



  1. A beautiful reflection on surrendering to love under all circumstances. Embracing all that life and death offers is truly a way to see beyond the veils and live without fear. Namaste.

  2. Thank you for helping me to keep it all in perspective. Aryz you are helping to raise my vibration and it serves me in passing it on ~ Love and Namaste’

  3. What amazing and timely writing, Eden Sky. It exemplifies the humility you have written of, being in a masterly way, open and wondrous and vulnerable before that Great Mystery we’ve called death, and then, as you point out, tried to ignore its imminent quality and decry it when faced with it.
    I’ve shared it in the Passing group on Facebook and on my status. The interconnected aspect is an apt message for the Gaia Minute daily connection.
    Thank you

  4. Thank you for the inspired writing. Just holding such a vision and posting a collective site it also worthy of great praise.

    I too studied Arguelles. I did so in college at the University of Santa Cruz. Castaneda was alos in my field, and the two sync up nicely. Pacal dispersed the Maya into the forest and out into asea of humanity, much like the Christ did with his disciples. He sent them out, to dispense the latest IX, star proclamation.

    The Tzolkin holds many keys. I’m sure all of those who have answered the Zuvuya call have important secrets to share, secrets which can only mean something to another ( en la’kech ) who has taken the time to seek a deeper truth.

    The Tzolkin Gatherings are building now, in cosmic space-time this is all 2012, the sun just amplifies the MOST at the Solstice Node. This orientation of the polar axis is maximizing a transmission from Hunab Ku, the galactic center.

    What we do with this Tzolkin Time is up to us. One call follows another en la’ketch until the warriors are gathered together. A crop circle will definately follow.

    Peace unto all ,

    Crystal Blue Eagle
    Kin: 155
    Tone: 12

  5. Thank you for taking the time to share your reflections. The great cycle of life…as I walk through another “death” which now feels like these are all births…A moment of celebration…they made it. Ultimately, a reminder for those who still walk on this sacred earth to embrace the moment…Presence let the magic unfold.

    Om Mani Padme Hum…

    Deep Bow…

  6. Dear Aryz, I so very much needed to hear what you wrote about. I have been actively transmuting over the past 2 years and the whole death issue has come up many times. I have transmuted some of the skeletons in the closet but it is a monumental fortress and I find that I come back to it and there are more layers of emotions and traumas to sift through. The past 2 weeks have brought me face to face once again with it and I found myself kicking and screaming in protest instead of working towards understanding and integration. There is much pain and disillusion tied up in humanity’s relationship with Death. I agree we need to welcome the Night back and integrate it back into wholeness. See it as the ally that it truly is. We need to accept it and not let it frighten us and steal our present moments away because we have chosen to deny it. Thank you AGAIN. I have spent the last few days working with guidance in order to understand and your message is truly a response to my prayers. Much love to you and thank you for so passionately sharing your own trials and tribulations with such eloquence and wisdom, Shari Bitsis

  7. Appreciate the candidness of this heartfelt contemplatation. There is always far more going on thatn the human mind grasps of fathoms. To move into the heart is to allow wholeness to speak through silence

  8. Dear Aryz:

    Earlier this morning I came upon the 13 moon link and learned that a man I loved but never met, I man in whose footsteps I continue to tread has passed from this Earth. I wept. I recently spoke with some people I met in Oregon who were going to forward a letter I was working on to Valum Votan.

    I was near Tulum at Chak’mul for the Harmonic Convergence. On the first day a group of about ten of us bribed the guards at the Tulum ruins and were allowed on the grounds before sunrise. We sat on the beach in a semi-circle facing East. The sunrise split the light of the Sun in infinite divisions across the horizon. I usually meditate open-eyed, so I was the only one in the group to see the cloud in the shape of Quetzacoatl across the water toward Cozumel. I dared not grab the camera beside me; I chose not to disturb the others.

    I continued to concentrate on a point of light I had been watching in the sky since the night before. It was neither star nor satellite. Around that small point of light as the center of a large circle I saw the faint image of two female Tibetan dancers–dancing. I have shared that with very few people.

    The next day we climbed the big pyramid at Coba. It was a humid sweltering day in the 90’s. We were all thinking it perhaps, but one of us actually said: “Jeee–I wish it would rain.” Seconds later there was a loud clap of thunder in the cloudless sky. About 200 yards to the West a small dark cloud formed. It moved directly towards us and rained on us for several minutes as we sat atop the pyramid.

    I have had a pretty good idea of my path since the Vernal Equinox of 1985. Thank you for reminding me that there are others out there who realize that we must have the courage of our convictions and not to fear the final curtain. I have pretty much written my symphony—although I often have felt more like a mere scribe than the writer or creator…but I am pretty good at observing and remembering. My big question is whether I will be able to have the symphony performed while I still draw breath. Thank you for reminding me that the art of our lives is all we really have…and it is all bound together by love.


    A couple of my poems from around 1985:

    ein sof
    (the ineffable)

    imaginary people
    in imaginary dreams
    acting out dramas
    for unformed eyes
    blinded by inner radiance
    illuminating the forms
    groping in the darkness
    of unknowingness
    of the being
    that never was
    but will always be
    within the eyes
    behind the mirror
    of eternity:
    an orphan god
    trapped in the illusion
    of importance
    existing vicariously
    through sleepy eyes
    in love’s way

    To the Travelers:

    To those that wake from walking dreams

    and realize life’s not as it seems,

    whose synapses span the aeons past

    and find themselves aware at last

    upon this finite world of dust

    enslaved by hunger pain and lust,

    do not forget the Decree Divine

    that sent you to this place in time:

    unlock the doors and reclaim the keys

    of the knowledge his by the Pharisees

    and let all there enter who do desire

    the Baptism of the Holy Fire

    The Arc has long since ceased to be

    the Scepter of the Holy Tree,

    the New Jerusalem shall be erected

    in the hearts of those who’ve been elected

    to break the walls of the nation states

    whose evil deeds have sealed their fates

    and rule them with the flaming heart

    that God intended from the start

    so man might finally come to be

    evolved in his divinity;

    Let darkness recede before the Throne,

    God not ought have to rule alone.

  9. These are wonderful sharings, this is a worthy virtual community we are building with Aryz !!

    We need a 2012-2013 Pow Wow !! I know it’s easier to say than do, I know there will be politics and folks will want precedent and I say Hooray !! Let’s bring the folks together, find out what we’re all doing. Network our products onto marketing platforms ( don’t we need just a little TLC ? )…

    Actually, the material takes care of itself IF we build the fellowship. OR…we are all building fellowship, we need to start bringing these Rainbow tribes together…

    My focus has been on the Tzolkin. How does it really work. The 260 into the 360 ? 13 into 20 ? Tones and Days ? Planetary associate with the the tzolkin, the inbreathing and outbreathing of the solar system. heliopause, the sun’s plasma rhythm…these were the issues Jose A. brought to our attention 26 years ago …we are still riding the Zuvuya with him, trying to bring the good stuff through to the people’s…

    Much Love to you all,

    En laKe’ech ( is the Quantum galactic truth )

    Crystal Blue Eagle
    Tone 12
    Kin 155

  10. The more loved ones we lose the more our spirit strengthens.We mustn’t think of death as the end of a life,but a beginning of a new one.Death makes life all the more sacred,and life embraces our courage to face death.
    This passage truly inspires me to gain courage,and have faith in nature.

  11. I have recently lost a good friend, who was a partner musician in a music project we had, and the greatest friend. I lost my grandfather last month and the girl I loved went into the world of drugs and darkness. I fought drug addiction for many years resulting in 3 NDE’s from heroin overdoses, 2 bad car accidents, and falling 20 feet off a roof with only a scratch, I was told that when I was a young boy, aorund 12 months I would cry to my mother to come back to my cradle because I said there was an “owl” that was waiting outside my window” I found this as a connection to something important and I’m still trying to answer that and I have a strong connection to something I just have to try and get more self knowledge and put this on the table so I can connect with the powers of what the owl was trying to relay or what it was giving to me, unconsciously or symbolizing in my start of life….

  12. Dear Aryz;
    Very beautiful and inspiring message. Thank you for sharing.
    Love & Light
    Yellow Self Existing Star
    Kin 108

    1. Ormus Sympatia
      (Light of like Mind)

      Spires of thought

      explode uncontrolled

      exploring destinies

      fates still untold

      Ribbons of thought

      stretch across the gap

      searching for connection

      for dreams to bring back

      Anchored in space

      while spanning all time

      Knowledge attained

      yet playing the mine

      Sanguine flows

      breathing the Dream-

      time and space

      nailed to a beam

      Truths to be uttered

      for those that can hear

      shattering illusions

      that feed off of fear

      Cosmic riddles

      hearken the soul

      the shepherd found

      though unknown to the fold

      Dunes of sand

      shift the with the breeze

      another circle noted

      as trees lose their leaves

      Dreams try to fade–

      does it matter at all?

      doubts quickly silenced

      in remembering the fall

      Standing on the edge

      below the abyss

      above waits eternity

      unfathomable bliss

      Boundaries of aeons

      to mortal unknown

      outcomes immaterial

      the seeds must be sown

      Vessels now open

      hoping to be filled

      wheat for the harvest

      ready to be milled

      Nothing to lose

      eternity to gain

      His-story completed

      with nothing to vain

      Limitations now ripe

      to be left in the past

      reshaping of worlds

      molds to be cast

      Concentration focused

      His will to be done

      the Father stands ready

      to deliver his Sons


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