Morning Walk

Morning walk
          upon a planet spinning
my feet are small
slow ~ but steady ~ in steps of sincerity

Vast creation abounds
yellow leaves, crisp air surrounds
          veils of thoughts circulating,
rushing like the creek flowing in calm determination

Who gave me this life?
What role does my journey serve?
          When these feet expire ~
what art will my spirit know?

The world reflects the walk
          we all have joined in
trials and glories of the past encoded
into the breathing mystery of this moment

My feet ~ gentle fragile and strong
Precise in their path
          tiny tokens of existence
mapping an instinctive way
through the unknowable destiny

          of this body’s soul

Time dances ~ weaving its cycles
birth and death of seasons
coming and going,      guiding
the pulsing of my heart
to appreciate this life I have been given to walk

At once, I am a pioneer,
          a passenger on this earth,
and an evolving child
venturing along
Great Spirit’s unfolding Road of Being

Open and humble,  I go on…



  1. Going forth without question is indeed true sense of connectiveness, connected to self, Earth, Universe and all Love n Light Energies…co creating heaven on earth and peace. May we all go gently with ease in sync with our own rhythmic senses attuned to unifying all in love with love.
    Aroha Nui


  2. Galactic Culture needs awakening, like morning walks and poetry, the Kalachakra and the Tzolkin are finding unity from the quiet ones, the meditators, and soon enough we will find ourselves dancing in dreamtime.

    Will we remember ourselves in dreamtime ? I dreamt I was a Crystal Blue Eagle soaring in the magnetic fields the of the planet and the sun. Then, I returned to this physical world and the dream of galactic life faded a bit, if only because we are such a noisy species.

    Ahhh, but there IS a Tzolkin Wheel of Time, and 260 days become 260 Months become 260 Years become 260 Katuns ( 20 year gyration units ) …and our dream bodies Are circling the center of the Galaxy…Hunab Ku…if only we can remember our true names…

  3. Eden:

    It is 2:30 a.m. my time. After looking at the sky, I checked my email. I have wondered why I haven’t heard from you. Your message said it all.

    In Lak’ech, HSH

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