The Mystery Weaves and Breathes our Lives

When did our history start?
Before it was ever marked…
For no line
can tell
the tale

of our spiral

What is our true age as a species?
And what World Age
are we living in now?

Where have we come from?
And to what World
are we going?

Is our course
stars in stone

Or is our path
a creative
“free will experiment?”

What Source
does life emerge from?

What Source
does death deliver us to?

The Mystery,
which we dwell within,

has no beginning,
nor an end

for Mysteries
and the only moment
a mystery
can ever
is the

How can we see history from the Heart of Now?
How can we see the path of this moment’s real potentials
 ~  beyond our cloaks of “little me’s” ~
and greet the new dawn
as it is

calling us to dance
the ancient lucid beauty
of its new harmonies

As a conscious species
becoming whole

we are
On and on and on

slowly but surely,
but ever mysteriously

with full ripe danger
of self-inflicted wounds
born of bonds of
ignorant allegiance
to a false master:

ego’s portrait cast upon a vacant mirror

Let us trade in our rusted and worn self-concepts
for a new comprehension
of the Nature that we are,

each of us a fruit and flower
of One growing, budding Tree of Life

Let us shed the old skins
whose time it is to be let go of

and compost their decay
to nourish new seeds
of possibility

to ripen their codes of raw beauty
upon a weary planetary scene,
bleak with exhaustion and contraction

Let us breathe into a brighter color
Let us hear a louder clarity
Let us see a more delicious
Feast of love
before our eyes

And within our palms,

Receiving All this Mystery
As it forces us to Surrender to it,
Knowing Time does heal all,
As we welcome
The tumultuous
ever-bright journey

Calling us to climb
The Mountain of Love

Whose peak reaches beyond
the clouds in our souls

Straight to the beginningless
Source of Self,
in all its Nature

“When you are in tune with the unknown, the known is peaceful.”


  1. Love your work, thank you.

    Just wanted to comment about this concept we call “time”, which so many people say is an illusion, or does not exist.

    Time may be an illusion. If it is an illusion, it exists (as a real illusion).

    Time may be NOT what we think it is, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    Time may be something that is too big or complex for the human mind to comprehend. But that doesn’t mean it is an illusion.

    We seem to think along very similar lines, especially about the importance of what is about to take place. If only people would stop searching for a “magic bullet” that will solve all their problems, and instead search their own minds and hearts for truth and love, the world would be a much better place.

    And as you point out, when people say “the end of the world is nigh” what they really mean (consciously or sub-consciously) is that the end of a particular brand of human culture is nigh. Not the world. The world will get on very nicely without us, thank you very much!

    But how arrogant we are, to think and to state that the end of part of human culture equates to the end of the world. As if human culture is the World.

    Anyway, I really find enormous value in your content. “Awakening Galactic Culture” (it’s about time for it to awaken, by the way!) is going up on the blogroll at cosmic rapture (under “other domains”)

  2. In September 2011 I was struck in an instant by an unexpected attraction to another person that I had seen – but not remarked as anyone special – for many years. I have no idea where it came from or why. As time went by I came to realize that we have a psychic cnnection that has expanded and grown almost every day, becoming deeper and stronger. We have not had an actual conversation but we are together every day in spirit and I know his feelings and his heart as surely as I know anything in the material world. I have fought against this and given in to enjoy it many times. Since I believe that everything happens for a reason and more and more that there is a universal pattern unfolding, is it possible that this amazing experience is part of the cycle of events we are now involved in? Have you heard of nay other such experiences?

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