Sacred Questions I Ask Myself…

"Cosmic Question Mark" Photo from NASA Hubble Space Craft

“We must continuously keep in mind
that the world is a collective dream,
and that we are engaged
in dreaming a new world into being.”
-Jose Arguelles

How can we comprehend the vital role our imagination –
our dreaming capacities – our psyche – our consciousness- plays
in re-engineering our world and our global society to one of harmony?
How can we unify the powers of our imagination and our creative visionary longings for new frontiers, with concrete, grounded actions?

Can we understand these times of prophecy as asserting we are “Re-Turning”… ?
The course is changing…We are Remembering something forgotten…
Ancient hidden memories dawning… Self-knowledge emerging…

How can we unite the ancient indigenous roots of living wisdom, with the gifts of modern creativity and new insight? What is possible for human culture as we drop our allegiance to artificial technospheric “progress” and we re-sensitize to the Natural World?

What new levels are awakening inside of us as Nature’s cycles are now calling us out of our deep sleep of separation, fear, ignorance and greed and back into awareness of the interconnectedness of the Whole?

How can we remember our sacred place in this Universe
as instruments here to affirm and honor the gift of Life?
How can we be instruments of Harmony?
Where there is war, sowing seeds of peace…
Where there is fear, sowing seeds of light…
Where there is pain, sowing seeds of compassion….

How courageous are we really,
to let go of what we have known, to drop the script of history,
and be wholly available for new domains of planetary existence?

Sunset view from space

How authentically can we open to new positive possibilities?
How deeply can we believe in the beauty and power of our hearts?
How available can we be to the accelerating currents of evolution?

How calm can we be amidst the intensifying storms of changes and shakings, as we are invited ever-more deeply to meet the mystery of our existence, and each day more honestly confront the realities of how fragile and precious our lives are, and how tumultuously this moment hangs in the balance?

What does it mean to be Shifting World Ages?
What is happening to Earth in this transformation process?
Are all the abundant crises part of  “The Emergence?”
How can there be so much tragedy and beauty simultaneously?
Is it because All is being amplified?
Is it because as the prophecies say:
“All that has been Hidden is being Revealed” ?

It seems no accident all the turmoil and grace on our planetary scene is coinciding with epic Solar Flares that are mutating all life on Earth…
not to mention affecting our consciousness…
Chaos and Coherence Dancing to the Cosmic Symphony…

In this alignment with Galactic Center now taking place,
can we have the courage to open to the new vibrations arriving?
Can we open to a new dimension of reality that is not some utopian fantasy
but rather a grounded, embodied Heart Awakening?

How can we find wholeness in this fragmented modern culture so split off from Nature?
How can we transcend our obsession with our “little me’s” and put our energies into collaborating with the One family of Life? How can we earnestly keep growing that we may fulfill our missions in these crossroads times on Earth?

As Maya Ajq’ij Denise Barrios writes
in regards to December 21,

“Mother Earth – like the living being that she is – will elevate her spiritual condition. This is why humankind, as a manifestation of her evolutionary legacy, will be able to transcend to the next level. Sadly, we have continued to destroy our Mother Earth and have put our own evolutionary history at risk, just as the previous civilizations did when they reached this point. Notwithstanding, once again we have the opportunity to ascend to a higher level, and to perfect our spiritual evolution through Her.”

What does it mean to ALIGN with the Earth’s Shifting into a new world age?
How do we survive The Great Shaking? What if our heart knows much more clearly how to navigate these mysterious and dangerous times than our linear minds do?

What does wisdom look like – how does it act – how does it share itself?
How do art and wisdom intersect and synergize
and give birth to new joys and new blessings
that benefit the whole of life?

What does it mean to Honor the Earth as a Living Work of Art?
What does is mean to be Planetary Artists?
What IS Art?
Can we re-define “art” to where ALL people can be artists
with entirely distinct mediums of beauty and truth?

What IS Compassion in action?
How can we truly live in lucid recognition of our interconnectedness
with all beings and ALL MOMENTS?

Art by Atmara Rebecca Coe

How vastly can we imagine the possibilities of healthy human culture?
How vastly can we dream?
How effortlessly and gracefully can we awaken our human potential –
personally and planetarily?

How courageously can we support each other to Shine?

How humbly can we bow to our sacred equality?

How deeply can we honor our Living Earth home?
What role do our hearts have in restoring her sanctity?
What role do our hands have in mending her whole?

How at home can we feel in this Universe –
how can we KNOW our place in this galaxy?

Can we be both wise and innocent?
Free and disciplined?
Spontaneous and grounded?
Now-centered with long-term Vision?

Can we be the Feathered Serpent
uniting our primal earth bodies and our celestial spirit minds?

Can we transcend the cage of death-fear and meet our Spirits?

Can we allow the idea of “the end of the world” to die
and transform into a devotion to birthing the world alive, anew?

How can we confront the horrors – the violence – the corruption – the abuse
and ignorance with Divine Compassion and Divine Justice?

Can we feel the presence of those who came before us
who cut pathways on this Earth with their own feet and souls…?
Can we feel ourselves as living links
between our ancestors and those yet to come?

How many times has our Soul been on Earth?
Where else have we been? How vast is the Universe?

What is our “Galactic Responsibility?”

Can we transcend the mind-fears that bind us, haunt us, stress us
and shut down our self-love?
Can we replace our distortions of self-importance
with the realities of our true self worth?

Can we embrace the simplicity of Being
as its presence all ways breathes and smiles
underneath the clouds and veils of thinking…?

Can we meet the epic challenges
and rise to these Grand Times we are in
as a Beacon in the Night –
A Phoenix taking Flight…

I ask these sacred questions of myself,
and of you – as another myself…

May our Sincerity guide us to ever-evolve into our radiant altruistic nature,


  1. Eden:

    Thanks for your beautiful post.
    This avec amour, HSH

    The Veil

    As I sit here smiling with my pen
    It makes me think of days past when
    I had that little shadow of doubt
    that eclipsed my dreams, my actions it route

    And as I toil through the days
    to see the Light beyond the haze
    as I walk through smiling this thing called Time
    through this world of wonders I know is mine

    My fright is gone
    and been replaced
    with that whcih Heaven’s
    essence is laced:

    Knowledge sought–now found
    of the Truth resound–
    that I AM the man my Father knew me to be
    when His hought was all of me.

    But now I am flesh
    caught within these bonds
    of material mesh,
    yet with a smile on my visage–

    through this mirage:
    for now I know,
    beyond the Veil
    is no travail.


  2. I have reached a great place and time in my life. i accept myself as I am but i am also ready to reinvent myself.I am recreating from within.Starting with trying to unblock my energy centers,assisting with the birth of a new nation, and getting more spiritually aligned with the very powerful energies that are flowing with in and around about Mother Gaia. It is more important to me to get more organized and complete some of the projects that I started a while back.This is an important time to be alive and on the planet.

  3. Very good post, thanks for the email.

    I feel this time is different even from the antediluvian civilisations times which didn’t quite make it for similar reasons, somehow its different now just don’t know how maybe it’s because of our connection from back then; we are determined to make it this time I’m sure…..Love Mathew

  4. I love the ideas and the imagery of being wise and innocent,
    free and disciplined, spontaneous and grounded, and Now-centered with long-term vision!! Thank you for your beautiful words:)

  5. My dear Eden,
    What a wonderful and challenging creation. As you know I am a writer and blah blah blah…I take a bow to your wonderful creative instincts. As you have made such a profound statement so simply.

    A list of questions that have no answers …

    I think this is one of the most profound and beautiful things I have seen. It is art at its purest. I will quote myself on something I wrote long ago….but seems appropriate in comment to this piece.

    ” Magic is technology, magic is the word…Know thyself. And everything else will come….Write something worth the time of being read. Write things that people need, want, or that heal the heart and inspire. Write things that challenge the reader, give the reader credit, they are smarter than most of us. Write something that isn’t labeled art, but is art….”

    That is exactly what I see as I read these wonderful words of yours.
    Good job my skywalking friend. Blessed be.


    1. Thank you SO much for this response. It really touches me, and brings me so much gratitude and fulfillment to hear that my sharing is received in this way… Makes my soul feel like crying with Joy… We are One Heart! To the Journey!

    2. The reason so many writings are complicated is we have been brought up in a complicated fearful world, deliberately, by those who benefit.

      If you can uncomplicated the complicated & wright them down, like on this site, you have begun the journey of a higher consciousness but it isn’t always easy for we have been living in a habitual society of fear for centuries….. Love Mathew

  6. Excellent article ! Thanks for your insights; I resonate with them all deeply . We are on our way to a better, better place. Thank you for being the
    navigator ~ ~ ~ In Lak’ech

  7. I so feel the enlightenment when I read your post.
    I am a sibling to this new love I embrace, I feel the need to learn more and more so quickly.
    Having joined a loving and amazing spiritual group I am beginning to learn how to love me and my surroundings that Mother earth has blessed us with.
    The gifts we have been given are truly amazing and i thank our creator, our Angels and my guides for these.

    This is a piece I have learnt off by heart and repeat to myself every day,
    Its from the book – 2013 Mayans Sunrise. I would like to share.

    Devine memories incarnate,
    Today, our heart fills with the swell of love that flows like an ocean coming home to a shore.
    With each homecoming there is a reunion of love and light that dances with the stars and understands eternity.
    I repeat that every day especially when times are challenging.
    I think it’s beautiful, I hope some of you do too. X

    1. Get ready as the people who want to feel more will feel things totally out of this world, it’s always been there but now it’s time more of us taped into it.
      ……..Love Mathew

  8. Dear Eden:

    Had a major breakthrough from fear which had been holding me back. After watching the documentary series How The Universe Works it struck me how magnificent the workings of our galaxy are, and that our galaxy–which was thought to be the entire Universe until Hubble’s discovery in the ’20’s–is just one of a couple billion galaxies. Someone has ovbviously done a great job of setting up the whole thing and keeping it runnning….what’s to fear? AHO!!! It makes me smile and laugh at those that are seeking to create fear concerning 2012.

    in now GET IT on a deeper level when you speak about being an agent of calm, It has become my new mantra…..not just calm in me but in the world around me…in strangers and those I love.

    Am planning to be staying near Tulum and Coba in late in December as I was in mid-August of 1987. Thanks again for your friendship and your inspiration.

    In Lak’ech’, with love, HSH

    1. We are brought up on fear which keeps us down to a usable conscious level, if we obtained a higher conscious level they wouldn’t be able to manipulate us so much so that’s why the scare campaign.

      We are so small, consciously, to what’s really running things, I wish everyone would see it your way….Love Mathew

      1. Thank you Michael…..I keep rereading this post of Eden’s because these are without doubt the questions we should all be asking ourselves daily. Shalom my friend.

        In Lak’ech’, H Scott H

        As Eden mused:
        “Can we allow the idea of “the end of the world” to die
        and transform into a devotion to birthing the world alive, anew?”

        I believe we can–we MUST–and we will.

  9. and to all: do not forget where we come from and where we a going to..
    All in the same spiral!

    Thank you Aryz!

  10. Sister Eden. Your words speak directly to my soul. For this I am grateful. Here is my most recent soul reflection for you…

    I Am So Happy To Be Here
    By Orchid Jones

    I used to leave my body to experience faith, wisdom, and harmlessness.
    I used to travel to sky and back again to experience one drop of relief.
    Today I am committed to my body.
    Today I am willing to take care of myself.
    Today I am calling myself home Again, Again, and Again…

    The Sun crept in to the Sky for the Morning to honor All Life
    The clouds then crept over to cover
    Like a blanket
    The day filled with hope

    There is no escaping this Place
    For this Place is already Heaven
    Knowing no other way
    I sink into the hands of You
    I bathe myself with Your Cloudless Love
    I am a humble and happy servant
    To this great task.

    I am like that tree You have planted
    And so unlike that same tree.
    I feel this space beneath my feet
    I touch it with my little toes
    Small grasses and stones
    I would sink in if I knew how.
    But unlike the trees
    I Am.

    And so
    With this aching heart
    This profound gratitude for all life
    I walk to meet You.

    You are everywhere!
    With this faith
    I am touched by my longing!
    With this faith
    I am longing to touch all life!
    And speak:
    Won’t you walk with me?
    Won’t you touch and receive my touch?
    Won’t you let this precious stone into the folds of your hand
    And feel?

    I am a creature
    A human creature
    And I Am So Happy To Be Here
    Thank You.

  11. May the Blessings of the Maya be upon you. Your visionary gift is most appreciated. We receive your cosmic prayer in peace with intentions of co-creations in brother -and- sister- hood. Our mother cries with the demands of so many, and ‘the wayshowers’ give us faith to live our lives with confidence in our own visions. Living in the Yellow Southern Castle of Giving, as a member of the Earth family- and Sky clan
    I unify in order to question
    Attracting fearlessness
    I seal the output of intelligence
    With the Magnetic tone of purpose
    I am guided by my own power double, Namaste

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