The Rebirth of The Devadasi

The Rebirth of The Devadasi
(Devadasi : Servant of God dess)

~A Poem For The Vajrasa Temple Dance Ensemble~

Vajrasa Temple Dance Ensemble

     fluid wings of water………….
framed by flames
     She graced the Earth
With her celestial aura of flowers
     A halo of beauty from an ancient above
          Sent from
                   The Temple
                                Of the Sky
Igniting Remembrance

Rock hard wrath of Thunder
     Flashing for us all to feel
          The immutable power
of true Feminine

Burning in self-delight
of its form

Moving in supernatural rapids
Emanating   myriad   prismatic  crystalline

Yet infinite stillness abounding

Like a sacred mirage from the deep void
              a scene in-between worlds –
hide and seek of dimensions exposed

Displayed like a heavenly serpent
Sent to Reveal
Mysteries of the Source
of its undulating prowess

fractal spiral     
uniting stone on ground
     star in sky
Human channel to penetrate the veil

With 10 arms and 10 feet
They Danced
The 5 Dakinis
Into our mind-space

                   Casting a pure trance
Upon the stage of our imagination
Invoking our potential to heal

To redeem
To honor our internal sanctuaries

     Messengers calling
The nectar of holy submission
To arise in our souls

With a beckoning of mudras
     Eyes and bellies precise
Motions cut

              Like steps of a pyramid
Carving a holy path
For us to find ourselves

In Transcendental Union
               With The Devadasi ~
The Higher Dimensional Empress

Guiding us to dissolve our egos
     And set sail
Upon the One Spinning Mandalic Ocean…

Entering The Shambhallic Palace
Of Life’s Omnipresent Beauty


  1. Beautiful…thank you…it reminds me of the sky dancers I saw at sunrise on 8.16.87 as we meditated on the beach in a semi-circle at Tulum…they danced around a point of light which appeared in the East…but alas there were only two. I’ve often wondered if we venerated the feminine in the West as in the East if things would be different…patriarchal monotheism has had a pretty bloody history…perhaps it’s time for the feminine to be restored…for the Shekhinah to come out of exile…may we make it so.

    In Lak’ech, Shalom, HSH

    I’ve been exploring the law of time website…recently read the Cosmic History Quotes…after reading the Prophecy of Telektonnon….I crunched the numbers on 1,872,000 days….and the results were astounding…in prime number notation it is a real work of art.

    Noticed your note was posted at 3:58 a.m. I am digging up a poem of mine entitled “Gematria 3:58 a.m.” Will post soon….for more interesting info about 358 see:

  2. I am so grateful for these words and the inspiration, it is emphasizing the transmission received, which is not about performance or ego…

  3. dear one, thank you. brought to tears. i am only a servant of the divine. and it shows the divine is clearly receiving its gateway to us, through us. thank you for your reflection back of this mystery. do you mind if i put this/connect this to our website and facebook page?
    in gratitude, thinley wangmo

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