Be The Rainbow

~ This Poem is for Valum Votan-Jose Arguelles,
who is now on the other side of the veil ~

Be The Rainbow

Riding on a dragon’s back you came,
soaring in to our dreams
enchanted gifts from the one true wizard you gave to us
shields and swords made of cosmic gold,
ancient like the breath of stones

“Look here,” you pointed, inside our heart-caves
“Look deep,” you urged,
“See the Moon’s voice painting pictures of light,
“See the Sun’s call beckoning you to stand straight and tall,
Receive the blessings of the talking Stars
mapping the cycles of your galactic voyage,

Commune with the antennas of the Trees,
Receive the Earth’s crystalline pulse,
Be as one with her evolutionary force,
Synchronizing your heroic mission…”

With celestial wings made of pyramids,
you flew to the One True Center,
you opened the shimmering gates of Tulan,
and pointed to the Guardians of Cosmic Night
“Feed them with your surrender,” you sang
“Praise them with the violet petals of your mind’s heart.”

Deeper still, your feathers stretched,
with codes of rattlesnakes glowing upon their vastness
“To pass through,” you whispered with a smile,
“You must know the ripe moment
to offer your humble soul to the One World’s Soul…

To cross dimensions,
you must dissolve your little fears
into the One Dancing Ocean of Being…”

With a comet in your burning eyes you chanted:
“Only Harmony knows the True Time
Only Harmony knows the True Way
Only Harmony knows the True Self
Harmony is Atonement
Harmony is the Lord of the New Earth
Harmony is the Empress of the New Heavens
Harmony is the only key…”

Upon the blank canvas of our minds,
you showed us the Earth as a cosmic turtle
swimming in the mighty waves of timeless time
you showed us her destiny…

“Be the Rainbow,” you sang to us,
in melodies conjuring us to remember…

“Be the Rainbow,
and take company with the Angels
who protect our one Universe…

Be the Rainbow,
and sleep no more within this cosmic dream,
but Awaken as the Flower you are,
shining as a child in the Garden of Love

You raised your obsidian staff and declared:
“Be the Rainbow, We are One.
Be the Rainbow, We have won.
For the Battle of History
is only fought with the Light of Forgiveness
The Balance of Justice
is only brought with the Light of Compassion
The New Earth Chapter
is only written by the stars of your Heart
The New Human Culture
is only birthed through the wisdom of Planetary Art…

“Be the Rainbow
and Take Flight on the Wings of Now…
I am with you always,”
you closed with a bow.


  1. Serendipitously a perfect expression channelled – thank u 4 the blessing – I passed it along ❤

  2. Society definition of mature is fully developed.

    There are three (Four if you break down the mental aspect) aspects to human beings: the mental aspect (intellect & emotions), the physical aspect, and the spiritual aspect. Our emotional state changes like the weather; so technically we can “Re-develop” emotions at any time. As far as intellect goes, we are constantly learning so our intellect is constantly evolving. Whether we are learning the lessons of life or learning a particular topic/subject. Being fully developed physically is dependent on the individual. Height wise a person can reach a certain age and realize that he or she has stopped growing vertically. However, if a person decides to increase muscle strength or size and does, then that person is not fully developed physically are they? If a person loses weight or gains weight he or she is not fully developed are they? Due to the technical nature of the physical aspect, people are either 0/3 or 1/3 developed (3 aspects of physical development-Height, Muscle, & Weight). On the spiritual aspect, if we were fully developed spiritually then we would not be in the physical form. Death of the physical form is the only way to be mature (Fully developed). All that is left is the spirit; the physical form (body) and the mental form (intellect & emotions) are left behind. Therefore, the spirit is mature (fully developed); the spirit is 1/1 because the spirit is all there is. So “Society” should probably remove the word “Mature” from every dictionary and thesaurus. But since “Society” enjoys misleading people, it will most likely stay in there.

  3. Eden:

    My second reading of your ode tp Valum Votan left me in awe and at peace…with gratitude for the suchness of your soul expressed so amply by your words. I can only offer my thanks, my love and my committment to be an agent of calm in this stormy time, that I may shine as birightly for others as you shine for me.

    In Lak’ech, HSH

    Ormus Sympatia
    (Light of like Mind)

    Spires of thought
    explode uncontrolled
    exploring destinies
    fates still untold

    Ribbons of thought
    stretch across the gap
    searching for connection
    for dreams to bring back

    Anchored in space
    while spanning all time
    Knowledge attained
    yet playing the mime

    Sanguine flows
    breathing the Dream-
    time and space
    nailed to a beam

    Truths to be uttered
    for those that can hear
    shattering illusions
    that feed off of fear

    Cosmic riddles
    hearken the soul
    the shepherd found
    though unknown to the fold

    Dunes of sand
    shift the with the breeze
    another circle noted
    as trees lose their leaves

    Dreams try to fade–
    does it matter at all?
    doubts quickly silenced
    in remembering the fall

    Standing on the edge
    below the abyss
    above waits eternity
    unfathomable bliss

    Boundaries of aeons
    to mortal unknown
    outcomes immaterial
    the seeds must be sown

    Vessels now open
    hoping to be filled
    wheat for the harvest
    ready to be milled

    Nothing to lose
    eternity to gain
    His-story completed
    with nothing in vain

    Limitations now ripe
    to be left in the past
    reshaping of worlds
    molds to be cast

    Concentration focused
    His will to be done
    the Father stands ready
    to deliver his Sons.

    — HSH

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