The immensity of the Earth resounds

Can we touch it with our minds?
Can we reach the Sky through our hearts?
Can our bare feet
Sink to the planet’s crystal core?

We are
Tiny hands

Yet vast powers
Of imagination to create with…

As She spins in space, holding us,
Does Earth feel the electrifying winds of our dreams?
Does Earth sense the swirling storms of our fears?

Does the Cosmos hear
The colors of our human longings?

Our painted webs of confusion?
Our solar flares of brilliance?

Does our cacophony of culture
create the dreamscape of this world?

Or is the chaotic music of our fears and hearts
but a response to this boundless mystery we drift within?

What are the True Limits of this Universal Game we are all playing?
What Laws of Life run this Grand Show?

We all know the ancient truths
Of Death & Birth & Sun & Moon

But what force chooses the identities we play-
Soldier, healer, merchant, mother?

What is the Source of the vibrations
that compose the forms we inhabit –
the disguises we wear?

What is the origin
Of the light burning in the stars
And the passion sounding in our souls?

Is the immensity of Earth
In the endless potential

Of our humanity?

Is Her diversity alive
In our sufferings
And our glories?

As She
Speaks to us
In waves
Of heat
Floods –

How do we reply
With our



How do we enact
The art of our culture

To confront the poisons
And apply the medicines
Of these
Breaking Times?

How do we summon
The fierce wisdom of our Ancestors

And the spiritual will of Generations Beyond Us
To meet us Now –
In the cauldron of our hearts

To guide our way together,
In this moment of Planetary Prophecy

Ever-nearing the Threshold’s crossing…

We are
Tiny hands

Yet vast powers
Of Love to create with


  1. ypu are amazing i love your creative beingness ! Are you in Vancouver any time soon I would love to share some of my dreams and asspirations in person! Would you be into that???
    We are allready freinds on facebook and i met you at the red room once.
    I really enjoy,d the response you sent me on my galactic birth day Thank you for being the beautiful you you are
    Luv G SUN

  2. A friend gave me a video of Krishnamurti being interviewed by a Western philosopher. What stuck with me was Krishnamurti’s question: “Sir, the question for modern man is this: can you live without fear?”

    A few years ago in a somewhat altered state, I found myself repeatedly asking myself the following question, which I was unable to answer at the time…I kept mumbling to myself “If I wasn’t so afraid I’d ____________”…but I couldn’t or wouldn’t fill in the blank. Years later I realize fear—fear of failure, fear of success, fear of ridicule, fear of economic hardship, fear of the unknown—was indeed keeping me from filling in that blank.

    Fear is the mind killer…it robs us of our rational thought, it robs us of our ability to be truly compassionate or truly brave…it robs us of the ability to ACT upon the dreams and visions only we possess tha–if acted upon–will not only bring us immerse happiness, but cumulatively will change the face of our world.

    It is through the simple magic of human acts that the tikkun, the redemption of this planet and mankind will be accomplished. If I find not the Light within me, then where am I to seek for it? Krishnamurti refused to be the messiah that the theosophists were looking for…he refused to be worshipped. Be the Light unto others which you seek for yourself.

    More significant and unique than the signature of our DNA is that our spirits. We are each unique combinations of talents and potentialities never to be repeated, each with our own unique purpose, and it has been said that if that were not so, there would have been reason for us to have been born into this world.

    The dreamer within each of us must awaken for the great dreams are not only the foundations of the world, but its only chance for redemption. They help us rise above often ugly realities of the world and to uplift and transform it. The old paradigm will die of its own accord…wither away…as the new paradigm unfolds.

    But we must not only awaken…we must live our dreams. In the film The Never Ending Story, Sebastian could not comprehend that he was the man-child they were looking for, that the fate of Fantasia rested upon him. We are all Sebastian. And how did he finally enter Fantasia? He simply had to call out the name of the Princess creatrix…to recognize the creative feminine principle…and then he said “I will do as I dream”. He was then transported to the Divine Presence of the Princess to do what? To rebuild the remnants of what was left by the power of his dreams.

    The nothing grows stronger. Wake up and dream.


    Shalom Eden. Thanks for another great post.

    Your fellow agent of calm,

  3. ”human beings are the most advanced creatures,more than the iPad” it’s time to awake…EACH ONE TEACH ONE.Beautiful work as always and thank you for the wisdom that’s from above.

    one earth,one people…

  4. We all feel that we are missing something, yet we are perfect, the greatest inventions on this planet, have come about through trial and error, some great, some devastatingly cruel, yet mankind, has always had a hand in the pie of life. We would think by now that the world, and i mean world in general, all nations, cultures, religions, faiths, beliefs, we all sip the same rain, no matter where the droplet should fall, some would pray for a droplet of the rain that falls… Some have so much, plentiful lives, and yet so many have nothing, and our in the whole so much better, in giving of themselves..
    We all feel the desire to have a better world, yet we have not the patience to wait, must have it now, at any price…No matter if others will suffer in the long run,, so be it… Alive, means so much to me, for I have had the pleasure of travelling much of this wonderful planet, and have a desire to seek more, dust on my shoes, and sandals, before I can travel only in the mind.. Ardyn Eden Sky, I love your messages, for your a voice, that needs to heard by many, your art, and creative words and mind, explores the inner souls… We are destined to be part of this void, of wonder, and awe, and shock, for each day we awake to another unbelief, humans, we all are, and dust we will all become, somewhere in the future…bless you for sparing your time and energies, to help this planet… may your words flow forever…Samiothfreespirit:)

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