Flower of my life


Each new day
is a petal on the flower of my life

Growing, I Am
in the soil of Divine Earth

Illuminated, I Am
by the Eternal Father’s Sun

Nourished, I Am
by the Infinite Mother’s Streams of Mercy

Destined, my body’s rose is
to meet the Doorway of Death

Rejoicing, my Spirit’s petals are
to arrive one day in the Garden of Pure Light
liberated beyond color, scent and form
to bloom into a shimmering dewdrop
adorning Creator’s Celestial Bouquet of Being

Until that sacred breathless moment,
I inhale,
invoking Gratitude
for the myriad elements that sustain my thriving

Smiling as a humble lily in the field of this precious Earth
dancing and dreaming through my days
as we ever-spiral, round the Great Central Sun…

All of us but innocent daisies,
Children in an evolving Galactic Fairy Tale
Learning to care for the One Garden of Life



  1. I’m always touched by your Gift of putting your feelings, your experience into words about this time on Planet Earth… thank you for sharing once again. Hoping your time with the Elders is greatly blessed!

  2. When I think deeply inside the meaning of these beautiful words and sentences I remember the real purpose of our lives: to re-connect with the Source of everything, no matter what name anyone can give to that Source… I thank the Source for guiding me to read these awesome sentences and thanks to you, for sharing this. This is for me a great source of Inspiration for my everyday life, an enormous Source of Strength to live my own life with real Love to other people and Love to eveything created… our beloved Mother Nature is the best model of beauty and perfection, when I walk outside I always try to receive, like electromagnetic waves, the calming and happy essence from every being… and these qualities are from the Source, and the Source creates every human who reads/doesn’t read this beautiful words… 🙂 Thanks again for sharing these very positive thoughts.

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