Bouquets of Love


For Jose Arguelles ~ Valum Votan

Solar 16, White Crystal Mirror, March 22, 2013
2 Year Anniversary of Votan’s Passage

Tears falling
like warm diamonds
into my open, empty palms

I sit,
resting before your photograph

meditating on the Sun
we’ve swam around 2 times
here on Timeship Earth

since you

this dimension
and arrived

I know

in your eyes anymore

I know you live within my heart,

and within her heart, and within his…

I know that you live within everyone that loves you –
maybe that’s how you exist everywhere now…

The Rainbow still glows its mighty protection

Your spirit’s light sings
in the candle
the copal
the feather 

the flute
the stone

Your love guides us still
like a pulsing beacon from the other side

We thank you – ever and all ways – 
for the gifts that still give
for the treasures we still have yet to unwrap…

Over time,
the Mystery marching
To the One Celestial Heartbeat

that brought you, awoke you, and took you Beyond

To the One Celestial Heartbeat
that synchronizes the Heart of the Mission
inside each one of us,
as together
we keep growing

and tending
to the seeds of life

from the Holy Garden you planted

Each of us
like innocent sunflowers

facing towards the Light
basking in the rays
of the Sixth Sun’s Song







Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

~ Eden Skywalker, Ben4


  1. Aho Beloveg GA 173 Kan Ben

    Valum Votan – The Closer of The Cicle – Dr Jose Arguelles is present in every action of the Earth Wizards and Velatropans Planetary Kin’s…

    Klatu Barada Nikto…

    Oxcimi GA 146…

  2. gracias eden your words are a nectar for our soul…gratitude to valum is a song he taught us to navigate impeccably so we can cross the bridge into oneness and recognize the reality of *inlakech* all is perfect lets be pure love as he was.. oxcimi pachamama

  3. Wonderful and inspired work Eden, thank you.

    Dr. Arguelles offered a treatise on Mayan cosmology that very much included the power of modern physics and quantum theories. His treatment of the Tzolkin is a Matrix field approach, and the planetary signifcances/locations in the Baktun process are “a great deal ahead of their time”.

    Particularly important was the Arguelles connection of the solar magnetic rhythm ( Heart beat of the solar system ) with the Heliopause solar plasma
    rhythm ( the breathing of the solar system ).

    Deep 21st century work Dr. Arguelles “saw” in the mid 1980’s, we are still grappling with the power of his insights/intuitions. Valum Votan’s work was nothing less than an integration of Galactic astronomy and Solar Astrology in a viable physics platform.

    The followthrough key is in the following of the planetary rhythms, something you are doing and executing in a profound way.

    Thanks again,
    En Lak’ech
    Senor Togliatti

  4. Eden:

    Thanks for your lovely post….things are well here with your fellow skywalker. Doors seem to be opening and I have no choice but to go through them. All that rises must converge. Blessings to you are your family and to Valum Votan, whom you honor so gracefully.

    In Lak’ech Ala K’in

    ….something that came this morning..

    …my little boat…

    All I can do is surrender
    As my little boat rolls and bobs
    We drift only with the current now
    I’ve forsaken all my jobs

    I’ve come about and pulled the oars
    My little boat and me
    Drifting ever forward
    A drop upon the sea

    I do not flail I’ve tossed the charts
    There’s no place I need to be
    Only the sun the wind the sky
    My little boat and me

    I only use dead reckoning
    The stars the sun and moon
    For time is of no essence
    Though highest late in June

    I am now a wayfarer,
    For wither I’m to go,
    Is really of no import
    Besides avoiding snow;

    You see I have no garments
    Save those bestowed of skin,
    My finery was bartered
    To feed my kith and kin

    I survive on little fishes
    And droplets formed of dew
    I have no need for money
    Of gold nor silver too

    Yet treasure lies before me
    No matter where I spy
    For I’ve reached the other shore
    Yet know not how to die

    Perhaps my craft will one day
    Rest on distant shores of blue
    Yet what those lands may hold
    For me I haven’t any clue

    So I visit distant stars each night
    Stretched heavenly o’er my head
    And try to fathom what might wait
    Beyond my floating bed:

    Yet if I had a helpmeet
    To help me with my fish,
    To share this boundless bliss
    so sweet, no more for could I wish.


  5. Dr. Jose Arguelles, he was a person mentally and spiritually very advanced for the time we saw him act… as time goes on, more and more people will be beneficiated and awaked because the tremendous legacy of Wisdom, Love and Intelligence, surely from the Source, the same Source as our real Essences are from… Time? There’s no “time” at all when these qualities are understood to become less ego-oriented and more Source-oriented… many times in our lives we cannot realize that we all are One because our tremendous egos… but the only, only Way to spread and generate Love and Happiness for all (although it’s difficult because our egos) is to do all things that we do every day with the meaning of this Message put deep inside our minds and souls… in fact, this is the real challenge.

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