Warm wings of your wind encircle me
Wholly and primal – I feel you…
Flowing windsnakes like rivers cleansing

In Your embrace I am liberated
as dense-mind-forms release back into spirit breath

Gaia-Ma You are the face of permanent change
You are the force of invincible movement
You are the Queen of Your Empire of Elements

Each of Your creatures with its precise yet thoughtless purpose
The monarch soars in its beauty above tall, swaying stalks of grass
The creek cascades in ever-renewing life force, offering its symphony of rushing joy
Your Sky hovers like a celestial canvas
Your flowers smile in innocent majesty
The Sun sings to You, Gaia-Ma,
as You dance around His Omnipotent Light in perfect spiral flight

With my feet on Your ground, I make contact with Your resounding immensity
I unite with my creature soul – at once fierce, calm, spontaneous, content, at home…
I submit as Your child to what is Real: Only Your Pulse Surging Through All

You are the Giver of All, Home to All, Mother of All
Queen of The Omnipresent Art of Self-Existing Nature

Your Ancient Paradise is our True Cathedral
Your Eternal Heart is our True Abode

You are calling to us to remember You
To open and receive You
To relinquish our mind-made agendas
And relish in the Living Wholeness of our Beingness
That You Are
That we are
in our deepest core

Show us how to take refuge in You once again
Teach us to let Your vitality soothe our restless minds and our weary bodies

Oh Gaia-Ma
Help us to liberate our creature souls back into their nature
as Your empowered instruments of creative joy,
here to manifest
a life of victorious harmony for All


  1. Beautiful! Gaia Ma, as you call her, deserves all of the love, homage, and respect that we can give her. She gets too much ill treatment and has been taken for granted for too long. I enjoyed reading this tribute… and to find someone else who relates to our planet as a spiritual being. I call her Terra Gaia.

  2. Dearest Eden Sky,
    May every unique Divine Human Individual feel the Kin~love of Gaia Ma which you succeeded to express in your poem. Words have such healing, carressing, loving power and you know how to use words. Please continue to teach the world of humans the magnificence of healing words so they can begin to understand the importance of respecting and cherishing our one and only earthly home governed by Gaia Ma.

    With Kin~ Love, Light, Happiness, Health, Prosperity,

  3. Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts dedicated to our Beloved Mother Nature… if every one of us could estimate the whole measure of the Love and Support that She brings to us, this world would be more Human and more balanced… and every person will be treated as the real Being who is he/she, the being from the Source Being ^_^
    Again, thank you for sharing the Love, Wisdom and Light

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