New Galactic Cycle: 8/25 – 9/6 ~ Power of The Yellow Seed ~ Your Life is a Garden

seedssunflowerOn The Galactic Calendar, every 13 days we begin a new cycle that gives us a new focus!

As of August 25th, 2015, we are now in the Yellow Seed cycle. The Powers & Key Codes of The Yellow Seed are: TARGETING ~ AWARENESS ~ FLOWERING ~

This is a time to target what you wish to grow in your life. This is a time to discern and clarify.

The teaching of Yellow Seed is that our lives are gardens that require intention and mindfulness. Our opportunity is to deepen our awareness and look at what the current state of our lives is. Ask yourself – What aspects of my life are calling for attention? How is my garden growing?

Art by Pumayana

We all know that there are many elements which contribute to a healthy garden.
This is the time to ask yourself – What seeds do I want to plant in my life? What needs to be watered? What needs more light? What needs more space?  How can I strengthen my roots? What weeds need to be pulled? What needs to be composted? What is ready to be harvested and shared?

Art by Morgan Manley

Art by Morgan Mandala

Yellow Seed reminds us that every moment is ripe with potential. We are empowered when we realize that every thought, belief, attitude, revelation, insight, awareness, inspiration, word and action is a living seed.

As the saying goes, “What we put our attention on grows stronger in our lives.”

Activate the power of these 13 days by realizing that you are a Seed that has a unique divine encodement of your own inherent potential.

Focus on nurturing the flowering of your own unfolding.

Ask yourself – What is my body calling for? What is my spirit yearning for? What are my relationships inviting of me? How can I elevate the quality of my work in the world? 

Seeds also remind us that, when given proper conditions, life flowers in its own natural timing…

As we flower into our own natural beauty and power, we shine as unique emanations. As we each keep humbly bringing our own natural magnificence to our shared world, we are contributing our grace to the Garden of our Earth, as we spiral together in time and space. As Bolivian Shaman Chamalu says, “Our only Destiny is to Grow.”


With the Galactic Calendar, every 13 days has a new focus. These 13-day cycles are based on the 13 Galactic Tones which reflect Nature’s creative process. Check out the Galactic Calendar and be amazed at how your life can be inspired by these harmonic rhythms! We have been publishing these for 20 years, and the magic continues day upon day!

The Galactic Calendar by SkyTime

The Galactic Calendar by SkyTime


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