resonate5On The Galactic Calendar, we have now entered the 7th Month of the Blue Spectral Storm Year that began on July 26, 2016.

As indeed the World whirls and storms around us, liberating and dissolving so much that has been solid and bringing seeming chaos – this is a very potent moment to find clarity and personal direction by deeply connecting to our Sacred Inner Powers of Inspiration!



silhouette of woman dancing at the beach during sunsetThis 28-day cycle calls us to put our Soul’s Passion and Aliveness at the forefront, as our Guide to beautify our lives.

We each help to uplift our shared journey by tuning into our Spirit’s desires and calls and gifts! For, as we each follow our inspiration, we too inspire our relations and our shared world.

We help new creativity and expression descend, and help expand each other’s perception of our Divine, Human Potential…



resonate10This 28-day cycle beckons us
to bring our INSPIRATION to life,
and let ourselves be reborn
by following our passion.
What makes you feel Alive?
Open to it ~ Serve it ~ Flow it ~ Emanate it ~
Attune to it ~ Channel it ~ Resonate!

Our inspiration is a Divine Force that lives inside each one of us. As we courageously learn to listen to it, and follow it, we find it is our purest guide to manifest magic and joy in our lives! For our inspiration carries a distinct vibration and intelligence than that of our linear minds – one that is in tune with our heart’s passion and our true soul’s calling. Our inspiration is in tune with the Spirit that animates all life – it informs us how to align our life with our sacred potential,  naturally guiding us in perfect timing and harmony with the Greater Flow of all our relations.

espada miguel
Likewise, this new 28-day cycle that we have entered is for us to focus on ourselves as living antennas. This is the time to pay attention to the most subtle, energetic, vibrational qualities that underlie all of life. We are now being invited to refine ourselves as Channels, and Attune ourselves as healthy vessels. This is a cycle of refining our discernment of the resonance we live from, day to day, moment by moment. Its time to take energetic inventory of the hidden corners of our psyches – to really shine the light on our core beliefs, our self-talk, our habits, our relationships with our time, with our loved ones, with our bodies, with Spirit, with prosperity, with our work in the world, etc., and get real with our vibrational self.

energy-beingIn this light, it is important to clarify what energies have we taken on and absorbed that are not ours and do not serve us. Shake them off, let them go, and clear space in your field to hear your Sovereign Spirit and tune into your true energetic, souls’ signature vibration.

With compassion, faith and willingness to grow, let us inquire: What needs to be cleared and shifted so we can more effortlessly channel our inspiration? What needs to change? What do we need support with? What are our true desires that we have put on hold? What is within us waiting to take flight and soar to a new level? What fears can we rise out of? What self-importance and egoism can we transcend? What small story of ourselves can we see through and drop? What anxieties about the future can we stop projecting upon? What shames and resentments about the past can we stop clinging to?

If it’s not in resonance with your deepest knowing about what is healthy for you, now is the time to shift gears and create a new alignment with your higher self and your own divine inspiration!


Underneath our seemingly dense human form, we are pure energy. We are Essentially Resonant Beings. We are each Living Matrices of Vibration. We are but a constantly changing shape-shifting flow of subtle streams of energies that affect, and are affected by, our environment. Inner and outer are one flow. We are each different cascading emanations of the living Song of the Universe.

We live in a shared field of energy, all of us swimming in one collective psyche that is nested within one quantum resonant field of possibility.

Regardless of how fixed anything may appear, we each have infinite range of how we can channel the vibrational possibility of the Universal flow through our own human, energetic vessels.

resonate4Just like a dial on the radio, we can tune our heart-mind-consciousness-essence into a vast spectrum of frequencies and realities and dreams. We are each living antennas. We can receive and transmit the densest fears to the most elevated truths; the deepest abysmal anxieties to the most illuminated serenity – and everything in between… This is our human adventure as Resonant Beings.

As we continue to look within, and investigate what thoughts and stories and perspectives we are believing and resonating with, we can continually learn how to consciously shift and modulate our vibration.

We can learn how to attune the quality and frequency of the song of our lives – the music we bring to our shared field – to our families, to our communities, to our culture, to our existence.


Resonance only speaks the language of Now. Resonance is Current.

resonate6Ultimately every thought, every emotion, every action, every intention, has a resonance that we can trace. This is the time to be SENSITIVE and AWARE of what energies you are running through you moment to moment. How are you affecting your environment? How is your environment affecting you? How else can you perceive things to be in sync with your Heart’s intelligence? What shifts can you make to experience greater alignment? It’s OK if you don’t know how – simply the awareness and desire to shift vibrations can open many doors…

The journey is the destination.
We are all simply unfolding.

We can always re-start ~ re-fresh ~ re-align ~ re-set, re-dream…


inspirFollow what Turns you On!

Be the unique conduit of Life that only you can be…

Channel your Inspiration and surround yourself with what feeds your Soul!


In Lak’ech ~ I Am Another Yourself,
Eden Skywalker
Author of The Galactic Calendar
“Time to Activate Magic & Raise the Frequency on Planet Earth”

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  1. Thank you so much Eden! Your words have brought me back from sea to live again… Soul tribe full of blessings, I am so grateful…

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