NEW GALACTIC CYCLE: Sept 20 – Oct 17: Electric Moon of Service: Time to Activate Your Passions & Give Your Gifts to the World!

angelfooterHere we are my friends, on the 1st New Moon since the epic Total Solar Eclipse, one lunation ago… Nearing the Equinox Holy Days… The challenges are immense and the gifts of these times resound! No stone in our transformation is being left unturned! 

*This post is dedicated to my dear friend Jim Feldmann who recently passed, quite unexpectedly. He was the inspiration for this writing, as he was one of the most giving, service-oriented people I have ever known… His shocking passage has been a profound reminder to me of the impermanence of all of life as the actual ground we live on, as well as the infinite ways there are to give back to life and touch each other in this brief and fleeting encounter we share in here on Earth…* Blessings, Eden Skywalker

Rainbow-Bridge_white_mediumLife is a journey; a shared journey with all members of the family of life. While life is full of both hardships and blessings, our opportunity is to always expand our sense of interconnectedness.

The more we contemplate the interworkings behind the scenes of our daily realities, the more evidence we can find of how intimately our lives are interwoven with each other, and how much we all have in common

Ultimately, life is a gift and a mystery to awaken to. What is it that makes life feel worthwhile? We find that it is by caring about something greater than our own selves that we can find fuel to serve.

On The Galactic Calendar, we are now entering “The Electric Moon of Service”  (September 20 – October 17th). This is the 3rd month of the Galactic year that began on July 26th. On this Cosmic Calendar system, the entire 365-day year is understood as a vast spiral journey around the Sun. Each 28-day cycle carries a distinct energy and focus within the unfolding creative process of the year.

You can align with the power of this new 28-day cycle by contemplating its key words: “ACTIVATE ~ BOND ~ SERVICE.” These profound moments on planet Earth are calling you and I to recognize our interdependence, and to offer the natural gifts we have inside of us to uplift our shared adventure. This is the time to bond our energies and form alliances that are mutually beneficial and life-affirming. Activate possibilities. Energize connections. Follow the pulse of positivity.

11940718_881173331965929_612904506160153199_nInquire: What activates your sense of being alive? What brings you electric euphoria? What sparks your creativity? What passions stir your inner being? What causes do you believe in that ignite your heart? In what ways can you give back and support your families and communities? This cycle summons you to plug-in to the electric currents of enthusiasm that live inside of you, and follow the path of your joy as it naturally wants to give of itself!

We are each distinct agents of life, with different perspectives and callings; unique talents and abilities. As we shine and manifest our inspiration, together, we can amplify our light. Together, we can merge our strengths. Together, in our sacred diversity, we can compliment each other and join forces to beautify our world.


Our hearts hold the keys to activating our service. Our hearts inherently know that we are interconnected, with one another, and with the planet and the universe itself. Our hearts feel the one pulse of life surging inside of us, and they bow to the infinite reflections of our oneness. Our hearts intuitively care, and naturally seek to extend their care.

To accept the call to be of service is simply to open to the moment to moment invitation to support life, as it is occurring right in front of our eyes. There are endless paths of service, for there are endless ways to channel our love and gratitude. To serve is to give; to give of our time, our wisdom, our experience, our skills, our voices, our presence.

Sometimes being of service looks like volunteering and digging our hands into a project. Sometimes it looks like listening to someone’s pain and offering our compassion and empathy. Sometimes it looks like expressing the art of our soul by incarnating our unique point of view. Service is the act of making our love visible. 

As we simply activate our intention to serve life, we need only open to the voice of our hearts to be shown the flowing path. We can come to see each moment as a new opportunity to show up for life. We can joyfully step into the precious stream of giving and receiving that ever-renews our spirits.

Sept 22 ~ White Overtone Wind Day ~ Exact @ 1:02pm PDT

The Equinox Times are always natural portals of prayer and ceremony, the world over. Join in with your positive intentions and commitment to renewing yourself and our world with the power of care & action!

This Natural Time Holy-day is a potent time to connect with the living consciousness of our Earth in her cyclic dance of rhythmic balance with the Sun. Let us open ourselves to her living wisdom as we too seek balance. At this time of equilibrium, the light and dark, yang and yin forces are balanced, opening opportunities to integrate these polarities within ourselves, meeting our wholeness.

Likewise, this is a highly charged time to unify our hearts and minds with our human family as together we seek to contribute to the positive transformation of our shared world!

  • On Sept 21 The UN International Day of Peace is observed around the world
  • On Sept 22 many focused meditations, prayers, ceremonies and celebrations around the Globe occur ~ Learn more here
  • On Sept 23-24 is coordinating Global Synchronizations for Peace

Please join in and add the ray of your soul to this time of collective communion as we exponentially call more and more Light to our Earth, and to our shared journey…



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~~~ Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu ~~~

May all beings be happy. May all my thoughts, words and actions contribute in some way
to the happiness of all beings.

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