NEW GALACTIC CYCLE: OCT 18 – NOV 14: Self-Existing Moon of Form: Time to Consciously Shape Our Lives!

 As human beings, we naturally want to live free from rules and limitations. But when we look at the natural world, although it may appear chaotic, the universe is actually quite structured, measured, and precise. Although it may not sound fun, our lives can actually be greatly benefited by welcoming the power of structure and form.

According to the cycles of The Galactic Calendar, we now have an entire 28 days to focus on exactly that. We are now entering the 4th month of the year: “The Self-Existing Moon of Form”  (October 18th – November 14th). You can align with the power of this 28-day cycle by contemplating its key words: “DEFINE ~ MEASURE ~ FORM.”

The power of 4 is the power of form: 4 seasons, 4 directions, 4 elements, 4 limbs of our body, 4 phases of the Moon. The power of 4 brings us solid ground and stability.

Focus, precision, discernment, and planning may not sound exciting, but they can be our greatest allies in manifesting our heart’s desires. As we assess our lives and look into the nitty-gritty of how our we’re shaping our days, we can make grounded, practical decisions in the here and now that help us thrive in the future. We all seek to grow in joy and vitality, and this is a time to scheme our dreams, and formulate clear plans to actualize our goals.

Inquire: How can I optimize my own healthy foundation? How can I benefit from more structure and routine in my life? In what ways can I create or utilize existing formats to empower my success and well being? How can I enjoy bringing greater order and clarity to my daily path?

We can also contemplate how powerful our minds are in creating our experience of reality. The way we view things is one of our most creative powers. We can ask ourselves: How do I define myself? How do my definitions of things and people shape my perceptions? How can I invoke greater self-love to guide me as the artist of my own life? Last but not least, how can I accept the form of my life as it is, while also opening to positive trans~form~ation?

The Totem of this Self-Existing Moon is the Owl. Owls possess superior senses of sight, hearing, & silent, stealth flight. Owl totem wisdom shares: “The owl sees in the dark: As a spirit animal, the owl guides you to see beyond the veil of deception and illusion; it helps see what’s kept hidden. It also symbolizes the ability to cut through illusions and beyond deceiving appearances into the true reality of a situation or a person’s motives… The owl is a strong spirit guide for discernment and making decisions based on solid foundations.”




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“ARE YOU EMPATHIC TOO? I consider myself a pretty empathic person. When I see someone suffering, it bothers me – a lot. And lately, it sure feels like the proverbial shit is really hitting the fan. Do you feel it too?

I won’t bother listing the headlines, you’ve seen them all. And I know some of you reading this have even experienced some of these events first hand!

But I think it’s important to bring to mind the fact that vastly more information is being broadcast to everybody on a daily basis than ever before in history. So even if we’re not yet collaborating as a global collective, we are undoubtedly collectively affected by the awareness of a whole lot of suffering.

Problem is: Even though these tragic events certainly invoke in us a profound impulse to make things right, the force or inertia of “business as usual” soon pulls us back into its current. Your compassionate impulse, of practical necessity, never truly satisfied or expressed. I believe this creates a very real psychic-emotional frustration, resulting in a kind of collective cognitive dissonance.

cognitive dissonance (noun, psychology) – the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

Cognitive dissonance thrives in a field of moment to moment (fleeting) consciousness, distracted by the business-as-usual imperative. Within this context, daily use of the 13 Moon Calendar cultivates (sustainable) continuing consciousness, which diminishes cognitive dissonance.

With continuing consciousness, behavior is motivated from a place of whole systems thinking, including the fluctuations, in time, of that system.

Taking a deliberate approach to your relationship with Time is a key aide in developing continuing consciousness. Like physical therapy to strengthen an atrophied muscle: At first it seems like nothing is happening, but through persistence your arm begins to work again or you can walk more normally until you’re up and running!

So too is the “Time-therapy” offered by the 13 Moon Calendar. After a while of sincerely utilizing it as a daily timekeeping tool, continuing consciousness begins to awaken. How? All its cycles are internally consistent and mathematically coherent, providing a reliable rhythm or pattern which becomes an enduring and stable foundation for your mind and perceptions.

You will more easily remember things from 7, 13, 20, 28, 91, even 260 days ago! And more importantly you should also begin to more clearly perceive some of your own unconscious internal workings, and perhaps even gain a new perspective on the unconscious patterns that play out on the world stage.

Furthermore, since the characteristics of the 13 Moon Calendar are culturally neutral or unmarked by history you also develop an unconditioned (outside-of-the-fishbowl) frame of reference.

You will not only be impervious to the spell of “Monday” – but you will have the opportunity to deliberately experience a “Yellow Magnetic Seed” day, or a “Red Lunar Serpent” day, or a 7-day “Yellow week of ripening” or a 28-day “Moon of Form”. And this draws forth a kind of compassion for how the unconscious programs, such as “the Monday blues” for example, affect us all.

AND (bonus!) the codes and patterns in the 13 Moon Calendar are not arbitrary. They approximate and communicate the structure, flow, rhythm, essence of the vast multidimensional reality with which we are generally out of touch.

This is why I promote the 13 Moons. Not to help you rationalize ending a relationship, or to decide when to cut your hair – nah, this would be like showing you how to use a kitchen knife as a mirror just because it provides some semblance of a reflection. No, I take the time to write articles like this and teach about the 13 Moon Calendar to hopefully assist YOU to cultivate continuing consciousness.

Because I believe when we work on this collectively it creates some ventilation, releasing the pressure caused by collective cognitive dissonance (which, sadly, explodes in exceedingly violent ways more frequently each year).

So instead of, again and again, acquiescing to the stifling deception that we are helpless, with an expanded awareness may we be better equipped to confront the challenges before us, individually and collectively.”
– Jacob Rhythmic Dragon


Jacob Wyatt has been living the Galactic Calendar since 2002, and he has designed an amazing interactive course to help you apply the power of these cycles even more fully in your life! I thoroughly recommend checking out his offering:


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