NEW GALACTIC CYCLE: Nov 15 – Dec 12: OVERTONE MOON OF RADIANCE: Time to Let Ourselves Shine!

Every individual has a personal center, a place of strength and stillness in the core of one’s being. This inner source of our truest self offers us autonomy and authenticity. This personal center is ever-present within us, and the more we consciously connect to it, the more easily we can receive its fortitude and guidance.

According to the cycles of The Galactic Calendar, we now have an entire 28 days to focus on exactly that. We are now entering the 5th month of the year: “The Overtone Moon of Radiance”  (November 15th – December 12th). You can align with the power of this 28-day cycle by contemplating its key words: “EMPOWER ~ COMMAND ~ RADIANCE.”


All radiance emanates from a center-point. As we learn to center within, we can radiate our truths and our gifts to the outer world. The Overtone vibration invites you to: “Center your mind in stillness, center your heart in love, center your body in breath, and you will find yourself centered within the cosmos.”


During this 28-day cycle, inquire: How can I nurture my connection to my own center? How can I let my light shine more freely and fully? What might I need to let go of to feel truly empowered? What might I need to begin, express or create to feel truly empowered? How can I be in command of my life from a place of centered calmness?

In this modern moment, there are so many events, responsibilities and distractions pulling our attention in all directions. As we seek to awaken and evolve ourselves, it is more important than ever that we create time and space to cultivate our inner sanctuary. This connection to self and self-love fuels us to be more dynamic and resilient beings, as we navigate the many realms of our lives.


May this Galactic Cycle empower you to express the treasures of your soul, knowing the love within you as a radiant beacon in this world.



On this cosmic calendar system the rhythms of time speak in a language of energies. These energies guide and inspire the unfolding of our life’s journey, and help connect us to the larger, universal order. Join people in 90 countries who are activating the magic of every day with The Galactic Calendar!




Hunab Ku Pendants & Banner of Peace Pendants

The Hunab Ku symbol represents The Architect of The Universe; the One Giver of Movement and Measure; the Absolute Being; The Center of the Galaxy; The Universal Dynamism which stimulates and motivates life in its total manifestation of spirit and matter. This symbol represents the principle of intelligent energy that pervades the entire universe.

The Banner of Peace emblem signifies “Peace Through Culture” and the unification of art, science & spirituality. The deep red represents the color of our one human blood. This universal symbol has deep historic roots and powerful modern significance as it now also represents the need to protect our Biosphere as the Mother of All Culture.


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~ Blessings From Our Hearts to Yours ~ Eden Skywalker & The SkyTime Family



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