NEW GALACTIC CYCLE: Jan 10 – Feb 6: THE RESONANT MOON OF ATTUNEMENT: Time to Fine-Tune & Call in a New Beauty!

We all live within a field of vast, open possibility. Each one of us has unique ways of embodying and expressing what it means to be alive. We each have unique ways of seeing the world, and of channeling our creative energies. We each have our own note to sing in the grand symphony of the Universe!

According to the cycles of The Galactic Calendar, we now have an entire 28 days to focus on exactly that. We are now entering the 7th month of the year: “The Resonant Moon of Attunement” (January 10 – February 6). You can align with the power of this 28-day cycle by contemplating its key words: “CHANNEL ~ INSPIRE ~ ATTUNEMENT.”

This cycle calls us to connect to our sacred powers of inspiration!
Our inspiration is a divine force that lives within us. It is our purest inner guide to actualize magic and joy in our lives, for it is in tune with our heart’s passion and our true inner calling. Our inspiration is endowed with a mystical intelligence beyond that of our linear, rational minds. As we channel our inspiration, we help new creativity and imagination manifest. By following our spirits, we inspire those around us to follow their inner muse. Together, we expand each other’s vision of the endless ways we can uplift and beautify our world!

This is also a time to activate our “Resonant” powers. At our core, we are all sensitive beings that are influenced by the energies and vibrations around us. Our thoughts, intentions, feelings and actions carry different energetic frequencies. So too do our outer environments and our inner stories and perspectives carry unique resonances. We can make huge positive transformations in our lives by making subtle energetic shifts, just like tuning the dial of a radio… 

We are affected by the resonance and vibration of all the fields we live within. In this modern moment, we are constantly bombarded by screens, technology, and mechanical, artificial resonance of all kinds, not to mention all the extreme emotions and thought-forms of fear, anxiety, despair, aggression, addiction, etc. that are constantly circulating in our collective consciousness. It is wise to discern when we need to re-attune to Nature, to our Heart, to the simplicity of our breath ~ in order to get centered back into alignment and attunement with our True Self, our essential, natural, sovereign beingness. Likewise, every time we re-align our vibration we then put that positive frequency out into the collective field, and offer a coherent energy to those around us and all that we touch!

During this 28-day cycle, inquire:
How can I fine-tune my reality? How can I support myself ongoingly to be in vibrational attunement to my True Self? How can I be a conscious channel for the art of my life? What fills me with zest for living? What is within me waiting to take flight and soar to a new level? What fears can I transcend? What holds me back from following my inspiration? How can I deepen my connection to my mystical muse?

This is the time to align your vibe with the callings and knowing of your authentic heart. Follow what turns you on! Be the unique conduit of life that only you can be. Channel your inspiration and surround yourself with what feeds your soul…


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The Hunab Ku symbol represents The Architect of The Universe; the One Giver of Movement and Measure; the Absolute Being; The Center of the Galaxy; The Universal Dynamism which stimulates and motivates life in its total manifestation of spirit and matter. This symbol represents the principle of intelligent energy that pervades the entire universe.

The Banner of Peace emblem signifies “Peace Through Culture” and the unification of art, science & spirituality. The deep red represents the color of our one human blood. This universal symbol has deep historic roots and powerful modern significance as it now also represents the need to protect our Biosphere as the Mother of All Culture.

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~ Blessings From Our Hearts to Yours ~ Eden Skywalker & The SkyTime Family


  1. Thank you. You are ever so inspirational. I only wish I had more hours and days to dwell in the space you have provided. I’m so thankful that you have managed to endure.
    All love to you guys.

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