NEW GALACTIC CYCLE: April 4 – May 1: PLANETARY MOON OF MANIFESTATION: Time to Boldly Bring Your Gifts to Life!

Every one of us is a precious being. We each have unique offerings to present to life, that we alone can give to enrich and enliven our shared journey.  As we listen inside to find the callings of our soul, we can then manifest and bestow our gifts to our communities. In reality, we are a planetary family. Each time we bring our inner aspirations to life, we brighten and uplift our world!  

According to the cycles of The Galactic Calendar, we now have an entire 28 days to focus on exactly that. We are now entering the 10th month of the year: “The Planetary Moon of Manifestation” (April 4 – May 1). You can align with the power of this 28-day cycle by contemplating its key words: “PERFECT ~ PRODUCE ~ MANIFESTATION.”


This “Planetary” Power urges us to “make it happen!” This is the time to actualize; to attain; to generate; to unify your heart and your hands; to merge your inspiration with the physical plane; to follow through and be a manifester. This is the time to bring your dreams to life.

This cycle also highlights an essential teaching: We must strive to perfect all that we manifest, while also comprehending that all that manifests has an inherent perfection, simply as it is. In other words, life invites us to dance with the paradox of continually aspiring to become our best, while knowing that we are already perfect as we are right now. A life-time study for sure!

During these 28-days inquire: What in my life is calling to be manifested? What visions, projects, plans or to-do lists is it time to follow through on and carry out? What in my life is ready to be shifted into a higher creative gear? How can I actualize the desires of my heart? How can I accept the perfection of my life, as it is right now?


The vibration of the “Planetary” energy urges us that now is the time to actualize our love for life, and our planetary home. May we become increasingly aware of all the forces, elements, eco-systems and sentient creatures we share this Planet with. Our living Biosphere calls us to keep awakening in our human affairs and keep making the large and small changes necessary to live in balance with the Planetary Whole.

As Bolivian Shaman Chamalu says: “Everything we do to our bodies we do to the planet; everything we do to our planet we do to our bodies.”

May we acknowledge all that we personally bring to this world – our thoughts, words and deeds – directly contributes to the one collective, planetary equation. May we know ourselves and all others as “planetary kin” – equal and essential members of Earth’s community.

As we strive to perfect our human role on Earth, evolving in our planetary stewardship, let us also gratefully receive all the abundant nourishment and glorious gifts our Planet brings to us!

On this cosmic calendar system the rhythms of time speak in a language of energies. These energies guide and inspire the unfolding of our life’s journey, and help connect us to the larger, universal order. Join people in 90 countries who are activating the magic of every day with The Galactic Calendar!

~~~ Featuring 13 Visionary Art Pieces & Guide-book to Galactic Time! ~~~


The Galactic Calendar gives us cycles upon cycles to perceive the flow of our days and our lives that we can realize our Time as Art! Galactic Time gives us colors, textures, tones, vibrations, archetypes and rhythms to consciously dance through time with, as it unfolds the opportunity of our Lives… Galactic Time opens us to New Dimensions of experience WITHIN, so we can expand the context of our journey on Earth…



We are immensely grateful for your support of our small family business! It is a true honor to be able to serve in our collective awakening by bringing the power and wisdom of Galactic Time to our daily lives. Together, we are an extraordinary force of Natural Time Artists – helping uplift the vibration of our human consciousness into harmony with the Cosmic Order!

We are reaching out to everyone who believes in us,
and believes in our Galactic Time mission,
and inviting YOU to help us Thrive and take our work to the next level!


We have many creative ideas for projects and products we’d love to manifest… We are ready to EXPAND and bring the transformative power of Galactic Time to more and more people around the world! With your support, a whole new world of Galactivation is possible!

~ May the Universe support us All, to fulfill our greatest potential, as together we journey and grow amidst these most potent days on Earth ~

From our Hearts to Yours,
Eden, Robert & Merlin Sky of SkyTime


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