Challenges cultivate our capacities

On The Galactic Calendar, we have about 2 weeks left in the “The Lunar Moon of Challenge” (Aug 23-Sept 19). This is the 2nd month of the Galactic Year that began on July 26 ~ The Yellow Electric Seed Year ~ therefore it is invoking the 2nd Tone of Creation: The Lunar Tone of Challenge.

This is the time cycle to accept our many challenges, and to lucidly pay attention to what options we have in how we can respond to them.

Challenges are inherent in our existence, and we can ever-evolve by how we perceive, respond to, and navigate the many challenges life gives us. Ultimately, challenges invoke growth.

With much love, compassion, and wisdom, may we embrace the challenges in our personal and planetary world as potent initiations that are catalyzing us to cultivate new strengths and new capacities!

In this light, please take a moment and watch this brief video from Eckhart Tolle that perfectly communicates this with humor and insight. 🙂 I believe you will be glad you watched this!

May we All be Divinely Guided to arise into the next level embodiment of our true capacities!

Sending Blessings of Strength, Calm,
Clarity and Courage to All,
Eden Skywalker

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  1. Thank you! I always enjoy your posts. Enjoyed the Eckhart segment also. Hope you are weathering these extra challenges we are facing here in the Rogue Valley. Blessings to you and your family.
    Bridger Viden
    13 worldbridger

    1. Thank You for reaching out Cosmic Worldbridger! Yes our local challenges are immense, and my heart goes out to everyone in this area. Especially here on the 1 year anniversary of the Alameda Fire… But yes, myself and my family are finding the pathways to thrive and arise amidst these intense times and all that it is bringing. One moment at a time… Ultimately, there is so much to be grateful for, and that knowing is my heart’s fuel… Sending blessings to you and your relations as well! In Lakech 🙂

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