Wakefulness ~

All is the Divine Flow ~ All is for Learning… Each moment of my life is but the poetry of my soul – always editable, always capable of re-creation, re-scripting, re-imagining, re-arranging, re-dreaming… always a sacred work in process… In this creative human quest, this poem full of pain and beauty, may I own my limitless capacities of unconditional acceptance, fearless wisdom, and infinite compassion for myself – and for all beings and life-forms of this Grand Totality of Existence. May my life’s poem be a prayer in action to all-ways learn how to Serve the Whole by awakening to my soul’s capacity to humbly give the gifts I have encoded in me to assist the upliftment of this suffering world – this world out of balance – this traumatized humanity – this wounded Web of Life. May I ever-submit to be Divinely Guided to learn how to embody, incarnate, and channel energies and actions born of the Love that heals, that makes whole, that illuminates, restores, rebalances, nourishes, inspires, beautifies, and evolves our shared journey of Planetary Harmony and Cosmic Awakening…

Blessings from my heart to yours,
Aryz ~ Eden Skywalker


  1. Thank you for sharing this prayer with us Eden!
    It touches my heart.. and helps me to see clearly how all is in the great flow of life, and a part of divine purpose and grace. To hold things lightly and lovingly as they pass through my life, and to remember that the agents of change in my personal experience are always available, to help bring new bright turnings for myself and all my relations.

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