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July 26 Starts The Galactic New Year of The Planetary Wizard!


On The Galactic Calendar, as of July 26, 2015 we are collectively launching into a New Year ~ The Year of The Planetary Wizard. This Year calls us to amplify the powers of our Inner Wizard. This is the Time to Unite in Re-Enchanting The Soul of The World.

We help Re-Enchant the Soul of the World as we bring our gifts, our talents, our passions, our callings to Life. Regardless of how we identify ourselves, and what our external life appears to be, we are equal in affecting our shared Planetary Culture, and we are responsible to help Inspire our shared Life. Each one of us can look inside ourselves and ask: “What else is possible?” Our Earth needs us to rise into our potential; to awaken our deeper powers and capacities. This is the Time to remember who we are as multi-dimensional beings; to consciously unite our Spirits with the material realm.

11147087_1634155520148781_9099343620275429904_nThis Wizard Year is governed by “The Planetary Tone of Manifestation.” This Year invokes the energies of Perfection and Producing… This is the Time to ACTUALIZE. Notice what is currently manifesting in your life. Seek guidance from your higher self how you can continue to actualize your true heart’s callings. While this energy invites us to strive whole-heartedly to perfect all our endeavors – we are also reminded to accept that there is an already existing, inherent perfection to all that is manifest, as it is, simply because it is manifest. Attempting to be overly perfectionist is actually counter-productive. Rather, allow perfection to be a continual process of aspiration. Let us delight in all we have to bring to this planet, and enjoy all this planet brings to us! 

Wizards live life from the inside, out. We know the powers our perceptions, thoughts, beliefs and actions have in casting spells of reality. We know the powers of our sacred imagination and our visionary inspirations. We are learning how to access the deep Self within, that can guide our paths with clarity and Heart-knowing. We are learning how to ripen our intuition, to honor our instinct, to open our telepathic channels… As Wizards, we know we are more than our bodies, more than our linear minds. We know that the 3rd dimensional physical realm is a product of the invisible constructs we hold true and invest in. Therefore, we are all learning how to expand our senses, and to awaken from limitations and dis-serving patterns we have upheld. Every way we learn to bring more light, healing, health & wholeness to our own lives, so we are assisting the whole Planetary equation. As I have always said, The Personal is the Planetary; The Planetary is the Personal. In this regard, let us not underestimate the profound power of Self-Love & Universal Compassion.


11091189_1632981256932874_7844793367821160415_nOne of the Wizard’s key powers is Timelessness.

A Wizard knows that true Time is not found in a clock, nor in a past or future moment. She is not guided by linear time constraints. Rather, She is a perpetual student of Synchronic Time. She seeks to navigate her life by sensitizing to the natural flow, thus assuring ongoing conscious synchronicities. She is ever-deepening her sovereign connection to the inner dimension of Timeless now-centered Time, learning to attune to the ever-changing, subtle timing cues & nuances that guide her Lucidly through this life to be On Time with all her relations and responsibilities.

The Galactic Calendar by SkyTimeFor the past 20 years, I have been blessed to live my life guided by Synchronic Time, learning how to be in the clock world, but not of it – being able to coordinate with the 12-month calendar when necessary, without being bound by its linearity. My path has been to passionately create Galactic Calendars to share this life-changing opportunity with others. By living in this Galactic paradigm of time, I connect with the magic of every day. 

The true nature of time is a magical, flowing order that synchronizes all moments, events, and relations as a grand web of meaning. This Galactic Calendar enters us into conscious contact with this web of meaning, and expands our entire context of reality.
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The Galactic Calendar by SkyTime

The Galactic Calendar by SkyTime

I am deeply excited to share this new edition, as my husband and I have poured our creative souls into taking the Calendar to a whole new level. We have a new design, several new artists, and have re-written the introductory guide to make Galactic Time simple and accessible for everyone!



On the Galactic Calendar, everyone has a unique Galactic Signature based on our birth-date. The Galactic Signature of The Dalai Lama is a White Magnetic Wizard. Bob Marley is a Self-Existing Wizard. Carl Jung is a Cosmic Wizard. Edgar Cayce & Chief Joseph are Lunar Wizards. These are just a few examples of how the Wizard power can be actualized…

In fact, the legendary artist John Lennon was a White Planetary Wizard – meaning his destiny energy was the same as this whole New Year we are now entering! May his legacy inspire us to arise and enliven our creative dreams!

What’s your Galactic Signature? Find out by decoding your birth-date at

11149495_1637135509850782_8725125798308167008_nLet us remember, Magic is not some far-off, supernatural power, reserved for only some… Whether we conceive of life through the lens of science or art or spirituality, true magic is all around us and within us – the intricate patterns of nature’s omnipresent beauty; the living trees giving us the gift of oxygen; the precision of the Moon’s waxing and waning rhythms; the Sunlight calling us into a new day; the vastness of the dancing Cosmos we dwell inside of; our human capacities for forgiveness, redemption & transformation; our universal abilities to feel our connection to All our Relations, to be moved and to care for life ~ realizing ourselves as Instruments of Existence itself.



In Lak’ech – I Am Another Yourself,
Eden Sky, Red Self-Existing Skywalker


As Chief Sonne Reyna says: “There are 2 types of people – those with Enchanted Hearts, and those with Confused Hearts. It is the responsibility of those with Enchanted Hearts to
help those who are confused.”


April 4: COSMIC RESTART ~ Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse/New Galactic Spin Launching a New Dream

10302110_222905511252018_5887169033203986297_n (1)We are still experiencing the portal that opened up on the March 20, New Moon/Solar Eclipse/Equinox, and the energies continue to intensify! The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on April 4 brings us yet another level of Rebirth and Evolution.

Since March 20, we have been in the “window of the eclipses,” a most potent time offering us new capacities to re-structure and re-align ourselves from the inside out, in communion with Cosmic and Celestial Forces that are bestowing benevolent vibrations and guidance to assist our personal and planetary transformation.

Our invitation is to open our bodies’ cells and our heart’s petals to RECEIVE a new dream of what our lives can be, and what is possible. As Stephanie South, Lineage Holder of the Galactic Calendar says: “We are being RE-WOVEN.”

kin1April 4, 2015 is not only a Full Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse, it is ALSO the Beginning of a New 260-Day Galactic Cycle. It is Kin 1 – Red Magnetic Dragon: COSMIC RESTART.

Beginning at the beginning, yet again, from a new level on the ascending evolutionary ladder of being. Red Magnetic Dragon is the Primordial Mother Waters from which All is Birthed. It is the vibration of Origin; Source; The Cauldron from which All is Generated; The Realm of Nurturance and Wholistic Renewal. We are invited to affirm: “I nurture the birth of my being with primal trust.”

Stephanie South reminds us that as of Kin 1, Red Magnetic Dragon (April 4) we begin a profound 13-day initiation spanning through April 16, Kin 13, Red Cosmic Skywalker. The focus of these 13 days is to set a NEW Template, reweaving a New Pattern…
As she says, “Our Power is great, and is calling upon us…”

260-day Galactic Spin Cycle mapped as a Harmonic Matrix of the Frequencies of CreationThe last Red Magnetic Dragon day was on July 18, 2014, therefore the Galactic Spin we are completing is from July 18, 2014 – April 3, 2015. The Galactic Spin repeats perpetually, ongoing spiraling cycles of 260-day units. Every time we reach this ending and beginning moment on The Galactic Calendar, it is an ideal time to review our journey, and look at what has occurred in our inner and outer lives in these last 9 moons. Whenever you receive this message, you can still self-reflect on this cycle of Time. The point of this is to consciously integrate all we have realized, learned and experienced in the last Spin; to honor all that we have undergone in the last 260-days, and note where we have grown, as well as the aspects and areas of our lives where we have more room to evolve. By taking the time/space to do this, we gain a profound self-intimacy that supports our journey into the New Cycle.

This Restart offers us a potent invitation to forgive our “mistakes” or inadequacies of the past cycle, and start fresh with humility and connection to our own inherent innocence and wholeness. May we also extend this peaceful vibration by compassionately forgiving All of our Relations, thus offering our hearts and minds as a “clean slate” for the Universe to once again create upon.

The Red Magnetic Dragon always takes us back to the beginning, The Source, The One.
Red Dragon is the primal Mother birthing energy. Here we are invited to surrender to the unity of source, and immerse in the cauldron of renewal that we may start again, anew, refreshed, reborn… Red Dragon reminds us to nurture ourselves with mindful compassion, to nurture one another with care and tenderness, and to make space to receive the nurturance and riches the Universe has to bestow to our sincere, humble hearts and to our receptive bodies.

The Universe is Abundant with Nurturance for All Beings; All of The Web of Life is Held by the Embrace of the Primordial Loving Beingness the animates us and sustains us. We visit this place of abundant benevolence when we tune into our inner silence, the place that precedes thought and concept – before identity and duality – the empty fullness of blank divine existence conscious of itself – the transparent, gentle glory that thrives and pulses in our heart’s innermost chambers, a seamless breath of Totality. That feeling awareness is our beingness; it is our interconnectedness; our true nature and home.

When we remember and re-root to ourselves as human-BEINGS, we re-awaken to our essential self and are re-born every time we re-immerse in the home of our Beingness, nurturing ourselves in this clarity and transforming our participation in our world. By grounding over and over again in the essential core of our being, we experience and embody our sense of wholeness and are more alive and effective in initiating and birthing the creations of our daily lives and tending to the gardens of our relationships! As the Indian masters prescribe: “Established in Being, Perform Action.”

Learn how to Awaken the Magic of Every Day with The Galactic Calendar!

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In Lak’ech ~ I am Another Yourself,
Eden Sky, Red Self-Existing Skywalker

Upcoming Equinox ~ New Moon ~ Total Solar Eclipse – March 20, 2015!

Blue-Solar-Eclipse-Wallpaper-1024x576-700x394March 20, White Crystal Worldbridger day, brings us highly potent energies with the convergence of the Equinox, New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse! WOW!!!

We will not experience a Solar Eclipse and Equinox together again until 2034! Let us tune into this highly charged portal, and energize our connection to our truest self that we may bring our gifts to uplift our world ~ truly feeling and comprehending our intrinsic connection to the Whole Web of Life.

The Equinox is a Natural Earth Holiday, honored globally by indigenous people and people of all traditions with Ceremony, Prayer, Meditation, Ritual and Celebration of all kinds! Therefore this is a time of Natural Unification with ourselves as One Human Family, and of ourselves as One With Earth, and One with our Universe. Please consciously join in communion with this sacred and holy time in whatever way you are called to observe it!

On Friday, March 20th, White Crystal Worldbridger:
The New Moon is exact at 2:36 AM PDT,
Maximum *Solar Eclipse beginning about 10 minutes later at 2:45 AM PDT.
The Equinox is exact at 3:45 PM PDT.
Find your Equinox local time here.  Moonphase local time here.  Eclipse local time here.
*A total eclipse of the Sun can be seen in high northern latitudes (near Greenland and Iceland). A partial eclipse of the Sun can be seen in Greenland, Iceland, Europe, northern Africa, Middle East, NW Asia.

Global Meditations for Equinox
Find all the details at:

Global Equinox Sunrise / Sunset Meditation
March Equinox: Sunrise or Sunset Friday, March 20, 2015 

International Earth Day
March Equinox ~ Original Earth Day!
Learn about St. Francis and the birth of Earth Day. Take a moment to say the St. Francis Prayer.
Singing the St.Francis Prayer

Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation
March Equinox at Sunset

Healing Our Oceans ~ Marine Meditation
March Equinox, 8:00pm your time

March Equinox and World Water Day
3 Transforming Planetary Service Events! This Equinox: March 20, 21, 22
WATCH: LoveWater 2015 Video!

Astrological Wisdom from Celestial Space Astrology Blog shares:

“Now is the time to be courageous and take action on your inspiration. Even a small action or step will have ripples into the future. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse brings the themes of feeling the highest level of inspiration and expressing it with courage…The symbolism is “super-charged” new moon energy of new beginnings…Think of it as an opportunity to “reset” into the direction you choose. Stay empowered, know that Solar Eclipses signify potential for fresh new starts…

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we welcome the Spring Equinox  which heralds a time of rebirth, resurrection and renewal. New seedlings burst through the rich soil and hopefully flourish over the Summer months. The Equinox is a dynamic doorway, the Sun enters Aries at 0 degrees. This signifies the quality of decisive action and using the Inner Pioneer Archetype.

Remember, use the potential of this dynamic astrological group of aspects to help you to act with courage on inspiration received from your inner guidance or an external guide you trust. Plant new seeds within the subconscious. Be a part of healthy empowering Spiritual gatherings or ceremonies which attune you even more with the primed energy available now.

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces/Aries message is simple:
Disperse the inspiration out into the world. Like a soft seed that empties from a flower and is carried wide and far in the wind.  Have courage and confidence to brings dreams into reality now even if the path in front of you is a brand new one. Be open to the possibility of magical surprises when following the subtle nudges and intuitive guidance from Soul. It is within the unknown that anything is possible for it is full of infinite possibilities.” ( full article here )


TO THE JOURNEY!  In Lak’ech ~ I Am Another Yourself,  Eden Skywalker
Author of The Galactic Calendar ~ Awakening The Magic of Everyday!



In honor of the “2015” New Year,
let us contemplate how this “Gregorian” calendar system
may affect us personally and planetarily ~

Believe it or not – calendars affect our minds,
and therefore our lives…
Calendars are the central instruments of cultural programs.

 The Gregorian calendar became the world standard in 1582. Before this point, there were many more cultural calendar traditions than are in use today. Generally speaking, these calendrical lineages were nature-based, highlighting the changing seasons of one’s local lands. Also, these maps of time connected people to their sacred relationship to time, elucidating cycles that united the microcosm of one’s life with the macrocosm of the Universe.

Nowadays, it seems that our sense of time is largely divorced from a connection to Nature’s cycles, and that in many ways we have lost touch with the sacred and magical dimension of time. For the most part, we have been conditioned with a linear sense of time, and have come to accept the emptiness of the 12 Gregorian Calendar months which do little to inspire our connection to the larger Universe.

Where does the Gregorian Calendar come from? What historical programs might be inscribed in it? Is this the best calendar choice for our world? Is this calendar helping us prioritize our human roles as shepherds of the planet? Are its cycles inspiring the awakening of our human potential? Or is it reinforcing that we keep our focus on working, shopping, and paying our bills?

The Gregorian Calendar is sourced in the Vatican Catholic Church, Pope Gregory the 13th, and the earlier calendars of Caesar and the Roman Empire. The mathematical structure of the 12-month calendar does not accurately reflect nature’s harmony, as seen in the erratically numbered 28, 29, 30, 31 day months that normalize irregularity. Likewise, in Gregorian time, we are disassociated from the archaic, sacred meanings of the 7 days of the week, and we blindly accept the misnamed 12 months of the year: Sept = 7 and is the 9th month, Oct = 8 and is the 10th month, Nov = 9 and is the 11th month, Dec = 10 and is the 12th month.

Straddling the globe, everywhere we look – from our cellphones, computers, daytimers, TV, doctor’s offices, prisons, presidential offices, banks, supermarkets, elementary schools – we are all told the day’s “date” in Gregorian terms, “Thursday, January 1, 2015,” – but what does that mean?  Is it possible there is more to Time than this empty shell? I have come to the understanding that the Gregorian calendar is simply a socially accepted version of time, one that has become the world standard as a result of violent imposition, Christian colonialism, and historical atrocities. Beyond that, I feel it is covering up the magical dimension of time – the real time of our own natural rhythms, and the natural rhythms of the Earth we live upon and Universe we dream within.

The ultimate role of a sacred calendar is to guide us with knowledge of the cycles we live amidst, thus illuminating our relationships with all of life, and the inner workings of our human journeys. In this capacity, our modern calendar does not serve us at all. Rather than helping us attune our lives, Dr. Jose Arguelles’ research reveals that the 12-month Gregorian calendar works in conjunction with the 60-minute mechanical clock to generate the “12:60 artificial timing frequency.” In the artificial time paradigm there is a vibration of scarcity as though we are perpetually in danger of running out of time. Our minutes seem to all be owned by some obligation, some past regret, or future stress… The clock ticks relentlessly, entraining us into the mechanical pulse of the machine. Dr. Jose Arguelles summarized that the essence of the 12:60 timing frequency is the concept: “Time is Money.” This mentality carries an often unconscious vibration of survival fear, and its strategy and mode is to separate and compartmentalize. This mind-set can allow the biosphere’s resources, as well as our own human bodies and life-force, to be perceived solely as material worth to be potentially exploited, rather than respected as interconnected sentient beingness.

This materialist relationship to time imbedded in the 12-month calendar and clock is contrary to the dimension of Natural Time in which all of life – all moments, all beings, all circumstances, are inherently interwoven and synchronized. Natural Time is non-linear and now-centered. Time is understood as an organic symphony of living rhythms; energy; consciousness; infinite possibilities of the unfolding art of beingness; synchronic patterns of fractal aesthetics…One expression of this is the 13:20 natural timing frequency, which was first recorded by the ancient Maya and then re-articulated by Dr. Jose Arguelles in the form of a 13-Month/28-day Calendar. In Natural Time, we come to understand the simple yet complex mathematical order that underlies Nature’s cycles, and we gradually re-connect with our inherent, internal sense of timing, grounded in our own terrestrial and cosmic wholeness.

In these unprecedented moments on Earth, we live in a time of great mystery and unknown. We are all called to open to the guidance of Nature and to attune to our deepest center; our internal spiritual guidance; our heart-knowing. In this light,

I propose a 2015 New Time Resolution to practice all year long:
“Transcend the linear confines of mechanical time
and free your heart & mind into natural time!” 

Living in natural time is a personal study that can be accessed by tracking nature-based calendars, as well as by cultivating a connection to one’s natural, internal rhythms. Likewise, we all have dormant telepathic capacities waiting to be activated. The process of awakening our telepathy is greatly supported by taking one’s attention off the idea of time being located outside of oneself (mistaking “time” for the numbers on a clock or a computer screen) and truly awakening to the understanding that We are Time; Time is within us, its sacred order governs our unfolding as creatures in this Grand Creation. The more we put our attention on following our spirit’s guidance, our heart’s inspiration, and our body’s rhythms, the more we can find we are In The Flow with our own center and in harmony with our web of responsibilities and relations; In Sync…

Ultimately, my intention for this message is to inspire an expanded context in which to perceive the Gregorian calendar and the affects of its time prescription. Rather than giving the 12 month calendar the power of our un-examined allegiance, let us empower ourselves with our sovereign connection to Natural Time which always lives within us as our deepest intuition, and remember that there are countless sacred ways to track and designate the rhythms of our lives.

All of this is not to say one should not celebrate “2015.” The idea of a “New Year” brings an innocent and welcome sense of renewal, something we all seek instinctively – to start again, fresh.

Let us be re-born every day by finding renewed courage to live from our Hearts. May we connect ever more intimately with the sacred dimension of time as the magical synchronizer. As a global culture, may we find pathways to hear and honor the wisdom and clarity of Nature’s rhythms, that we may elevate our human species into harmony with the One Web of Life.

To the Journey of the ever-changing Art of Now!
In Lak’ech – I am Another Yourself,
Eden Sky

Solstice 2012 in Palenque


Having focused on, and prepared for the prophetic date of Dec 21, 2012 for the past 18 years, I was honored beyond words to cross the Solstice 2012 threshold in Palenque, Mexico, holding vigil around a blazing prayer fire, in sacred, torrential rains for hours on end, directly across from Maya Grandfather Don Marzo Yuk Quetzal, surrounded by a circle of kin, including many from the International Rainbow Family.

In the middle of the night, Grandfather’s presence was like a mystical mirage as he glowed in his white wizard cloak. He emanated fierce tenderness and determined compassion, many times proclaiming: “Guerreros de la Luz” (Warriors of light!) As he gently rattled, he was a shamanic artist, painting prayers with invisible colors, weaving words and hands as incantations before the sacred fire. The fire that consumed and transmuted one cycle into the next… the fire of the New Dawn burning vividly amidst the cosmic downpour. Grandfather’s eyes were closed the majority of the night, as he was clearly communing and communicating with his ancestors, his guides, the earth and the heavens.

I felt we were traveling on the canoe of the Maya ancestors, sailing through the “Xibalba Be” (Mayan term for the dark rift in the Milky Way Galaxy), while Grandfather was calmly and silently at the helm, letting Great Spirit steer. He navigated with an almost invisible hand, upholding the law of equality, permitting all to wield the moments of our long ceremony as the larger tapestry of communion unfolded through our collective heart.

For hours upon hours, we held hands, soaked and surrendered to the cosmic baptism purifying us from above, adorning the long moments with sacred songs of all traditions, while the ancient smoke of copal encircled us time and time again. Shiva Shiva… Hare Hare.. Hey Wichitayo… Tierra mi cuerpo… Om mani pedme hung… Countless sacred folk songs en espanol were cast. We were like children. Miraculously, every voice was pure, gorgeous, loud and holy as though the divine spirit was moving through each one’s vessel, guiding the ever-changing scene our one consciousness was to emerge into… Don Marzo’s wife Sylvie sang in octaves of crystalline rivers flowing from her soul, bringing me to encounter new angelic dimensions I had not yet met.

When the moment of Solstice SILENCE came, I was now sitting on my drenched wool poncho, directly across from Grandfather, next to Sylvie, all of us now seated before the grand fire, with a huge circle of kin still standing strong around us. It was a moment of ultimate nothing… pure being… Opening to receive the lucid victory of returning to zero, the victory of conscious unity on earth… Opening to send my heart and soul into the one shared, enlightened silence of inter-being… It was at once dramatic and calm, utterly surreal yet wholly penetrating. I was in ecstatic gratitude for all the days of my path that led to this conscious reunion, as I felt the presence of all the human hearts meeting this profound moment together… Surely the angels’ trumpets were heralding our arrival…

Hours later, as the sun of Dec 21, 2012 rose, our numbers increased dramatically. Still the rains poured, and together we greeted the directions with ancient Mayan prayers on this holy day of 4 Ahau. You could feel that now the mission was celebration of our successful crossing. Don Marzo’s beauty that shone like a gentle shaman in the night, now glowed like a soft king of heart in the daylight. His joy was both subtle and elegant, yet exuberant in the vast grin that ignited his face. Through Grandfather’s smile, the triumph of his ancestors resounded, and he was at once a wise elder and an innocent cosmic child.

As the day of Dec 21 unfolded in Palenque, the rains relentlesly poured, leaving nothing untouched. Arriving eventually at the ancient temples, the indigenous dancers were in full regalia – jaguar and coyote heads and feathers of unfathomable grandeur graced the moment as the copal burned on mighty coals. From many corners of the Earth, hundreds were gathered to feel the vibration of this ancient prophesized day resonating on the sacred stones and holy grounds. Natural Time Calendar kin had traveled from all around the globe to join in the festivities! Among other leaders, Stephanie South was there “On behalf of Jose Arguelles – Valum Votan, the healing of Mother Earth, and the manifestation of the Rainbow Bridge.”


The day brought more long, rain-soaked circles of hand holding. Eventually, many of us joined in the sacred rhythms of the traditional dancers and danced joyously and timelessly in the mud. There was nothing to do but surrender to Mother Nature’s waters as she humbled us all equally and offered her cleansing rains to liberate the past world… Indeed, if you wanted to be in the majestic Realm of Palenque for Dec 21, 2012 you had to bear the unconquerable floods from the heavens. It felt it was not an average day at the Pyramids, as the temples too were being cleansed and renewed…

As I communed with the visible and invisible tribe gathered, I felt the ancestors and future generations inside my cells, my consciousness, my heart and soul, declaring: “Victory of Love. This is the Fulfillment of Prophecy.” This experience of TRIUMPH was not because of who we were, or where we were, or because of some particular ceremony being invoked… but because as a Global Family we were consciously unifying in our hearts, establishing a new foundation of lucid connectivity which is now our new guide in navigating here in 2013… I did, and still do, feel the TRIUMPH of successfully closing one cycle and entering into the next.

All told, I was in the rain for 16 hours straight. Having already known of the SunDance, now I have met the RainDance!

I feel the journey of this holy night and day is now a part of my soul. With infinite gratitude for this graduation and initiation, I bow to all the forces that allowed me this honor, and I vow to consciously integrate this empowerment into my life’s walk into the New World Age!


Grandfather Don Marzo Yuk Quetzal 12/19/12


*One more reflection that I’d like to share is that it seems that a theme of Dec 21, 2012 for many, including myself, was that the day did not unfold as had been formally planned or expected. I feel this is a powerful teaching as it disempowers our egoic agendas and humbles our self importance. Upon hearing reports of others experiences it seems that for some, the Solstice may have felt uneventful, or chaotic, or people may have ended up alone instead of gathered in community. Also for many it seems the Solstice was dictated by Mother Nature’s extreme weather, reminding us of who is truly in charge. Let us gracefully accept however our Solstice experiences unfolded – whether majestic or subtle. Let us know that, regardless of appearances, we have consciously crossed the threshold together, and are now within a New Dimension of Possibility!

Natural Time Update

Written on Cosmic 23, Blue Crystal Hand, July 19 2011, 3 Cauac

Greetings Tribe of Light!

Red Moon Glyph

In the 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar, we are now nearing the completion of The Red Overtone Moon Year (July 26, 2010 – July 25, 2011). This has been quite a year! The focus of this cycle has been: Purification, Flow, Universal Waters, Self-Remembrance, Empowerment, Taking Command, and Radiating from our connection to our Center, aligned to the Center of All that Is. As is clear to all of us, this year has brought massive change,  personal and planetary, too many examples to list… This is a good time for each of us to take stock of all that we have gone through during this journey around the Sun, contemplating all the ways that we have grown, all that we have learned, and also recognizing the ways we  have yet to grow.

As a planetary family, we are enduring tremendous initiations, living through unprecedented times of record earth changes, climate change, and natural/man-made disasters of all kinds… In these epic days, much crisis and extreme, unfathomable hardship unfold, as do new miracles blooming new colors of love and evolution. Being alive in these times is a vast challenge, a huge honor, and the Greatest Mystery.

The message remains the same: Courage. Compassion. Creativity. Surrendering to the Journey. Intuition. Listening to Earth. Continuing to learn how to live in Harmony and Balance with Nature. Arising as Conscious Agents of Calm and Heart. Following our Inspiration. Living our Purpose. Giving our Gifts to the Whole.  Unifying with Local, Global, and Galactic Community. Opening to the New on every level…


Red Earth Glyph

One of the most significant occurrences during this year was the huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011 that initiated the worst nuclear crisis in all of history. I find it extremely noteworthy that on the Natural Time Calendar, March 11, 2011 was “Red Crystal Earth.” Out of all the 260 possibilities of energies in the Natural Time Matrix called “Tzolkin,” Red Crystal Earth is the EXACT counter-balance, challenge-that-strengthens the energy of  “Blue Crystal Hand” which is the code of the December 21, 2012 completion of this World Age Cycle. In other words, the nuclear catastrophe and the completion of this vast world age have an intimate, intricate relationship. Knowing this gives me a profound feeling of being held by the synchronicity and intelligence underlying the events playing out in our world as we live through the final stages of this current World Age, known by the Hopi as “The Fourth World of Destruction” and move closer to entering the new cycle called “The Fifth World Age of Peace.” For me, having this clear sign of the harmonic architecture of time unifying this most terrifying catastrophe with the auspicious day of the ending of the 5,125 year Mayan Grand Cycle is deeply reassuring. These crossroad times of transformation, painful and cathartic as they surely are, are aligned on schedule. All of life is being touched by the momentum of these times. The metamorphosis is in full effect. It is no small matter to endure the Shifting of World Ages!


Yellow Star Glyph

July 20, 2011, is Yellow Cosmic Star and “4 Ahau” on the Traditional Maya Calendar. This day marks exactly 520 days, 2 perfect Tzolkin cycles of 260-days each, until December 21, 2012 – the completion of this 5,000 year cycle of Recorded History. Knowing where we are at in this larger context gives us even greater incentive to rise up into our responsibilities in these times.

Regarding the December 21, 2012 Synchronizaton: Here is an excerpt from our new 13-Moon Calendar:

“While this date holds great significance, it wise we do not imagine that it will bring the end of the world, nor the end of all our far-reaching global problems. Let us recognize this prophetic 12/21/12 date from the Ancient Maya for what it is: a precise marker defining the end of our current World Age Cycle. Beyond this auspicious completion date, we shall embark on a New World Age; a new evolutionary phase; a new chapter rich with possibilities: new comprehension, new challenges, new inspiration.” 

Beyond all the hype and negative and positive fantasies about what Solstice 2012 might bring, the down to earth message is that it is crucial we understand the importance of this synchronization as a planetary family. This will be the most focused on date by the most amount of people in all of history, and it is the rarest opportunity to unify all that energy in a loving spirit of consciously completing the old world age, and courageously embarking on the new! Indeed this New Era to come is up to our Hearts and Hands to actualize it!

If you haven’t already, please visit   and join the focused efforts to unify people around the globe in the spirit of peace and harmony on Dec 21, 2012, that we may meet this auspicious synchronization in the most powerful way possible!


July 21, 2011, Red Magnetic Moon is the start of the 5-day Vayeb cycle. This is always the final 5 day cycle of the Natural Time Year, a time for purification and resolving important matters before the start of the New Year. The Vayeb is a time for purification on all levels – physically and spiritually, practically and mystically. Follow your own intuition of how to observe this important cycle. During these final 5 days, let us integrate all this Red Overtone Moon Year has brought us into our hearts, that we may prepare to venture into a New Year!  The culminating day of the Vayeb is always The Day out of Time, July 25.


On the Day out of Time, people in 90 countries focus on Stopping Business as Usual, and Celebrating Peace Through Culture. Please join in! Whether you have a ceremony or celebration alone with yourself, or you join in with others in your community, please tune in on this day and add your light to the collective intention. (Always on July 25th!)

Learn more about the DOOT here:

Here is a link to some of the events going on around the world:


The fact that this July 25 is a Monday on the Gregorian calendar is all the more reason to make sacred space to antidote the “Time is Money” consensus reality, and to instead empower and actualize the truth that “Time is Art!” The Day out of Time gives us an opportunity to meditate on how we can more deeply root to the true, non-linear order of the Universe, knowing that clocks and work-weeks are not accurate models of Nature’s Harmonies. We are Time. The more we strengthen our connections to our own natural rhythms and intuitive and telepathic sense of timing, the more we are shown how to gracefully be in the right place at the right time, becoming ever-more conscious of Synchronicities as the natural way the Universe arranges life. Ultimately, this special Day out of Time is here to inspire us of this timeless dimension that is always accessible to us, calling us to visit it more and more, that we may gradually keep learning to live in phase with Natural Time.


Another very important focus of The Day out of Time is “Universal Forgiveness.” As Jose Arguelles shared: “Universal Forgiveness is an affirmation of the unity of existence.” Please enjoy this video by Jose Arguelles sharing on “Forgiveness and The Day out of Time”

Please make space on this auspicious day to embody forgiveness, let go of grievances, and align with an even deeper level of compassion for all players in this one human family. This can be done as a formal ceremony, or in private meditation, or just with the power of your heart’s focus. Indeed this is a life-changing energy that is purely positive, liberating stuck energies and freeing up old wounds from the past, a perfect way to clear the slate for The New Year!


The upcoming Natural Time Year  is “The White Rhythmic Wizard” (July 26, 2011 – July 25, 2012). This Year is focused on the powers of “Timelessness, Receptivity, Enchantment, Organizing, Balancing, and Equality.” In this Year we cross over the threshold into 2012, and our Journey of Transformation Continues!

New 13-Moon Calendar by SkyTime

New calendars from SkyTime can be viewed and ordered online:
As always, our calendars feature 13 visionary art pieces, and have an abundance of supportive material to help one navigate the art, science, and spirituality of Natural Time.  This year’s edition is Dedicated to Jose Arguelles, the original messenger of the 13 Moon Calendar and the 2012 Prophecy, who passed away on March 23, Red Spectral Moon. We are deeply grateful to carry on the rich legacy he has given to us all!


Thank you all for being part of our Natural Time Family. After 17 years now, I’d like to say again, it is such an honor to produce these Natural Time Calendars every year, and to have the pleasure of staying in touch with many of you. Please know how deeply we appreciate your support and how grateful we are for your presence in this journey together.

I wish you all the greatest blessings during these ripe times. May we take heart knowing we are together as part of an evolving family of awakening beings. May the Ancestors, the Future Generations, and The Earth and Cosmos Guide our Steps, Moment by Moment, that we may blossom into the Living Art we are here to be, Beautifying the Whole!

To the Journey!
In Lak’ech – I am Another Yourself,
Aryz Eden Sky

PS: Please find Eden Sky – Natural Time Visionary on Facebook – it’s a fun way to communicate and stay connected:

“2011” – Courage We Must Have; Courage We Must BE!

Painting entitled “Courage” by Nancie Zivetz-Gertler
See more art at

In deep meditation and prayer, I received that the Mission for “2011”
can be expressed in one word:

There is no other way, then for us to have Courage of heart, mind and body – to be the Art we have come here to be; to be models of integrity, whole within ourselves. There is no time left to be split within ourselves, there is no time left to have the inner battle raging. War in our minds creates war in our bodies.  There is no more time for war. Let us put down the weapons of self-destruction.

It is time to Receive the Great Peace and Trust in our Hearts.
It is Time to Receive our Own Worth.
The Stars are Shining upon us; the Stars are Way-showers.
A New Octave is calling us.

We are the intersection between Free Will and Divine Will. Our Path is the Sacred Mystery. Courage illuminates the path.  Courage of Heart lights our way. All can be transformed. This work is not easy, but it is simple and direct.

This living prophecy is about us awakening to the Majesty of our own True Nature, which lives within our Heart. Each one of our Hearts mirrors The One Heart.

Here in “2011,” we must look beyond all the stories and conditioning of the past, and be willing to Rise to a New level of Consciousness and Action; A New Embodiment of Fierce Strength and Gentle Unwavering Faith; a New Patience, a New Resilience; a New Receptivity to the Divine; a New Welcoming of our Inner Beauty; a New Outpouring of Harmony and Grace.

Let’s GO BEYOND what we have known: survival fear, separation, linear fear-based scheming, competition, male-dominant perspective, limited logic…let us go beyond into a new frontier of divine safety, unification, non-linear trust in organic unfolding, cooperation, wholistic knowing and being, expansive imagination…

Chinese Character for “Spirit of Courage”

New Vision! New Openness! New Determination!
New Humility, and New Respect for the Sacred Web of Life! New Cooperation with New Allies! New Divine Deserve-ability!

We are all parts of One Whole – On One Earth, Under the Illumination of One Sun, and the Mysteries of One Moon; Spiraling as One Family in One Great Galactic Whole that is Ordered and Beautiful in its Sacred Chaotic Perfection… giving us all-ways what we need to grow – abundant challenges and blessings!

This Time is HERE NOW for New Awareness!
New Remembrance!
New Inspiration!

Let us not be “sheep” –
blindly following the consensus reality,
Let us now and ever-more be “Shepherds”
helping lead the way to our human family of how to Awaken
the Fires of Love upon this Earth, and within our One Heart…


With our body’s 7 Chakras illuminated, each of us emanate the 7 Rays of the Rainbow; Threads of Light – together manifesting the Tapestry of  The New World Consciousness; Manifesting The Rainbow Bridge Around the Earth.

1. New Comprehension!
2. New Creativity!
3. New Courage!
4. New Compassion!
5. New Connectivity!
6. New Calmness!
7. New Consciousness!

Our mission is in our bodies;
our mission is to embody our mission!

IT is up to you and I
to tend to the Gardens of our Relations…
The New Era to Come is up to us
and our human ingenuity and Courage!

We are all on the Journey Beyond a Destination!



This coming Solstice brings the exact, 2-year Synchronization with the Closing of the Mayan Grand Cycle on December 21, 2012 which is heralded as the return to Zero; Completing this World Age, and the 5,125 year cycle of recorded History…

The Solstice on December 21, 2010 (exact @ 3:38PM, PST) brings a powerful alignment of a Full Moon and Total Lunar *Eclipse! On the Natural Time Calendar, this day is “Red Planetary Earth,” and “1 Muluc” on the Traditional Count.

It is ESSENTIAL we create gatherings for Peace and sincere attunement on this auspicious occasion; attuning direct to the living Earth-Force and to the Celestial vibrations. Let us rise to a new level of courage and clarity on our path to be who we truly are and do what we are truly here to do,  on behalf of the Whole of Life. There is no time to spare. Each Solstice and Equinox brings an up-leveling of our prophetic process, bringing new challenges and new keys to unlock our potential.

In whatever way you are called, please make a point to honor this day and align with its empowerment. Whether you meditate, pray, do ritual, sit in silence, sit in nature, gather with others, or gather alone with your spiritual heart,  please connect with the Web of Relations that are focusing on this day.  This is an extremely important point in our shared journey and it offers us much strength and enlightenment!

May we Synchronize with our highest path…See you in the One Heart!

*The eclipse will be entirely visible in North America, western South America, and East Asia, and partially visible in Australia and Europe. The Eclipse will begin the day before, on Dec 20, at 10:32 PM, PST. The greatest eclipse will be at 12:18 AM, PST on Dec 21. The eclipse will be over by 2:01 AM, PST Dec 21.

Dreaming Awake; Riding The Spiral of Time’s Unfolding Prophecies

Electric Deer Moon of Service, Day 21
Red Electric Serpent, Traditional: 7 Caban
Gregorian: 10-10-10


"PachaMama" ~ artist unknown


The New World that is prophesied to come after the completion of the Grand Cycle on December 21, 2012, requires our conscious participation in our evolutionary process. In these precarious times, it is necessary we take seriously the task of directly attuning to the Earth Force ~ the living, vital consciousness, energy, and intelligence that sustains our physical form and feeds our ancient hearts. We each, personally, need to take seriously the task of aligning ourselves with Nature’s harmonies of sacred law and order that govern our human form and guide our unfolding potential. We need to seek guidance, from the deepest intuitive wells of knowing and sensing, where to physically reside and be on the Earth, at all times – to be sensitive and alert to when a tide turns and the energies are inspiring movement or transition of all kinds. We must not resist change in any form. Metamorphosis is occurring on all levels, touching all life everywhere.


"Metamorphosis" By Helen Hardin,


We are collectively being liberated from a 5,000 year patriarchal spell of History that is founded in primal separation from the Feminine Principle. To be on the brink of Closing the Cycle, in the death throes of a dying world mentality, withstanding the transformation of pain and wounded ignorance into compassion and wisdom, is to be participating in a Grand Awakening. This is a collective event, for being under the spell has been a collective unconscious event, perpetuated by forces of cosmic cycles which govern our development and time our evolutionary processes. This “spell,” this forgetting, this sleep is simply a dense vibrational pattern that we are awakening out of as we continue to choose love over fear.


"Winged Metamorphosis" by Lucy Arnold


This shifting of cycles is asking us to inquire: How do we literally and spiritually orient ourselves within this vast living Universe? What are our reference points? How do we navigate our lives? From the small to the large, the subtleties to the influential lifestyle choices, the key question pointed to us as the human vehicles that we are for this Transitional Time into the new world of Remembrance is: What energies and forces are we aligning ourselves with and how are we conducting ourselves? Are we plugged into the fear grid or the love grid? As we more and more learn to stay aligned in positive vibrations we experience their harmony and protection. Each time we come out of alignment and into states of fear, separation, resistance, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, scarcity, judgment, anger, etc – we have deep opportunities to keep studying and learning about our own vibrational signature and what energies feed it and how our environments affect it. This process of refinement also involves healing and giving love to those wounded parts of us which have felt undeserving of love. This is our ongoing work.

Let it be known that the prophecies of all the worlds peoples are pointing to now, to these times. These prophecies are written to us ~ for us ~ by ancient reflections of the same dreaming consciousness of which this life we are is a radiant emanation of and the future shall be threads of. The prophecies are warnings signalling us to take stock of every implication of our existence, and to wake up to the vastness of our being. This truly requires our whole attention. Let us surrender to the script of time we find ourselves in and both take responsibility and receive the support that the loving force of evolution itself is extending to us. Right now, even amidst the journeys through harrowing dark corridors of hells filled with tortured screams, the center of the Flowering Mandala of Being is Remembering Itself. This Flower is the new world descending into our hearts and thereby our human affairs.

All of the people’s prophecies point to a triumphant, regenerated wholeness that is on the other side of this Fourth World Age of Destruction as the Hopi call it. But there is no guarantee of how the story unfolds and what our roles are. How do we get there? What is the Path to put out feet and our hearts on? Every day? Every moment? We must sincerely be alert and inquire into what is being asked of us in our lives to serve the Whole in these times. How much humility and influence can we have at the same time? How much mindfulness and integrity can we manifest?

This planetary and personal purification process we are in at this critical moment on Earth is a grueling one. Our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical toxins and imbalances are being cleansed and exposed. As much responsibility as we have to take right now for our human journey, we have even more support flowing to us from our True Nature reaching to illuminate us. Just imagine all the groups around the world who are embodying the blueprint of the new era; the new octave of compassion. Imagine all the ways people revere, celebrate, worship and channel the divine forces. So much light is being poured onto this planet, right now! The flower of self-love is coming to greet us. We are being cleansed, by fire and by water. The seed of light that births all life is singing open the petals of our hearts. Let us listen. Let us expand, grow and become. Let us be…


"Let Nature Sing" ~ artist unknown




As inspired by the sacred time science of the Ancient Maya,
the Galactic Natural Time Calendar maps the flow of time as 13-day Waves.
13 represents the Spiral of the Galaxy; the 13 Tones of Creation reflect the unfolding of Nature’s Creative Process.

By tracking our time in relation to these 13-day patterns, we re-align ourselves with the power of Nature’s Spiral, always circulating, enduring, transcending to new levels of unfolding. To the Maya, 13 was the most sacred number of Universal Movement representing the one ever-circulating, omnipresent, ever-changing galactic symphony of life in which all is coordinated and synchronized in higher dimensional order. On the Galactic Calendar that Dr. Arguelles has delivered for modern humanity, 13 is known as The Cosmic Tone of Presence.

On the sacred calendar, each 13-day cycle brings a distinct character and guiding focus for that time period, known as the 20 different Wavespells, one for each of the 20 Glyphs of Time.

Each Wavespell brings 3 code-words that beckon us to travel into the unique dimension of being and understanding that is held by the Glyph that governs each Wavespell.

For example, As of Oct 8, 2010, Blue Magnetic Night, we entered the Blue Night Wavespell. This 13-day cycle of the Blue Night is focused on the powers of ~ Dreaming ~ Intuition ~ Abundance ~

While these cycles do pertain to the specific 13-day time period, they also exist beyond linear time in that the 20 unique Glyphs embody archetypal, universal teachings that apply at any time.

Therefore, each of the 20 Glyphs that govern the 20 different Wavespells invite us, in our own time, to journey into them by contemplating and meditating upon their meanings and significance within our lives. The 3 code-words of each Glyph are focal points which serve as universal keys to assist our continual learning and awakening process here, together, in this Earth School. Unified in Natural Time, people in 90 countries are joined in this connection. As we surf these 13-day waves and ride the Spirals, we are evolving in time, exploring and awakening together!


Oct 9 – Oct 20: Blue Night Wavespell:
Dreams, Intuition, Abundance


Oct 21 – Nov 2: Yellow Warrior Wavespell:
Questions, Intelligence, Fearlessness


Nov 3 – Nov 15: Red Moon Wavespell:
Purifies, Flow, Universal Water


Nov 16 – Nov 28: White Wind Wavespell:
Communicates, Breath, Spirit


Nov 29 – Dec 11: Blue Eagle Wavespell:
Creates, Mind, Vision


Dec 12 – Dec 24: Yellow Star Wavespell:
Beautifies, Art, Elegance


Dec 25, 2010:  Start of New 260-Day Galactic Spin!
Red Dragon Wavespell: Nurtures, Birth, Being



(artist unknown)



As of Nov 2, 2010,
Yellow Cosmic Star, Traditional Count: 4 Ahau,
we will have exactly 3 Galactic Spin cycles until Solstice 2012,
the end of the 5,125 year World Age.
That is 3 x 260 = 780 days.

This is a VERY important day to do ceremony and attune yourself to these accelerated and shifting times. We must make direct connection to the Earth, to the Cosmic realms, and to our own Spiritual Guides that live within our hearts… Every day counts!


"Grandmother Moon" by Debra Colburn


Also, start planning your December 21, 2010 Ceremonies Now!
This 2-year Solstice Synchronization with the Closing of the Grand Cycle occurs on Red Planetary Earth Day, 1 Muluc on the Traditional Count, and is also a Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse will be entirely visible in North America, western South America, and East Asia, and partially visible in Australia and Europe.

It is essential we create gatherings for Peace and sincere attunement on this auspicious occasion. Especially as we know that each Solstice and Equinox brings an up-leveling of our prophetic process, bringing new challenges and new keys to unlock our potential.



"La Vida" (Life) By Lisa Rivas


Let us now journey into the realm of Blue Night
and its key words…


Akbal is the Yucatec Mayan Name for the Blue Night Glyph



Life is a Dream, and indeed we are row row rowing our boats…
But are we flowing merrily down the stream?
The waters seem to be moving ever faster all around us…

As Drunvalo Melchizedek wrote in “Return of the Serpent of Light”:
“…The portal to the Fourth dimension will begin to open wide… We are out of time… we must really take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and emotions now for each one of us is the Dreamer. And what we dream will become real in this world. This is the Mayan belief: that as we move closer to December 21, 2012, and Feb 19, 2013, the power of the Dreamer becomes stronger and stronger…The Inner Worlds and the Outer World will begin to merge into one. This is the belief not only of the Maya, but many other indigenous groups and prophets as well…”

As we remember to remember the dreamlike nature of life, and awaken to our creative powers in the art of being alive, we are illuminated by seeing the influence our inner landscape has upon our outer environments.

“Buddha” translates as “Awakened One.”
Within this Divine Dream, let us connect to our Inner Buddha Nature.

We are continuing to awaken as we examine the powers of our own conscious and unconscious beliefs, attitudes, concepts, conditioning and stored emotions ~ thus we are becoming empowered and lucid within this dreaming process called Life.

As Intiana of Awake2012 says:
“Enlightenment is simply looking through the eyes of Divinity
and not the conditioned mind.”

To awaken, we have to investigate our conditioning,
and find the truth of who we are.
Our true nature lives beyond the mind,
it is sourced in the Heart.

This prophecy of 2012 is precisely highlighting the need for us to shed layers of our limiting conditioning so that we can awaken out of density and fear and actualize our human potential.  *For assistance with this process, we recommend connecting with Intiana at and exploring her services of assisting in the Spiritual Emergence underway.*

The New World Age, that we all speak of to come on the other side of this cycle,  requires our earnest willingness to grow beyond the known, opening to the majesty of who we are beyond the small self, letting the true Self sit at the throne in our hearts and navigate how we conduct ourselves.

In this planetary moment, we share in quite a collective dream. Each one of us in every moment is contributing to our shared experience, the dream in our hearts wanting to flower, and the fears in the shadows seeking light. Our awakening process will continue as our humanity continues to be tested and purified, facing the realities of our own mentalities and the wake-up calls of the Earth itself.

This is the chapter we are in, in the Book of Time.
It is a sacred moment.
Like a dream, how are we prioritizing the pages of our lives?

How clearly are we as a species receiving the ongoing revelation that the prophecies of all the worlds peoples left ancient records addressed to
to awaken us
to the importance of THIS dreaming moment we are in?
…this now crossroads?
…this surreal step on the journey
born of the bittersweet mysterious dance
of impermanence and eternity,
death and birth unfolding the path before us, the path after us… ?

Earth and Sky by Willow Arleana

The opportunity that calls to us is awakening to the Art of collaboration within, or as, the Dream. Recognizing the creative potency of our being, our responses, our judgments, our inspirations, our compassion, our sincerity…
We are emanations of the creative life force of the Universe.
Beauty is our Nature. We must attune to our Nature
and awaken out of  “The world of illusion.”

December 21, 2012 is a cosmic alarm clock set to alert us of the changing of world cycles, the transitioning out of the 5, 125 year Cycle of Recorded History, into the The Fifth World of Ether, The Fifth World of Peace, The Sixth Sun of Consciousness, as the Maya, Hopi and Aztec refer to it respectively. Knowing where we are at, amidst these grand cycles, we must awaken out of the sleep of fear and lift our senses to perceive, receive and transmit the energies and intelligence of the love-based Cosmos which is the context for this journey we are on; the Source of this Stage.

To all who share in this moment, let us know that we are not victims, we are sentient participants in the ongoing experiment of Being. We are privileged to be cast in the roles we have, as there are so many opportunities to serve, to learn, to grow and to give. So much healing and beauty to unfold. Especially as we can surrender to the journey and breathe deeply through all the twists and turns in the adventures, never knowing quite where the cosmic script might take us…

But we do know from our processes of dreaming at night while sleeping,  that wherever the mind is focused generates images and experiences, directing the flow. Therefore, in these times of Living Prophecy, let us keep learning to meet the Dream and the power within us that generates the dreams, and really inquire and see what is beyond the veils of projections.

Can we realize we’re dreaming and decide to fly? The occasions I have managed to consciously fly in my dreams stand as dreaming triumphs I will always remember and aspire to, knowing it reflects my potential. Congrats to all of you who lucidly fly often – I know you’re out there!

The Buddhists teach that the extent that we are conscious (lucid) in our night dreams reflects how conscious we can hope to be in the Bardo state we enter after the death of the physical body. According to Buddhist cosmology, the consciousness travels in a pure mind realm for up to 49-days before reincarnation. It is said that while in this pure mind body, we become capable of generating great horrors or splendors. This mental capacity of projection that we possess is reflected in the “waking” state we find ourselves in during our days.

Are we the Dreamer or the Dreamed? Who are the other characters? You are all characters in my dream, and yet so to am I but a character in your psyche. But wait, the whole veil of separation is but a spell in the dream, not the True Nature.

From a higher perspective inspired by the teachings of “Awakening In the Dream,” we are each reciprocal characters in each others dreams – bringing pieces of our own unconscious processes directly to each other in embodied form, so as to activate the synchronistic karmic lessons that are divinely timed for each one of us, individual and yet forming an inter-related dreaming Whole.

So while it appears we each have our own dream, and our own mind-body psyche, there is in fact a collective psyche which has aspects that are conscious and those that are becoming conscious, emerging out of the depths of darkness. Much of what is playing out in the intensity of these times is precisely that process of the collective unconscious becoming conscious. It is painful yet necessary for our evolution and maturation beyond this World Age that has dominated for over 5,000 years.

The Soul of The World’s Dream is Shifting in a large sense, yet right now we are still in the scene entitled: “Closing of the Cycle.” That is the current dream that unifies us. It is here we must take our places and fulfill our duties.


Tara Willow by Willow Arleana


On a microcosmic level, Blue Night also dares us to contemplate our own personal dreams ~ our aspirations, our callings, the things our soul longs to experience or achieve. This is a good time to commune with our dreams and commit to moving energy towards actualizing them!

Speaking our dreams, and putting them out to the field, is a powerful way to help them to manifest. On that note, I would like to share one of my personal life’s dreams: I have always felt called to travel to Nepal. I recently learned that the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Council will be hosting a gathering in Nepal in Nov 2012. Upon hearing this news, it is now at the top of my Dream list to travel to the Himalayas with my husband and son, Robert and Merlin Asher! In fact, I also feel deeply called to travel to Brazil for the 13 Grandmothers’ Council in Oct 2011. After having the unspeakable honor of partaking in a week of ceremony and teachings with The Grandmothers last Summer in Oregon, I am permanently inspired by the healing and empowerment of being in their presence and joining in their alliance.


The Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers


On a smaller scale, one of my more immediate visions I intend to dream up is to manifest a video-camera and start recording Natural Time updates and messages on video rather than writing. We shall see how the timing of this dream synchronistically ripens! If you would like to personally contribute to these dreams becoming actualized please see our Opening to Support page.

The Blue Night calls us to find our INTUITION.

Look within. See within. With closed eyes, know from within.
Inside, find the source of that which we see and seek outside.
Create from within. Receive clear guidance from within.

The Blue Night inspires us to remember ABUNDANCE
One of Blue Night’s roles is to redeem materialism and scarcity by being attuned to the natural state of universal plenitude. Part of this awakening process is realizing Time is not money, Time is Art! Abundance and prosperity are a state of mind. Our time is our wealth.


Abundance by Willow Arleana


The currency of the emerging new world is Gratitude and Generosity. Let us all be more courageous in giving of ourselves, our time, our resources. These are the most important times to support and share with one another. With courage and integrity, may we all manifest the financial resources we need to sustain our lives and fuel our missions in these times. Indeed, the Universe is calling and supporting each one of us to find our right livelihood; finding ways to support ourselves that are in alignment with our spiritual values.

There is no time left for business as usual,
these are the moments to cultivate our gifts
and activate them
on behalf of the Whole!
In this way, we ourselves are
expressions of Nature’s Abundance!



"The Rainbow Bird" by Lauren Tregenza


In Lak’ech ~ I am Another Yourself,

Aryz Eden Sky




Code words to focus on during Moon 8:
Harmonize, Model, Integrity

Having just completed the previous cycle of Moon 7 – The Moon of Attunement, we have now entered Moon 8 – the 28-day cycle focused on Modeling Integrity. This time period reminds us that our Galactic Wholeness is found by learning how to Harmonize. These 3 specific code words are important to deeply contemplate, meditate upon, and internally investigate, as they are meant to trigger meaning and relevance for our personal lives, while also offering universal teachings of Nature’s core principles. As we follow these clues they guide us to encounter the powers held by this Tone 8 of Creation governing this Month of the Hawk!


The upcoming New Moon brings the Chinese and Tibetan New Year, celebrated on Feb 14; Galactic 8;  Blue Crystal Hand day. (Note: in the Pacific timezone, the actual new moon occurs at 6:51pm on Feb 13, but the Tibetan Calendars note Feb 14 as the start of their year cycle).

On Feb 14, 2010,
we will shift out of the previous year of The Earth Ox,
and we will be entering into the Year of the Iron Tiger!

While we refer to this year as 2010 on the Gregorian calendar, on the Chinese Calendar this will be the start of Year 4707, and on the Tibetan Calendar we will commence Year 2137.

I am excited! It feels like another level is opening up, just when we need it most… Invoking The Iron Tiger feels like it’s bringing fierce empowerment to assist us in transforming our deepest issues, making more space for our divine selves to emerge more fully that we may continue fulfilling our sacred roles!

On the Tibetan Calendar, New Year is called “Losar.”
According to Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal: “Each new year is an echo of the changing cycles and Losar reminds us of the true nature of impermanence. Everything that is born is bound to die. The old year is gone and will never exist again. The new year gives us the opportunity to come together and celebrate; to notice and appreciate each moment, in the moment, and to realize the blessings of the teachings.”

FEB 14 – FEB 28, 2010
100,000 TIMES!

According to the Tibetan Cycles, during the first 2 weeks of the New year, precisely from the New Moon to the Full Moon, our positive and negative karma is “multiplied” 100,000 times. It is important to note that the Dalai Lama clarifies the our INTENTION generates karma, rather than simply focusing on our actions. As Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal shares: “Down through the centuries, the first 15 days of the New Year have gained special significance – they are known as “the 15 days of awakening energy and ability to perform auspicious accomplishments.” Whatever good deeds one performs or merits one accumulates during this fortnight, those actions will be multiplied by 100,000.”

AS OF FEB 15, 2010,

OK, by now we all know that on December 21, 2012 at precisely 11:11 AM Universal Time, the Mayan Long Count Calendar Cycle returns to its Sacred Zero Point, – marking the completion of our 5,125 year journey through the Cycle of History (3114 BC  – AD 2012), and commencing the start of Post-History. Not only are we less than 3 years away from this Synchronization Point, we are now about to be exactly 4 Tzolkin cycles from this auspicious moment.

The Tzolkin/Galactic Spin cycle is 260 days long – it corresponds to the human gestation period, as well as serving as the common denominator of all cosmic cycles of nature. It is the central, multi-dimensional template of natural time that contains and transmits the living intelligence and harmonic ratios that underlie the Universe and its workings of divine unfolding. Every 260 days we progress through the same radial order of creation’s energies, each day imparting a unique focus and essence. One’s personal Galactic Signature determines your place within the sacred matrix and holds important keys to understanding your purpose in life.

When we think of a Galactic Spin cycle, it is analogous to the time it takes from conception to birth – a complete cycle of creation unfolding, a personal and universal measure.

As of Feb 15, 2010:
260 X 4= 1040 days
left in this current World Age Era.

Vast cycles are ending and renewing in our lifetimes. In the process of World eras shifting, the old world mentality founded in separation and greed is expiring and slowly but surely giving way to new collective perceptions and vibrations founded in lucid awareness of our interconnectedness. The chaos manifesting in all spheres of reality is a bursting reminder of the powers of our untapped human potential. In these times, our greatest fears and greatest light is being revealed. Our concepts about who we are, what the Universe is, and the essential consciousness of Beingness Itself is being questioned by our minds and explored with our hearts.

No one can say with any certainty what will, or will not, occur on Solstice 2012, nor how rapidly or gradually all the changes yet to come will unfold. This is not about a date in the future that will bring instant resolve to our far reaching global problems. The 2012 prophecy is meant to provide a sacred context, a grand perspective based in ancient Mayan time science, that alerts us that right now we are living in Landmark times in the history of the planet. Each one of us is directly contributing to the one planetary equation, by the qualities of our intentions and actions. This is the moment to bring our inspiration and empowerment to the fore.

One can find countless theories about what’s supposed to happen in 2012 – ranging from all out doom and gloom, to total enlightenment and ascension, to absolutely nothing. It is important to look beyond the hype, as many of the 2012 predictions now in circulation have no roots in the actual prophecies of the Maya, and are simply projections from the human psyche of our basic hopes and fears. That said, there are some worthwhile theories to look into, including the teachings of  John Major Jenkins, Dr. Jose Arguelles and the Maya Elders themselves. To learn more, please see our 2012 webpage.

The bottom line is that there are rumors from A-Z of what 2012 is signifying – from a new era of telepathic unification and the start of a new cycle which is guided by a sensitivity to our interdependence with all of nature, to a time of great cataclysms with vast flooding, volcanic eruptions, solar flare storms, pole shifting, etc. It seems these elements are part of the same story, as the forces of destruction and creation together dance our world into being. No one truly knows what is going to happen because it depends on how we all navigate from this here and now, and how our human affairs collaborate with the living intelligence of the Earth and Universe we are immersed within. All we have is this moment; this is the moment of power.


An important point made by Mayan Ajq’ij Carlos Barrios, is that in regards to the warnings from the ancients of possible catastrophies yet to come, it is critical we realize that it is within our power to change the outcome. He says it is within our power to prevent the worst case self-destruction scenarios from happening, and instead rise to a new level of evolution.

As Mr. Barrios shares: “This is the time people need to know what is the purpose of their own lives. This is a dangerous time because we can go to the next step, to the transition, to the fusion of the polarities, or it is a time when we can be destroyed. This materialistic way of life, all this business about economic and social position in the world, it needs to change and the people need to go inside themselves in order to know what they are and to find harmony with the mother earth, with human beings, with their brothers, with the animals, with the plants. It’s an important time because we are in the moment of the prophesies and humanity can be destroyed or we can be saved, all together.”

I have said it many times,
and I will continue to say
that we are living through a Great
Healing Crisis here on Earth,
and WE are the Medicine Warriors.

There are no outside saviors to look to, it is our privilege and challenge to keep rising to the tasks presented to us as we participate in this Great Turning, this Shifting of the Ages, this great work of internal and external re-balancing.

Solstice 2012 is a critical synchronization point; it is a call to Health. We have arrived at this 4 Tzolkin checkpoint in our journey of closing this vast cycle. We are now being summoned to embody a spiritual and physical Alignment that is in harmony with our living Biosphere, its laws and beautiful order, knowing ourselves also as reflections of Cosmic Laws and Universal Harmonies that our souls dance to. We must keep learning how to embody our true nature and purpose in service to the Beautification of Life. Love is our fuel.


We are all artists of the Divine Spark.
Through the shine of our simple smile
or the symphony of our speech,
our actions are prayers in motion;
our intentions cast seeds.
Worlds are built with our minds,
built with our hands and feet.
And songs of stars are strung
with the whispers of our hearts.
We are all children of the Cosmos,
reborn endlessly to life’s loving arms.

The Redemption of the New World Cycle, foretold to come in 2013 and beyond, is a flower that is blossoming inside our hearts, now. Do not wait for anything; do the work of your life’s awakening that is blatantly in front of you. The Divine Descent, the Terrestrial forces rising, the Human Soul resurrecting its remembrance of its sacred place in the One Web of Creation is a process that is already underway and will only deepen as time unfolds. The new energies that are prophesied to come and positively influence our collective consciousness towards wisdom and compassion are landing inside of us. Our opportunity is to continue clearing space for higher vibrations to root and dwell within us that they may inform our journey. The ground of transformation is our internal being, therefore our quest is to align our bodies and hearts together, with our highest potential, to be of ultimate service to the family of life.

As we soften our selves, receptive to the One Heart, so our physical and spiritual selves integrate and fortify one another. We become more equipped to serve our life’s destiny by tending to our responsibilities with much mindfulness, always humbling ourselves by recognizing the endless depths of which to learn.

A new world age dawning is not necessarily a supernatural event, but rather a time-released return, a simple, collective deepening awareness of our interconnectedness, remembering something essential we have long forgotten.

We are the beings who are so blessed to be alive in these times, enduring the initiations of this chapter in the Mystery School’s curriculum! Our pains, wounds, and sufferings are precious thorns on the growing roses within our Divine Garden.

As 13th Generation Quiche Maya Priest Don Alejandro said to us in Guatemala last winter: “Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. The Children of the Sun will survive.” We shall prevail, but make no mistake – the tests shall continue as all of us on earth in these times are inside of The Great Purification as the Hopi call this cycle. Everything is being cleansed and re-aligned. In this time of great turbulence and unknown, it is essential we pay attention and listen ever more deeply to our own intuitive guidance. We must question the things that invoke fear in us, but let them guide us to cultivate deeper wisdom, courage and attunement to our path as a Warrior of Light. As we sincerely continue to open to the opportunities given to us in the form of our custom challenges, we can let go of past concepts, beliefs, attitudes, lifestyle habits and old blockages so that we can embody our truest nature and fulfill our unique missions in this lifetime.  Our quest is to ALIGN with our True Beingness, not the voices in the mind or the emotional egoic reactions, but the Self within that is One with All.

May we ever more skillfully learn to wield our Divine Spark in harmonious collaboration with the One Art of Life. May we open to the possibilities of the new to emerge, benefiting and elevating the whole, for our light shines brighter when we are humbly willing do our sacred part, in service to All our Relations.

Fear not what you do not know;
face directly towards the depths of your own heart.



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“The development of extra sensitivity,
which is common skills for the new race,
can be achieved only with personal will growth
and not by use of technologies.”


In Lak’ech – I am Another Yourself,
Eden Skywalker and family

PS: Here is the Inspirational Message for the Galactic Hawk Moon:
“You are a Jewel in the Crown of the New World.”