Galactic Culture Affirms:
Nature is Magic ~ We are Nature!
Time is Art ~ Life is Art!
We live on Earth within a Galaxy
And We are Planetary & Galactic Beings!

As human beings, we are living models of culture and human potential. Right now, a global transformation of all facets of human culture is steadily underway. A new paradigm is taking root. A new culture is emerging – a life-affirming culture that is conscious of our precious interconnectedness.

In reality, we are planetary and cosmic beings. We live on Earth –  inside of a vast intelligent, creative galaxy – inside of a vast universal whole, grander than we can possibly fathom. Astronomers estimate that the observable universe has more than 100 billion galaxies!

By design, we are multi-dimensional beings. Each of us is a living link between spirit and matter. These times are calling us to activate new creativity, new perceptions, and new inspirations to beautify Planet Earth as a living work of Art.

By realizing that Time is Art, we can realize our lives are art. The affirmation that “Time is Art” means: Just as Art is a natural and primary expression of the beauty, the balance, the joy, and the deep mystery of Life itself, Time – in its true, more subtle apprehension – is experienced as the natural, pulsating, beautiful, wondrous, balanced, and creative rhythms of all Life everywhere. No one can separate Time from Art or Art from Time. They are One.

As we realize that moment by moment, Time is Art, through our energies and actions, we then spontaneously serve as Planetary Artists. As we share the unique gifts of our soul, and bring our hearts to life, we are helping uplift our shared world.

receptivity4Galactic Culture is a Culture of Love,
a Culture of Conscious Interconnectedness,
a Culture of Time as Art,
a Culture of Light, Creativity and Wholeness.

Galactic Culture is founded in synchronizing our lives with Galactic Time cycles. By opening to the magic of Nature’s harmonies, we align with the Earth’s rhythms and the intelligent life-force of the Universal Whole.

 We are Nature. Our human roles are to be creative mediums that integrate the Grand Totality. Our awakened hearts mediate between the Heavens and the Earth.

The ancient Maya time-keepers knew this reality. In their calendar system, the ancient Maya expressed this unification of the microcosm and the macrocosm with the Galactic Code “13:20.” In modern times, this is called The Law of Time.

The Law of Time states: There is one timing frequency which unifies the whole galactic order, from its largest constituent to its smallest. This timing frequency is the 13:20 ratio. Because we ourselves are Temples of Time –  the 13:20 ratio is found in our human bodies – our 13 main joints and our 20 fingers and toes.

darryl04_smThe 13:20 code is the heart-beat of The Galactic Calendar. The Galactic Calendar opens us into a whole new dimension of perception and experience. It elevates us beyond our limited, man-made sense of time and puts us in phase with the daily pulse of galactic, natural time.

The time codes of the Galactic Calendar give us form and structure to activate and anchor Galactic Culture on Earth. By tuning into The Galactic Calendar, we find daily inspiration and simple instructions how to synchronize our lives with the unfolding flow of Nature’s harmonies and Awaken to the Magic of Every Day!

As an evolutionary tool, The Galactic Calendar supports our personal and planetary awakening to the Dawning of our Ancient Future, flowering from the inside out. The Galactic Calendar is allied with all other new paradigm tools and teachings that are serving, scientifically and spiritually, to liberate our culture into greater and healthier realities.

These times call us to expand our context of reality. Planet Earth is a living, sentient being. She is a brilliant, evolving member of an infinitely vast field of wisdom that just happens to be our home. And the endless Cosmic Wisdom of our shared home is guiding and informing our individual and planetary transformation that we are currently undergoing. This transformation is Nature’s gift to us. And as Planetary and Galactic Beings, awake to the fundamental Oneness of Life – and now inspired to establish Galactic Culture on Earth – this is our gift to ourselves.

Earth is Galactic ~ Nature is Galactic ~ We are Galactic Citizens, Evolving in our shared University!

Do you know your Galactic Signature – your personal energy on the Galactic Calendar?
If not, decode your birthdate here and join the Galactic Culture Awakening!



  1. Thank you fir your message. I am one hundred per cent with you.
    I just have so much going on in my life, Shamanic healing practices, working with galactic light codes, consulting Akashic Records and more, that l try constantly to clear the decks. So keeping it simple will not add another aspect to my life. Wishing you well and success with your blog

    1. Greetings Friend – YES! Thank you for all you are doing, and all that you are holding. Sounds like very potent Wizardry 🙂 And sounds like you are on board with the essence of Galactic Culture!

      I totally concur that simple can be best, and we are all so unique that even our simples are different – and we all likely have vastly unique spiritual practices and tools and ways we work that are customized to our soul and our callings, etc…

      Actually that is what I love about the Galactic Calendar – that it is actually a very simple and easy to use tool that actually amplifies all other tools and techniques one is already using…

      But, to everyone I say “Follow your spirit without hesitation,” you will know if you are drawn to work with these codes.

    1. I think both are great descriptions to use for when the daily calendar lines up with your personal Glyph / Tribe. I simply call them “Power Days.” And the same applies to when the Tone of the day aligns with your personal Tone 🙂

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