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Let us move from powerlessness into Empowerment!
A Message from my Heart…

ESSENSUAL: A Poem Written at Panther Meadows on Mt Shasta ~ Blue Solar Hand Kin 87

Learn about the energies of this Galactic Year that started July 26, 2014!



These interviews are unique, yet complementary, each sharing
Eden Sky’s essential message for these important times

Listen to “Living the Magic of Every Day with Galactic Time”

This interview recorded on March 10, 2014,
offers Eden’s perspectives on what really happened on Dec 21, 2012?
Where are we now?
What is the purpose & mission of this Galactic Calendar of our Ancient Future?
How is this calendar distinct from the common calendar?
And other insights Eden has come to as an evolving soul here on Earth School.


Listen to Eden Sky on Cosmic Love Radio

This interview was recorded on Jan 1, 2011.
A passionate conversation about calendars, time, prophecy, personal and planetary karma,
and what it means to be a human in these precarious, precious moments on Earth…
You can also click here to download

Listen to Eden Sky on SkyTalkEarthWalk Radio

This interview was recorded on Solstice 2010, and is entitled “2012: We are the Living Prophecy.”
It offers much holistic & practical insight into navigating our human journey through these intense, accelerated times. The content of this radio show is timelessly relevant!

Listen to Eden Sky With James Gilliland of ECETI

(Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)
In this fascinating interview, Eden and James discuss this time of prophecy from a multi-dimensional perspective, covering much ground!
You can also click here to download



  1. Such a beautiful website……thankyou so much for your inspiration and love pouring thru….I am very excited…this is a great year of expansion,love,joy and inspiration for those who are beginning to wake up. And for those of us that can see through the veil let us lift it even more with our prayer so we can guide the way for those who cannot yet see clearly……so happy to have the love and support from the universal forses (angels) the work and play are just beginning….let us play…let magic be our guide….and miricles a normal occurance…2011 ah ho….Blue Spectral Monkey with much love and gratitude Nansea

  2. Love what you are trying to do.
    It’s been real hard for me to realize it’s time, it’s such a sad time for me because an end of anything is sad & this is as big an ending as your ever going to experience but in saying that it is also a time of rejoicing, no wonder people are so confused!!
    I get so sad at times & I tried to wonder why but now I know, the end of a wonderful time period is at an end, what happened in this period of time is what we wanted to happen, we all created it not someone else. Love you, Mathew

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