Time to Awaken! You are Invited to join these 2 special Consciousness-Raising Events :)

While the challenges and crises in our world abound, and the shadow appears to be in full effect, so too do the blessings abound, and the illuminated spirit of positive transformation is in full effect… In these epic times, we are all being catalyzed to become Awake, Aware and Empowered. The potency of this moment is calling us all out – to show up for life – and to serve life at a whole new level! This is the moment to Know our True Selves, to tap into our Authentic Power, to nourish our Wholeness. This is the moment to Tune in, to Learn from All. This is the moment to Love, to Heal, to Forgive, and to Grow. This is the moment to Shine. This is the moment to Rise. This is the moment to Stand firm, to Speak up, to Share our gifts, and to Uplift and Inspire the World with the Light of our Hearts ~ This is the Time To Be Our Own SuperHeroes!

As we each uniquely seek to Serve Life, obviously it is essential we too care for our own multi-dimensional health so that our channels can be clear and our inspiration can flow. We need to nourish our bodies, minds, spirits and emotional bodies. We need to support the expansion of our consciousness. Obviously we must cultivate balance in our receiving and giving, and balance in tending to the different arenas of our life, (yes, sometimes easier said than done 🙂

It is essential we make time/space to ongoingly cultivate our connection to our truest, deepest Self, to our sincere heart that cares for life and wishes to positively contribute, and to make time/space to feel our living, pulsing connection to our living Earth and our living Universe in our own body temples, “our human energy vehicles.” Ultimately, we know we are more than our egoic, linear minds. We know we are more than the fears and reactions that arise within us. We know we are creative instruments here to Serve life by being in our unique place in this sacred Whole. We are here to Awaken!

In the Spirit of Awakening, and with the intention of feeding our Spirits and nourishing the expansion of our consciousness, I am honored to invite you to 2 upcoming Free Events

Awaken to the Dreamlike Nature of Reality
with Paul Levy
Feb 6 (White Lunar Wizard Day)
Free 1-hour video:
Engage With Your Perception & Life’s Synchronicities
to Develop Your Creative Agency
and an Empowered, Fulfilled & Joyous Life:
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Paul Levy is a Spiritual Emergence Pioneer, Teacher, and Author. I am honored to introduce him to all of you, as he is a dear friend who I have known for more than 20 years. Paul’s body of work has been fundamental to my personal awakening journey. Encountering Paul’s teachings, over 2 decades ago, was a point of no return in my spiritual evolution. As I have continued to apply his teachings, I have found them to be a gift that keeps giving in my daily life! I whole-heartedly invite you to meet Paul Levy yourself, and tune in to his offerings in this free video event.

As Paul shares, during this free online event, you’ll discover:

  • How the power of quantum physics and our observations can help us “dream up” a better reality 
  • How to recognize the dreamlike nature of everyday life and its ability to help you catalyze your greatest superpower — the creative spirit within
  • How to view symbols and synchronicities as the Universe acting as a wise Oracle guiding you in co-creating your life
  • How encoded in our personal and global challenges is the very medicine we need to heal — and what that medicine is

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I am also honored to invite you to explore an upcoming Free, 9-day Virtual Summit that features more than 30 speakers from around the world: Awaken The Goddess Within Summit. I am delighted to share that I myself am one of the speakers in this Summit, and my interview is bringing to light the relevance of Awakening to Natural Time as an aspect of Awakening to the Feminine Spirit of Nature 🙂
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This Awaken the Goddess Within Summit is designed to inspire, educate, and give you tools to support your awakening journey. This gathering of consciousness is in service to our personal & planetary illumination. Join in this activation of wisdom, passion, purpose, and our embodied authentic Soul power to generate positive transformation! * Summit begins on February 5th / Red Magnetic Skywalker day! * Click here to save your free spot in this Summit!

As you all likely know, since Dec 21, 2012, we have transitioned into a new World Age cycle focused on the re-balancing of masculine and feminine energies, within us, and within our world. We all know the Feminine Principle of life has been greatly suppressed and overshadowed, and its virtues are NOW emerging in our collective remembrance and activation of them. To name a few, these virtues include: Reverence for the interconnectedness of All of Life, care for the good of the whole, respect for the living spirit of Nature, preservation and protection of the sacred, altruism, empathy, cooperation, equality, honoring of our intuition and our right-brain capacities, and connection to our creativity that emerges from our receptive Beingness.

We all know the sacred yin/yang balance animates all of Nature, and transcends gender. For me personally, awakening to the Feminine aspects of my nature has been one of the most powerful, transformative aspects of my human journey. For me, it is an ongoing, deepening process that has positively amplified all other aspects of my path. This video below shares a sample of some of the unique voices and point of views as to what it means to Awaken the Goddess Within

(If you want to check out an extended sample, here is a much longer youtube collage of voices in this Summit.)

This Awaken The Goddess Within Summit is in service to this rebalancing of the masculine and feminine, and I am honored to have my voice included in this tapestry of speakers! This Summit Feb 5 – Feb 13th is aligned with The Red Skywalker Wavespell. I am a featured speaker on the final day, Feb 13 / Red Solar Dragon day, correlated to the Summit’s “Goddess of the Cosmos.” My interview is elucidating how this work of The Galactic Calendar plays a central, often over-looked role in this rebalancing process, as expanding our perceptions beyond linear time, and awakening to Natural Time is a key part of this new paradigm! The 13-month, 28 day calendar guides us to reclaim the sacred power of 13 as the Spiral of Nature’s unfolding creative process, and re-align our sense of Time with the Divine Feminine principle in how we track our days. I hope you have a chance to tune in!

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Finally, in the Spirit of supporting our Awakening, I also wish to highlight the offerings of Intiana White Resonant Mirror of StarSeeds2020

For more than 25 years, Intiana has been offering Galactic Astrology readings to help people better understand how to activate the Galactic Signature energy that they embody on the Galactic Calendar. Her readings help people awaken to their own personal “Divine Design,” and own the power of their Cosmic Identity! She not only focuses on helping people look at their lives through the lens of their Galactic Signature energy, she also helps tune people in to what Yearly Galactic Calendar energy they are embodying, and she also integrates psychic insight to assist people in navigating personal challenges or queries related to their path in this moment. We are delighted to support her work as she receives ongoing testimonials from all around the world of how her unique service really helps people awaken to their multi-dimensional self!

If you feel inspired, please check out Intiana’s offerings:

Her Personal Oracle Readings are currently 20% off between NOW and Feb 6* Normally $77 for a one hour reading plus a 20-min follow up, now they are just over $60! Discount will automatically show up in your cart 🙂 *Feb 6 is the final day of Moon 7: The Resonant Moon of Attunement

In closing, on behalf of my SkyTime Family, I wish to sincerely thank all of you for being part of our Global, Galactic Family. I have unspeakable gratitude to feel connected to each of you every day in my morning prayers. While we have not likely met in the 3D, I feel the pulsations of our 4D connection as we are all unified and synchronized in the daily Galactic Calendar codes! It is a gift to be able to keep creating Galactic Calendars (now for more than 25 years), and to have this extraordinary community to share our offerings with. We salute each and every one of you for all you are giving to this Planetary Whole, each in your own ways, Serving Life. Indeed we are Awakening Together!

To The Ongoing Victory of Love,
Eden Sky
Author of The Galactic Calendar
Make Every Day Magic With The Galactic Calendar!

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