Red Magnetic Dragon

COSMIC RESTART: May 19 Begins a New 260-day Galactic Cycle!

On The Galactic Calendar, we are entering a Cosmic Restart Portal on May 19, 2022! It is called Kin 1 โ€“ Red Magnetic Dragon. This Galactic Frequency always launches us into a new 260-day galactic creation cycle, a new evolutionary spiral. This Galactic Frequency signifies a Rebirth moment; a sacred portal inward, inviting us to re-calibrate our perceptions so we can align with manifesting new, positive possibilities. Being conscious of this new cycle, we can unify with people all around the world who are psychically aligning with the opportunity of this potent moment that is heralding new beginnings!

This New Galactic Cycle occurs during these exceedingly challenging times that we are all facing. As a global human family, we continue to undergo these times of trial, these times of initiation. Beyond appearances, what else is happening? It is time to consciously invite RESTART into the next, ascending level of our lives. It is time to open to a new chapter in how we relate to existence; Time to Spiral Up!


The Galactic Codes of Red Dragon affirm: Regardless of how it may appear, The Universe is Abundant with Nurturance for All Beings; All of The Web of Life is Held by the Embrace of the Primordial Loving Beingness that animates us and sustains us. We visit this place of abundant benevolence when we tune in to our inner silence, the place that precedes thought and concept โ€“ before identity and duality and agenda.

That feeling awareness is our beingness; it is the pulse of our interconnectedness; it is our true nature and our home. Our beingness is always present underneath all of our thoughts and activities. It is always available for us to tune in to – and as we learn to do so, we discover the magic of how to re-energize ourselves by re-filling our cup with its calm, spacious presence.

Setting an intention for your RESTART:
What are you calling in?

Envision fulfillment. Know that radiant joy, health, and harmony is our Divine right. Picture these qualities in your life ~ in your family ~ in your community ~ in our world. Hold that vision. Know that the multi-dimensional power of our consciousness is limitless in helping to shape our reality.

By tuning in to that deep potential inside of you, how does that inspire new perceptions, new intentions, and new ways to approach your life’s journey?

What new beginnings and shifts do you want to invoke in your inner and outer world? What habits would you like to release or bring into your life?

In order to transform and evolve beyond the old, we must have self-awareness and deep compassion for the old stories and identities. We must consciously and lovingly compost them, and consciously open and invite new growth and new magic.

In honor of this potent time of RESTART, Re-Birth, I invite you to connect to your wisdom-heart, and inquire: What fear-based perceptions of the world, and anxieties about the future can you release? What limiting beliefs about who you are are you ready to let go of? What small stories about what you can manifest in your life are you ready to grow beyond? What dis-serving choices in how you navigate your days are you ready to shed, and lovingly compost, to create space for new realities to emerge and take root?

* * * * * * *
Comprehending Ancient Codes
of the Matrix of Now
Let us paint with new colors,
Dance to new rhythms,
Receive new visions to fly upon,
New tools to carve our way ~
Awakening the New Time
of the New Earth’s
New Dream
Birthing itself
through the stance of our Courage,
Weaving itself
through the threads of our Compassion,
Illuminating its path of manifestation
through our inner sight
as we listen
and lend the hands of our bodies’ temples
to build new alliances of matter and spirit,
and take hands with all
members of the One Family of Life…
and be who we are here to be:
Emissaries of the New Dawn

~Poetry by eden sky

Here are some more insights into the opportunity of this Cosmic Restart, through the lens of the Galactic Calendar codes. You are invited to reflect on these qualities as you cast your intentions to align with this NEW SPIRAL! (You may also wish to reflect on the significant milestones in your life that occurred during the previous 260-day cycle: Sept 1, 2021 – May 18, 2022).

The Galactic Calendar codes of this Red Magnetic Dragon Restart include: BEINGNESS ~ NURTURANCE ~ BIRTH ~ ONENESS WITH ALL OF LIFE. Kin 1 always signifies opportunities for New Beginnings and renewed awareness of our Soul Purpose. Kin 1 reminds us that by truly Unifying with our Purpose, we can Magnetically Attract all we need to fulfill it!

Red Dragon encourages us to focus on NURTURANCE. To meet to potential of this moment, it is essential we prioritize care, tenderness, compassion, and loving kindness towards ourselves and others.

We must honor and embrace our shared feeIings of vulnerability in these uncertain times. We must seek and find our inner wisdom of how to support ourselves amidst all of the stress, turmoil, and instability circulating in the world. We must discover the inner channels to summon our deep capacities for acceptance, courage, clarity, wisdom, and resilience.

In this light, here are some questions you may be inspired to ask yourself: How can you make a renewed commitment to self-love? How can you nurture yourself and find ways to “fill your own cup” so you have energy to serve life and support others? How can you strengthen your spiritual support system, and connect even more deeply to the Divine as you understand it? How can you nourish your own multi-dimensional health and generate more resilience? What tools and practices do you have to center yourself? In short, in what ways can you support and nurture yourself to open to the next level of your growth and evolution?


This Cosmic Restart calls us to focus on BEING. In our modern society, we often forget we are “human beings,” and we are vastly obsessed with doing. We typically generate our idea of self-worth based only on what we have accomplished or achieved. But it is fundamental to our health and wholeness to establish a relationship to our own inner Self. 

It is essential we learn how to balance the feminine and masculine energies ~ yin and yang ~ being and doing. This Cosmic Restart is inviting us to get in touch with our core Being. Let us remember our essential Self – who we are underneath all of our activity and outward agenda. When we take time and space to drop into our beingness, we recharge our body and soul. When we re-root to ourselves as human-BEINGS, we re-awaken to our inherent wholeness, and this inner connection can transform our participation in our world. By grounding over and over again in the essential core of our being, we can access more vitality, peace, and clarity that we can integrate into the creations of our daily lives. As the Vedic masters prescribe: โ€œEstablished in Being, Perform Action.โ€


To access our Beingness, we need simply consciously breathe and become present. Feel your body as an instrument of life, with your roots grounding to the Earth, your spine straight, and your crown reaching to the Sky. From there, intentionally focus on your breath, letting go of effort and striving, and become fully present. As you consciously breathe (by simply focusing your mind on your breath and affirming “breathing in I am, breathing out I am), then your mind naturally unifies with your body and you can tune into to your restful, aware, essential Being ~ your inner Source Power!

Regardless of what thoughts or emotions arise, just keep coming back to awareness of your breath as it flows in and out. You can do this as often as you remember, for however long you wish. The more you visit this inner dimension, the more natural it will become as a simple practice to recharge yourself throughout your day!


Red Dragon asks: What is wanting to BIRTH through you? What is wanting to actualize in your life in this new galactic creation cycle which spans May 19, 2022 – Feb 2, 2023? (Whether visible or invisible). What new beginning are you calling in? How can you spiral up?

Let us open our hearts and our wisdom-minds in receptivity to this Galactic Time Portal that invites us to align with new, positive possibilities. Let us expand our perceptions of who we are and how our lives can unfold. Let us consciously welcome new life-affirming attitudes. Let us call upon new divine clarity and inspired knowing to guide our steps in these mysterious times.

Our life is a creative adventure, and the more we realize our creative capacities in how we respond to the ongoing challenges of our existence, the more empowered we are to re-frame our circumstances and mold our lives in healthy, harmonious, inspiring ways. The more we thrive and shine in our own lives, the more energies we have to positively show up for all of our relations and responsibilities.

The 260-day Galactic Cycle mapped as a Harmonic Matrix of the Frequencies of Creation. On May 19, 2022 we start at the beginning again. This 260-day cycle of time repeats endlessly, always at a higher rung on the ascending spiral of existence.

From the consciousness of our Oneness with All of Life, we can realize that each one of us can directly positively contribute to our shared field every time we emanate life-affirming vibrations such as calm, compassion, love, kindness, humility, generosity, faith, surrender, courage, inspiration, gratitude … Each drop IS the Ocean ๐Ÿ™‚




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