I intend this blog as a channel
to pour forth poetry, articles,
art, videos, etc.
that may serve to Awaken Galactic Culture.

While the Galactic Calendar provides a spiritual foundation,
the path is holistic.

As moved by inspiration, over time, I wish to share about
my journey as an evolving soul during these times,
and the ever-flowing muse of cosmic insight…


  1. Hi Eden Sky,

    Thank you for all your Natural Time Updates! They were great and helped me. I was already missing them.
    Nice knowing you’re a mom. I’m too and I’m very happy that my children learning a calender that really tells about time and life.
    I wish you a lot of fun with your new expression around the changes that we, the earth and her living creatures, undergo. And thank you, once again, for sharing.
    in lak’ech! Marion, Amsterdam

  2. Thank you for your work and love.

    Day and Night

    Day blue Man, his heart is burning,
    Clothed in white mountain robes shining brightly;
    His trees stretch up, grow, and release in leafy spires;
    With eyes wide open to lush visions,
    We caress his thick forest and vale;
    His strong, armored chest breathes out,
    Showering the land and sea with dark wet gifts,
    Before rainbows of promise;
    The circumambient air is ablaze of winged praise;
    He is the power over the whole Earth;
    Wisdom and freedom he always gives,
    and the living call him ‘Father’….

    Night black Womyn, her heart keeps changing,
    Ever revealing and hiding in intimate cycles;
    The vast ocean waters dance, in and out, to her song;
    With eyes closed, we may enter her sacred castle,
    The rounded hills and gardens, bathed in star light;
    Waxing or waning, new or full,
    Her beautiful breast, barely covered by a thin dark dress,
    Points of light peak through, wink, blink, and twinkle;
    Little children of the night, she holds near her heart,
    Guardian Spirits of the past, present and future;
    Love and mystery she always gives,
    and the living call her ‘Mother’….

    adapted from a Pueblo poem by Hartley Alexander 1927

  3. Thank you eden sky, I am for the first time on this blog. It s wonderfull. Here in Amsterdam we celebrated with on diffferent placed the day out of time. Driebergen Panorange.I became 52 . I am a red planetairy eart and my occult is yellow seed four. So it s good to dive in the natural time a little bit deeper…In Lak’ech Maria Lahun Caban

  4. Greetings, Aryz Eden Sky and Thank you! I just found your inspiring “blog” this morning. I am learning and remembering so much! Ah Life! Ah Lovc! Ah Art! I am an Artist (as are we all) and would love to read more about Time is Art. I just started my own “blog” about Art & Love & Life on June 30th. It is called “All Zhenne & Everything”. I invite you to visit it and if you would like to use any of my imagery on your blog, please let me know – I would be more than pleased. Enjoy a beautiful and amazing day today and every! Just before writing this comment I stepped outside my door for a moment and a delightful flurry of wind circled about – a leaf came fluttering down to me and the garden chimes began tinkling and then a purple balloon with an orange ribbon came down out of nowhere and landed at my feet then circled round and round and came back to me 3 times – a magical moment. Best regards, Zhenne

  5. About a year and a half ago I found the 13 moon calendar website. Ever since I’ve been changed just from reading. It’s opened my eyes to the chaos around me. As a fellow artist and writer, I strive to find the good an beautiful in everything. That’s why I found your blog and website so inspiring. I’ve also deeply looked into auras and natural healing for myself. I realized that what the world thinks of 2012 will be the reason we may fall. The world is in panic. But this offers a kind of solace the world has yet to give me. I want to help in any way possible. Peace is what we need. Thank you.

  6. Hi Eden Sky! I am a fellow traveller pondering the mysteries of time and 2012. I love the concise information in “20 Questions on 2012” which should be distributed to everybody!!! Tell me please, how do figure out my Mayan Day Name? I need to know more about remembering why I am on Earth at this time… Please help!

    1. Greetings Friend! Great to hear from you!

      You can find out your Galactic Signature by going to http://13moon.com/decoder.htm

      Also – you may want to go deeper and receive a personal destiny reading from Intiana – she has been tracking these natural time cycles for the past 15 years also, and her specialty is to help people understand their galactic signature and how it plays into their life purpose and the current challenges/opportunities that one may be facing… If you want to explore that possibility, you can learn more about it at http://www.awake2012.com/

      In Lak’ech! I am another Yourself, Aryz Eden Sky

  7. What a wonderful sincronicity to find you! I am from Guatemala and I am trying to understand how to merge the Quiche count with the 13 moon calendar. But I am enjoying so much this Time, this Moment that all I want is to share this precious knowledge to them. Blogs like yours help my mission. Hopefully will meet soon.


  8. Love and Light Dear Eden You are a special soul and mentor to us all on Gaia. Thank You, Namaste ~Wiracocha~ The LightWorker White Feather

    my youtube spiritual site TheOcturian1111 stop by and say hello

  9. Thank you for your art and wonders that you have expressed so well. All the kindred folks behind the 800 days believe in the futrure/and I personally appreciate your influence so many times a day. Blessings, love and all the beautiful things head…

    Nothing is written in stone
    Something that may not happen
    Nothing is inverse and inevitable
    Something is waiting for us every day
    So why is everyone waiting on doomsday
    What reason do we need to make darkness day
    As time is spent watching over your shoulder
    Remember, It Ain’t Over ‘Till It’s Over…


  10. Hello – Several years ago I had a personal experience with a feathered 2 headed serpent, and as a result am working on a garden in NW Ohio, called Naha Sha’Green – House of the flower on the green I’ll send you some pics in the future. Was so sad to hear of the passing of the good Dr. He and I wrote to each other a few times and I do cherish his letters. I sent him a glass panel with Maya symbols, 1 of 4, I have the other 3. I think that they are a tool for the 2012 event, some kind of engine. Would love to speak to you sometime on this matter. Evan Maya E Ma Ho!

  11. Did you call yourself Sky Ben once apon a time.
    when you were first getting started?
    Just wondering if this is you.
    Not on the bus anymore.
    Peter ? Horst

  12. Gratitude for a beautiful blog….. I would really love to know where the image to the far right of your banner and on the thumbnail for this website is from. I’ve been trying to identify it for some time. Wishing you a great 2012! Thanks!

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