This upcoming Solstice is a call to join in Global prayer, meditation, and sacred intention ~ a time to join forces and connect our hearts and consciousnesses together, with our human family, with our living Mother Earth, and with the Universe. The exact time of Solstice is Dec 21, 10:02 UTC (2:02 AM PDT – find your exact time here

On The Galactic Calendar, Dec 21 is Kin 7: Blue Resonant Hand – the 7th tone of creation and the 7th tribe – 777 which signifies Healing, Knowing, and Resonant Attunement. This frequency calls us to be aware of ourselves as sensitive, energetic beings, each of us like an antennae of subtle energies. Tone 7 calls us to discern how to attune ourselves in alignment with our 7 chakras, connecting our resonant core to the core of the earth and to the core of the heavens, as they intersect in our human hearts.

The Solstice is always an amplified portal of intention, and a 3-day field of energetic influence in which peoples of all cultures, ALL around the Globe, unify in prayer and meditation. This is just one more opportunity (as is every day) to activate our LOVE for the One Web of Life, to take our places in conscious communion with the Totality we live amidst, and to consciously contribute the presence of our hearts, minds and bodies in concert with sincere care for the Whole, with sincere desire to uplift ourselves, our planet, and our world into higher vibrations and greater experiences of illumination, harmony, health, and life-affirming, positive reality.

This Solstice there is also an extremely rare Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn occurring exact on Dec 21 at 6:20 PM UTC (Dec 21 10:20 AM PDT, find your exact time here ). This is the closest they have been since 1623! This is but one more amplification of the potency of the energies available to us to collaborate with in generating greater positivity through collective intention. Many astrologers are saying the potential of this conjunction is very substantial and is indicating strong possibilities for huge, positive global transformation.

There are MASSIVE Global Meditations taking place on Dec 21 during this Planetary Alignment – affirming that “we are approaching critical mass, and what we do as a collective will greatly impact our future.” Please find many, many links here, showing the mass focus on this synchronization!

One of these synchronizations is a call to join intentions with the Australian Aborigines who will be doing ceremony at their sacred site Uluru. They are asking people to send direct Love to Mother Earth at the time of Solstice. (There is also a synchronized time they will be doing ceremony in Uluru Dec 21 11:30 AM UTC / 9:00 PM ACST / 3:30 AM PDT Dec 21 ~ 90 min past the exact time of Solstice – however in the same article it says to do it at the exact time of Solstice ~ so tune in with what feels right to you).

As the invitation being circulated from Julia Williams in consultation with Lore Keepers shares: “Here is the guidance from the Original People… These are their words: We need to be truly focused on a singular, focused, specific thought, feeling and intention. The purpose of this Ceremony is for the Rainbow Serpent to become the Rainbow Bridge, to rise up to connect with the light of the Sun and go straight into the heart of Mother Earth. Cleansing, energising and reinvigorating Mother Earth and ushering in a new era of consciousness for Mother, and her children. To be clear ~ the focus is on Mother Earth, not on ourselves. We need to focus on reinvigorating Mother Earth, and raising her consciousness. If this Ceremony is supported by enough pure love, energy, and support of the shared specific intention, it will be successful. The byproduct of a successful Ceremony will be the new era of consciousness for Mother Earth and her Children… The intention is: A pure love for Mother Earth in our heart as we ask to energise the heart of Mother Earth with our love and energy.” (This link offers greater context for this ceremony, and this link has a lot of interesting things to explore about Uluru as well.)

As Stephanie South, Lineage Holder of the Galactic Time Teachings writes: “We now find ourselves at an intensifying crossroads.” Feel free to check out her recent blog to get an expanded, galactic perspective on this planetary moment: Golden Future Awakening: Solstice 2020

The intention of this post is to inspire you to join in this massive Global Synchronization, however you feel called to participate in this activation! There are many opportunities – be it at the exact time of Solstice (Dec 21 10:02AM UTC), and/or extending into the specific Uluru synchronization (Dec 21 11:32AM UTC) and/or the exact Jupiter Saturn conjunction meditation synchronization: (Dec 21 6:22 PM UTC), and/or however your own spirit and antennae direct you to tune in and consciously add your light to the Collective during this Solstice time window 🙂

In closing, I offer my heart’s invocation, my prayer for myself and others in these most potent times: “May I wear a crown of peace, in this suffering world… May I wear a crown of the Victory of Love….”

Let’s join our hearts, link our intentions, open to the Earth and the Universe, and call on the manifestation of NEW POSITIVE REALITIES FOR ALL BEINGS!

All Hail the Harmony of Mind & Nature ~ Isn’t it wonderful?

In Lak’ech ~ I Am Another Yourself
Eden Sky
Author of The Galactic Calendar
Make Every Day Magic!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Eden….I already knew the details, it is 9.02pm in Sydney time for those who wish to be involved here in Oz…the time is one hour earlier for those in Queensland. Thank you again Eden….you are much appreciated and loved. Angel hugs and Blessings, Barbara White Wolf xoxoxo

  2. Blessings Eden! Thank you for sharing your love & light. Thank you for inspiring a path to love & light as well as lighting the path.
    Big love,

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