Galactic Time Update: As of May 2, we are now in The Spectral Serpent Moon of Liberation!

On The Galactic Calendar, we have now entered The Spectral Serpent Moon of Liberation (May 2 – May 29), the 11th moon of the year.

On this sacred timing system, each of the 13 Moons correspond to one of the 13 Tones of Creation. This Moon 11 brings the focus of Tone 11: The Spectral Tone of Liberation, also invoking the key words: Dissolve and Release.


The Rise of Sachamama – Painting by Jessica Perlstein

Tone 11 is aligned with the Totem of Serpent. “The snake dwells in so many places, climates and environments, comes in so many colors, shapes and sizes that this creature can be said to be one of the most versatile of all. Indeed snakes represent versatility, transmutation and change, their natural inclination to ‘shed their skins’ leaving behind the old, and adapting to the new, supports this idea.”

Where Tone 10 asked us to focalize our manifestations, Tone 11 now invites us to let go and release into the full spectrum of possibilities! The Spectral Tone invites us to open to the full range of opportunities, like the Rainbow Serpent, embracing the full spectrum of life!

Tone 11 is the essential energy of liberation that comes after manifestation in Tone 10, and before we crystallize into a higher order in Tone 12. As Jose Arguelles wrote in Mayan Factor: “11 represents the dynamic of dissonance accounting for randomness and non-stability.” The teaching of Tone 11 is let go of rigidity and embrace chaos, dissolution, and release from structure. We are invited to release allegiance to limitations, reliance upon format, and fixation upon control.

This Moon cycle is the time to free up energy, to break routines, to let go and shed what no longer serves, and to let energy travel through all parts of our lives. Let us welcome a new 28-day cycle to learn from and grow within, together! As we continue evolving and awakening, everything is possible!

We send all our Blessings to you in these most potent times!
From Our Hearts to Yours, 
Eden Skywalker and Family

PS –

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Flight into Self

aradiaSoaring in underwater skies
basking in illuminated darkness
revived in waves of lilac-kissed stars
stretching to meet the call of the Beyond
that beckons the dancing center
of blessed fierce innocence ~
the poised soul song
to emerge ~ to reveal ~ to unveil ~
to rejoice in immaculate fulfilled receiving…

cleansing of ancient cells
scripts dissolving as limbs rejuvenate
with pulsing crystalline salt harmonies…



tasting the future memories
of ascending earth ~ descending sky
answering this woman’s
humble prayer call for enchanted life
for resounding reunion…
renewed in the timeless waters of holy mystery



as a creature alive
and moving
as the pure symphony
of the heartwomb
of the spiralling cosmos within




On The Galactic Calendar, the new 28-day cycle that we have entered is for us to focus on ourselves as living antennas.

This is the time to pay attention to the most subtle, energetic, vibrational qualities that underlie all of life. We are now being invited to refine ourselves as Channels, and Attune ourselves as healthy vessels.

resonate10This cycle beckons us to bring our INSPIRATION to life,
and let ourselves be reborn by following our passion.
What makes you feel Alive?
Open to it ~ Serve it ~ Flow it ~ Emanate it ~
Attune to it ~ Channel it ~ Resonate!

Our inspiration is a Divine Force that lives inside each one of us. As we courageously learn to listen to it, and follow it, we find it is our purest guide to manifest magic and joy in our lives. For our inspiration carries a distinct vibration and intelligence than our linear minds – one that is in tune with our heart’s passion and our true soul’s calling. Our inspiration is in tune with the Spirit that animates all life, and it informs us how to uplift our life into our sacred potential,  naturally guiding us in perfect timing to be in harmony with the Greater Flow of all our relations.

espada miguel
This is a cycle of refining our discernment of the resonance we live from, day to day. Its time to take energetic inventory of the hidden corners of our psyches – to really shine the light on our core beliefs, our self-talk, our habits, our relationships with our time, with our loved ones, with our bodies, with Spirit, with prosperity, with our work in the world, etc., and get real with our vibrational self.

With compassion, faith and willingness to grow, let us inquire: What needs to be cleared and shifted so we can more effortlessly channel our inspiration? What needs to change? What do we need support with? What are our true desires that we have put on hold? What is within us waiting to take flight and soar to a new level? What fears can we rise out of? What self-importance and egoism can we transcend? What small story of ourselves can we see through and drop? What anxieties about the future can we stop projecting upon? What shames and resentments about the past can we stop clinging to?

If it’s not in resonance with your deepest knowing about what is healthy for you, now is the time to shift gears and create a new alignment with your higher self and your own divine inspiration.


Underneath our seemingly dense human form, we are pure energy. We are Essentially Resonant Beings. We are each Living Matrices of Vibration. We are but a constantly changing shape-shifting flow of subtle streams of energies that affect, and are affected by, our environment. Inner and outer are one flow. We are each different cascading emanations of the living Song of the Universe.

We live in a shared field of energy, all of us swimming in one collective psyche that is nested within one quantum resonant field of possibility.

Regardless of how fixed anything may appear, we each have infinite range of how we can channel the vibrational possibility of the Universal flow through our own human, energetic vessels.

resonate4Just like a dial on the radio, we can tune our heart-mind-consciousness-essence into a vast spectrum of frequencies and realities and dreams. We are each living antennas. We can receive and transmit the densest fears to the most elevated truths; the deepest abysmal anxieties to the most illuminated serenity – and everything in between… This is our human adventure as Resonant Beings.

As we continue to look within, and investigate what thoughts and stories and perspectives we are believing and resonating with, we can continually learn how to shift and modulate our vibration consciously. We can learn how to attune the quality and frequency of the song of our lives – the music we bring to our shared field – to our families, to our communities, to our culture, to our existence.


Resonance only speaks the language of Now. Resonance is Current.

resonate6Ultimately every thought, every emotion, every action, every intention, has a resonance that we can trace. This is the time to be SENSITIVE and AWARE of what energies you are running through you moment to moment. How are you affecting your environment? How is your environment affecting you? How else can you perceive things to be in sync with your Heart’s intelligence? What shifts can you make to experience greater alignment? It’s OK if you don’t know how – simply the awareness and desire to shift vibrations can open many doors…

The journey is the destination.
We are all simply unfolding.

We can always re-start ~ re-fresh ~ re-align ~ re-set, re-dream…


inspirFollow what Turns you On!

Be the unique conduit of Life that only you can be…

Channel your Inspiration and surround yourself with what feeds your Soul!


In Lak’ech ~ I am Another Yourself,
Eden Skywalker
Author of The Galactic Calendar
“Be the Wizard you wish to see in the World!”

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In honor of the “2016” New Year,
let us contemplate how this “Gregorian” calendar system
may affect us personally and planetarily ~

Believe it or not – calendars affect our minds,
and therefore our lives…
Calendars are the central instruments of cultural programs.

 The Gregorian calendar became the world standard in 1582. Before this point, there were many more cultural calendar traditions than are in use today. Generally speaking, these calendrical lineages were nature-based, highlighting the changing seasons of one’s local lands. Also, these maps of time connected people to their sacred relationship to time, elucidating cycles that united the microcosm of one’s life with the macrocosm of the Universe.

Nowadays, it seems that our sense of time is largely divorced from a connection to Nature’s cycles, and that in many ways we have lost touch with the sacred and magical dimension of time. For the most part, we have been conditioned with a linear sense of time, and have come to accept the emptiness of the 12 Gregorian Calendar months which do little to inspire our connection to the larger Universe.

Where does the Gregorian Calendar come from? What historical programs might be inscribed in it? Is this the best calendar choice for our world? Is this calendar helping us prioritize our human roles as shepherds of the planet? Are its cycles inspiring the awakening of our human potential? Or is it reinforcing that we keep our focus on working, shopping, and paying our bills?

The Gregorian Calendar is sourced in the Vatican Catholic Church, Pope Gregory the 13th, and the earlier calendars of Caesar and the Roman Empire. The mathematical structure of the 12-month calendar does not accurately reflect nature’s harmony, as seen in the erratically numbered 28, 29, 30, 31 day months that normalize irregularity. Likewise, in Gregorian time, we are disassociated from the archaic, sacred meanings of the 7 days of the week, and we blindly accept the misnamed 12 months of the year: Sept = 7 and is the 9th month, Oct = 8 and is the 10th month, Nov = 9 and is the 11th month, Dec = 10 and is the 12th month.

Straddling the globe, everywhere we look – from our cellphones, computers, daytimers, TV, doctor’s offices, prisons, presidential offices, banks, supermarkets, elementary schools – we are all told the day’s “date” in Gregorian terms, “Friday, January 1, 2016,” – but what does that mean?  Is it possible there is more to Time than this empty shell?

I have come to the understanding that the Gregorian calendar is simply a socially accepted version of time, one that has become the world standard as a result of violent imposition, Christian colonialism, and historical atrocities. Beyond that, it is obscuring our conscious connection to the higher dimensional order of Time in which ALL is synchronized, including the real time of our own natural rhythms, and the natural rhythms of the Earth we live upon and Universe we dream within.

The ultimate role of a sacred calendar is to guide us with knowledge of the cycles we live amidst, thus illuminating our relationships with all of life, and the inner workings of our human journeys. In this capacity, our modern calendar does not serve us at all. Rather than helping us attune our lives, Dr. Jose Arguelles’ research reveals that the 12-month Gregorian calendar works in conjunction with the 60-minute mechanical clock to generate the “12:60 artificial timing frequency.”

In the artificial time paradigm there is a vibration of scarcity as though we are perpetually in danger of running out of time. Our minutes seem to all be owned by some obligation, some past regret, or future stress… The clock ticks relentlessly, entraining us into the mechanical pulse of the machine. Dr. Jose Arguelles summarized that the essence of the 12:60 timing frequency is the concept: “Time is Money.” This mentality carries an often unconscious vibration of survival fear, and its strategy and mode is to separate and compartmentalize. This mind-set can allow the biosphere’s resources – as well as our own human bodies and life-force – to be perceived solely as material worth to be potentially exploited, rather than respected as interconnected sentient beingness.

This materialist relationship to time imbedded in the 12-month calendar and clock is contrary to the dimension of Natural Time in which all of life – all moments, all beings, all circumstances, are inherently interwoven and synchronized. Natural Time is non-linear and now-centered. Time is understood as an organic symphony of living rhythms; energy; consciousness; infinite possibilities of the unfolding art of beingness; synchronic patterns of fractal aesthetics…One expression of this is the 13:20 natural timing frequency, which was first recorded by the ancient Maya and then re-articulated by Dr. Jose Arguelles in the form of a 13-Month/28-day Calendar.

In Natural Time, we come to understand the simple yet complex mathematical order that underlies Nature’s cycles, and we gradually re-connect with our inherent, internal sense of timing, grounded in our own terrestrial and cosmic wholeness. We say “Time is Art ~ Life is Art.” We are all here to beautify our shared planet as a living work of Art!

In these unprecedented moments on Earth, we live in a time of great mystery and unknown. We are all called to open to the guidance of Nature and to attune to our deepest center; our internal spiritual guidance; our heart-knowing. In this light,

I propose a 2015 New Time Resolution to practice all year long:
“Transcend the linear confines of mechanical time and free your heart & mind into natural time!” 

Living in natural time is a personal study that can be accessed by tracking nature-based calendars, as well as by cultivating a connection to one’s natural, internal rhythms.
Likewise, we all have dormant telepathic capacities waiting to be activated. The process of awakening our telepathy is greatly supported by taking one’s attention off the idea of time being located outside of oneself (mistaking “time” for the numbers on a clock or a computer screen) and truly awakening to the understanding that We are the Pulse of Time; Natural Time is a living force within us, its sacred order governs our unfolding as creatures in this Grand Creation. The more we put our attention on following our spirit’s guidance, our heart’s inspiration, and our body’s rhythms, the more we can find we are In The Flow with our own center and in harmony with our web of responsibilities and relations; In Sync…

Ultimately, my intention for this message is to inspire an expanded context in which to perceive the Gregorian calendar and the affects of its time prescription. Rather than giving the 12 month calendar the power of our un-examined allegiance, let us empower ourselves with our sovereign connection to Natural Time which always lives within us as our deepest intuition, and remember that there are countless sacred ways to track and designate the rhythms of our lives.

All of this is not to say one should not celebrate “2016.” The idea of a “New Year” brings an innocent and welcome sense of renewal, something we all seek instinctively – to start again, fresh.

Let us be re-born every day by finding renewed courage to live from our Hearts. May we connect ever more intimately with the sacred dimension of time as the magical synchronizer. As a global culture, may we find pathways to hear and honor the wisdom and clarity of Nature’s rhythms, that we may elevate our human species into harmony with the One Web of Life.

To the Journey of the ever-changing Art of Now!
In Lak’ech – I am Another Yourself,
Eden Sky
Author of The Galactic Calendar
“Be the Wizard you wish to see in the World.”

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On The Galactic Calendar, Dec 20th is the Beginning of a New 260-Day Galactic Cycle. It is Kin 1 – Red Magnetic Dragon: COSMIC RESTART. The Solstice is Dec 21, amplifying these potent energies of REBIRTH…

kin1On The Galactic Calendar, every time we return to Kin 1 we begin at the beginning; we are starting the whole 260-day creation cycle all over again, yet we are always at a higher rung on the ascending evolutionary spiral of being.

Red Magnetic Dragon represents the Primordial Mother Waters from which All is Birthed. It is the vibration of Origin; Source; The Cauldron from which All is Generated; The Realm of Nurturance and Wholistic Renewal.

We are invited to affirm: “I nurture the birth of my being with primal trust.”


260-day Galactic Spin Cycle mapped as a Harmonic Matrix of the Frequencies of Creation

The last Red Magnetic Dragon day was on April 4, 2015, therefore the Galactic Spin we are completing is from April 4 – Dec 19, 2015. The Galactic Spin repeats perpetually, ongoing spiraling cycles of 260-day units. Each 260-day cycle is a sacred cycle of creation; it is a spiral voyage of time which corresponds to our human gestation period.

Every time we reach this ending and beginning moment on The Galactic Calendar, it is an ideal time to review our journey, and look at what has occurred in our inner and outer lives in these last 9 moons. Whenever you receive this message, you can still self-reflect on this cycle of Time. The point of this is to consciously integrate all we have realized, learned and experienced in the last Spin; to honor all that we have undergone in the last 260-days, and note where we have grown, as well as the aspects and areas of our lives where we have more room to evolve. By taking the time/space to do this, we gain a profound self-intimacy that supports our journey into the New Cycle.

lightsoul-lightThis Restart offers us a potent invitation to forgive our “mistakes” or inadequacies of the past cycle, and start fresh with humility and connection to our own inherent innocence and wholeness. May we also extend this peaceful vibration by compassionately forgiving All of our Relations, thus offering our hearts and minds as a “clean slate” for the Universe to once again create upon.

The Red Magnetic Dragon always takes us back to the beginning, The Source, The One. Red Dragon is the primal Mother birthing energy. Here we are invited to surrender to the unity of source, and immerse in the cauldron of renewal that we may start again, anew, refreshed, reborn… Red Dragon reminds us to nurture ourselves with mindful compassion, to nurture one another with care and tenderness, and to make space to receive the nurturance and riches the Universe has to bestow to our sincere hearts and receptive bodies.

Red Dragon reminds us: The Universe is Abundant with Nurturance for All Beings; All of The Web of Life is Held by the Embrace of the Primordial Loving Beingness that animates us and sustains us. We visit this place of abundant benevolence when we tune into our inner silence, the place that precedes thought and concept – before identity and duality – the empty fullness of blank divine existence conscious of itself – the transparent, gentle glory that thrives and pulses in our heart’s innermost chambers, a seamless breath of Totality. That feeling awareness is our beingness; it is our interconnectedness; our true nature and home.

When we remember and re-root to ourselves as human-BEINGS, we re-awaken to our essential self and are re-born every time we re-immerse in the home of our Beingness, nurturing ourselves in this clarity and transforming our participation in our world. By grounding over and over again in the essential core of our being, we experience and embody our sense of wholeness and are more alive and effective in initiating and birthing the creations of our daily lives and tending to the gardens of our relationships! As the Vedic masters prescribe: “Established in Being, Perform Action.”

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I would like to invite all of you ~ around the globe ~
to join in on 11/11, White Magnetic Wind day,
for the Globally Synchronized Premiere of the new documentary film:
“Time is Art: Synchronicity & The Collective Dream.”

This film was made by Katy Walker & Joel Mejia – inspired by Dr. José Argüelles’ life-changing message that “Time is not Money; Time is Art!” I was first introduced to this message 20 years ago, and it has become the central, foundational truth that I weave my life upon. It brings me unspeakable joy that Jose’s legacy lives on through this film, and that his cultural revelation is now being offered to the World through the medium of this movie! I am grateful to Katy & Joel for their dedication and craft to produce this inspiring and evocative movie, and it is a potent, positive reflection of the Awakening in our Collective Consciousness that the idea that TIME IS ART is now coming to the Mainstream!



On 11/11 there will be local screenings happening around the world, and you are also invited to order it via Video on Demand (VOD) for $9.99 and join in the global synchronization! As the film-makers wrote: “Doing a one day worldwide screening is like getting together on Earth Day to do something special for our beautiful planet. Our vision is to get as many people as possible watching the film on the same day, like a mass mediation or a prayer.”

TimeisArt-inTheatres9001Click here for local screening listings:

Click here to order the movie on VOD! Invite friends over to join in the Global Sync! (You can order now, and will not be charged until the film is released on 11/11/15)

Thank you for helping pollinate this pioneering film, and bring this expansive perspective to your local communities!

We are honored to be hosting a local event in our hometown of Ashland, Oregon and will be featuring Guest Speaker Synchronic Visionary Stephanie South, Protégé of Dr. José Argüelles.



The documentary film follows Jennifer, a writer who is compelled to make sense of the mysterious and powerful energy she felt at her aunt’s deathbed. A series of strange coincidences leads her on an exploration of synchronicity – the concept that everything is interconnected, and that time is not so much a chronology as it is an infinite cycle. Considering herself something of a skeptic, she treads the fine line between nervous breakdown and ecstatic revelation as she seeks out guides in her search for answers. Together, they explore a reality where time is transformed from a unit that can be measured and commodified -“Time is money”- to an experience of oneness with the natural rhythms of nature and the universe. It is here that the writer discovers that time is, in fact, art.

TimeIsArtPosterArt_v1“Time is Art” is ultimately the story of an artist’s search for inspiration in a money-driven society that shuns creativity, and of the human search for meaning in a seemingly meaningless world. Presented as a cinematic meditation along the lines of Waking Life and Samsara, this film includes compelling conversations with fellow seekers Toko-Pa Turner, Richard Tarnas, Amy Lansky, Graham Hancock, Daniel Pinchbeck and Rupert Sheldrake as well as artists and activists guide us through the underlying premise of the film: perhaps we can tap into a way of being that is not ruled by a finite sense of time, but rather by the ability to live in harmony with the true creative nature of our existence.

Inspired by acclaimed & visionary author José Argüelles’ studies in ancient indigenous wisdom, this film explores the idea that modern humanity is immersed in an erroneous and artificial perception of time that deviates from the natural order of the universe. We have become disconnected from the natural rhythms of the earth by focusing only on money, consumerism and exploitation while deep down inside, we crave the return to a foundation of culture, community, and creation.

Learn more:




12144833_947658105273579_1005281100030220590_nHere is an awesome review of the movie:

“As we hit critical mass in planetary awakening, we are also crossing multiple ecological tipping points. As we do this, our sense of reality continues to be revised until the lines between realms are blurred. Our greatest hope for emerging from these turbulent times seems to be a combination of imagination, collaboration, and technology fused with spiritual purpose. The film Time is Art, Synchronicity and the Collective Dream is a great example of this, that integrates many art forms to communicate and express the multi-textured feelings of being alive at this moment in history…”



hunab ku by android jones11/11 IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF THE TIME IS ART AWAKENING!

Beyond this Global 11/11 Launch, the movie can be ordered VOD at anytime, and also people are encouraged to set up screenings in movie theatres in their area. Learn more here: Let’s keep supporting this movie, and keep this cultural wave of inspiration going!



To the Awakening of our Collective Consciousness,
In Lak’ech – I am Another Yourself,
Eden Skywalker
*Be The Wizard You Wish to See in the World!

New Galactic Cycle: Oct 18 – Nov 14 ~ Owl Moon of Form ~ Time to See * Clarify * Define!


“Reverse Warrior” by Geoglyphiks ~ Featured Art for the Moon of Form of The Galactic Calendar

On The Galactic Calendar, we just entered a new 28-day cycle called the Self-Existing Owl Moon of Form, spanning Oct 18 – Nov 14th. The key words that embody the energies available to us during this cycle are: DEFINE ~ MEASURE ~ FORM. Contemplate these code words with your own intuition to see what guidance and inspiration they have to offer to your life… Reflect upon the FORM of your life, your body, your world…This is the time to clarify, discern, and focus on how to bring coherency and structure to the foundation of your life.

4 elementsAs the 4th month of the Galactic Year – this cycle embodies the 4th Tone of Creation “Self-Existing” which corresponds to the 4 elements, the 4 directions, the 4 seasons, the 4 limbs of our body, etc. Use these energies to bring grounding to your life by defining, getting specific, and assessing where you’re at and where you’re going – so you can formulate clear plans!

As Eckhart Tolle reminds us: “You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while.” 

While this cycle is a time of stabilizing our grounding, it is also the OWL Moon. Owls possess superior senses of sight, hearing, & silent, stealth flight. Owl totem wisdom shares: “The owl sees in the dark: As a spirit animal, the owl guides you to see beyond the veil of deception and illusion; it helps see what’s kept hidden. It also symbolizes the ability to cut through illusions and beyond deceiving appearances into the true reality of a situation or a person’s motives. The owl spirit animal is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. When the owl is one of your power animals, you can access information and wisdom that’s usually hidden to most.

The owl is a strong spirit guide for discernment and making decision based solid foundations. Call on the owl totem when you have to assess a situation or are going through confusing times. The owl is also a guide to uncover your hidden potential and abilities… Owl spirit animals are symbolic of death in many traditions. In most cases however, it should not be taken literally: If the owl is associated with death, it can be viewed a symbolic death, meaning a transition in life, important changes that are taking place or about to happen.” – Excerpt from


Spanning July 26, 2015 – July 25, 2016

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The Galactic Calendar by SkyTime

The Galactic Calendar by SkyTime

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“I am delighted with the Calendar. Thank you so much… It will be a joy to allow its energy to permeate my Being by living each day in harmony with the universe. Each of us pulsing our unique frequency – yet part of the Whole.” – Shendra

Be The Wizard You Wish To See in the World
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On The Galactic Calendar, the Year is mapped as 13 months, each 28-days long. This is the ancient and harmonic way to measure our orbit around the Sun. The 13 months/moons correlate to the 13 Galactic Tones of Creation. Each 28-day cycle has a unique Tone, and a unique focus. This Moon of Form is synchronized with Tone 4 ~ The Self-Existing Tone of Form. The Self-Existing Moon of Form is always the 4th month of The Galactic Year that begins on July 26. Rather than our typical Jan-Dec reference points for our orbit around our Sun, the Galactic Calendar correlates the months to distinct qualities of Nature’s unfolding creative process, putting us in sync with our own creative potential as instruments of nature’s intelligence. In this time system, each of the 13 months of the year provide us with personal & collective focus to unify us with inspiration and meaning as we journey together in time.

Galactic Time Update: Beginning Sept 20 ~ Activate Your Service! Live from Your Heart! Tune in to the Equinox!

The Electric Moon Image in The Galactic Calendar ~

“Initiation” by Pumayana ~ Featured Art for The Electric Moon of The Galactic Calendar

We are now embarking upon a time of potent energies that call us to Activate Our Service, Live from our Hearts, and Consciously Connect ourselves to our Planet, our Universe, and the One Web of Life. We affirm that Time is our creative life-force, and we can tune in to the magical harmonies of Galactic Time to uplift and synchronize our daily lives with the greater Cosmic order!

On the Galactic Calendar, we are now initiating 2 simultaneous Galactic Cycles!

We have just entered into a new 28-day cycle called the Electric Moon of Service, spanning Sept 20 – Oct 17th. The key words that embody the energies available to us during this cycle are: ACTIVATE ~ SERVICE ~ BOND. Contemplate these code words with your own intuition to see what guidance and inspiration they have to offer to your life… This is the time to give your gifts to the world, to shine the light of your soul to help illuminate our planet. What does it mean to you to “Activate Your Service?” As White Eagle said: “How you labor is your own choice, but you must always live with the thought: I have come to earth to serve life, to serve the grand scheme of the evolution of humankind.”

We are also simultaneously beginning a 13-day cycle known as The White Dog Wavespell, focused on the energies LOVE ~ HEART ~ LOYALTY (spanning Sept 20 – Oct 2). Again, each of these code words are meant to be meditated upon by your own intuition to access their deepest meaning for your lives.

Let us be reminded that our hearts are naturally attuned to the interconnectedness of all of life and naturally seek to live in harmony. Our hearts are the guides of our true evolution. How can we more fully live from our hearts? How can we commit to loving ourselves more deeply that we can offer more love to our Relations? How do our hearts wish to express their truths and their gifts in Service?


The EQUINOX occurs on Sept 23 at 1:22 AM PDT, which is Red Self-Existing Skywalker Day on the Galactic Calendar. This Natural Time Holy-day is a potent time to connect with the living consciousness of our Earth in her cyclic dance of rhythmic balance with the Sun, and to open ourselves to her living wisdom to guide our own rhythms as we too seek balance in so many ways. At this time of equilibrium, the light and dark, yang and yin forces are balanced, opening opportunities to integrate these polarities within ourselves, meeting our wholeness.

Likewise, this is a highly charged time to consciously unify our hearts and minds with our human family as we seek to contribute to the positive transformation of our shared world. The days leading up to the Equinox are being activated with Global Synchronizations for Peace (Sept 19-21) via, culminating on the UN International Day of Peace observed around the world on September 21. There are many focused meditations, prayers, ceremonies and celebrations around the Globe during this Equinox window, including the exact time of Equinox, as well as Sunrise & Sunset of that day. Learn more here. Please join in and add the ray of your soul to this time of collective communion. As we Unify our focus on our connectivity with each other and our Planet, we exponentially call more and more Light to our Earth, and to our shared journey.


On Sept 27, Red Galactic Earth Day we will have a Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse that begins at 7:11 pm PDT, and peaks at 7:51 pm PDT.

Astrologer Simone Matthews writes: “The lunar eclipse energy provides a potential for working on your inner self, and illuminating yourself from within. We will be inspired this full moon/eclipse to open our gifts to higher degrees of frequency and anchor these on the Earthly plane. It is time to take ownership and acknowledge your divine magnificence…and shine brightly from within…it is time to eclipse anything that may be holding you back. This Lunar Eclipse is a powerful time of transformation and awakened conscious action… the old structures of this world can no longer hold you back as each of us has the power and divine potential to create change from a higher and more awakened placed of consciousness.”


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The Galactic Calendar by SkyTime

The Galactic Calendar by SkyTime

Spanning July 26, 2015 – July 25, 2016

This Full Color Wall Calendar
Features 13 Stunning Artists & Daily Guide to Galactic Time
Proudly printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper!


The Galactic Calendar by SkyTime

The Galactic Calendar by SkyTime

“This is without a doubt the most beautiful and high-energy calendar on the planet.” -Canton, MI

“I am so grateful to have aligned with this Galactic Calendar. It has immensely enriched my life vision and creativity! Thank you for sharing this Light!” – Yeshe, Canada

 “I am delighted with the Calendar. Thank you so much… It will be a joy to allow its energy to permeate my Being by living each day in harmony with the universe. Each of us pulsing our unique frequency – yet part of the Whole.” – Shendra

“Thank you for providing this incredible medium!
It has changed our lives!” -Lake Forest Park, WA

“This year’s calendar is supercalifragilisticexpealidocious! Wonderful! I am really enjoying it.” -Love from JAPAN!

“This solar-lunar-galactic calendar produces a natural means of achieving both personal and global synchronic harmony.”
-Reviewed in Magical Blend’s Natural Beauty and Health Magazine


Be The Wizard
You Wish To See in the World
*We are a tiny family business dedicated to Universal Harmony!*

On The Galactic Calendar, the Year is mapped as 13 months, each 28-days long. This is the ancient and harmonic way to measure our orbit around the Sun. The 13 months/moons correlate to the 13 Galactic Tones of Creation. Each 28-day cycle has a unique Tone, and a unique focus. This Moon of Service is synchronized with Tone 3 ~ The Electric Tone of Service. The Electric Moon of Service is always the 3rd month of The Galactic Year that begins on July 26. Rather than our typical Jan-Dec reference points for our orbit around our Sun, the Galactic Calendar correlates the months to distinct qualities of Nature’s unfolding creative process, putting us in sync with our own creative potential as instruments of nature’s intelligence. In this time system, each of the 13 months of the year provide us with personal & collective focus to unify us with inspiration and meaning as we journey together in time.

What Is Your Treasure?

girl-holding-sunToday my Godfather invited me to contemplate:
“What is my treasure?”

I now share this inquiry with YOU –
What is YOUR Treasure?

Mine is my heart. My sincerity. My willingness to keep growing. My family. My mission to help uplift our human culture into harmony with the Galactic order of nature. My deepening relationship to my own breath as fuel, as the road to center into my own wholeness… as the medicine of calm…

I treasure the spiritual path Great Spirit has fashioned for me. I treasure the Faith I have disciplined my soul to uphold. I treasure my conscience, and sense of moral imperative. I treasure the intensity of the spiritual urgency that is calling us all to arise like the brightest full moon beacon to take our places in service to Life on Earth. I treasure my spiritual guides & allies that shepherd me. I treasure the miracles of Grace that rain upon us, in their own immaculate timing. I treasure the winged creatures that soar above, the flowers that smile upon us with their majestic colors, the breezes that refresh and tickle our souls. I treasure the holy water that sustains our life.

remember-heart-will-find-your-treasureI treasure the initiations I have received that have pushed me over critical edges. I treasure all I have learned from investigating my shadow. I treasure the light and art we bring to this earth by emanating compassion for All our Relations. I treasure the poignancy of the impermanence of all of life… I treasure the quest to awaken to my ever deepening capacity to be a conscious vehicle ~ receiving and transmitting Light. I treasure authenticity. I treasure the holy presence of music. I treasure righteousness and the pioneering of a new earth culture. I treasure my kin, my tribe.

And finally, I have come to treasure my own self, as I am, Whole amidst the pains and wounds and fears that can never stop the invincible shine of Truth… And With self-love anchoring ever more deeply, day upon day, I have come to treasure this journey ~ all of it ~ what a mystery, a gift, a challenge, a blessing, a prayer unfolding… And now, I treasure this opportunity to share my heart, with you.