Time to Awaken! You are Invited to join these 2 special Consciousness-Raising Events :)

While the challenges and crises in our world abound, and the shadow appears to be in full effect, so too do the blessings abound, and the illuminated spirit of positive transformation is in full effect… In these epic times, we are all being catalyzed to become Awake, Aware and Empowered. The potency of this moment is calling us all out – to show up for life – and to serve life at a whole new level! This is the moment to Know our True Selves, to tap into our Authentic Power, to nourish our Wholeness. This is the moment to Tune in, to Learn from All. This is the moment to Love, to Heal, to Forgive, and to Grow. This is the moment to Shine. This is the moment to Rise. This is the moment to Stand firm, to Speak up, to Share our gifts, and to Uplift and Inspire the World with the Light of our Hearts ~ This is the Time To Be Our Own SuperHeroes!

As we each uniquely seek to Serve Life, obviously it is essential we too care for our own multi-dimensional health so that our channels can be clear and our inspiration can flow. We need to nourish our bodies, minds, spirits and emotional bodies. We need to support the expansion of our consciousness. Obviously we must cultivate balance in our receiving and giving, and balance in tending to the different arenas of our life, (yes, sometimes easier said than done 🙂

It is essential we make time/space to ongoingly cultivate our connection to our truest, deepest Self, to our sincere heart that cares for life and wishes to positively contribute, and to make time/space to feel our living, pulsing connection to our living Earth and our living Universe in our own body temples, “our human energy vehicles.” Ultimately, we know we are more than our egoic, linear minds. We know we are more than the fears and reactions that arise within us. We know we are creative instruments here to Serve life by being in our unique place in this sacred Whole. We are here to Awaken!

In the Spirit of Awakening, and with the intention of feeding our Spirits and nourishing the expansion of our consciousness, I am honored to invite you to 2 upcoming Free Events

Awaken to the Dreamlike Nature of Reality
with Paul Levy
Feb 6 (White Lunar Wizard Day)
Free 1-hour video:
Engage With Your Perception & Life’s Synchronicities
to Develop Your Creative Agency
and an Empowered, Fulfilled & Joyous Life:
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Paul Levy is a Spiritual Emergence Pioneer, Teacher, and Author. I am honored to introduce him to all of you, as he is a dear friend who I have known for more than 20 years. Paul’s body of work has been fundamental to my personal awakening journey. Encountering Paul’s teachings, over 2 decades ago, was a point of no return in my spiritual evolution. As I have continued to apply his teachings, I have found them to be a gift that keeps giving in my daily life! I whole-heartedly invite you to meet Paul Levy yourself, and tune in to his offerings in this free video event.

As Paul shares, during this free online event, you’ll discover:

  • How the power of quantum physics and our observations can help us “dream up” a better reality 
  • How to recognize the dreamlike nature of everyday life and its ability to help you catalyze your greatest superpower — the creative spirit within
  • How to view symbols and synchronicities as the Universe acting as a wise Oracle guiding you in co-creating your life
  • How encoded in our personal and global challenges is the very medicine we need to heal — and what that medicine is

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I am also honored to invite you to explore an upcoming Free, 9-day Virtual Summit that features more than 30 speakers from around the world: Awaken The Goddess Within Summit. I am delighted to share that I myself am one of the speakers in this Summit, and my interview is bringing to light the relevance of Awakening to Natural Time as an aspect of Awakening to the Feminine Spirit of Nature 🙂
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This Awaken the Goddess Within Summit is designed to inspire, educate, and give you tools to support your awakening journey. This gathering of consciousness is in service to our personal & planetary illumination. Join in this activation of wisdom, passion, purpose, and our embodied authentic Soul power to generate positive transformation! * Summit begins on February 5th / Red Magnetic Skywalker day! * Click here to save your free spot in this Summit!

As you all likely know, since Dec 21, 2012, we have transitioned into a new World Age cycle focused on the re-balancing of masculine and feminine energies, within us, and within our world. We all know the Feminine Principle of life has been greatly suppressed and overshadowed, and its virtues are NOW emerging in our collective remembrance and activation of them. To name a few, these virtues include: Reverence for the interconnectedness of All of Life, care for the good of the whole, respect for the living spirit of Nature, preservation and protection of the sacred, altruism, empathy, cooperation, equality, honoring of our intuition and our right-brain capacities, and connection to our creativity that emerges from our receptive Beingness.

We all know the sacred yin/yang balance animates all of Nature, and transcends gender. For me personally, awakening to the Feminine aspects of my nature has been one of the most powerful, transformative aspects of my human journey. For me, it is an ongoing, deepening process that has positively amplified all other aspects of my path. This video below shares a sample of some of the unique voices and point of views as to what it means to Awaken the Goddess Within

(If you want to check out an extended sample, here is a much longer youtube collage of voices in this Summit.)

This Awaken The Goddess Within Summit is in service to this rebalancing of the masculine and feminine, and I am honored to have my voice included in this tapestry of speakers! This Summit Feb 5 – Feb 13th is aligned with The Red Skywalker Wavespell. I am a featured speaker on the final day, Feb 13 / Red Solar Dragon day, correlated to the Summit’s “Goddess of the Cosmos.” My interview is elucidating how this work of The Galactic Calendar plays a central, often over-looked role in this rebalancing process, as expanding our perceptions beyond linear time, and awakening to Natural Time is a key part of this new paradigm! The 13-month, 28 day calendar guides us to reclaim the sacred power of 13 as the Spiral of Nature’s unfolding creative process, and re-align our sense of Time with the Divine Feminine principle in how we track our days. I hope you have a chance to tune in!

RSVP here to Join in The Awaken The Goddess Within Summit Feb 5 – Feb 13

Finally, in the Spirit of supporting our Awakening, I also wish to highlight the offerings of Intiana White Resonant Mirror of StarSeeds2020

For more than 25 years, Intiana has been offering Galactic Astrology readings to help people better understand how to activate the Galactic Signature energy that they embody on the Galactic Calendar. Her readings help people awaken to their own personal “Divine Design,” and own the power of their Cosmic Identity! She not only focuses on helping people look at their lives through the lens of their Galactic Signature energy, she also helps tune people in to what Yearly Galactic Calendar energy they are embodying, and she also integrates psychic insight to assist people in navigating personal challenges or queries related to their path in this moment. We are delighted to support her work as she receives ongoing testimonials from all around the world of how her unique service really helps people awaken to their multi-dimensional self!

If you feel inspired, please check out Intiana’s offerings:

Her Personal Oracle Readings are currently 20% off between NOW and Feb 6* Normally $77 for a one hour reading plus a 20-min follow up, now they are just over $60! Discount will automatically show up in your cart 🙂 *Feb 6 is the final day of Moon 7: The Resonant Moon of Attunement

In closing, on behalf of my SkyTime Family, I wish to sincerely thank all of you for being part of our Global, Galactic Family. I have unspeakable gratitude to feel connected to each of you every day in my morning prayers. While we have not likely met in the 3D, I feel the pulsations of our 4D connection as we are all unified and synchronized in the daily Galactic Calendar codes! It is a gift to be able to keep creating Galactic Calendars (now for more than 25 years), and to have this extraordinary community to share our offerings with. We salute each and every one of you for all you are giving to this Planetary Whole, each in your own ways, Serving Life. Indeed we are Awakening Together!

To The Ongoing Victory of Love,
Eden Sky
Author of The Galactic Calendar
Make Every Day Magic With The Galactic Calendar!

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My perspective on this Gregorian New Year: 2021 :)

As Author of The Galactic Calendar, I want to offer my perspective on this moment, and how I am holding this particular Jan 1 New Year. While I have spent 25 years trying to educate the world about the need to evolve beyond the artificial Gregorian Calendar, I am trying a new approach this time in how I approach the topic, and I am seeking to world-bridge. In that light, perhaps you will find this message helpful to share with others 🙂

Ultimately, as human beings on Planet Earth, I feel it is very beneficial for us to acknowledge our journey of completing an orbit around our Sun. Regardless of the day we mark as the start of a New Year, it is wise to reflect on how we have grown in our lives, personally and collectively during the course of a Solar Year.

It is through self-reflection that we can consciously evolve, which ideally is our souls’ aspiration. As Bolivian Shaman Chamalu says. “Our only destiny is to grow.” By taking inner inventory, we learn self-intimacy and discover how to refine how we navigate our life’s path. We know that every single one of us affects and contributes to the whole. Together we are constantly defining what it means to be human, and co-creating our collective culture.

From a Galactic Culture perspective, our human existence is a gift, a responsibility, an opportunity to awaken to our true, multi-dimensional nature as planetary and cosmic citizens.

Likely we realize that our 365-day orbit around our Sun can be tracked in multiple ways. The Gregorian Year Jan 1 – Dec 31 is simply one way. While it is the predominant calendar system in use, unfortunately it does little to nothing to inspire the evolution of our human potential, nor does it synchronize us with genuine natural or cosmic cycles. (Learn more)

As everyone knows, there are many different New Year dates observed by different calendars. Everyone has heard of different Seasonal New Years beginning on Equinox or Solstices, and of course the many Lunar New Years (such as Chinese, Tibetan, Hebrew, Islamic etc).

There is also a Galactic New Year which is observed by people all around the globe, of all different cultures, that is always July 26. This alternative, new paradigm system of Time has been my passion for the past 25 years as it is a life-changing map of time that serves to awaken us from “cosmic amnesia.” 🙂 Every year, every day, every 13 day cycle, every 28 day cycle offers codes designed to accelerate our mental and spiritual evolution.

From this Galactic Calendar reference point, we actually have 7 months left to complete in this 365-day orbit that started July 26!

On the Galactic Calendar, July 26, 2020 was the start of The Blue Lunar Storm Year. Put simply, the Galactic frequencies of this year are literally delineated as bringing: a Storm of Challenge; a Tempest of Transformation; a mandate to stabilize inner and outer reality; a quest to learn from polarization; a call to see the toxicity of duality; a necessity to find our calm center as the world churns in chaos, uncertainty, breakdown, breakthough; a summons to align with our inner thunderbeing who knows how to be a positive WorldChanger; an invitation to wield the lightning of our soul and arise as a conscious alchemist of energies and frequencies.

Long story short, I understand the “natural basic goodness” of celebrating 2021 as a time of new beginnings. So, when reviewing your journey through 2020, and contemplating your shift into 2021, if it resonates with you, I invite you to simultaneously explore this Galactic Calendar perspective that we also have more than 7 months left in this Blue Lunar Storm Year! Ask yourself: Where are you amidst this Storm of Challenge? Where have you grown in resilience? How can you support yourself in continuing to adapt and buff your super powers?

Keep in mind we must continue to embrace the ongoing challenges we are all going through. We must continue to affirm our desire to consciously grow. We must find ways to consciously support and nurture ourselves. We must accept that personal and collective challenges serve to strengthen us. And, ultimately, we must realize that the more gratitude we can have for the challenges themselves, the more clarity and courage we can find within our hearts to keep lucidly walking our path together, with compassion and care for the whole of life.

There will never be a way to actually run from the challenges of life. So let us instead devote ourselves to discovering the sanctuary of our own calm, spiritual centers. From this inner refuge, we can fuel and fortify our beings to keep showing up for the adventure of our shared human journey.

Let us see with eyes of inner wisdom. Let us see the beauty in ourselves, the beauty in each other, and the beauty in life itself.

~Let us bow to the ever present new beginning of every now moment~

Blessings to you all,

Eden Sky
Author of The Galactic Calendar
Make Every Day Magic!

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This upcoming Solstice is a call to join in Global prayer, meditation, and sacred intention ~ a time to join forces and connect our hearts and consciousnesses together, with our human family, with our living Mother Earth, and with the Universe. The exact time of Solstice is Dec 21, 10:02 UTC (2:02 AM PDT – find your exact time here https://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/winter-solstice.html).

On The Galactic Calendar, Dec 21 is Kin 7: Blue Resonant Hand – the 7th tone of creation and the 7th tribe – 777 which signifies Healing, Knowing, and Resonant Attunement. This frequency calls us to be aware of ourselves as sensitive, energetic beings, each of us like an antennae of subtle energies. Tone 7 calls us to discern how to attune ourselves in alignment with our 7 chakras, connecting our resonant core to the core of the earth and to the core of the heavens, as they intersect in our human hearts.

The Solstice is always an amplified portal of intention, and a 3-day field of energetic influence in which peoples of all cultures, ALL around the Globe, unify in prayer and meditation. This is just one more opportunity (as is every day) to activate our LOVE for the One Web of Life, to take our places in conscious communion with the Totality we live amidst, and to consciously contribute the presence of our hearts, minds and bodies in concert with sincere care for the Whole, with sincere desire to uplift ourselves, our planet, and our world into higher vibrations and greater experiences of illumination, harmony, health, and life-affirming, positive reality.

This Solstice there is also an extremely rare Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn occurring exact on Dec 21 at 6:20 PM UTC (Dec 21 10:20 AM PDT, find your exact time here ). This is the closest they have been since 1623! This is but one more amplification of the potency of the energies available to us to collaborate with in generating greater positivity through collective intention. Many astrologers are saying the potential of this conjunction is very substantial and is indicating strong possibilities for huge, positive global transformation.

There are MASSIVE Global Meditations taking place on Dec 21 during this Planetary Alignment – affirming that “we are approaching critical mass, and what we do as a collective will greatly impact our future.” Please find many, many links here, showing the mass focus on this synchronization!

One of these synchronizations is a call to join intentions with the Australian Aborigines who will be doing ceremony at their sacred site Uluru. They are asking people to send direct Love to Mother Earth at the time of Solstice. (There is also a synchronized time they will be doing ceremony in Uluru Dec 21 11:30 AM UTC / 9:00 PM ACST / 3:30 AM PDT Dec 21 ~ 90 min past the exact time of Solstice – however in the same article it says to do it at the exact time of Solstice ~ so tune in with what feels right to you).

As the invitation being circulated from Julia Williams in consultation with Lore Keepers shares: “Here is the guidance from the Original People… These are their words: We need to be truly focused on a singular, focused, specific thought, feeling and intention. The purpose of this Ceremony is for the Rainbow Serpent to become the Rainbow Bridge, to rise up to connect with the light of the Sun and go straight into the heart of Mother Earth. Cleansing, energising and reinvigorating Mother Earth and ushering in a new era of consciousness for Mother, and her children. To be clear ~ the focus is on Mother Earth, not on ourselves. We need to focus on reinvigorating Mother Earth, and raising her consciousness. If this Ceremony is supported by enough pure love, energy, and support of the shared specific intention, it will be successful. The byproduct of a successful Ceremony will be the new era of consciousness for Mother Earth and her Children… The intention is: A pure love for Mother Earth in our heart as we ask to energise the heart of Mother Earth with our love and energy.” (This link offers greater context for this ceremony, and this link has a lot of interesting things to explore about Uluru as well.)

As Stephanie South, Lineage Holder of the Galactic Time Teachings writes: “We now find ourselves at an intensifying crossroads.” Feel free to check out her recent blog to get an expanded, galactic perspective on this planetary moment: Golden Future Awakening: Solstice 2020

The intention of this post is to inspire you to join in this massive Global Synchronization, however you feel called to participate in this activation! There are many opportunities – be it at the exact time of Solstice (Dec 21 10:02AM UTC), and/or extending into the specific Uluru synchronization (Dec 21 11:32AM UTC) and/or the exact Jupiter Saturn conjunction meditation synchronization: (Dec 21 6:22 PM UTC), and/or however your own spirit and antennae direct you to tune in and consciously add your light to the Collective during this Solstice time window 🙂

In closing, I offer my heart’s invocation, my prayer for myself and others in these most potent times: “May I wear a crown of peace, in this suffering world… May I wear a crown of the Victory of Love….”

Let’s join our hearts, link our intentions, open to the Earth and the Universe, and call on the manifestation of NEW POSITIVE REALITIES FOR ALL BEINGS!

All Hail the Harmony of Mind & Nature ~ Isn’t it wonderful?

In Lak’ech ~ I Am Another Yourself
Eden Sky
Author of The Galactic Calendar
Make Every Day Magic!

New Galactic Frequency Shift as of July 26, 2020 into the Blue Lunar Storm Year!

As of July 26, 2020 we have entered a NEW Galactic Year!

Eden Sky ~ Author of The Galactic Calendar ~ shares about the opportunities, challenges, and magic of this New Galactic Frequency Shift into The Blue Lunar Storm Year!

Enjoy this transmission to discover the potent invitation of this new frequency, and how to align our personal lives with these new galactic energies!


Check out the New Galactic Calendars for this Blue Lunar Storm here!

Blessings From My Heart to Yours,
Eden Skywalker


Calling all Wizards to Arise & Amplify the 4th-Dimensional Unification of our Soul~Light!

Beloved Kin ~ The time has arrived that we must Arise as embodied, conscious Warriors of Light, with our Sword of Truth in hand, and our Shield of Heart guarding our sovereignty as children of the Universe. We must take our humble, dignified place in this grand story unfolding, crowned by our sincerity to be of Service to Life. Each in our ways, we are powerful Wizards capable of manifesting multi-dimensional, life-affirming, source-ery on behalf of the One Web of Creation. 

On the Galactic Calendar, we have a few months left in this White Magnetic Wizard Year (now – July 25, 2020). Let us make good use of it! The Magnetic Tone of this year calls us to Consciously Unify; to feel our oneness with all of life and with the Source; to clarify our Purpose and magnetically attract what we need to fulfill it. The Magnetic Tone is the realm of all possibility. The Wizard calls us to Re-enchant our shared Life; to wield our minds in consciously casting spells of positivity and conjuring acts that bless and beautify. It is time we must access the true creative powers of our Soul and Live Our Magic.

I trust many of you already have spiritual practices you are activating to contribute positively to our shared reality as we go through this unprecedented time of initiation catalyzed by the Corona virus. Thank you for all you are doing, and all that you are holding. To clarify, I am not asking anyone to add any additional practices, and am not implying others should do what I do. I simply felt moved to share where I draw strength from in these times. Perhaps some of you are also perceiving these times through a similar lens. This post is a humble offering from my heart, simply intended to inspire us to consciously amplify the powers of our already existing 4th dimensional connection that transcends all seeming separation or distance.

As you likely know, the 4th dimension is the realm of Mind; the astral; the etheric; the imagination; the dreamtime, the realm where all is unified in consciousness beyond the physical. The 4th dimension is the gateway to all higher dimensions; it transcends our five senses, and frees us from the constraints of linear time and reality into the non-linear unfolding of the Synchronic Order in which we can perceive the intrinsic interconnection of all moments, all beings, all circumstances as they thread the tapestry of existence together. How we are aligned/oriented in the 4th dimension of our consciousness affects how our 3rd dimensional reality unfolds, therefore it is an utterly potent realm that impacts us personally and collectively. The more lucid we are of the power of “what we are dreaming up” in our individual and global reality, the more we can consciously shape the world with our positive 4th dimensional mindset and allegiance to benevolent vibrations.

In response to this global challenge we are all in the midst of, I have found great strength in exercising my 4th dimensional Magnetic Wizardry by tuning in, every day, to the global Tribe of Light; to the current of living love that is alive and pulsing, around the world, and in fact throughout the Cosmos. As I imagine many of us do, I feel great fortitude as I amplify my awareness of the countless beings praying deeply right now, calling down illumination from the heavens, summoning clarity from the living Earth Mother, and intentionally amplifying the shine of our collective heart-soulforce.

“We have the opportunity to build a Rainbow bridge into the Golden Age. But to do this, we must do it together with all the colors of the Rainbow, with all the peoples, all the beings of the world. We who are alive on Earth today are the Rainbow Warriors who face the challenge of building this bridge,”   ~Brooke Medicine Eagle, Daughter of the Rainbow, Crow and Lakota~

In case it may inspire or reflect your own wizardry practices, I would like to share some of my personal daily cultivation practices. Every morning, when I light the candle on my altar, I first invoke my intimate connection to the Benevolent Source of Life. I then tune in to the indigenous peoples of The Spiritual Confederation of the Eagle & the Condor who have made a formal request as of April 16, 2020 to each of us to be keepers of the Sacred Fire:

‘The Sacred Fire has no borders. It is everywhere, in every galaxy, in every star, in every heart… After consulting with Policarpo Chaj, spiritual guide of Mayan wisdom, we decided that on April 16, 2020 for all corners of Abya Yala we light a fire within our houses, towns, nations… We invite all the Peoples, Nations, bearers of Chanupa (Pipa Sagrada), the dancers of the Sun, the dancers of all traditions, communities, families, individuals, to all light a fire and keep it in your hearts first, then in a candle, during the period of 8 months until December 21 in a constant ceremony of welcome and daily farewell to Father Sun… Re-knowing ourselves as children of Mother Earth, and to reflect on our relationship with all living beings.”  

I then center myself in my place at my altar, and with conscious breathing and feeling, I sense myself as a “human energy vehicle” of the Divine (as Jonathan Goldman calls it), a living, resonating, multidimensional, vibrational, creative vessel that unifies the core of the Earth and the core of the Universe within my own vertical alignment, all converging inside the center of my own heart and body, utterly connected to All of Life.

As I have learned from his teachings, I can consciously activate the control center of my human energy vehicle by simply breathing into my heart. I commune with the vibration of calm and humility that inherently resides in the etheric chakra of my heart center. I then tune in to the emotional layer of my heart chakra and offer a kind, sincere, embrace to my emotional body and all its feelings and arisings. I affirm my unconditional love and compassion for myself, and once I feel resolved in the wholeness of my being, I then consciously extend this compassion from my heart center to all my kin, to all beings everywhere. I feel our 4th dimensional unification, and I extend my invisible embrace.

I affirm my commitment to be a Conscious Instrument of the Ongoing Victory of Love.

I then further amplify my resolve by tuning in to ALL the peoples who too are holding this consciousness of heart, love, compassion, light, faith, truth. As we know, there are countless members of our human family, infinite Lightworkers everywhere, who are aligned with us in this vibration! (The Global Synchronized meditation on April 5th was reported to be the largest synchronization of prayer and meditation ever held, with over 1 million people joining…)

As I visualize ALL the hearts around the Earth who are holding this positive, life-affirming frequency, in all corners, in all languages, in all traditions, it charges my entire being – like plugging into a circuit of complete love and fortitude. With my Wizard senses, I feel it and see it like a vast web of light that is wrapping around the planet. After I feel firm in this connection, I then extend the tenderness and strength of this conscious unity to ALL beings, esp those who are not yet plugged in to this current, who are ill, suffering, afraid, feeling alone, separate, vulnerable, scared of death, terrified of the unknown – and I consciously emanate this field of love to them, inviting them to partake of this contagious compassion and courage.

Below I am sharing this video from an Andean Elder who is a stunning Earth Wizard!  I felt absolutely inspired by her calm presence and her strong root to wisdom. I feel she echoes what so many of us know in our hearts – that these times are requiring us to be as Lighthouses for our brothers and sisters around the Planet. We have always had the capacity to serve life in this way, and likely we have cultivated this capacity for many years. And now, we are all being asked to elevate our consciousness even higher, even more vigilantly and consistently, to truly be an Agent of Calm. Please enjoy her transmission, I believe you will appreciate her spirit and the powerful voice she is wielding, inviting us all to continue arising into our true spiritual power.

As she reflects, let us never underestimate the supreme importance of our own personal vibration from moment to moment. As we refine our Wizard powers, we know that is our essential work – to keep our channel clear – to extend compassion to any energy that arises that is dense or contracted, and give it the light of our own hearts to transform itself back into flowing lifeforce. We are actively breaking the spells of fear, and summoning incantations of beauty.

As we all know, one of the many challenges of these times is to find our own discernment and clarity amidst a maelstrom of (mis)information, “facts,” “news,” opinions, reports, etc, all competing for our attention and pollinating our mindstreams. After taking in countless viewpoints and “research” etc, I find the truth of what is actually going on to be enigmatic at best. So, I am choosing to keep my eyes open, keep my antennas clear, keep listening to the Earth, and most importantly taking heed to follow my heart’s inspiration. Let us truly be aware as we venture into all kinds of media streams and pay attention to how it affects our vibration.

May we all find our way to navigate this transformative time, as gracefully as possible; may it ultimately serve us to deepen and ripen our connection to our own Higher Self. May we continue collectively cultivating our awareness of how the 4th and 3rd dimensions intersect. And may we take great strength in our conscious unity as a Mandala of Lighthouses encircling our Globe. May we keep attuning our channels to the resonance of our own sacred hearts, and to the powerful vibrations of our brothers and sisters who too are shining their Soul~Light and pouring their positivity into the one ocean of our collective consciousness. Together, we are beacons, each of us with our own light, and with multidimensional connections to our own spiritual guides, angels, and ancestors. May we keep lucidly dreaming as Purposeful Wizards. Ultimately, may we keep learning together, how to truly Arise into our heart-soulforce, embodied, alive, activated and active participants in our “global reality TV show” of which we all have a starring role 🙂

As Jonathan Goldman of The Essential Light Institute declares, it is high time we “learn the art of conducting life on Earth through the heart.”

And as Stephanie South, Lineage Holder of The Galactic Time Science shares: “Stay focused on the highest vision of the world you want to see. Visualize the deepest liberation of love taking place within the heart of humanity, making everything whole once again.”

Finally, I also wish to share the Avatar Ammachi’s invitation, especially during this time, to chant Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. It means “May all beings be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all.” If you feel inspired, please join in activating this chant, or give it a listen here ~

I’ll see you in the 4th Dimension! 

In Lak’ech ~ I Am Another Yourself,
Eden Sky, Red Self-Existing Skywalker
13moon.com  ~ TIME IS ART ~ LIFE IS ART ~ LOVE IS ART ~

All Hail the Harmony of Mind & Nature ~ Isn’t it Wonderful!
Written on Planetary Moon of Manifestation, Day 28 of The Magnetic Wizard Year: Kin 33: Red Resonant Skywalker: Traditional: 1 Lamat: 5/1/2020 Beltane

PS: Feel free to comment where you’re located so we can feel our connection even more vividly…

PPS: If you would like to learn more about the human energy vehicle, I recommend exploring Jonathan Goldman’s book The Gift of The Body ~ and here is a great article by him “The Circle of Compassion”

COSMIC RESTART: March 30th Begins a New 260-day Galactic Cycle!

On The Galactic Calendar, March 30, 2020 marks a COSMIC RESTART! It is called Kin 1 – Red Magnetic Dragon – beginning a new 260-day evolutionary spin. This energy signifies a Rebirth moment for humanity. It calls us to prioritize connecting to our Beingness ~ to our capacities for Nurturance ~ to our Oneness with All of Life. This is a time to align with Renewal and New Beginnings.

In light of these intensely challenging times, let us welcome this restart, and be open to new, positive possibilities – even if just in our attitudes and inner orientation. What do you want to call in to your life to support your journey right now? Take some time and set intentions for this new galactic cycle (March 30, 2020 – Dec 14, 2020).

This Cosmic Restart occurs during this potent moment of Planetary Pause we are all experiencing.
We all realize what an unprecedented time we are in, as never before has business as usual been stopped globally. While this is an exceedingly difficult time for our human family, it is also an initiatory time as it is catalyzing us to reflect on many essential aspects of life.

Undeniably, there is great tragedy in all we are collectively facing. Yet let us also look for the majesty that is interwoven into this moment. As we confront the reality of our shared vulnerability, and tune in to our brothers and sisters around the planet, we can deepen our genuine care for our Oneness with each other, and this can give us a new spiritual foundation to grow upon. From this consciousness of our Oneness, we can realize that each one of us can directly positively contribute to our shared field every time we emanate life-affirming vibrations such as calm, compassion, love, kindness, humility, generosity, faith, surrender, courage, etc.


In the midst this global calamity, there is also a great richness of opportunity for us to take stock and introspect on many fundamental things. This Restart, Re-birth time invites us to really look inside and see: Who are we in this moment of pause – how are we showing up? Who are we in our fragility? Who are we in our resilience? What direction are we headed in our lives? What course are we on personally and planetarily? Where has our focus been, and is that aligned with our heart’s integrity? What are our values? What do we have to be grateful for? How do we feel about the reality of Death and impermanence? How do we relate to the Unknown? Do we believe in a Benevolent Mystery? Do we sense a Divine Orchestration beyond what we can comprehend? How do we process through our fears? 


This Cosmic Restart calls us to focus on BEING. In our modern society, we often forget we are “human beings,” and we are vastly obsessed with doing. This is highlighted dramatically during this time of global shutdown. All of this social distancing and sheltering in place provides a potent occasion to really contemplate: What is our relationship to our own inner Self? Are we comfortable being with ourselves? Are we in touch with our own self-love? How do we relate to this new spaciousness when we can’t pursue our normal activities? Are we finding healthy outlets to move our energies? Or are we wanting to run from our inner world and feel we are going crazy without our normal routines? Are we connected to our inspiration? Or are we feeling stuck and depressed?

It is essential our modern society learns how to balance the feminine and masculine energies ~ yin and yang ~ being and doing. This planetary pause is inviting us to get in touch with our core Being. Let us consciously utilize this time to drop into our essential Self. Let us remember who we are underneath all of our activity and outward agenda. When we take time and space to drop into our beingness, we recharge our body and soul. When we re-root to ourselves as human-BEINGS, we re-awaken to our inherent wholeness, and this inner connection can transform our participation in our world. By grounding over and over again in the essential core of our being, we can access more vitality, peace and clarity that we can integrate into the creations of our daily lives. As the Vedic masters prescribe: “Established in Being, Perform Action.”

To access our Beingness, we need simply consciously breathe and become present. Feel your body as an instrument of life, with your roots grounding to the Earth, your spine straight, and your crown reaching to the Sky. From there, intentionally breath into your heart, letting go of effort and striving, and become fully present. As you consciously breathe (by simply focusing your mind on your breath and affirming “breathing in I am, breathing out I am), then your mind naturally unifies with your body and you can tune into to your restful, aware, essential Being ~ your inner Source Power!


This Red Magnetic Dragon Cosmic Restart also invites us to focus on NURTURANCE. During these times of crisis it is essential that we deeply care for ourselves and our loved ones, opening to receive and give tenderness and support. Let us make a renewed commitment to self-love. Let us ask: How can we accept all that this time of initiation is bringing? How can we nourish our own multi-dimensional health? What tools and practices do we have to center ourselves? What ways can we encourage our inner growth?  How can we strengthen our spiritual support system and connect even more deeply to the Divine as we understand it?  How can we fill our own cup and fuel our spirit so we have energy to serve life and give to our relations?  

Challenges bring hardships, and can also open new pathways of revelation, growth, and service. We can reflect on all the creative ways we are adapting and innovating during this crisis. We can send great gratitude to all those in our human family who are being of service in so many ways right now. From all those casting global prayers, to those on the front lines, to all the workers, volunteers, professionals, parents, artists, visionaries, spiritual leaders, and kind caring souls who are sharing their light in so many diverse ways right now, perhaps visibly, perhaps behind the scenes. Even simply emanating calm and positivity is a sacred act of service – as is reaching out to friends and family and letting them know you are thinking of them – as these are ways to increase the flow of love in our collective field.


This Time of Trial is also setting the stage for the Triumph of the Human Spirit. How can you utilize this Restart Rebirth time of initiation to evolve your inner world? How can you align with the beauty and power of your authentic inner being? In this moment as we are unified in global distress, how can you contribute ~ energetically or materially ~ to our collective well being? What gifts do you have within you to help uplift these times? Perhaps you have practical knowledge and skills to share. Or perhaps the majesty of your equanimity. Or the light of your wisdom. Or the spark of your inspiration. Or the beacon of your faith. Or the care and kindness of your heart. How can you shine right now?


We need each other in these times, and we are being forced to work together globally. “In this moment of crisis, the crucial struggle takes place within humanity itself. If this epidemic results in greater disunity and mistrust among humans, it will be the virus’s greatest victory… In contrast, if the epidemic results in closer global cooperation, it will be a victory not only against the coronavirus, but against all future pathogens.” – Time.com

Last, but certainly not least, another aspect we can consider in light of this Cosmic Restart time is the environmental effects of so much human activity being halted. As one paper reports: “From crystal clear waters in the canals of Venice to dramatic falls in pollution levels in major cities, the coronavirus pandemic has had a number of positive effects on the environment as millions across the world are placed under lockdown.”  While this reduction in pollution may be short lived, as we don’t know when the normal flurry of human activities will begin again in full force, it is still a sobering reminder of how our human world impacts the health of our living biosphere. Let us truly confront this reality, and recommit ourselves to turning the tide of environmental degradation. One thing we can all do inside of ourselves, is first simply genuinely acknowledge how incredibly out of balance our modern lifestyles are, and how this has devastated our biosphere. Upon honoring this painful reality, inside of our hearts, let us sincerely ask for forgiveness from our living Earth, and ask how we can take steps to live in a more harmonious way. It may not sound like much, but this moment is inviting us to reconcile from our hearts with our Planet, and that spiritual humility has the potential to guide us to make shifts in our actions, personally and even collectively if enough of us register this wake-up call.

In this regard, please watch this powerful 3 minute video “A Letter from the Virus.” 





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kin1On The Galactic Calendar, every time we return to Kin 1, we begin at the beginning ~ we start the whole 260-day creation cycle all over again, at a higher rung on the ascending evolutionary spiral of existence!

Red Magnetic Dragon represents the Primordial Mother Waters from which All is Birthed. It is the vibration of Origin; Source; Oneness; The Cauldron from which All is Generated… It signifies BEINGNESS ~ NURTURANCE ~ RENEWAL ~ RESTART ~ INITIATION ~ NEW BEGINNINGS ~ REBIRTH!

Red Dragon invites us to affirm: “I nurture the birth of my being with primal trust.”


The 260-day Galactic Spin cycle mapped as a Harmonic Matrix of the Frequencies of Creation

The Galactic Spin repeats perpetually, ongoing spiraling cycles of 260-day units. Each 260-day cycle is a sacred cycle of creation; it is a spiral voyage of time which corresponds to our human gestation period. The last Red Magnetic Dragon day was on July 13, 2019 therefore the Galactic Spin we are completing is from July 13, 2019 – March 29, 2020.

Every time we reach this ending and beginning moment on The Galactic Calendar, it is an ideal time to look at what has occurred in our inner and outer lives in these last 9 moons. (July 13, 2019 – March 29, 2020.Whenever you receive this message, you can self-reflect on this cycle of Time. The point of this is to consciously integrate and honor all that we have undergone in the last 260-days; to note where we have grown, as well as where we have more room to evolve.


This Restart offers us a potent invitation to forgive our “mistakes” or inadequacies of the past cycle, and start fresh with humility. May we also extend this peaceful vibration of compassion and forgiveness towards All of our Relations, offering our hearts and minds as a “clean slate” for the Universe to once again create upon.

Hunab-Ku-Color-MandalaRed Dragon reminds us: Regardless of how it may appear, The Universe is Abundant with Nurturance for All Beings; All of The Web of Life is Held by the Embrace of the Primordial Loving Beingness that animates us and sustains us. We visit this place of abundant benevolence when we tune into our inner silence, the place that precedes thought and concept – before identity and duality and agenda. That feeling awareness is our beingness; it is the pulse of interconnectedness; our true nature and home.

Blessings From My Heart to Yours,

Eden Sky of SkyTime

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NEW GALACTIC CYCLE: June 27 – July 24: COSMIC MOON OF PRESENCE: Time to Elevate the Art of our Lives!

~ Featured art: Cosmic Goddess by Erial ~

We live within a grand Cosmos that holds our Galaxy, that holds our Solar System, that holds our Planet Earth. With all the demands and responsibilities of daily life, it is easy to lose perspective of the stellar immensity that is our true home. The teachings of the Ancients invite us to realize that the Cosmos is alive with intelligence and spirit, and that we ourselves are Cosmic Beings, infused with this living, celestial essence that unifies all of life.

According to the cycles of The Galactic Calendar, we now have an entire 28 days to focus on exactly that. We have now entered the 13th month of the year: “The Cosmic Moon of Presence” (June 27- July 24). You can align with the power of this 28-day cycle by contemplating its key words: “ENDURE ~ TRANSCEND ~ PRESENCE.”

This 28-day cycle is the final month of the entire Galactic Year that began on July 26, 2018: The Red Cosmic Moon Year. That means this is a time of culmination and assimilation of all we have experienced during this Year. Let us contemplate and honor all this Year has brought to us, personally and collectively. Let us close this year on a grand note, opening to generate the most positive energies and actions possible during this final Moon!

It’s also powerful to be aware that the last 5 days of every year are an “End of the Year Purification Cycle,” starting July 21, culminating on the Day out of Time July 25.


The power of this 13th month is signified by the ascending spiral; the continuum of life that is ever-unfolding at ever-new levels, integrating all that’s gone before. This is the time to ARISE into our full presence ~ and to rise above; to elevate our perspectives of ourselves and what’s possible in our lives. This is the time to “ride the spiral of time!”

“The frequency of tone Thirteen represents consciously entering the transmutational energies of change. In Mayan cosmology, 13 represents universal movement and an entryway into a higher octave of being… 13 provides the possibility of a radical shift, offering you limitless new openings.” – Ariel Spilsbury

During these 28-days inquire: What has my journey been like during this Red Cosmic Moon Year? What wants to be brought to completion during this month before the new Galactic Year begins on July 26th? How can I expand my viewpoints and connect to my Cosmic essence? Can I transcend my limited concepts of myself? How can I celebrate the sacred continuum of my life – honoring what I have been through and opening to embrace the new adventures to come?


What ways can I support myself to be present in the journey of my life? Am I activating the senses of my body to perceive the subtle magic all around me? How can I more consciously breathe and fully arrive into each ever-changing, now moment?

My heartbeat is the holy ground
I rest upon to meditate and pray.
Breath is the universal religion.
Humility is the key for unlocking all doors.

On this cosmic calendar system the rhythms of time speak in a language of energies. These energies guide and inspire the unfolding of our life’s journey, and help connect us to the larger, universal order. Join people in 90 countries who are activating the magic of every day with The Galactic Calendar!




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What is Galactic Culture?

What is Galactic Culture? Here I offer a fractal transmission to inspire!

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2019: Time to Rethink the Old Script

“Happy New Year!” says everyone today. OK sure, we all love a fresh start, but let’s be aware calling Jan 1 New Years is utterly arbitrary. It’s simply a socially accepted custom the world over, based on our unquestioned allegiance to the Gregorian Calendar of the Roman Vatican that established this Calendar in 1582. What many people don’t realize, is that this Calendar we use to govern our lives is actually an old program that inhibits our connection to our Higher Mind.
Yes, believe it or not – calendars affect our minds, and therefore our lives… Calendars are the central instruments of cultural programs. That’s why the Vatican made such a vast effort to impose their calendar on diverse cultures around the world. The fact is, our global system is still operating on this relic. Our collective consciousness is running on “software” that was last updated back when the Church insisted that the Sun revolved around the Earth.
Unfortunately, our relationship to Time is not something we commonly contemplate. Generally speaking, we blindly accept the historical program of Time we have inherited, without considering its impact on our minds. Regardless of what country you live in, or what your culture or religion is, all of modern society has come to accept “time” as represented by the emptiness of the 12 Gregorian Calendar months which do little to inspire our connection to the larger Universe. If we seek to evolve our culture, we need to be conscious of the cultural programs we operate by so we can make informed choices. This old script of time is not the only option.
So, where does the Gregorian Calendar come from? How did it become the world standard? What historical programs might be inscribed in it? Is this the best calendar choice for our world? Is this calendar helping us prioritize our human roles as shepherds of the planet? Are its cycles inspiring the awakening of our human potential? Or is it merely reinforcing that we keep our focus on paying our bills, working, and trying to just “get through the day?”
The Gregorian Calendar is sourced in the Vatican Catholic Church, Pope Gregory the 13th, and the earlier calendars of Caesar and the Roman Empire. The mathematical structure of the 12-month calendar does not accurately reflect nature’s harmony, as seen in the erratically numbered 28, 29, 30, 31 day months that normalize irregularity. Likewise, in Gregorian time, we are disassociated from the archaic, sacred meanings of the 7 days of the week, and we blindly accept the misnamed 12 months of the year: Sept = 7 and is the 9th month, Oct = 8 and is the 10th month, Nov = 9 and is the 11th month, Dec = 10 and is the 12th month.
Straddling the globe, everywhere we look – from our cellphones, computers, daytimers, TV, doctor’s offices, prisons, presidential offices, banks, supermarkets, elementary schools – we are all told the day’s “date” in Gregorian terms, “Tuesday, January 1, 2019,” – but what does that mean? Is it possible there is more to Time than this empty shell?
I have come to the understanding that the Gregorian Calendar is simply a socially accepted version of time, one that has become the world standard as a result of violent imposition, Christian colonialism, and historical atrocities. Beyond that, it is obscuring our conscious connection to the higher dimensional, non-linear order of true Time in which ALL is synchronized, including the real time of our own natural rhythms, and the natural rhythms of the Earth we live upon, and Universe we dream within.
The ultimate role of a calendar is to guide us with knowledge of the cycles we live amidst, thus illuminating our relationships with all of life, and the inner workings of our human journeys. In this capacity, our modern calendar does not serve us at all. Rather than helping us attune our lives, Dr. Jose Arguelles’ research reveals that the 12-month Gregorian Calendar works in conjunction with the 60-minute mechanical clock to generate the “12:60 artificial timing frequency.”
Within the artificial, linear time paradigm there is a vibration of scarcity underlying our lives, a feeling as though we are perpetually in danger of running out of time. Our minutes seem to all be owned by some obligation, some past regret, or future stress… The clock ticks relentlessly, entraining us into the mechanical pulse of the machine.
Dr. Jose Arguelles summarized that the essence of the 12:60 timing frequency is the concept: “Time is Money.” This mentality carries an often unconscious vibration of survival fear, and its strategy and mode is to separate and compartmentalize. This mind-set can allow the biosphere’s resources – as well as our own human bodies and life-force – to be perceived solely as material worth to be potentially exploited, rather than respected as interconnected sentient beingness.
This linear, mechanistic relationship to time, imbedded in the 12-month calendar and clock, is contrary to the dimension of Natural Time in which all of life – all moments, all beings, all circumstances – are inherently interwoven and synchronized. Natural Time is non-linear and now-centered. Time is understood as an organic symphony of living rhythms; energy; consciousness; infinite possibilities of the unfolding art of beingness; synchronized patterns of fractal aesthetics… Indeed, Nature reflects beauty, and reminds us we too are interconnected reflections of that same potential to actualize beauty and harmony.
A direct pathway to transcending linear time and attuning to the harmony of Nature is to align with the “13:20 natural timing frequency.” Also known as the Universal Frequency of Synchronization, this 13:20 Time map was first recorded by the ancient Maya and then re-articulated by Dr. Jose Arguelles in the form of a 13-Month/28-day Calendar. Also known as The Galactic Calendar, this alternative calendar offers a daily way to evolve beyond the limited, empty 12 month Gregorian Time. We say “Time is Art ~ Life is Art.” From this paradigm, we are all here to beautify our shared planet as a living work of Art! Every day is an invitation to awaken to the magic of synchronicity.
In 13:20 Natural Time, we come to understand the simple yet complex mathematical order that unifies the microcosm of our lives with the macrocosm of the Universe. We discover how to re-connect with our internal sense of natural timing by listening to our bodies rhythms. We discover how to be in The Flow with our own center, and therefore we discover the path to be in harmony with our web of responsibilities and relations; In Sync…
In summary, what we have overlooked as a global culture is that Time is the essence of our lives, and the way we relate to Time affects us at a core level. Nowadays, our sense of time is largely divorced from a connection to Nature’s cycles. In many ways, we have forgotten and lost touch with the sacred and magical dimension of natural time. For the most part, we have been conditioned with a purely linear sense of time. However, when we look at Nature, we find its true language is not linear at all. Nature speaks in patterns and harmonic ratios, such as the Fibonacci spiral expressed in pine cones, seashells, ocean waves, and the spiral of the galaxy itself. When we only conceive of time as linear, we are cut off from perceiving and experiencing the higher dimensions of life, and the universal harmony we live within. This limited perception stunts the development of our minds, our intuition and our imagination. We live in a non-linear Universe, therefore our cultural entrapment in linear time thwarts us from comprehending the deeper significance and synchronicity underlying our lives and our existence as citizens of the Cosmos.
In these unprecedented moments on Earth, we live in a time of great mystery and unknown. Together, we face tremendous challenges. We are here to help each other find our way to actualize the potential of our human culture. We are all called upon to open to the guidance of Nature, and to attune to our deepest center. We can help be part of the solution by living from our own internal, spiritual guidance; our heart-knowing, that we may follow our inspiration and give our gifts to the world.
Ultimately, my intention for this message is not to say one should not celebrate a new beginning of “2019.” The idea of a “New Year” brings an innocent and welcome sense of renewal, something we all seek instinctively – to start again, fresh. My intention is to inspire an expanded context in which to perceive the Gregorian calendar and the affects of its time prescription. Rather than giving the 12 month calendar the power of our un-examined allegiance, let us empower ourselves with our sovereign connection to Natural Time which always lives within us as our deepest intuition. Let us be re-born every day by finding renewed courage to live from our Hearts.
As a global culture, amidst the cacophony of our modern world, may we seek to hear and honor the wisdom of Nature and its true rhythms and cycles. May we seek to intimately connect with the sacred, indwelling dimension of time that calls us to bring our magic to life, that we may help elevate our human species into harmony with the One Web of Creation.
To the Journey of the ever-changing Art of Now!
In Lak’ech – I am Another Yourself,
Eden Sky
Author of ~ The Galactic Calendar ~
“Be the Wizard you wish to see in the World.”