Eden Sky

~ In Lak’ech ~
I Greet You
As Another Myself


wingsI am a dancer, poet,
galactic time-tracker,
mother, Christic-Buddhist-Mystic,
student of the mysteries of the heart,
warrior of the battalion of light,
root to the indigenous spirit that unifies life,
self-reflection scientist,
organic foods enthusiast,
contemplator of the collective dream,
always seeking Illuminated Insights…

~ I am Red Self-Existing Skywalker ~
An explorer
of the quantum nature of reality.

I love loud music.
I question authority.
I revere authenticity.
I worship flowers.
I craft etheric poems with my prayers.
I quest to walk with the winds and guidance of my ancestors,
breathing into my potential to be, here and now,
an eternal Student of Love…


As for my journey, since I was 18 years old, I have dedicated my life to sharing the solar-lunar-galactic codes of natural time ~ based on the teachings of Dr. Jose Arguelles. Since 1995, I have published an annual Galactic Calendar that is both a beautiful art calendar, as well as a guidebook to all the energies of Galactic Time, helping us to “Awaken the Magic of Every Day!”

We are blessed to be able to distribute our calendars internationally to planetary kin who are participating in constructing Galactic Culture by living true to the art of our being, synchronized by 13:20 Natural Time Codes. It has been an honor to promote and teach a system of attuning with Nature that is actively upheld in over 90 countries around the globe!  Likewise, it is an honor to work for myself, alongside my husband Robert and son Merlin, and share the art of our hearts through our small family business.

Since 2002, we have hosted the website: http://www.13moon.com


As Children of the Universe,
may we each find our path in this mysterious existence,
knowing that Life is precious
Death is our greatest teacher
We are all equal
Our heart’s sincerity is our strength
compassion is our shield,
gratitude is our abundance
and to grow is our destiny

~Let us willingly flower into our natural light~

A Ho Mitakuye Oysin – To All My Relations
Aryz Eden Sky

May All Beings Be Blessed
With Awareness and Recognition
Of The True Nature of Being


Feel free to contact me!



  1. Hi,
    My name is Richard, I live in Montreal, Canada. I bought the Mayan Factor in the early 90’s and also the Mayan Oracle…I am White Crystal Mirror. Like yr blog and would like to help spread 13 Moon in this area…Are there any other people in this area who I could contact…? Strength in numbers… Thx yr devotion and inspiration…time is art…p.s. nice photo…

    1. Hi Richard,

      I, too, live in Montreal and do not know too many people who follow Dreamspell… and how perfect, for I am Yellow Crystal Star! If you see this message, you may contact Eden Sky for my email. In Lak’ech!

      1. Hello,

        Look forward to further communication. Feel free to contact me…or send me yr email…

  2. Hello.Aryz.nice.to.meet.you.
    i.like.your.blog.it.makes.me. vibrate.on a.magical path. the.silence of.the.stars!
    take.a.look.on my.site.theres.some.magic.music.albums free.to.download…some.maya.info.and.about.plants.and. the MAGICAL world we.share!

  3. Soooo beautiful…finding this…so hErE yOu aRe…aRyZ …I would love to hear more about your Guatemalan adventure….4 Seed
    And what a cute Mommie/Son photo….

  4. Beautiful, inspiring, authentic, brilliant..your light ignites. When I look at your pictures and read your words I am transported into realms I dimly understand. No matter. “Understanding is the booby prize.” I will bathe in the waters of the wisdom your being embodies.

  5. lovely blog Eden, thanks for giving your beautiful gift of wisdom and service to this world.
    peace sister……..

  6. Beautiful to resonnate with you soul sister, do let me know when you want to visit Australia.

    Janet Perez Borg

    Someting else beautiful that i read today…

    “In the light of love we are whole,
    In the light of love we sing and pray,
    Thy will be done,
    In the light of Love.” – Deva & Miten

  7. I’ve been reading and searching over the last 4 years for SOMETHING, and some how always find myself in one way or another lead back to books, websites, or other media that reflect upon the 13 moon calendar.

    Ok, I’m convinced, and I mean it. the 12:60 timing is off, it is off key with nature and the balance of nature and our own bodies. I can see that. but I live in this world now, and I live in this country, and I live with all the “conditioning” that I grew up with over the years from society, parents, friends, relatives, law, government, military, etc etc. I want to embrace if I can the 13 moon calendar and get back in touch with the real me, and I want to guide my fiance and her daughter there as well. She is a naturalist, a mother, a co sleeper, a breast feeder, and she is like this, natural wild beautiful thing that just radiates natural energy and considers herself an earth friend so I’m sure I she will embrace this. BUT as I was saying, we live in this modern world, and we have to make do. IS THERE ANYTHING.. anyone, that can help me find a way to transition into adhering to the 13 moon natural cycle and coincide with my daily struggles and duties *work, home security, my creativity, my duties to family and the laws of our government and life around me* I want to break free but we need to live and be at peace with other standards around us that arent exactly our own correct?

    I guess I’m asking for some guidance, and I suppose I should’nt have written a novelette trying to ask for help and understanding. can anyone help me make this transition and help me be a good guide for my natural beauty and daughter as well?

    wacheek at hotmail dot com

    my name is William Anthony, I was Raised for some reason as Andy, and I’m now called by friends and family Droo and sometimes Droophoria *a mix of Droo and Euphoria*

    I am Blue Self-Existing Storm
    I Define in order to Catalyse
    Measuring Energy
    I seal the Matrix of Self-generation
    With the Self-Existing tone of Form
    I am guided by the power of Vision

    thanks anyone for any help or guidance

    1. Droophoria,
      I understand your plight so to speak…My name is Richard or darkfeather as I like to call myself. I am in Montreal, Canada. I can say right off the top of my head that it is commendable for you to reach out like this. I am going through a long nasty divorce, and live now with my 14 yr old daughter. I have found it difficult to find many believers of the 13 Moon culture/calendar, as most people seem to kind of pass it by…I have been a believer for some time now(first blog at the top of the page is me)…as far as your concerns: just take your time and keep in daily touch with the 13 moon scene by going to 13moon.com or whatever way you keep in touch… Don’t worry about integrating…it will come naturally. It is great that you are into it. My daughter and some of her friends are getting into it…I don’t know exactly what to suggest for now…email me at rtetrault@gmail.com…gotta go

  8. Hello Aryz, thank you for your information on the New Year and the Magnetic Moon One – I found this very helpful and easy to understand. I host fortnightly Moon Circles and was able to incorporate this information which many seemed to resonate with and appreciate, so thank you! I have another circle this week for the New Moon in Leo and wish to let people know about the upcoming Lunar Moon Two that begins on the 23rd Aug – however am having difficulty sourcing the info. Will you be doing a post 😉 or can you direct me to some info that will be easy to understand 🙂 Love and Blessings, Helene

  9. Greetings Moon Sister and Goddess Friend! Thank you so many ways for this sacred site and alignment with the harmony of Mother Moon. I look forward to a time to connect with you more about lunar time and how it will spread to the hearts of the people, every where across the Mother Earth. We will restore balance again with Lunar Time. Bless you triple with Fairys on top.
    the green fairy
    aka em moonbeam

  10. My Greetings and Salutations to you, Sky!
    It is wonderful to see you furthering your awakenings!
    I remember you from Crystal Meetings in a number of locations in Portland.
    I am George, Red Planetary Serpent, still adventuring through my own awakenings and happy to have been able to touch back upon sweet memories of the group I enjoyed there alongside you and others through this site.

  11. hi Sky< i am Lina from Miami i will like to know if you will like to come here and do a big workshop. My boyfriend and me created a style of yoga base in the mayan calendar and many people is awekining here. please let me know

  12. I am divinely inspired by your essence Eden. I look into your eyes and see a soul sister, and a sacred eternal mirror. Thank you for stepping into your bliss purpose with such grace and strength. From my Blue Magnetic Hand kin, I send you infinite waters of love and light to bring ever flowing peace, joy and beauty into your heart.
    In Lakesh. Namaste. A Ho

  13. Your words are deeply inspiring and powerful. I feel a new sense of clarity and purpose. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

  14. further, dearest sister, you [family] are invited to visit [stay] at Edenhope as and when it suits you…. the energies radiated in your words are compelling and ….at peace. I must pass on to you this prayer:-
    ” To our Community of the Heart:

    Thank you for being a part of my life, and sharing time
    in 2009 together!

    May this New Year be one of Joy, abundance, good-will, peaceful
    awakenings and graceful journeys. May we have courage
    to look for the blessing in every moment, and the audacity
    to celebrate it!

    May compassion reign in our hearts and kindness ring
    through every word. May our waking dreams be filled
    with joy, creativity and passionate pursuits. May our
    hearts and minds be joined as One; unified within, so without.

    May we remember we are all Children of the Earth: kindred
    spirits, brothers and sisters, members of the Great family
    of Love.

    May we choose Love over fear; unity and harmony over
    separation and discord. May we have the strength to claim
    our authentic power; standing true in Word, action and deed,
    and with firm resolve BE the change we wish to see in the world.

    May our children see the Light of Love in our eyes. May our
    elders be honored for the wisdom each bears. May every Heart
    trust they are Divinely endowed with the birth-right to thrive,
    and wake each day celebrating the Great-Full-Ness of life.

    May we remember Heaven is within our Hearts, opening our
    eyes to the sacred in all things. May we breathe prayers of
    thanks into each moment, and with reverence honor the gift
    this Life brings.

    This is our prayer. We give thanks it is so! And so it is! ”


    Stephen & Ruth

  15. “Hello Aryz … I am writing to thank you for being a voice of light and inspiration as I am endeavouring to continue being as I was in life albeit now voice channeled through Andrew Russell – Davis.
    This to be heard happening on my personal website http://www.dianaspeaks.info as well as seen on the You Tube.
    Hopefully as this year evolves with all the current changes happening and continuing, people will wake up to the fact that there is indeed life after death and be open to the acceptance that this wisdom gained by them, believing in it will inturn lead to so much more becoming apparent; so knowledge replacing ignorance as a result.
    This being something, a point I draw attention to in my recent Christmas Message on my site which speaks pretty much as you are enlightened to do; certainly as regards corruptions affecting everyone being exposed.
    Thank you again and Good Luck with all your future endeavours !”
    With love from,
    Diana xx
    Diana, Princess of Wales

  16. I have longed to gaze upon the Creator of the calender that has served me so well. I am James Pan -White Planetary Wizard. I move from my head to my Heart to find you! 🙂 Please consider doing a workshop in Asheville NC. In Lak’ech -Heartservant James Pan

  17. Red Galactic Skywalker offers Greetings and Congratulations. It is with much Love and Acknowledgement that we receive your transmissions. Thank you for your Galactic Service. Many Beings of Light are flipping their switches ON to this communication!! Blessings and Love.

  18. I feel inspired to continue my journey of awakening when I read your blog. Peace and Blessings to you, a luminous light Being in the night sky.

  19. What are you, an angel?! Im serious, I have never read something so inspiring and soul-piercing. I wish we were friends growing up that’s how much I love the words you use. It seems that every word has already been written itself. Before I read these writings, honestly I felt that something good awaits in this future for me. I am not saying this just because I have read this, but to make long stories short, in the year of 2009 my picture was slowly burning, and it burnt away with suicidal thoughts exiting my heart. This year feels like a new picture is being presented, and that i understand my dreams, slowly, but surely. I promise if what it is happens to me in this future, I have to come back and pay my respects in every loving way. I feel it coming near this summer. I will keep in touch with this site. God Bless!
    You don’t even understand how I feel.

  20. 2012 is not the end, it is a transformation which occurs every 25,000 years according to the Mayans. Scientifically it is the major point in our solar system eliptical path around the galazy. Thus there are strong electromagnetic impacts on Earth which are causing major changes in our culture. A Black president, a national health program, and more to come… Like a Constitutional Convention described in Article 5, already called for by 27 States! Miraculo!

  21. Aryz Eden Sky, thank you for compiling your articulate and comprehensive Q&A – “20 Questions on 2012” – which I have turned into a blogpost. Circumpolar rainbow blessings upon you and your beloved family. In lak’ech, I am Red Overtone Moon.

  22. hi, i love reading your blog as it inspire me to be who i am really supposed to be, to claim the powers of being a BLUE SOLAR NIGHT person, and thanks to one of your closest friend who has been sort of like my spiritual teacher, i am on a journey now of self awakening and new life of changed heart, peace and love.

  23. Aryz*

    You are gorgeous. Many blessings, love, love, love, and light/dark-peaceful.
    Do you have a facebook page? I would love to make the contact there with your voice.

    my name now is miranda

  24. Hello my dear fellow Dreamspell friends!
    I have been following the Dreamspell Calendar for about 3 years now and I resonate very deeply with it. In my awakening, I have stumbled upon another concept that is rooted in Vedic Astrology called “Gnostic Time” In my view, Gnostic Time COMPLETES the Earth based 13 Moon time cycle and connects the Soul with the frequencies of Cosmic time from a transcendental point of view. The reason why we have this gregorian virus is because we are transiting the cycle of the 8th manifestation which is Scorpio. It is interesting to note that Scorpio is not the actual symbol of this 8th House but it is the Eagle as symbolised by the American flag! Only on the wings of this majestic bird and with its penetrating vision shall we pass on through the gates and onto the expansive sky of Sagittarus. Thank you for reading this! 🙂

  25. To Aryz Eden Sky

    A kiss on the winds
    From a brotherly
    Blue Magnetic Storm in Phoenix , Arizona.

    I am glad I found this to respond to you this night. You have been helpful to my blog which I have incorporated some of your music and teachings and graphics…. Credit has been given on any and all pages. As it is a count down blog – there are many differing things through out the days so fat.

    I was very glad to hear the words from you first about persons being Agents of Calm. Thank you , and I willl be doing my part in things I am sure. I love our art, your work, and everything I have no othe words for. Thanx Skywalker.





    Love to you and yours, and all the 13moon tribe you have gathered. And thank you for allowing for others to share such knowledge in our ways. Love is the will, love is the law.

    It Ain’t Over Till Its Over.


  26. beautiful wonderful insightful informative.. thank you
    may all beings be happy, live in peace and harmony
    much love to allxxxxxxxxxx
    may love reign all over the world;-]]

  27. Hi Aryz,
    I’m another Red Self-Existing Skywalker, no doubt one of many.
    Thank you for all you wonderful articles and helping to enlighten us all.
    I’m opening my own blog soon, with a lot of related material and a book about my personal spiritual journey, which you may find interesting. I’ll let you know.

    With Love, Karin

  28. Stumbled onto 13moon. Mesmerized from the video. Bought related articles and a Personal Destiny Oracle Reading. As I listened to Eden Sky a soulful connection transpired alerting me to the path of truth. As I watched & listened my lifelong confusions slowly vanished; much like the morning fog burning off as the sun heats the planet. I can not wait to be contacted for the oracle reading. I always felt the TRUTH was out there & in me… Thank you Sky for sharing!!!

  29. I just recently became aware of these beautiful ideas. Now that I think about it I can not even remember how exactly it came to be that this new way of thinking entered my awareness, but it is instantly dear to me. If anyone is near Tahlequah and has any inclination to connect I am easy to find. I am excited to see this journey through and look forward to meeting new like-minded spirits.

  30. Dear Aryz:

    Earlier this morning I came upon the 13 moon link and learned that a man I loved but never met, I man in whose footsteps I continue to tread has passed from this Earth. I wept. I recently spoke with some people I met in Oregon who were going to forward a letter I was working on to Valum Votan.

    I was near Tulum at Chak’mul for the Harmonic Convergence. On the first day a group of about ten of us bribed the guards at the Tulum ruins and were allowed on the grounds before sunrise. We sat on the beach in a semi-circle facing East. The sunrise split the light of the Sun in infinite divisions across the horizon. I usually meditate open-eyed, so I was the only one in the group to see the cloud in the shape of Quetzacoatl across the water toward Cozumel. I dared not grab the camera beside me; I chose not to disturb the others.

    I continued to concentrate on a point of light I had been watching in the sky since the night before. It was neither star nor satellite. Around that small point of light as the center of a large circle I saw the faint image of two female Tibetan dancers–dancing. I have shared that with very few people.

    The next day we climbed the big pyramid at Coba. It was a humid sweltering day in the 90’s. We were all thinking it perhaps, but one of us actually said: “Jeee–I wish it would rain.” Seconds later there was a loud clap of thunder in the cloudless sky. About 200 yards to the West a small dark cloud formed. It moved directly towards us and rained on us for several minutes as we sat atop the pyramid.

    I have had a pretty good idea of my path since the Vernal Equinox of 1985. Thank you for reminding me that there are others out there who realize that we must have the courage of our convictions and not to fear the final curtain. I have pretty much written my symphony—although I often have felt more like a mere scribe than the writer or creator…but I am pretty good at observing and remembering. My big question is whether I will be able to have the symphony performed while I still draw breath. Thank you for reminding me that the art of our lives is all we really have…and it is all bound together by love.


    A couple of my poems from around 1985:

    ein sof
    (the ineffable)

    imaginary people
    in imaginary dreams
    acting out dramas
    for unformed eyes
    blinded by inner radiance
    illuminating the forms
    groping in the darkness
    of unknowingness
    of the being
    that never was
    but will always be
    within the eyes
    behind the mirror
    of eternity:
    an orphan god
    trapped in the illusion
    of importance
    existing vicariously
    through sleepy eyes
    in love’s way

    To the Travelers:

    To those that wake from walking dreams

    and realize life’s not as it seems,

    whose synapses span the aeons past

    and find themselves aware at last

    upon this finite world of dust

    enslaved by hunger pain and lust,

    do not forget the Decree Divine

    that sent you to this place in time:

    unlock the doors and reclaim the keys

    of the knowledge his by the Pharisees

    and let all there enter who do desire

    the Baptism of the Holy Fire

    The Arc has long since ceased to be

    the Scepter of the Holy Tree,

    the New Jerusalem shall be erected

    in the hearts of those who’ve been elected

    to break the walls of the nation states

    whose evil deeds have sealed their fates

    and rule them with the flaming heart

    that God intended from the start

    so man might finally come to be

    evolved in his divinity;

    Let darkness recede before the Throne,

    God not ought have to rule alone.

    ….last reflection of the Adam Kadmon….

  31. HSH i just saw yr poems. they are absolutely beautiful…i love José and i feel Valum in my heart guiding me as they guide all of us 13mooners…we are the dream…the earth intruders…necessary voodoo! LOVE from WhiteCrystalMirror…richie from mtl…In lakech!

  32. Beautiful Blog EdenSky really heart warming and enlightening! What a Glorious and Sweet Being YOU ARE!…
    P.S. I sent you an email last week regarding natural time calendar opportunity in Italy did you get it? Please let me know if not I will resend it.
    Love and Hugs
    In Lack’ech Elohisa K”Inan

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