Bouquets of Love


For Jose Arguelles ~ Valum Votan

Solar 16, White Crystal Mirror, March 22, 2013
2 Year Anniversary of Votan’s Passage

Tears falling
like warm diamonds
into my open, empty palms

I sit,
resting before your photograph

meditating on the Sun
we’ve swam around 2 times
here on Timeship Earth

since you

this dimension
and arrived

I know

in your eyes anymore

I know you live within my heart,

and within her heart, and within his…

I know that you live within everyone that loves you –
maybe that’s how you exist everywhere now…

The Rainbow still glows its mighty protection

Your spirit’s light sings
in the candle
the copal
the feather 

the flute
the stone

Your love guides us still
like a pulsing beacon from the other side

We thank you – ever and all ways – 
for the gifts that still give
for the treasures we still have yet to unwrap…

Over time,
the Mystery marching
To the One Celestial Heartbeat

that brought you, awoke you, and took you Beyond

To the One Celestial Heartbeat
that synchronizes the Heart of the Mission
inside each one of us,
as together
we keep growing

and tending
to the seeds of life

from the Holy Garden you planted

Each of us
like innocent sunflowers

facing towards the Light
basking in the rays
of the Sixth Sun’s Song







Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

~ Eden Skywalker, Ben4

Flower of my life


Each new day
is a petal on the flower of my life

Growing, I Am
in the soil of Divine Earth

Illuminated, I Am
by the Eternal Father’s Sun

Nourished, I Am
by the Infinite Mother’s Streams of Mercy

Destined, my body’s rose is
to meet the Doorway of Death

Rejoicing, my Spirit’s petals are
to arrive one day in the Garden of Pure Light
liberated beyond color, scent and form
to bloom into a shimmering dewdrop
adorning Creator’s Celestial Bouquet of Being

Until that sacred breathless moment,
I inhale,
invoking Gratitude
for the myriad elements that sustain my thriving

Smiling as a humble lily in the field of this precious Earth
dancing and dreaming through my days
as we ever-spiral, round the Great Central Sun…

All of us but innocent daisies,
Children in an evolving Galactic Fairy Tale
Learning to care for the One Garden of Life



The immensity of the Earth resounds

Can we touch it with our minds?
Can we reach the Sky through our hearts?
Can our bare feet
Sink to the planet’s crystal core?

We are
Tiny hands

Yet vast powers
Of imagination to create with…

As She spins in space, holding us,
Does Earth feel the electrifying winds of our dreams?
Does Earth sense the swirling storms of our fears?

Does the Cosmos hear
The colors of our human longings?

Our painted webs of confusion?
Our solar flares of brilliance?

Does our cacophony of culture
create the dreamscape of this world?

Or is the chaotic music of our fears and hearts
but a response to this boundless mystery we drift within?

What are the True Limits of this Universal Game we are all playing?
What Laws of Life run this Grand Show?

We all know the ancient truths
Of Death & Birth & Sun & Moon

But what force chooses the identities we play-
Soldier, healer, merchant, mother?

What is the Source of the vibrations
that compose the forms we inhabit –
the disguises we wear?

What is the origin
Of the light burning in the stars
And the passion sounding in our souls?

Is the immensity of Earth
In the endless potential

Of our humanity?

Is Her diversity alive
In our sufferings
And our glories?

As She
Speaks to us
In waves
Of heat
Floods –

How do we reply
With our



How do we enact
The art of our culture

To confront the poisons
And apply the medicines
Of these
Breaking Times?

How do we summon
The fierce wisdom of our Ancestors

And the spiritual will of Generations Beyond Us
To meet us Now –
In the cauldron of our hearts

To guide our way together,
In this moment of Planetary Prophecy

Ever-nearing the Threshold’s crossing…

We are
Tiny hands

Yet vast powers
Of Love to create with

Be The Rainbow

~ This Poem is for Valum Votan-Jose Arguelles,
who is now on the other side of the veil ~

Be The Rainbow

Riding on a dragon’s back you came,
soaring in to our dreams
enchanted gifts from the one true wizard you gave to us
shields and swords made of cosmic gold,
ancient like the breath of stones

“Look here,” you pointed, inside our heart-caves
“Look deep,” you urged,
“See the Moon’s voice painting pictures of light,
“See the Sun’s call beckoning you to stand straight and tall,
Receive the blessings of the talking Stars
mapping the cycles of your galactic voyage,

Commune with the antennas of the Trees,
Receive the Earth’s crystalline pulse,
Be as one with her evolutionary force,
Synchronizing your heroic mission…”

With celestial wings made of pyramids,
you flew to the One True Center,
you opened the shimmering gates of Tulan,
and pointed to the Guardians of Cosmic Night
“Feed them with your surrender,” you sang
“Praise them with the violet petals of your mind’s heart.”

Deeper still, your feathers stretched,
with codes of rattlesnakes glowing upon their vastness
“To pass through,” you whispered with a smile,
“You must know the ripe moment
to offer your humble soul to the One World’s Soul…

To cross dimensions,
you must dissolve your little fears
into the One Dancing Ocean of Being…”

With a comet in your burning eyes you chanted:
“Only Harmony knows the True Time
Only Harmony knows the True Way
Only Harmony knows the True Self
Harmony is Atonement
Harmony is the Lord of the New Earth
Harmony is the Empress of the New Heavens
Harmony is the only key…”

Upon the blank canvas of our minds,
you showed us the Earth as a cosmic turtle
swimming in the mighty waves of timeless time
you showed us her destiny…

“Be the Rainbow,” you sang to us,
in melodies conjuring us to remember…

“Be the Rainbow,
and take company with the Angels
who protect our one Universe…

Be the Rainbow,
and sleep no more within this cosmic dream,
but Awaken as the Flower you are,
shining as a child in the Garden of Love

You raised your obsidian staff and declared:
“Be the Rainbow, We are One.
Be the Rainbow, We have won.
For the Battle of History
is only fought with the Light of Forgiveness
The Balance of Justice
is only brought with the Light of Compassion
The New Earth Chapter
is only written by the stars of your Heart
The New Human Culture
is only birthed through the wisdom of Planetary Art…

“Be the Rainbow
and Take Flight on the Wings of Now…
I am with you always,”
you closed with a bow.

The Rebirth of The Devadasi

The Rebirth of The Devadasi
(Devadasi : Servant of God dess)

~A Poem For The Vajrasa Temple Dance Ensemble~

Vajrasa Temple Dance Ensemble

     fluid wings of water………….
framed by flames
     She graced the Earth
With her celestial aura of flowers
     A halo of beauty from an ancient above
          Sent from
                   The Temple
                                Of the Sky
Igniting Remembrance

Rock hard wrath of Thunder
     Flashing for us all to feel
          The immutable power
of true Feminine

Burning in self-delight
of its form

Moving in supernatural rapids
Emenating   myriad   prismatic  crystalline

Yet infinite stillness abounding

Like a sacred mirage from the deep void
              a scene in-between worlds –
hide and seek of dimensions exposed

Displayed like a heavenly serpent
Sent to Reveal
Mysteries of the Source
of its undulating prowess

fractal spiral     
uniting stone on ground
     star in sky
Human channel to penetrate the veil

With 10 arms and 10 feet
They Danced
The 5 Dakinis
Into our mind-space

                   Casting a pure trance
Upon the stage of our imagination
Invoking our potential to heal

To redeem
To honor our internal sanctuaries

     Messengers calling
The nectar of holy submission
To arise in our souls

With a beckoning of mudras
     Eyes and bellies precise
Motions cut

              Like steps of a pyramid
Carving a holy path
For us to find ourselves

In Transcendental Union
               With The Devadasi ~
The Higher Dimensional Empress

Guiding us to dissolve our egos
     And set sail
Upon the One Spinning Mandalic Ocean…

Entering The Shambhallic Palace
Of Life’s Omnipresent Beauty

Sacred Questions I Ask Myself…

"Cosmic Question Mark" Photo from NASA Hubble Space Craft

“We must continuously keep in mind
that the world is a collective dream,
and that we are engaged
in dreaming a new world into being.”
-Jose Arguelles

How can we comprehend the vital role our imagination –
our dreaming capacities – our psyche – our consciousness- plays
in re-engineering our world and our global society to one of harmony?
How can we unify the powers of our imagination and our creative visionary longings for new frontiers, with concrete, grounded actions?

Can we understand these times of prophecy as asserting we are “Re-Turning”… ?
The course is changing…We are Remembering something forgotten…
Ancient hidden memories dawning… Self-knowledge emerging…

How can we unite the ancient indigenous roots of living wisdom, with the gifts of modern creativity and new insight? What is possible for human culture as we drop our allegiance to artificial technospheric “progress” and we re-sensitize to the Natural World?

What new levels are awakening inside of us as Nature’s cycles are now calling us out of our deep sleep of separation, fear, ignorance and greed and back into awareness of the interconnectedness of the Whole?

How can we remember our sacred place in this Universe
as instruments here to affirm and honor the gift of Life?
How can we be instruments of Harmony?
Where there is war, sowing seeds of peace…
Where there is fear, sowing seeds of light…
Where there is pain, sowing seeds of compassion….

How courageous are we really,
to let go of what we have known, to drop the script of history,
and be wholly available for new domains of planetary existence?

Sunset view from space

How authentically can we open to new positive possibilities?
How deeply can we believe in the beauty and power of our hearts?
How available can we be to the accelerating currents of evolution?

How calm can we be amidst the intensifying storms of changes and shakings, as we are invited ever-more deeply to meet the mystery of our existence, and each day more honestly confront the realities of how fragile and precious our lives are, and how tumultuously this moment hangs in the balance?

What does it mean to be Shifting World Ages?
What is happening to Earth in this transformation process?
Are all the abundant crises part of  “The Emergence?”
How can there be so much tragedy and beauty simultaneously?
Is it because All is being amplified?
Is it because as the prophecies say:
“All that has been Hidden is being Revealed” ?

It seems no accident all the turmoil and grace on our planetary scene is coinciding with epic Solar Flares that are mutating all life on Earth…
not to mention affecting our consciousness…
Chaos and Coherence Dancing to the Cosmic Symphony…

In this alignment with Galactic Center now taking place,
can we have the courage to open to the new vibrations arriving?
Can we open to a new dimension of reality that is not some utopian fantasy
but rather a grounded, embodied Heart Awakening?

How can we find wholeness in this fragmented modern culture so split off from Nature?
How can we transcend our obsession with our “little me’s” and put our energies into collaborating with the One family of Life? How can we earnestly keep growing that we may fulfill our missions in these crossroads times on Earth?

As Maya Ajq’ij Denise Barrios writes
in regards to December 21,

“Mother Earth – like the living being that she is – will elevate her spiritual condition. This is why humankind, as a manifestation of her evolutionary legacy, will be able to transcend to the next level. Sadly, we have continued to destroy our Mother Earth and have put our own evolutionary history at risk, just as the previous civilizations did when they reached this point. Notwithstanding, once again we have the opportunity to ascend to a higher level, and to perfect our spiritual evolution through Her.”

What does it mean to ALIGN with the Earth’s Shifting into a new world age?
How do we survive The Great Shaking? What if our heart knows much more clearly how to navigate these mysterious and dangerous times than our linear minds do?

What does wisdom look like – how does it act – how does it share itself?
How do art and wisdom intersect and synergize
and give birth to new joys and new blessings
that benefit the whole of life?

What does it mean to Honor the Earth as a Living Work of Art?
What does is mean to be Planetary Artists?
What IS Art?
Can we re-define “art” to where ALL people can be artists
with entirely distinct mediums of beauty and truth?

What IS Compassion in action?
How can we truly live in lucid recognition of our interconnectedness
with all beings and ALL MOMENTS?

Art by Atmara Rebecca Coe

How vastly can we imagine the possibilities of healthy human culture?
How vastly can we dream?
How effortlessly and gracefully can we awaken our human potential –
personally and planetarily?

How courageously can we support each other to Shine?

How humbly can we bow to our sacred equality?

How deeply can we honor our Living Earth home?
What role do our hearts have in restoring her sanctity?
What role do our hands have in mending her whole?

How at home can we feel in this Universe –
how can we KNOW our place in this galaxy?

Can we be both wise and innocent?
Free and disciplined?
Spontaneous and grounded?
Now-centered with long-term Vision?

Can we be the Feathered Serpent
uniting our primal earth bodies and our celestial spirit minds?

Can we transcend the cage of death-fear and meet our Spirits?

Can we allow the idea of “the end of the world” to die
and transform into a devotion to birthing the world alive, anew?

How can we confront the horrors – the violence – the corruption – the abuse
and ignorance with Divine Compassion and Divine Justice?

Can we feel the presence of those who came before us
who cut pathways on this Earth with their own feet and souls…?
Can we feel ourselves as living links
between our ancestors and those yet to come?

How many times has our Soul been on Earth?
Where else have we been? How vast is the Universe?

What is our “Galactic Responsibility?”

Can we transcend the mind-fears that bind us, haunt us, stress us
and shut down our self-love?
Can we replace our distortions of self-importance
with the realities of our true self worth?

Can we embrace the simplicity of Being
as its presence all ways breathes and smiles
underneath the clouds and veils of thinking…?

Can we meet the epic challenges
and rise to these Grand Times we are in
as a Beacon in the Night –
A Phoenix taking Flight…

I ask these sacred questions of myself,
and of you – as another myself…

May our Sincerity guide us to ever-evolve into our radiant altruistic nature,

The Mystery Weaves and Breathes our Lives

When did our history start?
Before it was ever marked…
For no line
can tell
the tale

of our spiral

What is our true age as a species?
And what World Age
are we living in now?

Where have we come from?
And to what World
are we going?

Is our course
stars in stone

Or is our path
a creative
“free will experiment?”

What Source
does life emerge from?

What Source
does death deliver us to?

The Mystery,
which we dwell within,

has no beginning,
nor an end

for Mysteries
and the only moment
a mystery
can ever
is the

How can we see history from the Heart of Now?
How can we see the path of this moment’s real potentials
 ~  beyond our cloaks of “little me’s” ~
and greet the new dawn
as it is

calling us to dance
the ancient lucid beauty
of its new harmonies

As a conscious species
becoming whole

we are
On and on and on

slowly but surely,
but ever mysteriously

with full ripe danger
of self-inflicted wounds
born of bonds of
ignorant allegiance
to a false master:

ego’s portrait cast upon a vacant mirror

Let us trade in our rusted and worn self-concepts
for a new comprehension
of the Nature that we are,

each of us a fruit and flower
of One growing, budding Tree of Life

Let us shed the old skins
whose time it is to be let go of

and compost their decay
to nourish new seeds
of possibility

to ripen their codes of raw beauty
upon a weary planetary scene,
bleak with exhaustion and contraction

Let us breathe into a brighter color
Let us hear a louder clarity
Let us see a more delicious
Feast of love
before our eyes

And within our palms,

Receiving All this Mystery
As it forces us to Surrender to it,
Knowing Time does heal all,
As we welcome
The tumultuous
ever-bright journey

Calling us to climb
The Mountain of Love

Whose peak reaches beyond
the clouds in our souls

Straight to the beginningless
Source of Self,
in all its Nature

“When you are in tune with the unknown, the known is peaceful.”

Morning Walk

Morning walk
          upon a planet spinning
my feet are small
slow ~ but steady ~ in steps of sincerity

Vast creation abounds
yellow leaves, crisp air surrounds
          veils of thoughts circulating,
rushing like the creek flowing in calm determination

Who gave me this life?
What role does my journey serve?
          When these feet expire ~
what art will my spirit know?

The world reflects the walk
          we all have joined in
trials and glories of the past encoded
into the breathing mystery of this moment

My feet ~ gentle fragile and strong
Precise in their path
          tiny tokens of existence
mapping an instinctive way
through the unknowable destiny

          of this body’s soul

Time dances ~ weaving its cycles
birth and death of seasons
coming and going,      guiding
the pulsing of my heart
to appreciate this life I have been given to walk

At once, I am a pioneer,
          a passenger on this earth,
and an evolving child
venturing along
Great Spirit’s unfolding Road of Being

Open and humble,  I go on…

Prayer of The EarthBirdSkySong

I am the bead on her wrist
that prays
to the mountain
that sings to the Sky
arcing above every morning
like an Angel’s
paradise messenger

I am the bird
you have all been waiting for
I mark return
I mark the closing of cycles
the preparation for crossing
world-bridging      dimensions

I am the bird that flies in all 7 directions,
its wings igniting your heart
to remember      Why you are here –

I am the bird that calls you to ask Who you are?
Do you remember your ancestors the stars?
Do you know your true face of light?

I am the bird   siren of stars
seer of planetary cycles
I am the moonsunbird,      the bird of spiral flight
artist of synchronicity

I am the bird who weaves dreams
woven    ~    we dream ourselves   ~   wounded or whole

I am the bird flying the banner of redemption
I dissolve thorns of pain with the light of forgiveness
I dry your tears with feathered shawls

I am the bead
on the wrist
of her hand
that prays
to the mystery of night
dark sky dreamtime
mudra of surrender

On her hands that pray
to the self-illuminating flower
opening inside
the cave of the soul

On her hand that prays for the courage to be
What is asked of us to be?
Are her hands really there?
Are they just the dream of the bead?

For if in this dream,
the only true ground is emptiness
let us pave life with laughter
born of invincible trust in the divine love
that vigilantly accompanies us
through this world of illusion

let us know that the trees are praying for us
let us close our eyes and see the comets dancing

I am the bird that cries out waterfalls and volcanoes
flowing and erupting,
screeching to purify
shattering the weak foundations of pretense

I am the bird that is calling you
to keep raising your sails
to catch the winds      of Great Spirit

I am the bird carrying omens,      carrying roses,
carrying signals,      carrying comfort,
carrying justice through fire
peace through water

I am the bird who brings swords
I am the bird who brings scrolls
I am the bird who brings smoke
I am the Da~ki~ni bird
who brings the mandala of space
and all timeless time

I speak wind, I speak fire
I speak water, I speak earth
I speak ether
I am pure

I am the bead on the hand that prays
to the bird in her heart’s eye
that soars to the song of the mountain’s tears,
cascading winds blowing in the space of her soul

I am the bird that dances to the naked, raw
immaculate law of life
as it is

I am the bird who announces the
Rainbow Protection Belt around the World
holding hands with the Generations to come

I am the bird sitting on the highest branch
of the tree of living prophecy
I am the snake, I am the fruit

I am the feathered-star
I am the bird singing Return
I am the EarthBirdSkySong

I am here * now * as the bead on your hand
that prays
to the one beating heart of life
whose golden flowers
breathe inside of us.



Follow the heart not the mind
the security blanket has been stripped
that we can learn

how to surrender
to the evolving
of the mystery

to the arisings
of fear
and anxiety)…

and liberate our emotions
by in~viting
their purification
to clear space
w   i   t   h   i   n     u   s
we can attune
ever~more swiftly
to our True Nature;
our genuine contentment

the Flower of Peace that dawns
in the sunrise of our hearts
pulsing like ancient chants
to primordial winds
the crystal of our Soul irradiates
its clear reflection


…the journey is the Journey…

Time Is
The Spiraling Wheel of Being
everlasting un destroyed invincible awareness garden
of being’s Song; leaves of Life green
with action and drive to be

sentient light
we talk with our intentions
silent prayers, converse with the eternal and greet
the unborn

omniscient ripe potential the fruit of your seed,
from yellow to red we emerge orange
the Drumbeat of the Sun’s burning kiss quickens
the heat
of spiritual survival
…purpose arriving…

we have

Entered The Gate Into The Next Realm
(*turning away from our conscience is not an option*)
the path
is lit by the fires of love
glowing embers of spirit in-forming
trans-forming, trans-muting, mutating, redeeming
Water on the Wounds to Flow

We are the shamans tending the universal fire of Love
We are the Source~er~ers pouring Sanctuary
from the Ocean’s  Mercies,
scripts of Forgiveness bathing us clean

We are the Emissaries of New Culture dawning
the Art of our Lives is the Quest of the Universe
As Children of Prophecy’s Rainbow
We hold high the Banner of Truth

oneness ~ One Web
one rippling
conversation of spirit and matter
communing with form and infinity
penetrating the domain of psyche’s Mandala
golden mean
13 to the 20
what is the 4 to the 5?

who is?
The Mother of Zero
The Queen of Source
The Midwife of No~Thing
The Vessel of No~Where
The Priestess of Now
The Empress of Emptiness

(art from newmoonvisions.com)

(art by Mara Friedman ~ newmoonvisions.com)

Let us walk in the Fullness
of heart renewed
by our ancestor’s tears
crying in our fractal halos
circulating concepts of sin and purity

our Matrix is creation
the All lives Us

We are the threads of energy
woven as a Shawl
GrandMother Universe’s
Womb of Stars
That Births Our Essence

…nested in the astral mountains of dedication and vigilance
over and over again
each breath
that we can receive
is our clue;

our hint from the smiling guardians
who watch
over our renewal and hold us
to let in
our worth
to free the channels
that wrap and veil
suffocating our spirits
into acquiescing
for an illusion…


dancing its chapters
blooming its melodies
the birds of our messenger hearts are sharing feathers
of Faith, plumed resplendence,
perfection of celestial harmony dripping
pools of color
portals to now ~ here ‘s
of simple brilliance
natural clarity

like Smoke rising
like Lungs rising and falling
they do it by themselves
who are We to think We do any~thing?

like Waves rising and falling,
throbbing and swallowing separation
like angel painting prayers on the tree rings of our solar orbiting cycles
one unending sacred simultaneity
zen-petal remembrance sparkling illumination

the Dance is Steps
one after the next
as soon as
the Uncreated Eternal of
We Are
Its Pristine Cracked Reflection;

A mirror of stillness in Flight


~Written on Yellow Cosmic Star/4 Ahau; 1300 Days before